170924 - Five Special Edition - Kyocera Dome

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but Jonghyun usually wears his striped jacket with black pants. This dome tour he is wearing someone else’s white “silky” pants. So while we see only 4 people, all 5 are on stage. Remember he did the same for Jonghyun when he was out with stomach flu

It was the most beautiful tribute ever. JongYu is real.

SHINee as mythical creatures

Onew: a Unicorn

• his hair is glimmering ivory white
• can only be seen at a certain time during the day, where he’s relaxing by the lake and galloping in the sun
• spends time alone by himself, not really bothering to associate with other unicorns
• many legends and fairy tales are told about him, mostly about him bringing luck to whoever is lucky enough to sight him

Jonghyun: a Fae

• has multi-colored wings that shine in the sun
• likes to whisper little encouragements in people’s ears, esp when he sees them staring at their crush
• has a HUGE sweet tooth and will practically raid a pastries store if given the chance
• wreaks havoc on bullies and causes misfortune to those who wrong innocent children

Key: a Dragon

• a tiny little creature who roams the backyards and woodland surrounding human homes
• likes to label himself as ‘strictly vegetarian’
• spits fire through his nostrils at whoever tries to harm his poor lil self
• becomes attached to certain families and their homes, sometimes feeling as though he’s their little protector when they’re away

Minho: a Merman

• has totally crashed a ship or two, “for fun” “humans are evil”
• his beautiful voice can be heard from the rocks up near the shore, sounding melancholy yet void of any emotion
• the scales of his tail are a shimmering mix of silver and gold, turning a bit green towards the bottom
• likes to prey on humans when pretending to be drowning but never really causes any harm

Taemin: a Vampire

• tends to stay away from humans from the most part bc he isn’t so great w/ self control
• has and will lure anyone he wants for his self-satisfaction
• but feels bad about it and usually he won’t even hurt a fly
• has turned many people who he thought of as lovers, but it’s always come back to haunt him when they turn evil

so the beautiful user @girlsay​ has asked me to share this wonderful project for onew that will be held tomorrow at 9:30 pm brasilia time! 

i think that this is a wonderful opportunity to show onew how much we still hold him close to our hearts and will continue to wait patiently for him 💖 if you could please spread this so others will see it that would be highly appreciated!!  

i can’t wait to be apart of this and i hope lots of you will be able to join as well


This is SO COOL!

rinokinawa SHINee World Five Arena~Special Edition choreo tribute by the 演出/振付 team Rikimaru @imrikimaru50 @50tokyo and Maika 💕 can you recognize which choreo from this tour?😉 #Lovesick 👉🏻New performance for SHINee Five choreography credit🕺🏾 Gentalman ➖Rino, Maika, Rikimaru
Jojo ➖Rikimaru *w/ original choreography
Get the treasure (w/extend version) ➖50, Rino, Nao
Step by step ➖Rino, Maika
Do me right ➖Rino, 50
君のせいで ➖Rino, Rikimaru
1 of 1 ➖50, Rino *w/ original choreography
Mr right guy ➖50, Rino, Maika
Your number/Replay(musical version)➖Rino, Maika, 50, Rikimaru
Become undone ➖Show-hey
Tell me your name (both arena and dome)➖Rikimaru
ABOAB ➖Rikimaru
Nothing to lose ➖Rikimaru
Diamond Sky ➖Show-hey, Maika

rinokinawa  instagram update 170924


A rag-tag squad group of survivors emerged following the Great War. Jinki was the weapons expert. Jungkook, the master of robotics. Yuju was a scavenger with eyes like a hawk. With muscular Mingyu came a fiercely loyal Dogmeat, and Jessica was the best wheeler-and-dealer in the state. Together, they survived. They bickered. They argued over spending and the priority of their supplies, but they survived and they kept each other safe. (Even if Mingyu sometimes traded away their caps for magic beans and fancy collars for Dogmeat and Jessica threatened to break his fingers.)