Long One-Shots Masterlist

All We Wanted - insanityplaysfics

Summary: Brick by Brick Timestamp: It’s been five years since Dan and Phil properly settled down together, and now that Dan has a stable job, and they’ve bought themselves a home, they’re ready to start building a family together.

And So It Shall Be - phansomedevil

Summary: “Do you believe in soulmates?” All lives are stories, and in every possible way, in every possible time, Dan and Phil find each other.

A Touch Of Life - notanotherphanfictionblog

Summary: AU based on the TV series ‘Pushing Daisies’. Dan can revive the dead, he works with a detective and brings murder victims back to life to find out their killer. Touching once revives them, touching a second time kills them again, permanently.

But It Takes Someone To Come Around To Show You How (ao3) - phantastically

Summary: Dan is born mute into a world where once in everyone’s life your soulmate will say the specific words that are tattooed onto your body, and bring you together. These words will save your life in more ways than imaginable. Whilst Dan resigns himself to the fact he will never have a soulmate, fate has different ideas…

Eskimo Kisses And Christmas Wishes - philsdrill

Summary: Dan gets a nasty surprise when he at last comes out to his family just before Christmas. Alone and out in the cold, he makes the trip up to Manchester where he spends Christmas with Phil and his family. It’s a struggle for Dan, being in such a loving family environment when he has just been evicted from his own, but Phil does his best to look after Dan and cheer him up as best he can.

I Dare You To Love Me (ao3) - starsalign

Summary: AU! Dan owns a popular flower shop and has more of a passion for flowers than he does for people. That is, until Phil stumbles into his shop - and consequently into his life as the two develop a fast friendship and Dan finds himself all but infatuated with him. But there’s a problem: Phil’s engaged and Dan is the florist for his wedding. And even more complications arise when Phil begins questioning everything he’s ever known about love - and himself - when he realizes that the path to true love isn’t always… straight.

Lost In The Storm - patchworkshirt

Summary: Phil’s soulmate mark is black. It sits on his heart and spreads outwards like a stain, a stain that reminds him every day of the bitter truth. No one wants to accept what it really means, but Phil has. Phil has come to terms with it. Until he meets Dan. Dan, who claims to be his soulmate, with a soulmate mark Phil is unable to see.

Mind The Gap (wattpad) - MelancholyMango

Summary: Set in early 2017, Dan grows insecure in the amount of time he and Phil spend together. Worried that the older man is missing out on life because he’s too preoccupied with with the signature D&P branding, Dan tries to fix it the only way he knows how.

Pretty Odd - phillestatos

Summary: Dan Howell, piano teacher and speedster, craves chocolate cakes at three in the morning. He meets a baker named Phil who owns the only store opened at three in the morning and who bakes the most delicious chocolate cake in the world. It’s a pretty odd love story.

Ripple (ao3) - cafephan

Summary: Phil has a cheating boyfriend. Dan is a poet, facing an ultimatum.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - phansdick

Summary: When Dan Howell goes to end his life one night, he doesn’t expect to find a stranger who proposes a deal. If Dan gives him thirty days, Phil will give him thirty reasons to live. If at the end of the month and Dan still feels the same, then Phil will leave him alone.

The Wanting Comes In Waves (ao3) - Porphyrophobiac

Summary: After moving to the tiny Welsh coastal village of Rhagfyr, Phil struggles to find a new way of living, what with his new school and the decision of his future still on the table. Dan is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, but perhaps there’s beauty inside destruction.

Unsaid, Unspoken, And Then The Spell Was Broken - chillphil

Summary: In which Dan is a misunderstood douchebag, Phil is a Ravenclaw with a sassy streak, Carrie is bossy, PJ likes firewhiskey, Alex and Chris don’t have nearly enough lines and a stupid challenge turns into something more. Also featuring Harry Styles because why the fuck not?

who would you save first?
  • Naruto: Kakashi-sensei! Between me, Sasuke, and Sakura-chan, who would you save first if we all fell off a boat?
  • Kakashi: That's easy. Sakura.
  • Naruto: What? WHY?
  • Kakashi: She's my favorite out of the three of you.
  • Naruto: Again! Why?!
  • Kakashi: *stares at Naruto* I'm sorry. Did you carry a child in your womb for 9 months and then give birth to the greatest godchild a grandpa can hope to ask for?
  • Naruto: ... never mind.
  • --
  • Naruto: Hey, if Sakura-chan and I both fell off a boat, who would you save first?
  • Sasuke: You.
  • Naruto: *big smile* REALLY?!
  • Sasuke: Yeah, Sakura's a better swimmer than you.
  • Naruto: ...
  • --
  • Naruto: Hey Sakura-chan! I probably know your answer but I still want to ask ya. If Sasuke and I both fell off a boat, who would you save first?
  • Sakura: I'll save Sasuke first.
  • Naruto: *sad face*
  • Sakura: Because after I save him, Sasuke will save you.
  • Naruto: *sniffs* You guys...
  • --
  • Sakura: So you would really save Naruto first?
  • Sasuke: Yes, because I wouldn't let you fall in to begin with.

