Rhythm | Lee Joo Heon | One-Shot

jooheon (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 7,233
warnings: i have no excuse for this flithy, graphic smut (that includes but is not limited to thigh riding, breath play, mild degradation, spanking, etc) and strong language (some slut shaming) and brief mentions of infidelity
a/n: i was inspired by the new mv and channeled that inspiration into a gang!au, bad boy jooheon sexy time fest and before you say anything yes i know he is a total squish in real life that’s why it’s called fiction :)

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1. “I hate you, but I love you.”
2. “Will you ever understand?! I did it because I love you!”
3. “I didn’t know I could feel this way, til I met you.”
4. “You look…stunning.” - “You don’t look too bad yourself.”
5. “Touch her again, and you’ll regret it!”
6. “Five more minutes…?”
7. “Stop stealing the covers.”
8. “You know, you’re really sexy when you’re angry.”
9. “You know why?! It’s because I’m fucking in love with you!”
10. “Somehow I can never compare the stars with your eyes.”
11. “Is that my shirt?” - “Um, kinda…”
12. “Why do I still put up with you?”
13. “Oh yeah, why don’t you come over here and make me.”
14. “I-I…I think I love you…”
15. “Don’t worry, babe, I got you.”
16. “You’re such a dork.” - “I’m your dork.”
17. “Are you blushing?” - “No you are, shut up.”
18. “I’m gonna take a shower, join me?”
19. “The funny thing about destiny, you never know who you’re gonna end up with.”
20. “Oh lord, you’re so sexy.”
21. “Pfft, you know you love me.”
22. “Just stay for a while.”
23. “Oh my…dude, you love her.”
24. “You’re such a softie.” - “Yeah, to you.”
25. “As cheesy as this may sound, you stole my heart.”
26. “Can’t you just be nice to them, for once?” - “Can’t, I only save that for you.”
27. “Are you checking me out?” - “Heh, you wish.”
28. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” - “Just stop with the pickup lines, they’re not working.”
29. “Babe, I’m pregnant.”
30. “I want to grow old with you…”
31. “Where are we going?” - “An adventure.”

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Slow Hands

You had spent a lot of the evening in the arms of this brunette with the eyes that were like an infinity pool—never ending.

Be it shots, on the dance floor, or sneaking smokes out back in the space that was not even an arm lengths away, you and Niall were inseparable from the moment you two first danced the last time you two met.  

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he know’s spider-man

A/N: this is an imagine i originally posted on my wattpad account but i’m just going to stick with tumblr and post all my imagine’s here (also i’m the queen of bad titles okay bye)

summary: Ned blurts out in gym class that Peter knows Spider-Man when he hears you talk about how much the guy in red and blue fascinates you.

pairing peter parker x reader

request prompts from this list 

As you sat on the bleachers talking to your friends about nothing in particular New York’s finest hero suddenly came up in one of your conversations and you couldn’t hold back the smile that crept its way onto your lips whenever someone brought him up.

“It’s just Spider-Man” you mumbled putting your head in your hand as you smiled dreamily thinking about the man in red and blue “oh my gosh she’s crushing on spider man” one of your friends chuckled earning light smack on the back of her head from you “ow” she mumbled rubbing the spot where you had hit her, you only smiled satisfied as you continued writing your notes for the upcoming math test you had later this week.

“You seriously like Spider-Man?” Liz asked you plopping down next to you as she shooed the girl that had previously been sitting there away “I can’t like him! I don’t even know what he looks like I just find him fascinating that’s all” you frowned trying your best to avoid the topic.

Peter’s eyes opened wide as he heard the words that came out of your mouth you had a crush on Spider-Man? He thought, feeling his stomach fill with butterflies as he stared so helplessly at the girl he had been in love with for the past two years. He was certain you didn’t know who he was since you were popular and he, well he was not.

He liked to keep to himself and the only friend he had was Ned who was just as much of a nerd as him, Ned knew about Peter’s massive crush on you since it was fairly obvious, Peter would constantly stare at you and rant about how cute you were so Ned took this as his chance to get you to notice him “Peter knows Spider-Man” he suddenly yelled and everything went quite.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at Peter, including you. It was like time had stopped and everyone just stared at him in shock, Peter was mortified as he looked at Ned with a death stare he absolutely hated being the center of attention. He then turned his head and as his eyes met yours, he felt his cheeks turn Scarlet as you smiled in his direction.

As soon as gym was over he stood up and hurried into the changing rooms to get back into his normal clothes which consisted of a white t-shirt, grey jacket and blue jeans. Ned followed after him and waited for him as he changed clothes.

“Why the hell would you do that Ned!?” Peter scolded his best friend whilst he pulled the white t-shirt over his head “because Y/N was talking about how much she likes Spider-Man and well I just wanted her to notice you since it’s no secret that you like her” Ned said shrugging his shoulders as he took a bite out of the chocolate bar that had been in his pocket for the last three weeks.

