How you met Onew

The internet is full of creeps. weirdos and mature dating websites. Occassionally in the middle of all that mess you meet a decent person. That’s how you met Onew. You were on one of your most beloved forums and you were arguing with some guy on the main chat over something stupid. Things began to get a little nasty and someone who dubbed himself ‘Dubu_King’ interviend. Naturally, you added him as a friend not expecting him to actually talk to you. You were wrong. He spoke straight away. You’d been talking for months now. You didn’t actually know eachothers names, or what you look like but his personality was good enough. You logged on in the early morning and were taken by surprise at his message.

'Good Morning!!!  im not very good at typing things like this so ill just type what i came here to type. i’d like you to meet me today. Times Square at 11:30am. here is my number. if you’re coming let me know. id understand if you dont want to but i have nothing to do today. sorry if this is awkward <(。_。)>

You sat at your screen. Was meeting him really a good idea? You glanced up at your clock. You had pretty much 10 minutes to decide before you left. Always one for taking chances you decided to take a risk and agree to meet up with him. You sent him a text with your agreement and your username ( in case he forgot ). He sent back a happy face and with that you left for Time’s Square.

You stood there not sure on what to do. You didn’t know what he looked like, so you couldn’t pick him out from a crowd. You rang him.
“Um. Where are you?” You asked loudly, to let him hear you over the crowd.
“Uh. I think I can see you. You’re in a pair of light blue shorts right? Or have I just picked a random girl and do I look like a creep. I’m waving. She’s not waving back. Er.” You turned your head to face behind you. 
“Oh she’s looking.”
“That’s me.”
“Oh OH! I’ll come over, wait there! And he hung up.  You lent back onto a pillar. You didn’t really see him at first but as he came closer and closer you saw him. He was a lot more attractive than you pictured. A low neck cut top and dark denim jacket with fitting jeans? The boy really did know how to dress. His hair was long-ish and the fringe swept lightly above his eyes. He stood in front of you. Awkwardly. In awkward silence.  He shook his head.
“Oh I’m Lee Jinki.” He gave you a natural smile. It made your knees feel weak.
“_____. Nice to finally meet you. Shall we get some food?” You asked. He nodded happily and pointed towards a KFC.

You sat opposite each other.  You’d spoke about odd bits and things all day really. 
“You like chicken huh?” You laughed. He looked up from his food.
“Maybe a little too much.” He admitted. You giggled lightly, putting your hand over your mouth.
“Why do girls do that?”
“Do what?”
“Put their hand over their mouth when they laugh - we want to see you smile.” He remarked, doing an impression. You laughed with your hand over your mouth once again. He batted it away giving you a stern look. You threw your hands up in defense. He shot you the same smile that had made your knees go weak earlier. 
“Er. You kinda have sauce on your face..” You pointed out when you were walking towards a taxi. He stared at you wide eyed.
“Omo, omo where!?” He panicked. You pulled your mirror out from your bag and passed it to him.
“Sorry.” He said shyly.
“Why are you sorry?” You were a little confused and when his reply was ’no reason’ it confused you even more. He really was an odd soul.

You stood outside your taxi and turned to say goodbye. You didn’t really know how.
“I guess i’ll speak to you on the forum in a bit then.” He rubbed his arm gingerly. Before he turned to leave you tapped his shoulder. He made a 'hm’ sound.
“Will I. Erm. Will I see you again?” You asked nervously. He stared at you with a blank face for a moment before snapping back to reality.
“Yo-You want to see me? Again? Me? Really? Really!? He suddenly coughed and purposely made his voice go deeper.
“I mean, of course you will.” He smiled, gave you a quick hug and went home.

You signed in.

'Today was fun!! your even more pretty than i imagined  ㅋㅋㅋ.
lets go out tomorrow do something fun but we have to get chicken. a match of star craft later?xx 


He was certainly more confident behind a screen than in person - you didn’t mind. It made him interesting.