Teacher: Hey so do you like to read a lot at home?

Me: Yea i do

Teacher: That’s great! What type of novels or stories do you like to read?

Jily/Marauders FanFic Masterpost

I wanted to make my own contribution to the fanfic master posts on Tumblr because I know plenty of good tics that haven’t been on any that I’ve seen!
My personal favourites are in italics and bold.



Lead on to Fortune by cgner (Royalty AU)

Runaway Love by WhtChoc (Modern AU)

Definitely Not Perfect by chaseroftheyear

New Year by scared of clouds 

The House with the Blue Window by live.in.books

Blood Binding by SphinxScribe (Jily come back to life AU)

Porcelain by SpazzAvalanche (TW: Anorexia/Bulimia)

Turning Tables / My Kind Of Love by scared of clouds

Asleep in the Common Room by the potter family

Four Matches (or The Red and Gold Prophecy) by quettlequorn

Summer Surprise by Claudia Crazyfangirl

The Pregnancy Scare by livy bear

To The Ends Of The Earth by Tapi20

If We Only Die Once by Apalapucian

The Rise and Fall of the Stag and the Doe by SiriusUntiltheVeryEnd

In Progress

The Life and Times by Jewels5

Red Amongst the Blue by twilight stargazer (Pirate AU)

The Trials and Tribulations of Hogwarts ‘78 by cassdaft

Fighting Fate by scared of clouds (Pirate AU)

The Potters and the Choices Made by MSupernatural

Odds and Ends by KisstheRain14

Letting Him In by Mwac

Evolution by TidalDragon87

Their Seventh Year by Enlightened Piglet

Petal in the Rain by pratty-prongs-princesse (Royalty AU)

All the Difference by AutumnBelle (Jily come back to life AU)

Alternative Rebirth by Nellark (Jily lives AU)

Series of Oneshots

Light by ohprongs

Alternate Moments by twilightstargazer (AUs)

Nah, She Didn’t! by fawkkes

Defining Moments by scared of clouds 

Fear is Only a Verb by percychased

Moments by twilightstargazer

Oneshots (I read so many oneshots so there are like 6 million here)

And the Wolves All Cry by monroeslittle

Lie In by Emmaphantastic

Protect you by wowcute

The Other Loss by livy bear

A Sister’s Wedding by moreofaguestage

Why Yes, Yes You May by WhoaItsAmber

The Darkest Hour by MaraudersInFedoras

By Morning We’re One by Suzie’s Q

Excalibur by Galindaba

Father of the Year by alwaysmarauders

Test Results by TealShootingStar

Her Realization by alijoz97

Fall For You by CokeBottleK

Push by hannah415

Four Times by twilightstargazer

di immortals by ohprongs

15 - Seeking Solace by kaahiescheck

Thrice Defied by iRawrPirate

The Peace In War by amamour

Three Quarts of Milk by snapslikethis

Today by bullet.sophia

Ten Points From Gryffindor by dance-in-storms (Snape/Lily/James)

Compromises by APhoenixRising

Twenty-four by YumiOCS

Now There’s You by KJ7311

Optimism by october31st1981

The Girl in the Upstairs Bedroom by Layla Wolffe (Nazi Germany AU)

Don’t care about anything else by GinnytheQueen

Luna Plena by Alstromeriae

Who Would You Marry? by PenguinBuddy

What Happened on the Tower by flawsmadebeautiful

Bonus: My Favourite Fanfiction Authors

snapslikethis ( ff.net / tumblr )

twilightstargazer ( ff.net / tumblr )

ohprongs ( ff.net )

SiriusUntiltheVeryEnd ( ff.net / tumblr )

scared of clouds ( ff.net / tumblr )

Jules ( ff.net / tumblr )

livy bear ( ff.net / tumblr )

Happy reading :)

(my ff.net for anyone interested: rosetylerandthedoctor

Don’t Be Sad It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened


Zayn takes a deep breath, “Yeah, mates, I love you all. You’re my best friends and the last five years have been utterly amazing.” He was tearing up, the tears blurred the four guys staring, dumbfounded at him. “But, I got to do it… I have to do it for me.” He sniffs, wiping at the tears that slip down his face. 