“I can’t believe you everyone looked at me like a was a complete freak” Peter groaned sitting down next to Ned “and Y/N she stared as well” Peter said, she was truly the only reason he felt so embarrassed about the entire ordeal “what do you mean she smiled at you! she noticed you” Ned said putting his arm around Peter’s shoulders as he took another bite of his chocolate “isn’t that like two weeks old?” Peter asked scrunching his face up in disgust “nope three weeks” Ned respondes swallowing the rest of it and throwing the plastic that had been wrapped around it into the trash.

“Much better” Peter said sarcastically as they both walked down the school hallways to their next class, which was history a class you were also in and he couldn’t help the nerves filling his stomach as he sat in the back of the classroom like usual waiting anxiously for you to walk into the room. You eventually did and did something Peter did not expect.

When your eyes met Peter’s you smiled and waved at him his eyes widening as he started looking around the room to see if you were waving at him or someone else.

You giggled at this and walked to the back of the classroom and plopped down in the seat next to him, you had never seen anyone as shocked as he was in that moment “hi I’m Y/N” you smiled towards him and offered him your hand to shake “I-I uh hi I’m uh Parker” his eyes widened “Peter Parker sorry” he chucked awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

You found it adorable how he stumbled over his words and blushed every time you spoke to him or looked at him, you couldn’t deny the fact he was pretty fucking cute. His sharp jaw, his lips and adorable brown eyes.

You had always noticed Peter in every single one of your classes you actually envied him a lot because of how smart he was but there was just something about him that drew you to him so you found yourself starting to take in every detail about him.

How he would stick his tongue out ever so slightly when he was concentrating and how he would anxiously bite his nails every time the teacher said that he was picking one person to come up to the board and solve what they had been doing.

Your staring didn’t go unnoticed by Peter and he stared growing more and more nervous every time you looked his way, was there something wrong with the way he dressed did he have something on his face? Those were the only things he could think about.

He had never been so grateful to hear the unpleasant noise of the bell signaling that class was over, he quickly gathered his books and made his way out of the classroom as quickly as he possibly could “Peter!” you called after him but he pretended not to hear you as he continued walking down the hallway and towards the exit.

You were a little hurt by this but decided to just forget about it and go home. You walked towards your locker and shoved all of your stuff in there slamming it shut and walking out of school.

It usually took you about 20-25 minutes to walk home but you remembered that there was a much shorter way you could go that would only take you 10 minutes but you had to go through a dark alleyway that always creeped you out and was the only reason you didn’t go the short cut, but you thought nothing of it today as the sun was shining and you were feeling brave.

But that all changed when you were about mid way through the alley “look at what we have here” you heard a mans voice slur obviously meaning that he was extremely drunk.

You started walking faster clutching your backpack tightly, slowly letting out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding in. The man quickly caught up to you and grabbed your shoulder and threw you to the ground and straight into a puddle completely drenching you.

“Please don't” you cried the man only kicking you in response “shut up you bi-” the man was cut off by someone kicking him to the ground that person being none other than Spider-Man himself.

“Y/N are you okay!?” Spider-Man asked pulling you up to your feet, you were shocked how does Spider-Man know my name? You thought “ho-how do you know my name” you finally managed to get out “oh i-uh i just you know” you heard him begin to ramble and you immediately realized who your savior was.

“Peter?” you asked slowly pulling the mask off of his head, he didn’t try to stop you and as soon as you saw the all to familiar face of Peter Parker you smiled and connected your lips to his as a thank you. He was shocked but reacted quickly by wrapping his arms around your waist.

When you pulled away his cheeks were as red as they could possibly be “please don’t tell anyone” was the first thing he said and you nodded mumbling a ‘I would never’ him only nodding before pulling the mask back over his head right before disappearing out of sight.

“She kissed you!?” the voice of Ned ran through out the entire house, Peter didn’t say anything instead he just smiled the most happiest smile he had smiled since uncle Ben died. He felt as happy as he could ever be and it was like nothing could bring him down in that moment.

“Yes she did it was amazing” Peter gushed feeling his cheeks turn a deep shade of red at the thought of your lips pressed against his.

“See being Spider-Man has it’s pros” Ned said pausing the movie that had been quietly playing in the background that the boys had stopped watching a while ago “but it also has its cons like risking my life every single day!” Peter said raising an eyebrow at Ned “whatever dude you kissed Y/N one of the most attractive girls at school”

Peter couldn’t argue with Ned anymore so he just nodded feeling as lucky as ever that a girl like Y/N had kissed him, she was way out of his league and he was sure everyone knew that but in that moment it didn’t matter the only thing that mattered was that she kissed him.

Y/N kissed him.

Ultimate Masterlist.

For those of you who do not like smut, I mark all chapters containing it with (M) as a warning on every series masterlist. Thank you everyone who reads, likes and shares. I love all of you.

