onew is all up in minho's business there

[260916] Minho & Taemin on ‘My SM Television’

Leeteuk: Taemin wearing yellow, he looks like a yellow chick.

Taemin: I was busy doing hit the stage too
Minho: he even won first there! 

Minho said not to worry a lot about Onew’s injury and that he’s recovering well. Taemin said that he only heard through his ear piece that Onew would come on stage for “Everybody” and he could hear all of the staff being moved by this that even Shim Jaewon teared up because of it.

Minho :The only thing I could surely say is that the album is on October Leeteuk was asking Taemin when exactly the album is then
T: it’s been a while that we made a comeback, we had “view” through a repackage almost  around a year ago. So we’re working hard to show an even better performance (laughs)
L: But when exactly??!!

L to Taemin: Taemin, is it fun?
T: yes, this is fun
L: it’s really not that fun, is it? (because Taemiin wasn’t speaking much.)

They’re talking about how Taemin’s butt is pointed (because he keeps ripping his pants) so Minho is trying to prove if this is right by touching his butt.
M: so this is this kind of broadcast
T: but isn’t this so weird to talk about?
M: ah suddenly I’m sweating.
End result- M: it’s round, not a pointed butt.
At the end Minho explained that It wasn’t because of the butt but rather in dances Taemin has to do moves where you stretch your legs so the pants get ripped.

Minho was asked how he’s able to support everyone’s individual activities + his own
M: because I’m the members’ fan
L: then who is you fav?
M: I can’t disclose that yet

L: there’s a lot of questions whether there’d be a solo taemin con
T: first off its something that I wish to do as much as fans want. I’m thinking of finding the right timing for it..

They had to report members’ secrets as “news” which would be ranked. The winner (with #1 news) gets beef as prize.
M: When jonghyun acts, we will be 5 acting idols in shinee
L: Jonghyun is going to act?
M: if he does!
T: Don’t say your own opinion! This is a misunderstanding, don’t misunderstand!

Leeteuk then wrote : “Minho is jonghyun’s future manager! Let’s start acting!“

T (suddenly): i just know it recently Onew is good with knife i saw him cutting beef. He is totally a pro he even know how to sharpen the knife
T (afterwards) : ah I’m sorry…

Taemin: I was waiting to say this but there’s chocolate now on Key hyung’s stomach.
Taemin said that they didn’t see each other a lot, so, when they were changing their clothes he saw key’s abs and was startled.  So he was like "OH WHAT IS THIS” , “What’s that on your stomach”  then all the members came to see Key’s abs.

T: Onew doesn’t show his abs but they’re quiet the good ones

M: beause i filmed hwarang (in summer) wearing the headband and under the hot weather, now my forehead is white while the rest is tanned.

Leeteuk: taemin, are you crying?
M: were u yawning?
T: no, i was listening
M: youur eyes looks wet.

T: Since Onew hyung has been taking a break due to his injury, he has been spending his time fishing, he is obsessed 

L: What do you guys like to do?
M: I like sport: soccer, basketball and also playstation soccer games.

Leeteuk: why are you so competitive?
M: no, my competitiveness has gone a lot~

L: so taemin, what’s your hobby?
T: I don’t really have a hobby but rather I like going out with friends and not staying alone.

M: jonghyuns hobby, he has a lot of interest in music.
L: what about Key?
M: his dogs.

Leeteuk teased Minho that he’s losing and if he wants the beef or not. So, Minho started giving out spoilers to win.

M: there’s a number in the title song of our album title track and it will our 5th full album
concept : (war with?) crime/War and crimes.

Taemin was whispering to Minho to help him, even Taemin gave up and Minho won.

They asked Taemin to choose between dance and aegyo as the punishment (for losing)
 Taemin: this was my friends talent but i learnt it and will show it, it’s what it sounds like at noraebang *sings like there’s a big echo*
Taemin’s imitations : giraffe, sloth and karaoke.

M: I still can’t comprehend that this is a live broadcast, that’s why I think I’m going tp regret a lot of things when I got back home.

T: I don’t really cut apples when eating them.
L: why?
T: I like eating them like that since it’s skin is good for the body too.
Minho said Kim Goeun said the same to him too.

They are playing a game with fans (thru screen(?)) and If 2min lose they’ll have to grant the fans’ real time requests/wishes.

When Minho was writing the wish
L: don’t write something only you want.
M: no, we discussed it before coming here.
T: yes, we did.
L: is it?
L:is it something like “hyung, give us money”??
M:  I’m not someone to ask (rob off) money from hyungs, I know!

Minho’s wish is for Leeteuk to promote SHINee’s upcoming album, today and the day their album is released because taemin doesn’t use sns + leeteuk uses it a lot.

L: my sns are connected like Weibo, stargram (instagram)
M: stargram? What’s that?

M: I drink SHINee sparkling water often.  

L: taemin, are you tired? this is a live show, not a recording! 

L: you won’t know even if I throw it (the item they’re supposed to guess) //Leeteuk throws it
M: Lipstick!
L: How did u know?!?

L to M: do u like karaoke?
M: no taemin likes it

L: (at minho) look at his eyes, the eyes that desire to win!  

When Minho was preparing to do “who peels apple faster” contest with leeteuk, Minho said “it’s so fast”. Taemin softly whispered “be careful” to Minho.

Shinee lost so they will have to fulfill a request - Sexy dance , aegyo , girl group dance. They did a sexy dance to a children’s(?) song.

M: there’s always something we say between us when taking a pic
L: what is it?
2min posing for the Polaroid pic : shineeeeeee~  

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