Haha, my sis go through my video playlist. Then she stop playing and then playlist stop at, Shinhwa ‘Once in a lifetime’. I can’t stop laughing looking at eric face. Haha.

P/s: currently haze become worse in Malaysia. Can you smell something burning?? Haha

110707 Shinhwa's Eric Twitter Update

Shinhwa always had a somewhat more special bond with their fans, and a lot of times worried about their future. Dongwan’s famous quote, “Shinhwa isn’t responsible for your lives” wasn’t the only time the Shinhwa members have said at least a short something to us Shinhwa Changjos for our own good. Though Eric’s post isn’t as famous as Dongwan’s saying, I often read this and get my fill of motivation to study, haha.

Shinhwa has always lived joking around without too much arguing, but we couldn’t have gotten this far without some seriousness, to be honest. I feel a certain kind of responsibility over our younger fans. This might be all over the place, but I’m going to say some things that you might not like, but it’s all for your own good so don’t be too shocked~ It’d probably be about the same things your parents tell you, but it would be more convincing if the words came out of your favorite oppa, won’t it? Getting first place and being popular - these things aren’t our goals anymore. Though on television or on stage, Shinhwa might just be another entertainer, we want Shinhwa, our very own stories that we tell to our fans directly to affect our fans positively so that when you all grow up to be successful, you are able to say that Shinhwa was your favorite idol group when you were young and the things they said and did influenced you to get that far. If I see an interview like that in the future, I think that is the success that Shinhwa is striving for. So please let Shinhwa succeed. We will lead you to a good road to the best of our ability, and we will try our best to give you happiness like the entertainers we are when you’re tired and down. Though this post might be all over the place, I hope you understood my meaning~ While having fun, I wish you do the things you’re meant to do well and be successful, strong SHCJs~ Hwaiting!!


Phone call with a Shinhwa member that is addicted to games, Junjin

Dongwan: Hello?

Junjin: Hello.

Dongwan: Can I speak to Junjin?

Junjin: Yes, it’s me.

Eric: No it’s not.

Hyesung: We want to talk to Junjin.

Junjin: Yes, it’s me.

Hyesung: I don’t think the voices match…

Dongwan: Are you lying?

Junjin: Hello~ I’m Park Choongjae.

Hyesung: No… it’s not.

Dongwan: No, we want to talk to Junjin.

Junjin: I told you, it’s me! Seriously, ah.

Dongwan, Hyesung, Eric: Oh, oh yeah, it’s Junjin.

Junjin: Hello?

Dongwan: Junjin-ssi.

Junjin: Yes.

Dongwan: So, how are you doing in the corners of your room?

Junjin: Ah… You know what I’m doing right now. I’m addicted to a game.

Dongwan: Ah, you’re playing a game right now? These days, Park Choongjae-ssi… Junjin-ssi is addicted to RPG games.

Junjin: Yes, haha. Hey, I’m busy right now, okay?

Dongwan: No, no, wait.

Hyesung: Dude! Is your game important, or this radio program? Gosh.

Junjin: Oh, this is a radio program?

Eric: Junjin-ssi.

Junjin: Yes, yes.

Eric: So something arrived in your fax right now, right? Read it out loud please. (nothing was actually delivered)

Junjin: What? Fax?

Dongwan: Yes, a story was delivered to your house.

Hyesung: Didn’t a story come to our room right now?

Junjin: Urm.. I… urm… (basically, he was just making things up at the spot)

Hyesung: Please read it out loud.

Junjin: From Yeoido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul,

Hyesung: Yes, haha.

Junjin: Kim Mija-ssi,


Junjin: She sent a story for us.

Dongwan: Ah, haha, what did she send?

Junjin: What?

Hyesung: Please read it aloud for us.

Junjin: Um… About RPG games…

Dongwan: PUHAHA

Junjin: She sent a question. She said, “There are many types of games, but..” Ah, I don’t know what to say anymore…

Dongwan: What are you saying, seriously, HAHA. So anyway, Junjin-ssi, are you home?

Junjin: Huh?

Dongwan: Are you home?

Junjin: Ah, seriously, I’m busy right now!


Junjin: I have to beat the second round of this game!

Hyesung: Ah, okay, okay. We’ll just ask one thing.

Junjin: Oh, I like Hyesung hyung better, of course. (Shinhwa asked him who he likes more so much that Junjin answered without even being asked)


Dongwan: Wait, we’ll give you one more chance. Junjin-ssi, 

Junjin: Yes, yes?

Dongwan: Do you like me, like Eric, or dislike Hyesung?

Junjin: To be honest, I hate you all, but,

Hyesung: HAHAHA

Dongwan: Then, Junjin-ssi,

Junjin: No, wait, since it’s Dongwan hyung’s last day doing this radio, I like Dongwan hyung the best.

Dongwan: Then, Junjin-ssi, if you could take anyone to a deserted island, who would you take?

Junjin: Erm… I would take Andy, not any of you guys.