Noona Masterlist: Jimin x oc

Chapter One: That’s my shirt (M)
Chapter Two: Come here (M)
Chapter Three: Finally
Chapter Four: Scream for me (M)
Chapter Five: It’s us
Chapter Six: Ride me (M)
Chapter Seven: Love is love (M)
Chapter Eight: You know I’m right
Chapter Nine: We can do this
Chapter Ten: I refuse 
Chapter Eleven: Just you and me (M)

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Push and Pull Materlist: Jimin x oc /Jaebum x oc

Push and Pull| One (M)
Push and Pull| Two
Push and Pull| Three (M)
Push and Pull| Four
Push and Pull| Five
Push and Pull| Six (M)
Push and Pull| Seven (M)
Push and Pull| Eight
Push and Pull| Nine
Push and Pull| Ten
Push and Pull| Eleven (M)
Push and Pull| Twelve (M)
Push and Pull| Thirteen
Push and Pull| Fourteen
Push and Pull| Fifteen (M)
Push and Pull| Sixteen (Finale)

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Oops Masterlist: Jung Hoseok x oc

Oops: Part 1 (M)
Oops: Part 2 [coming soon]

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Fear The Reaper: Min Yoongi!reaper x oc!reaper x BTS

{Spin off to O’ Death}

Act I: Park Jimin
Act II: Jung Hoseok
Act III: Kim Taehyng
Act IV: Kim Namjoon
Act V: Kim Seokjin
Act VI: Jeon Jungkook

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Drabbles Masterlist: BTS x Reader & Got7 x Reader

Pick your poison: (A) = Angst | (F) = Fluff | (IS) = Implied Smut | (S) = Smut | (H) Humor 


Im Jaebum:
Ghost (A)
Brave (A)
Assistance (F)

Park Jinyoung:
The Carpet (F)+(H)

Jackson Wang:
Mother’s Day (F)
Excuses (IS)

Mark Tuan:
Make me (S)


Park Jimin:
Obvious (F)
Accident (F)
Ridiculous (S)
Far Away (S)
Bad Dream (F)
Trust Me (S)
Movie Night (S)
It’s My Birthday (S)
Idiot (F)
Marriage (F)+(IS)

Jung Hoseok:
Honesty (A)+(F)
Rain (F)
Rainsim (S) [sequel to Rain]
Bad Boy (IS)
The Ex (F)
Irreplaceable (A)+(F)
Lava (H)+(F)
Excuse Me (IS)

Kim Taehyung:
Her (A)
Van Gogh (F)
Lucky (F)
Back in Town (S)

Jeon Jungkook:
Zip Me Up (S)
Video Games (F)+(IS)
Unknown (A)
Blocked (A)+(S) [sequel to Unknown]
Don’t Forget (S)

Min Yoongi:
Home (F)
Daddy (S)

Kim Seokjin:
Kids (H)+(F)

Kim Namjoon:
Take Notes (S)

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Oneshots Masterlist: BTS & Got7

The Temp: Im Jaebum x oc (M)

O’ Death: Min Yoongi x reaper!oc

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: Im Jaebum fuckboy!AU x oc fuckgirl!AU (M)

I’m Sorry: Park Jimin x oc

Till The End: Min Yoongi x oc (M) 

Coming Back Home: Park Jimin idol!AU x oc (M)

Dance With The Devil: angel!Park Jimin x demon!oc (M)

Yellow Blanket: Park Jimin x oc [coming soon]

By The Sea: Jung Hoseok x oc x Kim Taehyung poly!AU [coming soon]

Infinity: Park Chanyeol x oc sci-fi!AU [coming soon]

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Halloween Oneshot Masterlist: BTS 

The Devil Herself: Min Yoongi x demon!oc [coming soon]

Two Is Better Than One: Park Jimin fratboy!AU x oc x oc (M) 

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Collabs With Babes: BTS & Got7

Like an Animal: fratboy!AU Park Jinyoung x reader (M)

Irresponsible and Overbearing

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Spencer Reid x Reader

The air in the BAU was tense enough to cut through. Spencer and Y/N were giving each other looks crueler than ones the entire team got from unsubs combined. The members of the BAU just looked on curiously at their teammates trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

Spencer and Y/N had been married for a couple years and Y/N had been pregnant for a couple of months. The two adored each other. Every single day when they were dating, and even to this day, Spencer brought a cup of Y/N’s favorite coffee (now decaf) and a pastry on special occasions to Y/N’s desk. Spencer had lead up to asking Y/N out by leaving items that reminded Y/N of her childhood with a note. The first day it was a Tomagochi, that Garcia had ultimately stolen from her. The second day he left Y/N’s favorite Shel Silverstein book, The Giving Tree, which she had lost the year before during her move to Quantico. The final day, which happened to be her birthday, he left the full set of the Harry Potter series in Arabic, the language that Y/N was trying to teach herself.

Spencer and Y/N were that one couple. They were the couple that everyone hated, because of how sappy they were, yet the couple that everyone wanted to be, because of how well one complemented the other. Y/N made Spencer actually for once admit that he might sometimes be wrong. And Spencer helped Y/N gain so much self-confidence, that she had previously lacked.

They had only ever seen Y/N and Spencer ever get into one fight. Y/N had found some Dilaudid in Spencer’s safe which he used to store his gun. Everyone had thought that the two were going to break up. Spencer was mad that Y/N was “snooping” and Y/N was mad that Spencer still kept the one thing that had almost ruined his life. Spencer, after he thought about it for a while, had realized that Y/N was only upset that he had had to go through that experience on his own. And Y/N had realized that having Dilaudid, although he never wanted to use it again, gave Spencer a bizarre sense of competence. He felt power knowing that if he had wanted to he could go back to the euphoric feeling that came with every high, but had chosen each and every single day not to. Although neither Y/N nor Spencer told the other about these revelations that had come with this fight, at least not that night.