Niall took a step forward, “Zayn, do it for ya.” The rest of the guys nod, tears trailing each of their faces. Why couldn’t management see what this was doing to them? Zayn bad boy, Harry being portrayed as the playboy, Niall the good boy, Liam the leader, and Louis the snarky sweetheart… They lost their bad boy-their mystery. Zayn was pressured into too much. He admired the other four for pushing forward and going through with it all. Management was sucking every last drop out of them like the cash cows they have become… His own mental health became at risk and chose himself over the death or addiction that could come from all of this. 

Their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders and huddled, “All right boys. Our last huddle.” Niall says, looking at each tear stained face. Louis nods, “I’m going to have to grab Harry’s nuts to get him to reach your notes, team zap.” Harry snorts before pouting, “Who’s going to be my partner in the “Long Hair, Don’t Care” sqaud?” Liam bites his lip, “My super hero buddy…” Niall sniffs before speaking, “WeeeEEEEEee will always be together.” [x] 

They stayed that way for some time, pressed into each other’s arms, tears going down their faces, but they didn’t care. 

“Okay, I gotta run.” Zayn is almost inaudible, this was it. It was becoming real. All of this. Leaving the band, leaving his mates to finish the job. He felt like shit, he had a commitment and a promise to millions of people all over the-

“Zayn, you do you man.” Harry grasps his bicep. “We love you and we will take care of those Zayn girls as well as we can.” He had seemed to read Zayn’s mind. He pulled Zayn for a hug and kissed his cheek before letting him go. Harry bites his lip and studies his face for a second and taps his cheek, “You got this.” 

Louis comes up and hugs Zayn from the side, “It’s our job, as your best mate and your band mates-we have your back.” He nods, “And I’m going to miss our deep philosophical moments when we were stoned out of our mind.” Louis chuckles. This was his best friend-first he breaks it off with his girlfriend now his best mate is to go? He sniffs and hugs him tightly before letting him go. 

Liam bit back a sob and hugged him. “Who is going to watch all these bloody Marvel films with me? Who is going to pretend to be a super hero with me?” Liam breaks the hug and Zayn bites his trembling lower lip. “It’s okay, we live in the same city.” Zayn tries to console him and hugs him again. 

Zayn turned to look at Niall, “No more beep beep boop.” He pouts before hugging him tightly. “Okay mate, get better and go get yerself together. We four are ‘ere for ya, now and forever.” Zayn nods and pokes each pec and Niall’s stomach. Niall laughs and does the same. 

After one last group hug, Zayn left the room with a wave and a sniffle, “I know you will continue to be the best band in the world.”. The others stared at each other. 

“I-uh-I gotta go.” Liam mumbles and walks out of the room. The other’s disappeared as well, leaving Zayn’s room empty. 

However, as it got later one by one they went back into Zayn’s room, sitting on his bed. Niall was the first one in there, just sitting on the bed, crying. Harry came in next and hugged Niall, they were trying to comfort one another. Louis was next and they all laid on the bed, crying. Liam finally found his way in, tears coming down fast. 

It would never be the same… But they had a promise, a promise to Zayn and to their fans. And right now, they needed each other-so that’s what they did, as much as a break was needed and they wanted. Management still pressed-no matter what they asked. 

Now they must do their best to cope. 

“Do you think it would be the same if one of us left?”
“No. Definitely not.”

  • Sakura: Sasuke and I are off to our honeymoon now! What souvenirs would you like us to bring back?
  • Naruto: Ooh! Ramen! The specialty flavor! They have three kinds so get all three!
  • Ino: Some scented candles would be nice. The floral scents please!
  • Sai: I read from a book that they have a small art store with some beautiful brushes.
  • Sakura: Okay, and Kakashi?
  • Kakashi: *motions to Sasuke and whispers into his ear*
  • Sasuke: ...
  • --
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun, we didn't buy anything for Kakashi-sensei. Wouldn't he be upset?
  • Sasuke: Don't worry. I think he will probably be the happiest out of all four of them.
  • --
  • 9 months later...
  • Sasuke: Here's your souvenir.
  • Kakashi: *twinkling eyes* SARADA-CHAN!

When I see a pictures of Ashton that I haven’t seem before

I Trust You

Title: I Trust You

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 3,453

Prompt: Could you do a Jensen x reader one shot where the reader is a main character of the show and idk maybe they have a panel together or a scene just do what you want xx

Warnings: fluff, semi smut (i wouldn’t really even call it that)

Read Part 2 here

A/N: For the sake of this fic, Jensen is single. I love Danneel, and I love them together, nothing will ever change my opinion on that. She is truly perfect in every way for him and he’s so lucky to have such a gorgeous and outstanding woman by his side. Anyway, i know I told y’all that I was scared to post this, still am, but I’m in a screw it kinda mood. I hope y’all enjoy this, let me know what you think. 


