Soo I’ve been working hard on this Nug onesie for @arkadycosplay!! I’m so happy with how it’s coming out, I struggled with making the ears stand up but still be comfy but I figured it out!
Things still need to be hemmed, and everything about the hood/ears is only pinned, I gotta find the right placement for the ears and embroider eyes, nose and whiskers, but it’s super cute so far!
I also made a little “Schmooples” name tag that I’m not 100% sure where but it’s goin on there

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 2.9.16

screen-printed organic cotton onesie - waffle cone by nbhatti

not only is this adorable ice cream cone-printed onesie made from organic cotton … it’s available in a handful of fun colors! perfect for your sweetest little one.