so i finished my first year of college last month and thought i’d share things i learned and advice on entering and starting your first year 

  • keep a planner
  • take advantage of student id discounts
  • try to go to class as much as possible
  • in cases that you don’t go, make sure you have a friend, or at least someone who will fill you in and give you notes, in each class
  • network as soon as you can and as often as you can
  • wait a week or two until you purchase your textbooks, people aren’t lying to you, they’re expensive as fuuuccckkk, you’ll want to wait for multiple reasons because in some cases you never even end up using the book, or your library has it and you can just borrow it for free
  • wear flip flops in the shower if you don’t have your own bathroom
  • speaking of, go to the bathroom before class
  • set multiple alarms
  • take advantage of as many opportunities that come your way as possible
  • have a very, very open mind
  • watch your drink
  • watch your friend’s drinks too
  • never, ever, ever, ever, ever, under ANY circumstances, drive while intoxicated or get into a car with a driver who is 
  • get to know your professors
  • do the extra credit, it’s rare
  • back up your files
  • if you take your laptop with you somewhere bring your charger as well
  • take the stairs, seriously, a little goes a long way
  • 99.9999% of people don’t give a shit about what you were in high school
  • try to plan and work ahead
  • never travel alone late at night
  • don’t hesitate to ask for help—material that took a week to learn in high school can be taught in one lecture in a college class, no one will slow down for you or help you unless you speak up
  • participate in class
  • again, talk to your professors, it’s good to in general, and you never know how they can help you outside of class
  • if you have a problem with your roommate, if you’re not getting along with them, or it’s not working, do something about it ASAP
  • keep in touch with those you care about, don’t burn bridges
  • it’s ok if you don’t make friends immediately, it took me awhile to find people i could truly be satisfied with, sometimes it happens when you’re not looking
  • take this to heart: do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do before. the best things i did this past school year were things i never tried in high school, going on trips with people i didn’t know, who i now call some of the closest friends i have, and going on service work trips out of state
  • build up your gpa in the beginning by taking classes that are not as tough in your first semester, a gpa is harder to bring up than to knock down, tldr; start strong, start easy
  • grades matter, BUT, don’t sacrifice your health and well being for them
  • get enough sleep, you can, i did
  • don’t base your decisions off what other people would think but if something goes against your morals, stick with your morals
  • take care of yourself and your body, just because it’s free does not mean you have to eat it, college is the perfect time to make your physical health crash and burn but it is also the perfect time to start having a healthier one
  • take the time to check over assignments you’re submitting
  • is your bff, use it and reference it
  • sign up for a variety of activities and test out the water to see what you like most
  • early classes are not that bad
  • attend campus events
  • know what’s going on on campus, don’t be clueless in your own environment
  • get involved in clubs and groups that are associated with your major…but also stuff that isn’t
  • and if a group/organization that’s associated with your major, like for me PRSSA, has a membership fee, it’s probably worth it
  • explore your city, campus, downtown….
  • try to get an internship before it’s required
  • get a LinkedIn account
  • always keep an umbrella and a phone charger on hand
  • make friends with as many people as you can, but don’t “collect” friends, ya know?
  • go to job fairs/career fairs
  • it’s ok to stay in sometimes and just j chill
  • decorate and personalize your room
  • when preparing to register for classes, make a mock schedule first
  • find a mentor(s)
  • first impressions are a big fucking deal
  • you don’t have to put on a ball gown, but put an effort into the way you represent yourself
  • make a budget 

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Road trip with the Marauders would include?

  • The whole thing was Peter’s idea, it just being the five of you for the summer after leaving Hogwarts 
  • Arguing about whose music to listen to
    • Sirius usually wins because he has the best taste in music
    • Although it does mean Sirius will obnoxiously sing along at the top of his lungs
    • Somehow this ends in you all singing along together, shouting to be heard over each other
  • Peter coming up with the idea to take turns with who gets to chose the song. It works for awhile until James and Sirius get fed up with it
    • “You’re playing that song on purpose! You know I hate it!”
    • “I did not! I was just playing what I wanted to hear! Hey! Stop, it’s not your turn, you can’t just hit next because you don’t like my choice!”
  • In between singing, Sirius spends a lot of time complaining
    • “Are we there yet?”
    • “Are you kidding, Sirius? It’s literally only be five minutes since the last time you’ve asked”
  • Who gets to sit shotgun is hotly contested every time you get back in the car
    • Sirius is never allowed to sit in the front if James is driving and vice versa
  • Making sure to be near an isolated forest if there’s a full moon coming
  • Remus is the only thing standing between the five of you and being completely lost
  • Everyone pulls the “slowly drive away when someone is trying to open their car door move” at least one
  • Taking tons of photos to remember the journey by
  • First one to fall asleep each night gets pranked 
    • The best of all the pranks was when James woke up in the middle of a lake, None of you could remember whose idea it was because you were all laughing too hard
  • The car spends an unfortunate amount of time smelling like wet dog after it rains. Sirius insists the smell has nothing to do with him
  • James and Sirius start a competition seeing who can confuse the most Muggles with a stag/dog in unexpected places
    • Somehow a stag is always more shocking than a dog 
    • Remus credits this to the antlers. He’s probably right
  • Getting into little arguments about the dumbest things
    • Usually it’s because Sirius or James forgot to do something
    • Like Sirius forgetting to fill the gas tank at their last pit stop and their car slowly shutting down in the middle of the road
  • Peter making obnoxious puns that sends the whole car into a rage
  • James is the ‘mum friend’, making sure everyone’s eaten and gotten enough sleep and refusing to start the car until everyone is wearing their seat belts 
  • Personal space ceases to exist as you all spread out all over each other to get comfortable
    • Sirius tends to rest his legs in the lap of the nearest person 
    • Remus will fall asleep on you, and you will stay still because he needs all the sleep he can get 
    • James flings his arm around the shoulders of whoever wanders too close
    • Peter leans his body into the person next to him during long stretches on the road
  • You spend a lot of time talking about the future. Not the war, but hypotheticals or possibilities, lots of what if scenarios 
  • Talking about the past as well, reminiscing about your years at Hogwarts and trying to remember embarrassing stories about each other

