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Black Heart Procession “Diamonds in Your Eyes” – An old favorite. Wish I could have gotten to see them perform live.

“And maybe someday I will say
I’ll say please, please
Don’t tear your heart from me
Cause it was a crime I never told about the diamonds in your eyes”


My Musical March Mission! #OneSongEveryDay #mrblueskymusic #socialmediaworkout


Pusha T - Nosetalgia (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)


The Civil Wars “Kingdom Come” – From nprmusic. Give me this woman’s voice! I adore these two. I went on a youtube binge a couple months ago of their live performances and I couldn’t stop. It’s mesmerizing watching them. They always sound perfect.

“Don’t you fret, my dear
It’ll all be over soon
I’ll be waiting here for you
Run fast as you can
No one has to understand”


Stornoway “When You Touch Down From Outer Space” – This band really quickly became one of my all-time favorites. This Blogoteque video (best website ever) is how I discovered them and I was instantly amazed. Their songs can be really playful and adventurous (see lyrics below) or darker and evoke that treacherous sense of desperate longing that we all (me) know a little too well. I’ll be posting lots of songs by these guys on here. These dudes write some seriously great music!!! Another band whose music I can imagine sounding perfect on vinyl. Take a listen.

“i’ll take you daytripping out in the county
(when you touch down from outer space)
see the alien life forms in the open country
(when you touch down from outer space)
and we’ll listen to the nightjars’ eerie chirping
where the pylons stand like cyborgs lurking in the clearing”


Theophilus London “Why Even Try” – Another RAC remix.

“They say some things is better not said
I’ll paint you red and stick horns on your head”


The Cranberries “Dreams” – Because this song rules and it’s Friday night and it’s The Cranberries.

“And oh, my dreams,
It’s never quite as it seems,
‘Cause you’re a dream to me,
Dream to me.”


Lord Huron “Time to Run” – I heard this song on KCSN and felt all the good emotions one could feel. Most of all, uplifted. This will be on my playlist forever. The video plays like an Indiana Jones-Western-psychedelic trip type of short film. Thanks for not doing something boring!

“I’ve no regrets, I will not ask for your forgiveness
Lower your defense, run away with me and it’ll all make sense”


Sun Kil Moon “Pancho Villa” - Old, lovely, favorite.

“Pancho Villa
would never rest
until 1925
he closed his eyes
to Manila stars at night”


Tallest Man on Earth “1904”

“And the singing is slow and so quiet
Like the sound when you sweep off the floor
And now something with the dirt is just different
Since they shook the earth in 1904”


The Weakerthans “Night Windows” – Just love them.

“The full moon makes our faces shine like over-ironed polyester
Then disappears behind the clouds
And leaves me under empty rows of night windows”


CHVRCHES “The Mother We Share”

“In the dead of night, I’m the only one here

And I will cover you, until you go
Cause if I told the truth, I will always be free

And keep a prize with me, until you go”


Villagers “Becoming A Jackal” – He is so talented. I had no idea he was my age.

“So before you take this song as truth
You should wonder what I’m taking from you
How I benefit from you being here
Lending me your ears while I’m selling you my fears”


Mr. Little Jeans “Rescue Song (RAC Remix)” – On repeat forever. Summertime in my ears.

“simple is something of a mystery
no longer making sense to me

I got my best dress on
and you’ve a smile and a bruise
so come and rescue me,
and me you”


First Aid Kit “Emmylou” – Swedish girls singing folk music. I’m sold.

“Oh the bitter winds are coming in
And I’m already missing the summer
Stockholm’s cold but I’ve been told
I was born to endure this kind of weather
When it’s you I find like a ghost in my mind
I am defeated and I gladly wear the crown”


Father John Misty “Hollywood Forever Cemetery” – Gorgeous song and gorgeous Aubrey Plaza living out what are probably her own crazy fantasies (like dancing drunk with a lamp.)

“Jesus Christ, girl
It hasn’t been long so it seems
Since I was picking out an island and a tomb for you
At the Hollywood Cemetery”


Beach House “Myth” – Insanely beautiful.

“What comes after this
Momentary bliss
The consequence
Of what you do to me”


Chairlift “I Belong in Your Arms” – A love song for our generation. Will never get enough of this song.

“Because the world goes on without us
It doesn’t matter what we do
All silhouettes with no regrets
When I’m melting into you
I belong in your arms
I belong in your arms”


Daughter “Youth” – I cannot express how important this song is. Once I heard it, I knew. Gotta love songs that have that power.

“Shadows settle on the place, that you left.
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness.
Destroy the middle, it’s a waste of time.
From the perfect start to the finish line.

We’re setting fire to our insides for fun.
Collecting pictures from the flood that wrecked our home,
It was a flood that wrecked this…

… and you caused it”


Painted Palms “Falling Asleep” – Recently discovered them, kinda reminds me of Yeasayer and Discovery. The title conveys what I am doing right now at school.