That fight had occurred within the first year of them dating and now they were married 3 years and pregnant. The team was confused. Especially Agent Lewis, as she hadn’t been there to see the first fight occur.  

Finally, JJ grew up the courage to ask, “What on earth are you two fighting about?”.

“Y/N is irresponsible!” exclaimed Spencer.

Their teammates looked shocked as they had never seen Spencer ever insult anyone, let alone Y/N the love of his life.

“Please, Spencer is being overprotective and overbearing” spatted out Y/N.

“Okay, pretty boy you gotta break this down for the rest of us” said Derek.

“Y/N keeps on getting mad at me for making sure she’s healthy during the pregnancy of OUR child” said Spencer, emphasizing the word OUR.

“I wouldn’t get mad if he didn’t feed me rabbit food. I don’t care if I’m Popeye, no one should be eating spinach 24/7. I HATE SPINACH!” yelled Y/N.

The team finally started to understand what was going on in the heads of their favorite couple. Spencer, as big a heart he had, was trying to limit what Y/N could eat and he took it a bit too far like he tended to do. And Y/N was just sick and tired of being forced to eat healthy foods.

“Spencer, listen to me, you’ve got to let Y/N eat what she craves as well as healthy foods” said JJ comfortingly.

“Reid, don’t go overboard or Y/N will hate you, trust me” added Hotch.

While Penelope added, “you both just have to remember that you love each other and when you fight it breaks our hearts” before wrapping Y/N in a light hug.

“I guess I can cut down on the spinach, and let you have things you crave, but only if you eat more vegetables” said Spencer.

“I’ll only eat more vegetables if you promise to tell me when I’m being a hormonal bitch” said Y/N before going over to where Spencer was sitting and hugging him as tight as she could, without ending blood flow to the future Annabel Diana Reid.

Spencer chuckled before pulling down Y/N so that she could sit in his lap, and rubbing her just visible baby bump. The others smiled as they looked onto their resident genius and Y/N, look happier than they had ever been.

“Hey Spence?” started Y/N.

“Yeah?” asked Spencer.

“Can I get pistachio ice cream?” continued Y/N as their teammates started to snicker.

Spencer just grinned before he pressed a loving kiss to Y/N’s cheek.

Part 2

A/N - Spring Break is over :( I’ll try my best to keep posting imagines! I hope you guys like this and please leave me comments! And remember request ARE STILL OPEN! I love ya’ll!

my sister, really?

You and Tom have been seeing each other behind your brothers, Harrison’s back since you were afraid of how he’d react. And it turns out worse then expected when he catches you two in a heated make out session in Tom’s pool.

author’s note: finally wrote a Tom imagine yayayayay also i have major Bucky feels rn so i might write something about him idk idk.

warnings: really bad writing and intense make out session with a shirtless and very wet Tom!!!!!

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Sneaking in and out of your own home had become a recurring thing for you as any time you were able to spend with your boyfriend Tom, you happily accepted even though it most often was in the late hours of the night.

He couldn’t come to your place since what was he going to tell Harrison? “Oh hey best friend it’s just me coming over to do your baby sister!” no, just no.

So as you lightly knocked on Tom’s front door, you took one glance around making sure your brother hadn’t caught you sneaking out and had followed you, something you always did when you snuck to Tom’s.

The door soon swung open revealing a very shirtless Tom. He had water droplets dripping down his chest and his hair was pushed back with the water he was covered in.

Your mouth parted slightly as you looked your boyfriend up and down. His red swimming trunks hugging every place of his legs perfectly. “Take a picture it’ll last longer” Tom teased, snapping you out of your daze as he pulled you inside.

“You brought your bikini?” he asked trapping you in between his body and the white wall that stood between the hall and the kitchen. “Yup the black one like you asked me to” you smiled biting your lower lip lightly, something you knew drove him crazy.

“Get changed and meet me in the pool” Tom winked pressing a kiss to your clothed shoulder before pushing himself back and walking out the glass doors that lead out into the back garden where his rather large pool was placed.

You chuckled before jogging towards his bathroom where you removed all clothing you had on and replaced it with the black bikini Tom had specifically asked you to bring.

You looked at your self in the mirror adjusting your bikini and hair before you made your way towards his back garden.

Your eyebrows pulled in as you saw no sign of Tom being there “Tom?” you called out the confusion evident in your voice as you let your hands slip from the door and your feet carry you to the edge of the pool.

Suddenly you felt two arms wrap around your waist and you were thrown into the pool. The surprisingly cold water submerging you as you closed your eyes and held your nose.

You shrieked as you swam back up to the surface pushing your hair back with both your arms, you playfully hit Tom in the chest and scolded him for what he had just done “you’re so annoying” you whined whilst Tom swam toward you putting both hands on your waist as he lifted you ever so slightly only to have you wrap your legs around his waist.