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Involves Masterlist: (x)

-Lauren and Kerrie

The Center

The center of the circle

The origin

The origin of it all

The Source

The Source of relaxation

As it produce these circles

These calming circles

One by one


One by one

Relaxing you

Calming you

One by one



Then disappearing away

As the other one starts

One by one

Over and Over

As it expands

It takes your worries

As it expands

it takes your cares

As it expands

It takes your thoughts

Until it starts

Starts to disappear

Taking them away 

Taking them all away

One by one


But surely

Feeling your body relax

Feeling your muscles relax

As you look

focus on it

One by one

All your worries

All your cares

All your thoughts

One by One

Your tension fades

Your stress vanish

Along with the circles

Letting yourself go

Letting yourself drop

Drop and relax


With each passing circle

You feel yourself going

Slowly going


Deep down

All the way down

Deeper and deeper

All the way down

With each circle


Taking it all away

Slowly but surely

Feels so good

So calming and relaxing

Finding yourself dropping 

Dropping down in


One by one



All your Thoughts

All your cares

All your worries


Just my words

My words and the circles




Dropping down

All the way down

Going down

With each circle

Each one

One by One

Feeling so light

So relaxed

Just my words

As you look at the Circles

One by one

Taking your cares

Your worries and cares

Leaving you Happy


With my words

Dropping you further

Further and deeper

All the way down

Until all that remains are my words and the circles

That’s when you reblog

Reblog and type

“Relaxing circles”

It’s so easy to look at it

Look at it and drop

Drop down


So deep and empty

With not a care in the word

It just feels wonderful

So very wonderful

As you Look at stare at those circles

You drop deeper

You keep staring

Until all you feel is happiness

Happiness and content

Once that’s how you feel

Once you feel ready

Confident and positive

Happy and content

You’ll count up to 5

you’ll slowly wake up

feeling refresh

happy and relaxed

calm and peaceful

Enjoying my words as usual

My words and my trances

Every time

All the time

More and more

Until then you just look at the circles


One by one

here are just some simple things to help with stressful times and take care of yourself.


take care of your body

skin care

find a routine and stick to it. ALWAYS WASH YOUR FACE AT NIGHT. remove your makeup, wash your face and moisturize. do a face mask twice a week. watch some videos on different products and try stuff to see what works for you.

try to eat as healthy as possible.

this doesn’t mean cut everything out except greens and other super foods. honestly, the easiest things is to just limit the amount of food you eat. find a balance that works and try to eat around the same time everyday and as hard as it seems try not to eat late at night.

eat breakfast

it’s the most important meal of the day and gets your metabolism going for the day ahead. try to have a full, balanced breakfast. include some sort of carbs. protein and fruit.

drink water

aim for 8 cups a day, but if that doesn’t work for you try for at least 5. it helps clears out toxins in your body. keeps you hydrated and healthy.


you don’t have to go to a gym, get a personal trainer or anything crazy like that (unless that’s what than you want than totally go for it) if you just hate working out start small. go on a walk, do some jumping jacks and push ups. or start doing sports. maybe get a group of friends together to play a round of soccer or kickball. just be active.

treat yourself

buy that dress you’ve been eyeing for weeks. go get your nails done. eat that slice of cake. it’s okay. you deserve it.

wash your clothes

seriously, take that pile of ‘not dirty but also not clean’ and clean them.

clean out your closet

if it’s too small, ugly, torn up, or you haven’t worn it in the past three months get rid of it. especially go through your underwear and sock drawers.

