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For a prompt, if you'd like: thorin and bilbo having a onesie party :) who's wearing what? ;)

Thorin’s wearing a raven onesie and Bilbo has a Smaug one, (because what better onesie can you have than one in the shape of a creature that destroyed your husband’s home and gave him lifelong trauma :D) 

I have literally no idea if this is what a onesie party is and that last winking smiley is making me have this feeling ,that i probably messed up and this was supposed to be nsfw…but…eeeeeyyyyyy😅


Cosplay DIY: Voltron Green Lion Onesie/Kirugumi

Items Used:

  • 2.5 Yards of Green Fleece
  • 1.5 Yards Light Grey Fleece
  • .5 Yard Black Fleece
  • .25 Yard Yellow Fleece
  • .25 Yard Light Blue Fleece
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