“Are you wearing the - ”
“The onetribeorganics Honey Ear Weights ? Yeah, I am”

Bronze Ear Weights from Onetribe with Amber Cabochons.

Conches, Nostrils and Lower Philtrum are Prong-Set Mint Green from Anatometal. My upper Philtrum is also Prong-Set Mint Green from NeoMetal

Basilica “Shadow” plugs by @onetribejewelry on Jose’s ear lobes.
Thanks again guys they are so comfortable. Ebony wood plugs with a prong set hematite cab. “No glue”
#quality. @onetribejewelry is available at @adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo and we take custom orders. #adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo#onetribe #palmsprings#plugs#plugporn

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Spent some time just before we closed for the holidays carving up a bunch of amber to set in my HONEY ear weights. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of working on these, and I’m always sad to see them leave.

The best part about ‘em is that every pair is 100% unique due to the coloration and inclusions within the amber. There’s something magical about 25 million year old material frozen in time.

You’ve seen our new HIVE weight; now here’s what we’re really excited about. HONEY in yellow bronze has the same shape but with the addition of stone seats featuring hexagonal amber cabochons meant to resemble cells full of beautiful sweet honey.


HONEY will be available with standard amber in nicely matched sets, or it can be upgraded with pairs of botanical or insect inclusions (1, 2, or all three pairs of cabs).

The weights in the photo include cabochons with ~25 million year old leaf inclusions alongside beautiful cuts of our standard Chiapas amber.

Pairs with rare inclusions are extremely limited in quantity and we’ll have just a few available to start.