(180425) swj board update 

trans cr. keyoemi

the members chose three mvs that were memorable to them and shared a memory from filming:

onew, key, and minho: “replay”, “lucky star”, and “get the treasure” 

taemin: “sherlock”, “everybody”, and “downtown baby”

onew and key mentioned how challenging it was to film “get the treasure” in one take. key mentioned how scary it was to film in the hot air balloon for “lucky star”. he says that he thinks it was fun (in hindsight), but would never do it again. taemin mentioned that “sherlock” was the first music video he filmed after becoming an adult. he also picked “downtown baby” because the set was colorful and matched with the song. 

I’m just so freaking happy!!! And well I don’t think the reason is needed… Jinki, we have waited so long for you!!!! Just few more days…

Seriously after a long day of work, this news only made me so happy… I unfortunately did not get chance to actually listen to the video because it has been removed. But I was happy to take screenshot of that pic of them singing and that was enough really!!!

All I needed was an assurance. And I got that. I’ll wait. And at last, thank you Kim yeon woo-ssi, for loving and treating Jinki like he deserves…


(oh - n[y]o͞o - āk)🔉


  • a continuous or prolonged pain in one’s heart and soul caused by the absence of Lee Jinki (aka Onew).


  • to suffer from a continuous dull pain from missing Onew.
  • to experience an intense surge of emotion and feeling when thinking about Onew.