onew with tight white shirt *.*

[040916] SWC5 @ Seoul

Minho fixed Key’s hair.

Taemin changed into a translucent lace top! And Key exclaimed that he is so good looking and ran his hand down Taemin’s see-through laced chest.

Onew : the more you ask me to show my abs the more I won’t show them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jonghyun asked Onew to reveal his “white chocolate” (abs) but Onew just tied his jacket around his waist and we started chanting “Lee Jinki”.

Taemin pulled at Onew’s shirt to reveal his abs, so, Onew turned around, lifted his shirt, checked them, and shook his head. Onew tied his jacket tight around his waist so that the others couldn’t pull at his shirt. Minho hugged a fan. 

cr : fodfran, Keyeomi, Minhoclove.

music core prerecording ♡ 161119

@keyoemi: today shinee were wearing tight black suits with black / red undershirts. jonghyun / taemin’s shirts were very low cut. (according to this fan account though, jonghyun is actually the only one not wearing red, but a blue tie instead.)

the members asked if they have a recording tomorrow and the fans said “no, it’s just live”, and onew was like: “how do you know?!

the stage is covered in fog. back up dancers were wearing white.

during rehearsal the members were smiling a lot. it changed the feeling of the song.

@_misnaa: as soon as the recording ended jonghyun took off his jacket. when he left backstage he was already wearing a leather jacket and had his phone in his hands. he must have a schedule right after.

160130 "SW 2016 FUKUOKA DAY ONE"
  • Opening suits, which had stripes and tribal patterns and were worn interestingly:
  • Onew: White shirt,vest, a ribbon tie, hat, holding a staff perfectly
  • Jonghyun: Black shirt, suit
  • Taemin: Shirt shirt, slippers, three piece-suit
  • Minho: White shirt, vest, trousers
  • Key: No shirt, Black vest, jacket, hat, cane
  • Everyone's suits were tight but Key was wearing wide-legged pants.
  • Onew used his cane cleverly, cooly throwing it over his shoulder like was a challenge.
  • cr: meiyu_06 trans: professorjjong