“I’m sorry doll, just couldn’t help myself” he chuckled against your neck his breath tickling you as his hands tightened around your waist, “you look amazing by the way” you giggled at his comment as you buried your head in his neck hiding the obvious blush that rose to your cheeks.

Tom’s hands wondered down to your ass where he tighten his grip causing you to look back up at him “Tom wha-” he cut you off as his lips found yours in a desperate and needy kiss.

You moaned slightly as Tom’s tongue dipped into your mouth, your hands ran through his brown locks and his moved up to untie your bikini strap, but before he could a loud voice boomed from the glass door that voice belonging to none other than your brother.

You froze pulling back from Tom, he shared the same exact expression you held, complete and utter terror. You got of Tom slowly turning around to face your brother.

“Hey bro” you chuckled awkwardly “this isn’t-” you tried to make the situation less awkward but it was like you couldn’t form a prober sentence “it’s not it’s really not” Tom tried to finish for you Harrison’s face remaining emotionless.

“Tom may i have a word please” Harrison said calmly, to calmly terrifying both you and Tom. “Of course, bud” the words rolled awkwardly off of Tom’s lips as he pushed himself up out of the pool and walked with Harrison into the house.

“Well fuck” you sighed getting out of the warm water, you grabbed a white towel that had been laying on one of the chairs that were out in the garden and wrapped it around yourself before walking into the house where your brothers angry yells could be heard bellowing from Tom’s bedroom.

You slowly opened the door and walked in laying a hand on your brothers shoulder in an attempt for him to stop yelling, and he did before he turned around and started yelling at you that is.

“Harrison calm down!” you said your voice now matching the volume of his “I’m nineteen Harrison! And I can do what I want with whoever I want I love Tom! so please don’t ruin this for me like you always ruin everything else!”

Harrison’s face softened at your words whilst Tom’s eyes went wide realizing that was the first time you had ever told him that you loved him.

“I’m gonna get dressed” you said dryly hurrying out of the room before anyone could say anything making the already awkward situation even more uncomfortable.

Rush | Lee Joo Heon | One-Shot

jooheon (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 10,022
warnings: oh geez where to begin there is a lot of sex in this thing and includes overstimulation, choking, dirty and derogatory talk, oral sex, public sex, rough sex, etc., there is also a healthy dose of bad language and some mentions of violence but it’s only in reference to gang affiliation there is no violence between jooheon and the oc
a/n: yeah yeah this is the sequel to Rhythm you can probably get away with reading this if you didn’t read the first installment but the relationship between jooheon and the oc will make more sense if you read it anyway i have conveniently linked it for you now enjoy, my fellow sinners

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Tastes Like Melon

   What happens when your close friend kisses you unexpectedly and you have to see him almost everyday at class because you’re going to the same university and also, he is your bestfriends bestfriend?     

 3 am. You stir in bed uncomfortably, the bed sheet are twisted around your body suddenly making you feel like you’re suffocating so you kick them away and take a deep breath. It’s the fifth night in a row that you find it impossible to fall asleep. There’s no light in the room, no noise, nothing that should be bothering you and keeping you awake. But there’s one thing on your mind that keeps playing like a broken record. ‘Friends do not kiss like that.’ Friends kiss on the cheek, maybe on the hand or any other appropriate part of your body but not on the lips, or on the neck. And you definitely shouldn’t be shivering while they kiss the crook of your neck.  

  Then why did you and Harry kiss that night?  

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Mister Leto

Jared Leto x Reader

Masterlist | Requests

Prompt: Hi, I was wondering if you could write me a more hardcore daddy kink Jared one-shot? I would love that so much

{A/N} This was fun. That is all.
Also, I know Jared was always, always in character for this film in particular, but it’s a Jared one shot, not a Joker one shot, so please bear with me!

Warnings: Hardcore daddy kink smut. More of a dream than a warning. Some cursing.

“Remember, three mocha macchiatos, one with soy, one with extra mocha, and one with an affogato shot. One mocha frap and a pink drink for Margot.”

It’s your first day at the studio for the new film Suicide Squad, and you’re interning as an assistant/runner on-site. You knew this would entail frivolous requests and long hours, but it looks good on a resume and that’s all you needed. 

“Yes, sir.” You tell the head of studio, who’s been gracious enough to help you take Starbucks orders.

“Hurry up!”

You head off, to the Starbucks on the lot for the tourists in a cafe area. You watch as people snap pictures of everything from the studio Starbucks to the large buildings that surround it. It’s your first day, and you can’t mess this up.

After a slight wait, you grab the drink trays and hightail it back to Studio B, almost tripping on yourself as you see the head of the studio speaking with Jared Leto himself. 

You heard rumors before that he didn’t speak to anyone, and that he stayed in character one-hundred percent of the time. He wasn’t completely in character yet, but he already looked the part. His hair was still brown, his brows weren’t gone yet, and he looked absolutely gorgeous. 

