happy family trip

here you see the start of the family trip

the dad, wanted a pic with big ass truck

dad and son posing cool 

the mom and son posing even cooler

mom waiting for everyone to continue the trip


sightseeing a bit

arrived late at the chocobo ranch

in the morning

getting prepared for a chocobo ride

oooooh watch your fingers son

fab mom 

brat prince wanted a special one

taking a break and relaxing a bit while fishing

taking a long break…….Noct pls we’re tired

getting back to our car and son wanna show us his driving skills

…….where. are. we.

ended up at some random beach………

nvm gonna stay here over the night

mom wakes up with headaches ughh

but the show must go on


at the motel in the evening

dad had too many shots..

not amused mom 


in the next morning, having fun on foot


momma, look, monsters!



hAH that was fun, did you saw that, didn’t got hurt!


got lost..

found a giant glowing stone to place our tent on

love momma’s food

the end?