Your name: submit What is this?

Supernatural was in the midst of filming for its fourth season. It was your third year on the show and had it ever been a ride. You loved every second of it. What wasn’t there to love? The show was doing extremely well, the cast were your best friends, you loved your life. Supernatural was your breakthrough role, you had guest starred on a few small shows, but nothing this big and when you became a series regular, you were ecstatic. The boys welcomed you into the family with open arms.

 You sat in your trailer, finishing up reading over the scene you were about to film in about an hour. You tried to absorb as much of the information as possible in preparation for the scene. To say you were nervous was an understatement. You were taken back by your thoughts as someone knocked at your door. You looked over to see Jensen pop his head in.

 “Hey Y/N, we’re needed for make up in ten minutes,” he said, “you okay?”

 “Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s head to make up,” you lied while grabbing your jacket and heading out the door with Jensen. You walked through the lot, an uncomfortable silence grew greater by the second.

 “I’d just like to apologize for today, I know it’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable, and I’ll try to make sure it isn’t, but you know what it’s like filming a sex scene. Everyone watching around you,” he said, breaking the silence. His words only made you more nervous.

 “Yeah I know, but what can we do right?” you joked, trying to make yourself feel a little better.

 You arrived to the makeup trailer. Zabrina began to fiddle around with your hair. Not much had to be done, you were filming in a darkish room, your hair was going to get a little messy anyways and you only needed a touch of cover up. You were both done within twenty minutes.

 “Alright Y/N, let’s get this show on the road,” Jensen said as he exited the trailer. Your stomach was in knots. You could feel yourself shaking slightly. Jensen was completely fine, of course he was. He’s filmed tons of sex scenes, hell he’s definitely had sex. The same couldn’t be said for you. You were twenty-five and you still had your v-card. Your experiences are very limited when it comes to this and that’s what made this a whole lot worse. Jensen knew exactly what he was doing and you hadn’t kissed a boy since you twenty-two; and that was just a kiss. You were supposed to be shooting a very intimate scene with one of the most attractive guys you had laid eyes on.

 Jensen walked ahead of you slightly, entering the set with you trailing behind. The set and crew were completely set up, the lighting crew ready to adjust to the camera’s needs. It was a motel room, two beds on the one side of the wall, it looked almost realistic. The scene began with your character and Dean entering the motel room after a tough hunt. You got into places, your green tape a foot away from Jensen’s blue.


 “Dean, I’m fine. See, it’s a tiny scratch, it’s hardly even bleeding. I don’t understand why you are making such a big deal out of this,” your character said, you revealed your cut to Dean who had an angry expression written on his face.

 “It is a big deal to me. You stupidly jumped in front of the guy to protect me. We’ve been down this road too many times to count. I just got back from hell Y/C/N, I don’t feel like going back to get you out,” he yelled, throwing his arms up for emphasis.

 “I wouldn’t expect you to get me out Dean, I wouldn’t want you to get me out. But don’t ever ask me to not save you from something as simple as that. I just got you back Dean, I can’t lose you again, not after watching you get ripped apart by hellhounds, not after going four months without you. You would have done the same thing,” you yelled back.

 “Then you must understand why I’m not happy about this. I don’t want to have to live without you like you had to for with me,” he said more calmly this time.

 “Can we just forget about this, Dean? I don’t want to fight with you,” you said. You looked over slightly, watching as Jared and Misha walked onto the set, taking their seats, watching the scene unfold.

 “Look, I don’t want to fight with you either. I just got back, I want spend this time making up for what I missed, not pushing you away,” he finished. You looked up at him, he shot you a slightly confused look. You were so distracted that you missed your cue.


 “I’m sorry, I got distracted. It won’t happen again,” you promised.

 “Hey, it’s okay. It happens to the best of us.”

They set up the film and audio before calling out ACTION

 “I want to spend this time making up what I missed, not pushing you away,” he repeated. You moved in, meeting him halfway in a tight hug. His muscular arms engulfing you, breathing in his cologne. He placed his lips to the top of your head and for a second, you felt safe. The moment was cut short as you missed your line.

 This went on continuously, you messed up on the simplest things, not intentionally. You were shaking slightly, it was present in your voice when you spoke your lines. You missed your marker a few times. You hadn’t even got to the point where Dean kisses your character. You couldn’t do it, you just couldn’t do it.

 “Alright guys, take fifteen, we’ll start back from the same spot when you get back,” the director said as he walked off of the set, the rest of the crew following, leaving the guys and you.

 “Y/N, can I talk to you alone for a moment in your trailer?” Jensen asked. You nodded your head as you lead the way off of the set and headed to your trailer, Jensen following close behind. He made his way into your trailer, closing the door behind him. “What’s going on, Y/N?” he paused, “You never mess up that much on set, hell even one scene. You barely ever mess up.”