The nerves in your body are all sending signals to your stomach, and you inwardly become nervous. You have to go up to them, you have to interrupt their conversation with a drink. He has to notice you, at least a little. Sucking up the nerves, you pretend to be as confident as possible. He isn’t even here.. He isn’t even here, you tell yourself.

“Here’s your extra mocha macchiato, sir,” you butt in, not caring what they were talking about as you begin to carry on with your drink rounds. You hand them off to Will, Margot and the rest before realizing there are none left. A quick peek over your shoulder tells you Jared and the head of studio are still speaking and you immediately exhale through loose lips. Okay. I got this.

The clacking of your heels accompanies your smile as you stand next to them, keeping a polite distance while you await the direction of your next task. 

“Ah, there you are,” he says, “Jared, this is {Y/N}, the new runner.” 

His eyes meet yours and it’s like fire. Your entire body is begging for your permission to go limp. Quietly, you tell it to get a grip. His vascular arm extends towards you, his hand out to shake.

“I’m Jared, nice to meet you. It’s your first day and I already hear great things.”

Great things. You scream with joy internally.

His smile could kill you if you let it, but you still have work to do. Pulling yourself together, a smile graces your {F/C} lips. 

“It’s nice to meet you too, I look forward to taking orders from you,” you say.

“Oh yeah?” He smirks, eyes still on you.

A soft blush graces your {S/C} cheeks. Did he really just say that? Trying to stay professional, - and not lose your mind - you keep your composure the best you can. 

“Of course, Mr. Leto. It’s my job.”

His smirk turns into a smile now, and he nods his head with an impressed expression on his countenance. It’s like you’ve either passed a test, or failed it, and you’re unsure of which he preferred. 

They continue their conversation for just a few moments longer before Jared makes a request.

“Can I have her as my personal?”

Your eyelids flutter in shock at his strange request, the confusion written all over your features gives you away immediately.

“Sorry, let me explain. You’re the only one who’s done this job so far who’s gotten any praises from this guy,” he states, patting the head of studio on the back. As if that’s supposed to let you know that that was a good enough explanation.

The head of studio on the other hand, looked troubled, now. Concerning you, you stay quiet. 

“Jared, are you sure you want to do that, she’s so.. So new. I can’t-”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll teach her a few things.”

His tone is ice cool and yet lava hot. Is this some kind of game?

He sighs before giving in, something you guessed anyone would do for Jared, and shrugs. 

“She’s all yours. Try to go easy on her. And {Y/N}, consider yourself lucky. Jared never takes to the new assistants like this.”

And with that, he trotted off to go throw more comics at Margot.

The silence that followed was deadly. It was all too awkward for you as you kept your eyes on the studio head as long as humanly possible before he disappeared. What now? I’m his personal runner. And I should be lucky.

“So,” he starts, “It’s your first day and I know you have to be confused as hell right now.” 

You nod, suddenly finding ground to stand on when you realize he understands.

“Yes, Mr. Leto, I have no idea what I did.”

“Please, call me Jared,” he smirks, gesturing for you to follow him.

You follow beside him back to his dressing room. The walk is quiet though you hoped he’d explain a little more as to what you did to deserve such an honor. He opens the door for you and leaves it cracked once he follows, sitting down in the chair across from the mirror and picking up the script.

“Make yourself comfortable, it’s gonna be a little while,” he breathes a short laugh and you relax, moving swiftly to the couch and sitting down. 

You smooth out your skirt on the couch and politely look around, waiting, you guess, for the next task he’ll give you.

He leans into the mirror, grabbing an eyeliner pen and examining his face.

“What made you take this internship?” he asked.

“Oh, um..” You have to think, completely caught off guard by his small talk. Most jobs like this lent no room for questions, or really noticing the intern at all. “I’d love to work in the entertainment industry. Warner Brothers is my favorite, and I took the opportunity the moment I heard about it.”

He glides the pen under his eye, forming a small J.

“Do you like to act?” he asks, concentrating on his face. Though he sounds distracted, he also sounds like he’s only focused on you.

“I love acting.”

“Beautiful,” he says in a new tone. A Jokery, tone.

“I’m not very good at it, but-”

“No, you,” he says next.

“Oh.. Thank you, Mr. Leto.” You say softly, your {S/C} cheeks blushing as his eyes meet yours in the mirror. His stare is like paradise, and you could get lost in it forever. The small smirk that graces his lips as applies another ‘tester’ face tattoo for the role now is electrifying. A dose of heroin that any desperate junkie would find satiating. You feel the flower between your thighs dampening and look away, shifting in your seat on the couch.

Be professional, {Y/N}, you think. This is so unprofessional. At least he isn’t like this with the other interns… No. He’s just preparing for the role.. Relax-

In two seconds, you’re pressed against the backrest of the couch and he’s leaning over top of you before you even know what happened.

“Say it again,” he breathes, his expression a hard, desperate gaze as his mouth is slightly agape. You suddenly feel like his next meal rather than a new assistant. But the way his chest is silently heaving, and his fingers are gripping the back of the couch on either side of your head, you don’t care.

“Mister Leto..” You draw out, your voice just octaves away from a signature baby-voice, “Sir..”