go outside and enjoy some sunlight

it’s easy to stay cooped up inside. but take your homework, laptop or phone and just sit in the sun instead of on the couch

get your beauty sleep

try getting between 7-8 hours of sleep

keep your living space tidy/organized

not exactly your body but it’s way less stressful and much more relaxing to be in a clean living space than a cluttered on.

shower related stuff;

use shaving cream; eos has really nice ones. or if you don’t have any use coconut oil or conditioner.

focus your shampoo on only your roots; it drys out the ends of your hair

focus conditioner on the ends of your hair (or to the top of your ears); it makes your hair greasier faster if you coat your roots in conditioner

always moisturize after you shower, especially if you shave; there’s in-the-shower moisturizers or just do it once you’ve dried off.

replace your razor every 2 months or so: or until it looks worn out and doesn’t feel smooth.

if you have curly hair put conditioner on the ends of your hair before you shampoo your hair to keep the ends from drying out.

exfoliate/scrub your legs after you shave and shave again to get all the dead skin ( you can mix brown sugar and honey or oil together for a homemade scrub)

use a washcloth instead of a loofah; it helps exfoliate your body leaving it smooth after your shower. use it up to two times before washing it.

dedicate one washcloth/towel for ONLY your face

change your sheets

you should change and wash your sheets every 2-4 weeks and your pillowcase once a week. it collects oils and bacteria and causes breakouts.

go out without makeup for a day

it’ll slowly help you become more comfortable in your own skin (NOT SAYING MAKEUP IS BAD I LOVE MAKEUP BUT YEA) and plus it gives your skin time to breath.

make your bed

it makes ya feel accomplished and looks really nice

make to-do lists

it’s so satisfying to check something off the list, plus it helps keep everything organized.


words of advice (i guess lol)

if you don’t like something about yourself ask yourself why? if it’s something you can easily fix and it’s beneficial to you than try to change it. but if it’s something that can’t be changed then find ways to work with it or use it to your advantage. no one is perfect. we just have to strive to be our best selves.

look at all the people in your life; your friends and family. look at how much they love you and want what’s best for you. and if you think there’s no one take another look.

take time and write down all the things you love about yourself. and no it’s not arrogant/selfish/prideful to do so. you have talents both big and small that deserve to be recognized.

stop comparing yourself to others. everyone has different talents. no one is the same. no one is perfect. they are fighting their own demons just like you.

be patient with yourself.

don’t expect everyone to like you and don’t try to make everyone like you. you’re going to stretch yourself more than you can take.


set boundaries for yourself and stick to them.

“have courage and be kind.”

“embrace the glorious mess you are”

“nobody can make you happy until you are happy with yourself.”

don’t focus so much on the past. learn from it but don’t dwell on it. but also also, don’t look too far into the future. live in the moment. appreciate it.

do something every day that makes you happy.

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Under the cut you’ll be able to find #200 OTP tags from the lyrics of the songs on my playlist. Most of them are English OPM (Original Pinoy Music) songs or songs in English made by Filipino singers! Most of them are pertaining to romantic relationships but you can tweak it to make it seem like brotp or even a character tag.  A like/reblog is well appreciated!

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Request: @cutieyoungbin  Hey :). This is completely up to you, but if you have time and you want to I would like to request a scenario for SF9 (or just one member of your choice if that is easier for you) of what type of best friends they would be. Love you <3

A/N: A lot of this may seem a bit too flirty and that is because I am in love with everyone in sf9

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ignore the shitty graphic

i haven’t seen a music video masterpost so i thought i’d make one

Take This To Your Grave

From Under The Cork Tree

Infinity On High

Folie à Deux

Save Rock and Roll

American Beauty/American Psycho


i’ll update this as they make more music videos


Luhan鹿晗《时差(on call)》弦乐版 ver.String(OneTake)

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Will you handle your weird fetish scandal with the grace and dignity of renowned tentacle porn enthusiast and pedophile-enabler Kurt Eichenwald?

kurt eichenwald spent more time and effort fighting the ‘hentai jacker’ label than he did the pedophile one


Tip for the non-shuffler of the Tarot

Raise your hand if you’re shit at shuffling cards.


We all know shuffling cards is one of the biggest things about tarot-how else are you going to get the energy onto the cards and actually make sure you’re not pulling cards from a previous reading that has no relevance? Well, actually, you just do this simple thing where you:

  1. Do whatever your pre-reading ritual is if you have one
  2. Take your deck and slap down three cards side by side. One, two, three-just like that.
  3. Focus on your question like you would if you were shuffling.
  4. As you’re focusing, keep slapping down cards onto of the three you put down. One, two, three, one, two, three (or do a remix, if you want to get jazzy with it. One two three three one two-whatever).
  5. Do this until all the cards are gone.
  6. The stack with the last card will go onto of the stack with the third to last card. That stack will then go on top of the second to last card stack.
  7. There: shuffled cards.
  8. Do your thing
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