 “I’m sorry, I just got a little nervous,” you said while grabbing two bottles of water from the mini fridge. You handed one to Jensen, avoiding eye contact with him.

 “Is it my fault? Am I making you nervous?”

 “No, yes, kind of.”

 “Y/N, you know you can tell me anything right? I’ve known you for years now. I know when something’s up. Talk to me,” he half smiled, taking a seat next to you on the couch.

 “It’s just that, I’ve never filmed a sex scene before and I have no idea what I’m doing. Then there is you, you’ve filmed many scenes like this. I just know I’m going to fuck it up,” you confessed, feeling better once you got it out in the open.

 “Hey, it’s okay. I promise you that you won’t fuck it up. I was nervous for my first scene too. I just tried to make it as realistic as I could. I pretended that it was just me and her, not the camera men and the whole crew sitting there watching me. It’s not like we’re actually going to have sex, but it’s close enough. Just go off of your own personal experience and you should be okay,” he explained, taking your hand in his, squeezing it slightly.

 “I can’t do that,” you mumbled, hoping Jensen wouldn’t hear you.

 “Why not?”

 “I don’t have any experience,” you muttered, embarrassed to say it out loud.

 “You mean you’ve never?” you shook your head, “I’m so sorry.”

 “Gee, thanks Jensen,” you groaned, burying your face in your hands.

 “No, not that. I meant I’m sorry you have to do this scene. You’ve at least come close right?” he questioned, a silent pause took over, giving away the answer you wish to not speak aloud.

 “The most I’ve done is kissed a guy. I haven’t done any of the stuff I’m supposed to do today. I thought I would be able to wing it, but who am I kidding?”

 You were interrupted by Clif, who came to tell the both of you that you were both needed on set. You gave Jensen a weak smile before getting up and walking out of your trailer. He caught up to you quickly, grabbing your right hand, lacing his fingers between yours. He squeezed your hand, hoping to reassure you that you were going to make it through this.

 The crew were set up, awaiting your arrival. Misha and Jared were still present, giggling about something. Your stomach was still in knots, you felt a little better knowing that Jensen knew the truth, but it didn’t do the scene for you. Jensen released your hand and made his way over to Misha and Jared. You couldn’t quite hear what he was saying, but you saw both of them nod and head off of the set, sending you a smile before they left. He then, made his way to the director, speaking very few words before making his way over to you. He placed his hand on your cheek and smiled softly at you.

 “Anyone not needed for this scene, please make your way off of the set. If you don’t have a role to play, please exit out of the set so we can get this show on the road,” the director paused. Most of the people crowding the room made their way out off the set, leaving the bare minimum, which was a handful of people, “start where we stopped before we cut.”

 “Do you trust me, Y/N?” he whispered into your ear.

 “I trust you, Jensen,” you nodded.

 “I’ve got you okay, let me lead you through this okay. I’ve got you,” he said, placing a kiss to the top of your head. You got into positions, you wrapped your arms around him tightly as he mimicked your action.


 Dean placed a kiss to the top of your head, you smiled against his chest. His fingers played with the ends of your long hair.

 “I missed you a lot, Dean. Someday’s I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it without you,” your character confessed.

 “You’re the reason why I’m here. Everyday, the torture, the pain, everything that hell is, I only made it through because of you. Knowing you were safe. A part of me hoped that I’d survive so I could see your face once again. That’s what kept me going. You’re my best friend, I can’t do anything without you,” he smiled. Your heart began to flutter, you could see Jensen in this scene more than you could see Dean. Jensen had said those last words to you, the words that helped comfort you. You relaxed more into the scene.

 You began tearing, it came naturally to you. You put yourself completely into the scene, forgetting everything that worried you. Dean’s hand came up, cupping your cheek, his thumb brushing away a stray tear that had escaped. He gave you a small smile before inching his face in closer to yours. Before you knew it, his lips grazed over yours in a soft kiss. Your heart began to race. He pulled away all too quickly, his eyes locked on yours before he moved in once more, capturing your lips in a gentle and passionate kiss. Your arms made their way around his neck, your fingers playing with the thick hair on the back of his head. His hands slowly made their way around your waist as he pull you closer to him. Your mouths worked expertly with one another’s.

 His grip on you changed, his hands made their way to your ass, swiftly lifting you up. You wrapped you legs around his waist, hooking you ankles together as he moved towards the motel bed. He gingerly placed you on the bed, hovering overtop of you, his lips meeting yours once more. Your heart fluttering more and more with every one of Jensen’s touches. You found yourself falling harder and harder for him with every kiss, every touch,  every time he looked at you with adoration in those gorgeous green eyes of his.

