Escape (Aria and Clyde)

As soon as he had crossed those doors, the atmosphere had changed dramatically. It was bright, but it was a warm light, not the sterile light he had grown up with. And the air was lighter, warmer, fresh. He ran, his bare feet blowing up dust clouds. He stopped to make sure whoever it was following him made it out as well. His energy was quickly being zapped, and breathing was getting harder in the new environment.

Damon had been feeding on innocent people since his humanity was off. He was laying on an abandoned road when a car pulled over to help him, she thought he was hurt. Just as she stepped out of her car he appeared behind her. The stranger was frightened. Damon grabbed her roughly and sank his teeth into her neck, their were a few sharp screams until she was gone. As soon as Damon dropped her hollowed body onto the floor her heard a loud sound. It sounded like a car crashing into something like a tree. Before he could blink, a girl  appeared out of the darkened street. “Hello..? Who’s there?” He called out, he could barely see her face.