Dongwan, Hyesung, Eric: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Eric: Wait, listen, I don’t have to win anyone else, I just have to win Hyesung, okay?

Hyesung: Okay, okay.

Eric: If Hyesung and I both fell into the water, who would you save first?

Junjin: I wouldn’t be able to save both of you because I can’t swim.

Dongwan, Hyesung, Eric: HAHAHAHA

Dongwan: Junjin-ssi! Please keep on doing your game.

Junjin: Yes, and stop calling me.

Dongwan: Yeah, we wouldn’t even if you asked us to.

Junjin: Before we hang up, I want to say something.

Hyesung: Yup.

Junjin: So, Kim Dongwan-ssi is leaving Ten Ten Club, right?

Dongwan: Ah… I don’t think you have to continue. (nervous about what Junjin would say)

Junjin: Um… You did really well until now.

Dongwan: Yes.

Junjin: I hope you would become a great actor. (out of nowhere)

Dongwan, Hyesung, Eric: HAHAHAHAHAHA (breathing problems)

Dongwan: So, Junjin-ssi.

Junjin: Yes, yes.

Dongwan: Rest a bit and we’ll see you later at home, okay?

Junjin: Yes, okay.

Dongwan: Yes, thank you!

Junjin: Okay, bye!

Dongwan: Ah… so yes. That was the call with Junjin.

Hyesung: Yes.

Dongwan: Ah, haha, after calling Junjin, Eric-ssi has a very sad face.

Hyesung: I know why. When he asked Junjin who he would take to the deserted island, he was confident that Junjin would pick him.

Dongwan: Mhm.

Hyesung: But when Junjin said Andy,

Dongwan: Ah, wait, don’t hit me Eric, hahaha.

Hyesung: His expression became, like…

Dongwan: HAHAHA He looks like a hurt child… A flower deer… Poor guy.

Hyesung: So… hahaha.

Eric: I better starve him for a couple of days.

Hyesung: Yeah…

Eric: Bastard.


© shinhwaonetothesix

Official Asia Tour Set List

1.Only One
2. Your Man
3. Sharing Forever 
4. Hey Come On
5. I Gave You
6. 아는남자
7. New Me
8. How Do I Say
9. 사랑노래
10. Stay
11. 으샤으샤
12. T.O.P
13. Perfect Man
14. Shooting Star
15. Hurts
16. On The Road
17. 그래
18. Once In A Lifetime
19. This Love
20. Venus
21. Brand New
1. I Pray For You
2. Wild Eyes
3. Run
4. Yo!

The concert was AMAZING. No other words can explain.

The Classic Jacket Photo Behind Story

I’m sure every Shinhwa Changjo on Tumblr recognizes this picture.

This was where Shinhwa took their cover photo. Dongwan was photoshopped in the cover photo of Shinhwa’s 11th album, The Classic because of his tight schedule. If you look at the album picture carefully, you can see that Dongwan is the one most far apart all the members and looks kind of awkward in the photo. The reason Dongwan was absent from this photo session was not because of any other reason other than his busy schedule. This was also the same case for Shinhwa Broadcast. Personally, I wish he would rest more before the Asia Tour but since the dates are already out, I guess that can’t be changed.

Let’s not blame Dongwan anymore for his absence during some of the Shinhwa activities. I don’t even know why Dongwan is getting blamed because of his schedule which is something he can’t control. I hope the people that blame Dongwan, saying that he puts his personal schedules over Shinhwa’s, thinks again because even when he was filming his drama, he always spent his limited time working on the album along with the other members.

130601 Shinhwa Company Facebook Update

[관리자의 전하는 말]
우리 모두 함께합시다!
기쁨은 나누면 배가 되지요. 1200배정도?

여러분이 여섯번째로 주신 상 감사합니다!
오늘은 우는 감동하지말고, 신나는 감동해요

[Message from the Admin] Let’s do it together! Happiness becomes much more when it’s shared. About 1200 times more? Thank you everyone for our sixth trophy! Let’s be emotional in a fun way today, not a crying way.

List of Dongwan's Official Irresistible Clips

 Dongwan’s Irresistible Clip #1: Venus Fan Chant

Dongwan’s Irresistible Clip #2: Ah

Dongwan’s Irresistible Clip #3: Supa Dupa Diva

Dongwan’s Irresistible Clip #4: Solo Wild Eyes

* Dongwan’s Irresistible Clip #5 isn’t official, but is still considered one of the irresistible clip series by Shinhwa Changjos.

Dongwan’s Irresistible Clip #5: Weak Man

Shinhwa’s Perfect Man

Dongwan: You’re now listening to the perfect man that brought you Shinhwa’s fifth album - Dongwan. Thank you.

Shinhwa: Shinhwa! We’re Shinhwa. Yup, Shinhwa. (all at different times)

Hyesung: We are perfect and crazy Shinhwa.