 Your hands made their way underneath the thin henley he was wearing, you could feel his muscles tense slightly under your touch, relaxing instantly as you moved them farther up his back. He pulled away for a quick second, removing his shirt and throwing it across the set before his lips were attached to yours. You knew it was your turn to remove your shirt. You motioned for him to roll over onto his back while you straddled his hips, his fingers trailing to the hem of your shirt, helping you remove it from your body.  You felt his eyes trail over your body and it took all of you to not cover up and ruin the scene. He smiled before brushing his lips over yours,  his hands trailing to your back, holding you close to him. He quickly pulled you into his chest, covering you up as much as he could before rolling you over so you were on your back once more.

 “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered and you smiled.

 His hips were on yours, he lay on his elbows, holding up as much of his weight as he could, not wanting to squish you. His bare chest pressed against yours. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. You had completely forgotten about the crew watching you or the camera’s filming you. It was just you and Jensen. His lips latched onto your neck, kissing your pulse first, making his way below your ear. You let out a breath, almost moaning in the process.

 He lifted up the comforter of the bed, allowing you to climb in before him. His hands made their way to your belt buckle, expertly undoing it along with the button and zipper on your jeans. he slid them slowly down your legs, his eyes on you the entire time. You worked the belt on his pants, your hands shaking slightly, but it wasn’t as noticeable as before. You unbutton his jeans and pushed them down his legs. His hips meeting yours once more, his fingers expertly unhooking your bra, removing it from your body and throwing it across the room. His lips pressed against yours briefly. His eyes met yours and he let out a small smile.

 “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

 “Yeah, Dean. I’m sure,” you replied. Jensen kissed the tip of your nose. Your heart skipped a beat, that was definitely not in the script.

 “Okay,” he whispered before his lips captured yours in a heated and passionate kiss. His fingers lightly brushed the loose strands of hair that covered your face, tucking them behind your ear. Your hands stayed securely on his shoulder blades, fighting the urge to travel over his muscular body. He was gentle with you, not pushing it too far. He made you feel safe.

 His tongue timidly brushed over your bottom lip. It caught you off guard for a moment. You knew it was an unwritten rule, you weren’t supposed to use tongue when kissing someone on screen.  He did it once more, and you decided quickly to do the same. Within seconds, your tongues were gliding over one another’s. You’d never felt anything like it before, you liked it, better yet, you liked it with him. His mouth tasted like spearmint gum. His right hand wandered down your body, not touching you anywhere you wouldn’t approve of, his hand stopped on your hip. His lips left yours and trailed along your jaw, stopping at your neck. Your grip on his back tightened, pulling him closer to you as he kissed and licked away at your neck. The scene was coming to an end, Jensen’s breathing was heavy as well as yours was, he pulled you tight to him and you did the same. His tongue mingled with yours as the director yelled CUT.

 He pulled away, looking over to the director, not bothering to get off of you just yet. Your heart beat had finally calmed down to a slower pace. You were relieved that the scene was finally over with. If you had to do it over again, you’d feel a little better about it.

 “Great scene you too, it looks perfect. One take should be more than enough. You’re free to get dressed and head out for the rest of the day. Great work. We’ll see you both tomorrow,” the director said before taking the crew and walking out, allowing you both to get dressed.

 Jensen climbed off of you, walking around the set, gathering the clothes he had thrown. He placed your shirt and bra on the bed. He turned around, allowing you to put your clothes back on in comfort. You put your bra on and you were just about to put your shirt on when he spoke up.

 “You did amazing, Y/N,” he smiled as you pulled your shirt back over your head.

 “Thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what I would have done, so thank you Jensen, for everything,” you told. He was about to say something until Clif walked in.

 “Jensen, Jared wants to see you in his trailer,” he said.

 “Okay. We’ll talk later okay Y/N?” he declared. You nodded and headed off to your trailer.

 You got changed out of your clothes for today’s scene into sweatpants and an oversized hoodie. You threw your hair up into a messy bun. You washed the makeup off of your face. You were about ready to head home when you heard a knock on your trailer door. “Come in,” you yelled. You turned your gaze to the door to see Jensen entering your trailer.

 “Jensen, hey. What are you doing here?” you quickly asked.

 “I came to see you. Are you heading out?”

 “Yeah, you?”

 “Well I was, but then I realized that it’s only about seven o’clock, and we haven’t eaten anything all day,” he started, making his way closer to you.

 “I hadn’t even realized the time, time flies when you’re having fun,” you joked.

 “It does, doesn’t it? Anyway, I wanted to apologize for today. When I was kissing you today, I took it a little too far and I’m sorry that I caught you off guard with it. I know we aren’t supposed to but something came over me, and I got lost in the moment,” he explained, you quickly cut him off.

