One of my HONEY pendants filled full of rare insect inclusions in Chiapas amber. Estimated age on amber from this region is 24-26 million years. These insects were frozen in time inside of fossilized resin, which has been cut and carved to make each one a unique display specimen.

Pieces like this are why I do what I do. There’s nothing more fulfilling for me than the challenge of making something unique and one of a kind for someone that is excited to own and wear it. 


super selfie sunday!

this next photo set i was trying to get all the ways these gorilla glass dichorics change color depending on lighting and angle (havn’t gotten the intense outdoor color yet). soo glad i got ahold of these. XD

<3 Body Jewelry Worn:

25mm deluxe dichoric in plum: gorilla glass

5mm emerald pyrex septum pincher: gorilla glass

6.5mm carved spiderweb obsidian labret: onetribe

2 3mm helix orange colorfront plugs: gorilla glass

<3 Clothing Worn:

batik striped iron/chebula 8 dips tee: industry of all nations 

(one of my favourite tees too.) 

Ulu Knife :: Guatemalan Jadeite, Olivewood, Beeswax, Hemp

The ‘Ulu’ is a traditional Inuit/Eskimo utilitarian knife (Ulu means “woman’s knife”) used for everything from sewing to processing wild game for food.

I had a lot of fun making this. Most of my stone work is dedicated to jewelry, so it was a nice change of pace to work on a different form and build an artful functional object. For scale, the blade is 4" across. Yes, it’s (very) sharp.

This will be in the February show at Glitch Gallery in Richmond, VA.


Haven’t posted one of these in a while! 32mm Ebony harmony plugs in the making. (at Onetribe)

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It’s been in the works for a while, but I’m finally happy to share this collaboration project of heart on sleeve and Onetribe.  Took a little coercing to get Jared to let me rework and put some amethyst into his HONEY design, but we are both happy that we did it.  
Given the opportunity to work on this, I had to go in 100%.  Each weight has 50 faceted amethyst, in a hand tooled pavé setting.  It’s a very labor intensive process, but the results speak for themselves.  I sent them to back to have him carve and set the hexagons for a true HOS/Onetribe collaboration.
We live in 2016, I’m happy to be pushing for the “fine” in body jewelry.  No room for mediocrity anymore.