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/ A Training Program

So far, we’ve been filling your dash with a bunch of theoretical knowledge. Which is great and all, but difficult to apply in the dreaded ‘real world’. If you’re the type of person who can take concepts from paper (or a screen) and figure out exactly what you need to do to put it to use, not only do I applaud you, but I also suggest to stop reading this and go about whatever it is you do on a day like today. For those who like a specific program to work through, I hope the following will be useful.

Please note: that I am not a ‘trained professional’, that I am creating this program out of tips, articles, books and exercises I have read, and that I will be trying out this program alongside anyone else who tries it, and thus I do not know the degree of it’s effectiveness (although also please know that everything I include will be cited, so that you can refer to the original materials from which I learned of the information presented).

The program will go as follows:

Weeks 1-4: Observation

Weeks 5-7: Body Language

Weeks 8-10: Memory

Weeks 11-14: Picture Deduction

Weeks 15-18: Deduction

**The number of weeks on each section may change as the program continues to be refined.

**Each section has an overview and each week a specific blog post, and as the program continues to be updated, the links will be available on this post.