 “Jensen, it’s okay. Yeah it caught me off guard, I mean, I haven’t actually had someone kiss me like that before. But I’m glad it was you,” you grinned.

 “I’m glad I could help you through it. I hope I didn’t suck that bad,” he smirked.

 “You didn’t, believe me.”

 “Anyway, I was actually wondering if you would do me the honour of accompanying me to dinner tonight?” he voiced. You looked up at him, seeing the nervous expression written on his face.

 “Like a date?” you questioned, he nodded. “Yeah, the first of hopefully many. I like you Y/N and considering I did get to see you half naked, you’re beautiful by the way, I want to do this right. What do you say?”

 “It depends on two things,” you began as you walked over to him, almost closing the space between you both.

 “What would that be?”

 “Where might this so called date be?” you inquired, trying to hide the smile that was prominent on your face. “I would like to know so I know what to wear.”

 “You’re just going to have to trust me,” he let out a small laugh.

 “the second thing is, are you going to kiss me like you did today?” you looked at the ground momentarily before he brushed his lips over yours, your heart racing at his sudden touch. You pulled away, and wrapped your arms around his neck.

 “I’d kiss you for hours like I did today if you asked me too.”

 “Then yes, Jensen. I would love to go on a date with you,” he kissed you briefly as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

 “Do you trust me?”

“I trust you.”

the secret to parenting
  • Sakura: Ahhh, don't cry Sarada. Look... your favorite rattle! *shakes rattle*
  • Sarada: *cries*
  • Sakura: Ok... how about a tambourine?
  • Sarada: *continues crying*
  • Sasuke: I'm home.
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun! *begins to cry* Sarada won't stop crying. I've tried everything for the last half hour.
  • Sasuke: Here, let me hold her.
  • Sarada: *stops crying in Papa's arms*
  • Sakura: *sniffs* So she does like you more than me...
  • Sasuke: Nonsense.
  • --
  • Naruto: You used genjutsu on Sarada, didn't you?
  • Sasuke: ... like you don't use your Kage Bunshin to take care of your kids...

The girl that resembles Five is “護”, -Gou-. Meaning: Protect, synonym of five

The boy that resembles Nine is “玖夜” -Kuya-. Meaning: Beautiful black jewel, night. “ku” = synonym of nine

The boy that resembles Twelve is “冬似” -Touji-. Meaning: Winter, resemblance. He’s named after Twelve’s alias, but the second character is not “二” but is “resemblance”. 

In ten years, Lisa becomes a successful cook and runs her own restaurant. (LOL a complete change from her throwing pocky into curry)
She adopts three kids, and they resemble Nine, Twelve and Five a lot. In a way, it’s almost like giving those three orphans the love that the Athena Plan kids never had. 

The graves are now covered with moss and grass…

On their annual visit to the childrens’ grave, Lisa sees her kids, now bigger, playing together with a soccer ball. It reminds her of the last day that She, Twelve and Nine spent together, and she begins to cry. 
Seeing her tears, her children rush over to her and comfort her, and immediately she feels complete. She’s not lonely. The ones she’ll always love is right here.. beside her. 

The Drabble Game

Send me a number and a character and I’ll write a short drabble for you.