“Oh… Yeah..” he says, rolling his neck back. “I have to admit, the moment I saw you, and how well you take orders.. I had to have you all to myself.”

Something about that entire sentence was so satisfying to you. The mere thought of being at Jared’s beck and call was more arousing than anything you’ve experienced before.

You chest rises and falls, the tops of your breasts tightening against your {F/C} strapless top under the blazer you wore. Reluctantly, you reach a hand up to touch his chest over the tank top he wore today. A hand grips around your wrist and it’s almost as if you expected it, a smirk subconsciously playing across your lips.

He leans in closer, his lips hovering over yours before moving slowly to your cheek, then your jaw, and settling just over your ear.

“First,” he rasps, “I want you to take that jacket off for daddy.. Can you do that for me, princess?”

You nod. Holy shit, is this happening? Your hands work at the buttons on your blazer with haste, not wanting him to come to his senses and change his mind. Sliding out of the jacket now, his eyes are on your every delicate movement. He can’t wait to change that- to twist your delicacy into rough submissiveness. 

“Good girl…” He says, bringing his hand to your waist and sliding it down to your hip. His touch is possessive, almost as though he’s hoping you won’t change your mind either. Your {E/C} eyes are fixated on his face, a jawline that could cut ice, lips perfectly shaped..

His hand glides further down, causing you to anxious now as a small laugh escapes him. He can tell you’re waiting for him to ‘scratch your itch,’ and he’s enjoying every moment of your new found desperation for him, and only him. 

Very softly, you feel his finger tips on the hem of your skirt, inching it up slowly as he presses his lips against your ear. 

“Do you want me, kitten?” he asks, his voice smooth.

“Yes..” your voice trails, leaving you breathless.

“Yes what, baby girl?”

“Yes, daddy..”

“If you don’t address me the way you’re supposed to, I’ll have to punish you,” he says, quickly standing back up in front of you.

In a whirl your earth has shattered, thinking you’ve made a huge mistake and now you’re left with nothing. On another hand, you notice the hard on in his jeans, and the dampness of his skin. He was holding himself back more than you thought. This could be fun..

“And just how do you expect to do that?” you ask, trailing your fingers now to the pushed up hem of your skirt, holding his stare.

“Don’t you dare,” he warns, his tone harsh. The sound of it floors you in all the best ways possible, and you slide your fingers further up, spreading your {L/T} legs and revealing your {F/C} thong to him.

“If your fingers even get close,” he says, reaching for his belt, “I’ll have no choice.”

“Maybe I don’t want you to have a choice,” you say, your brows lifting with a slight mocking tone as you let your fingers touch the damp, lacy fabric that barely covered your folds. You have no idea how far into this he could be, but you wanted him to push you to the end of the earth.

Before you know it, you’re being pulled onto your knees with a belt looped around your neck. The faux leather is warm from his own body heat, and a smirk plays across your lips as you realize you’re eye level with his crotch. Reaching out to undo his pants, he stops you with a yank of the belt.

“I told you, I’d have to punish you, princess,” he says, staring down at you, “I meant it.”

His free hand reaches down to undo his own pants, pushing them down with his boxers, swiftly revealing his hard cock to you. Your breath hitches at the sight. Fuck.. It’s so big.. Suddenly, you’re intimidated and excited. You can feel your own sweet spot throbbing as your brain disconnects from all reason, wanting nothing more than wrap your {F/C} lips around him. You lean forward, and pulls you back with the belt slowly.

“Nah, ah, kitten. You take daddy’s cock as he gives it to you, got it?” He says, moving just a little closer to you. You can’t handle the teasing. It was bad enough you wanted him inside of you, but now to wait to even get your mouth and even hands on it? He’s insane. But you love it.

“Yes, daddy..” You say, submitting just to get a little taste.

“That’s my girl,” he says, giving into his own desire as he allows you to take his member into your mouth.

Your eyes close just for a moment in savory of his most private and sensitive part in your care. Running your tongue over it, sliding it into your mouth further and sucking on it. He quickly became your own personal piece of candy. 

He groans, causing your eyes to open again, trailing back up to him. His head is bent back and you take pleasure in knowing it’s all because of you. 

“Fuck,” he grumbles under his breath before you feel his hands roughly gripping into your hair, holding your head still as he begins to thrust into your mouth, watching you take his cock like the good girl he expected you to be. A wicked smirk lightly dances on his features as he watches you choke and moan, your throat opening and closing around him. His groaning and thrusting is cut short when he notices your hand reaching for your own sex.

Immediately, he pulls you back by the belt, causing you to fall back against the seat of the couch.

“What daddy..?” You say, wiping some of the saliva from your lips with the back of your hand with a lipstick-smeared pout. “I can’t help it, I..” Your voice is tiny and pleading while you trail off, and your messy pout unhinges him more than even he’d like to admit.

“That’s my job, darlin’,” he says sternly, lifting his brows towards your hand and un-looping the belt from your neck, clearly out of breath.

“Bend over,” he commands, and you know it’s time you face your punishment.

