I love how many people are asking how to be a stronger ally! Just knowing that folks are thinking about this is a great first step! Because everyone’s situations are so vastly different, it’s hard to really pinpoint one thing you can do. Again, I’m just one person. The advice I may give probably won’t be the same advice someone else will, and that’s totally ok! There are so many ways to be an ally. For those asking me specifically what you can do, I feel like it all comes down to is showing love and support however you can… Support trans kids and adults. Support trans people of color. Support trans people who don’t identify as a man or a woman. Support trans people who don’t wish to do hormones or have any surgeries. Support trans people who do wish to do hormones or have surgeries. Support trans people with disabilities or mental illnesses. Support trans people who aren’t out. Support trans people who are out. Support trans people who are misgendered everyday. Support trans people who believe in a God or don’t believe in religion at all. Support trans folks who are afraid to be alone. Support trans people period. It can be as simple as being there physically, but it can also show itself in many other ways. It can be showing that you want to educate yourself, like the folks who have reached out to me. It can be owning up to the fact that you don’t know as much as you’d like. Sometimes, you don’t even realize you’re doing it. And, remember: it isn’t solely on you to keep your friends and loved ones standing. This is something we should all work on. It’s on us as a collective to be the support Leelah needed; the support Blake advocated for; and the support that Kristina, Lamia, Taja, Penny, Ty, Yazmin and so, so many others– both named and unnamed– deserved. #transgender #instapride #onestepforward (at this shirt made more sense before T)

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