1. “She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”
2. Because even the sun can envy the stars.
3. Cold sunshine fell around him.
4. She really couldn’t stand his eyes on her.
5. "Amazing, isn’t it?”
6. The truth lodged bitter tasting in his mouth
7. "I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.”
8. "She’s missing, not dead.”
9. I ran in the direction of the scream.
10. "Promise me you’ll stay.”
11. They were looking at each other with the intensity usually reserved for bomb defusion.
12. They couldn’t remember a time when they weren’t scared.
13. "I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan.”
14. "If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.”
15. "I may despise you with the burning white hot intensity of a thousand suns, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”
16. His capacity for forgiveness wasn’t infinite.
17. "I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore.”
18. "All of those people are alive right now because of her.”
19. "Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.”
20. "You were always the quiet one.”
21. "You’ve only heard his point of view. You never asked mine.”
22. "No! I’m tired of doing what you say!”
23. He was terrified of small spaces and she knew.
24. It was the age of screaming.
25. There were few things that truly weren’t meant to exist. One of them was…
26. They came in a blur of shadows.
27. "I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.”
28. There were only so many things you could hide from.
29. Her voice could sink ships.
30. "If you take her eyes, she will be blind. But if you take her heart, she will be empty.”
31. She was broken in a lot of ways, but there was a brilliance in her that he wanted to know all about.
32. "I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.”
33. His eyes drooped, his hands wavered, and then there was a scream of metal tearing.
34. He watched, helpless, as the door closed behind her.
35. Under normal circumstances he would speak his mind, but, with a gun against his head…
36. It was a compelling and convincing argument and for that reason she chose to ignore it.
37. He was the picture of health. Which was amazing considering his lifestyle.
38. It was as if she didn’t understand the concept of ‘shut up’.
39. I believed that nothing could ever replace it. And that belief lasted for forty eight hours.
40. The kiss tasted like tears.
41. "My life is my own to ruin.”
42. "You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”
43. "I’d rather carress my asshole with a chainsaw.”
44. You were saturated sunlight.
45. His eyes brimmed with unshed tears but neither of you mentioned it.
46. It was already here.
47. "Just shut up and listen to me!”
48. You swallowed thickly and looked up.
49. Having heard those words before, you suddenly realised their meaning.
50. He would never truly admit it, but…
51. She stared into the mirror.
52. “Shh, I promise its all gonna be alright now. I promise.”
53. He held her for what felt like decades.
54. The Sun could never truly divorce the Sky.
55. But what would have happened if…
56. “I know!”
57. A smile played on his lips.
58. T'was wicked.
59. Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds.
60. “Have you done it yet?”
61. An echoing howl.
62. “Why cant you just open your eyes and see?!”
63. “Its not right.”
64. He watched her, never realising that she was watching him.
65. Her breathing quickened. He knew what was happening to her.
66. “Please. Just let me in.”
67. “Sing me a lullaby.”
68. It cracked and shattered- and with it, so did her heart.
69. “It just…hurts.”
70. I laughed and laughed until I couldn’t laugh anymore.
71. I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.
72. “I did all of this for you. What more could you want?”
73. “Don’t you ever get lonely?”
74. Gods, you just wanted to drag your nails down his back and tangle your fingers in his hair.
75. It was a long time ago, but some people still couldn’t forgive.
76. It started without the glamour, without the drama. It started with a smile.
77. That was his fourth helping, and I still hadn’t finished my first!
78. “Where the hell have you been?”
79. “Please just leave me alone…”
80. “It looked like it was getting fun so I decided to join in.”
81. “Oh, come on! It was only the one!”
82. He fell in love with the tinkle of his laugh and the gleam in his eye.
83. “Happy ever after? Please.”
84. Was there ever anything there?
85. Gods, he was gorgeous.
86. “I want to break those glasses with my pelvis.”
87. The bluest blue to ever freaking blue.
88. He wasn’t as tough as they all thought. And she knew it.
89. Oh shit.
90. “You shot me?!”
91. He didn’t have anyone else, so you always made sure that you were there for him.
92. Could you ever truly forgive him?
93. “I’m sorry, I’ve never seen you before.”
94. There was a fine line between being sexually frustrated and sexually furious.
95. Fabulosity.
96. It was your favourite, and he knew.
97. “Are you sure you’re all right?”
98. “Don’t you die on me.”
99. 03:18AM. You were in for a long night.
100. Wow. Just, wow…

Request: Isaac overhearing you telling Alison about liking him, later discovering she’d asked him to come down bc she was going to get it out of you.

“I don’t like Isaac,” you felt like you were have de ja vu. This was at least the fiftieth time you said that today to someone and it had to be at least the twentieth time you’d said it to Allison. Her eyebrows furrowed, stopping at one of the staircases that lead up to the library, crossing her arms and staying put.

“I’m not going up with you unless you admit that you have feelings for him.”

You rolled your eyes, “Allison, that’s your own choice. Isaac is probably already up there already anyway, you staying here will have no effect on me.”

You began to turn around but she urgently took your arm, pulling you back to face her and nearly startling you by her urgency.

“Just say it. Just tell me right here, right now, that you, (Y/N), have a crush on Isaac Lahey. I’ll let you leave if you admit that and I won’t tell a soul.” You couldn’t see why Allison needed to know right then and why she was acting as if it was a life or death situation. A part of you was worried that the second you stepped into the library, Allison would just announce it to the world. Because yes, you did like Isaac and you had for a very long time but like every teenage girl, you didn’t think there could be a possibility that the attractive and sweet guy could like you back. However, you also didn’t think you could get yourself out of Allison’s grip so you let out a sigh.

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Title:  Something Borrowed

Word Count: 710

Warning: Swearing, Sexual references, Nudity, fluff  

Pairing: DracoXreader

Rating:  14+ (TV-14)

Targeted Gender: Female

Summary: You and Draco meet up before classes in the restricted section in the library. Things heat up and the two of you have to rush to get dressed before you go to Potions. When you get there, you notice one thing, Draco has your tie, and you have his.

Author’s Note:  My first Tumblr one shot. I hope all goes well. Please tell me how you like it. :) Please feel free to critique, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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