Dongwan: Ya!!..No…Sorry…

Junjin: Yes, it’s hard.

Dongwan: Sorry, it’s hard to talk with respect to the people I see everyday…

Hyesung: Speak with respect to me.

Dongwan: I’m sorry. So, among us,

Shinhwa: Yes?

Dongwan: Who do you think is the most perfect member in Shinhwa? Point your fingers on three.

Eric: Wait, wait, wait.

Hyesung: Give us time to think.

Dongwan: One, two, three!

Hyesung: I say Dongwan.

Junjin: Me? Myself.


Dongwan: Eric and Junjin both pointed to themselves.

Junjin: But this is funny HAHAHA

Eric: No, I’m really serious.

Dongwan: Why do you look so shy?

Eric: Why are my hands like this. Hyesung, where are you pointing at? This hand is just supporting and I was actually pointing here.

Hyesung: Are you asking where I’m pointing at?

Eric: Yeah, between here.

Hyesung: Junjin.

Dongwan: But Junjin really looks perfect.

Junjin: Why, you’re trying to make fun of me again.

Andy: I say Shinhwa.

Dongwan: No, Junjin, you,

Junjin: No, don’t say anything weird. Never mind, I was joking. I believe that Dongwan is the perfect man!

Hyesung: It’s the first time I saw Jin’s face so red.

Minwoo: Me too.

Eric: I think he’s being shy.

Hyesung: I think he really is being shy.

Junjin: I get shy a lot these days… I don’t know why.

Hyesung: I was wondering why your face was getting so red.

Eric: On the count of three, let’s vote again.

Shinhwa: One, two, three!


Eric: Everyone thinks the same!

Hyesung: His face got red again.

Eric: Yeah, he looks like a carrot.

Dongwan: Oh, carrot juice.

Minwoo: Because his hair is yellow.

Hyesung: But really, I don’t think there’s a perfect man.

Dongwan: That’s right.

Junjin: Wow, did you just make fun of me again?

Dongwan: Yes, we did.

Junjin: Because of this!!

Dongwan: Junjin, please be quiet.

Junjin: Why?

Dongwan: Imagine how mad the people listening to this station will feel.

Hyesung: That’s right.

Minwoo: If I was -

Dongwan: Please be quiet.

Hyesung: Yeah, that’s right.

Minwoo: If I was! Let me just say one thing.

Dongwan: Okay, fine. Say just exactly one thing.

Minwoo: Really?

Dongwan: That was it.

Junjin: You’re finished now.

© shinhwaonetothesix

130605 Shinhwa Company Facebook Update

[관리자의 전하는 말]
모두의 꽃받침을 원하시나요?
7번째 트로피 기념 꽃받침 나갑니다.

내일은 순국선열 호국영령을 위한 날입니다. 
태극기는 잘 있는지 오늘 확인해보세요.

[Message from the Admin] Do you want the flower pose from all members? This is the flower pose in celebration of our 7th trophy. Tomorrow is the Korean Memorial Day. Check if your Korean flag is safe today.

San Ray Twitter Update

This is a pretty old post that was uploaded by a close friend of Eric’s around the time Eric was filming his drama, but it’s something that came true years after he mentioned it.

예전에 불새할때 에릭과 술먹으면서 한 이야기가 기억난다. 연기하는거 생각잘한거다.어차피아이돌은 몇년못하니 평생직업으로 연기자해라.. 에릭은 아주 정색을 하면서 대답했었다. “아닙니다. 저는 신화 10년 이상. 평생 할겁니다. 두고 보세요”

I remember when I was drinking with Eric about the time Eric was filming his drama. “You thought well when you decided to start your career as an actor. You’re not going to be able to be an idol for very long so you might as well choose your lifelong career as an actor..” Eric was totally serious when he replied. “No. I’m going to go on as Shinhwa for over 10 years. Even forever. Watch and see.”

Dongwan's Good Entertainment Homepage Update

신화는 말이야~

인터뷰때 제일 많이 듣는 질문이 뭔지 알아? “신화의 장수 비결이 뭔가요?” 야.. 하긴 이해가 안가겠지. 이렇게 든든한 친구들끼리 뭉쳐있는 모습을 적어도 그들 주위에선 본 적이 없었을테니까… 사실 신화의 장수비결 같은건 처음부터 없었어. 그냥 같이 있고 싶은 사람들 있잖아. 우린 그냥 같이 살며, 같이 일하고, 같이 웃고 싶은거야.

우린 졸라 멋있는 친구들이거든!

p.s. 12시가 지나도 굿 공홈이 안 열려서 이제야 남겨.

You know, Shinhwa~

Do you know the question we get asked the most during interviews? It’s “What’s your way of staying together for so long?”.. Well, I guess it’s obvious that they won’t understand. They probably haven’t had any tight friends around them to see… To be honest, Shinhwa never really had a particular way of staying together. We just want to stay together. We just want to live together, work together, and laugh together.

Because we’re freaking good friends!