You do as he says, the belt’s buckle shining from his hand excites you. Slowly, you open your knees ever so slightly as you bend over the couch. There’s a glint in his eye as he walks towards you, pulling off his shirt and tossing it to the floor. You bite your lip at the sight of his muscular build, he’s amazing. He’s amazing and you can’t wait to feel every inch of him that you can pounding into your now soaked core.

When he sits down, you whine. It’s as though your entire body is tingling with arousal. His hand makes contact with the back of your thigh and it sends a chill down your spine. A smirk is evident as he notices the goosebumps forming on your soft {S/C} skin.

He slides the fabric of your skirt over your ass with ease, letting his hand linger on it before pulling it away. He admires you like a kid who wants a new toy. Snapping the belt between his hands, he gives you no time to prepare before you feel the extreme stinging where the belt makes contact. 

“Oh, yeah..!” You blurt out, the stinging continuing five more times before he decides he can’t take it anymore.

“You like it when daddy punishes you, sweetheart?” he coos mockingly, grabbing your shoulder and pushing your face against the back of the couch.

“Yes.. God, yes,” you breathe as he unzips the back of your top and lets it fall, reaching to grope one of your breasts as his lips meet the nape of your neck.

“Tell me how bad you want me,” he says, trailing rough bites from your shoulder and down your back slowly.

“I want you to fuck me as hard as you can,” you say, “Like the bad girl I am..”

“Mmm,” he groans, groping your ass now as he positions himself behind you, pulling your thong down to your knees and letting it fall around your heels.

“You are a beautiful sight..”

He slaps your ass, grasping onto it. Your back arches under his hand as he slides it up your back now.

“Don’t you wanna fuck me, Jared..?”

His hand comes down on your ass again, and he moves closer to you, allowing you to feel his warm cock against your slick entrance. Your body shudders as you try to push your sex back against him, try to feel him slide into your warmed entrance. Absolute desperation overcomes your mind and body. He pulls back just the amount that you try to take and slaps your ass again.

“Do I?” he asks as he does so, more rhetorical than anything.

“Fuck..” You groan as you feel his fingers sliding over your wetness now. He runs them back and forth carefully, teasing you in the worst way. Your throbbing clit can handle handle the faintest warm touch as rubs it in a small circle before sliding his slender finger back, dragging it down your thigh. 

“Look at that.. So fucking wet.. What do we say…?” His tone is a breathy growl while he digs his fingers into either side of your hips now. Dying to hear you beg, he can feel his own member throbbing as the head touches your entrance, teasing not only you, but himself. 

It’s painful almost, the way he touches you now. Your nerves are all shot, sensitively receptive to pleasure in everything he does. You need the ecstasy, and he needs to give it to you. 

“Please, daddy.. Please, give me that cock, I want you to make me cum..”

“Oh princess,” he starts, grabbing your hands and holding them behind your back. He works with the belt to bound your wrists together. “You don’t get to cum until I tell you to.”

With that, you feel his entire shaft pump into your dripping folds, kicking your leg open further with his foot. You can’t help but yell out in pleasure at the sudden rush of satisfaction. His thrusting is slow and deep, letting you feel everything you’ve been craving since the moment he had you pinned to the couch. 

Unable to move your hands, you bite into the back of the couch for a moment, moaning into it as your breathing grows heavier. You push back against him as much as you can, the sound of skin clapping together filling the spaces in between your moans. 

Jared reaches up and grabs hold of your {H/C} locks, yanking your head back with them as he speeds up.

“You’re such a good little girl for daddy, aren’t you? Taking this cock with no problem.”

You nod to the best of your ability and he breaks skin on your back with his nails, dragging them along your back and to your back, ending it with a swift slap on the ass.

“Mm, yes, Sir..” You moan, “You fuck so good, daddy, harder..”

You didn’t need to tell him twice as his hand grabs your wrists, pulling you up closer to him. His toned chest is damp with the sweat he’d broken from teasing himself with you. He pushes into you harder, hitting your g-spot with ease and bringing you near to tears at the pleasure he’s inflicting. His hand reaches around to grope your breasts as the other remains holding your bound hands.

Your legs grow weak under the rest of your body as his throbbing cock fills you and he holds you up. In the sultriest of manners, he brings his hand from your breasts to your neck, squeezing it as he nibbles on your ear, growling into it.

“Don’t you fucking cum without my permission, princess. You stay nice and fucking hot for daddy.”

“Mm, I don’t know how much longer I can hold out for you..” You say, your voice rugged and uneven as he continues thrusting, going deeper than he had been before. The pressure on your g-spot is indescribable, and the feeling welling up in you is dying to be released. Unable to keep quiet, your moans turn to small yells as you gasp for air.

He enjoys doing this to you thoroughly, and he wants nothing more than for you to break the rules. Seeing you such a mess at the feeling of himself inside of you is something he doesn’t want to end. His fingertips meet your swollen clit now, every circular caress eliciting waves of pleasure. It isn’t until he presses down hard and lets himself go that you catch the brink of your own orgasm.

“Oh, fuck.. Faster!” You yell, knowing you can’t keep your release away any longer as you feel your walls start pulsating fervently around his thick shaft in sweet lustful euphoria. You lower yourself onto him as much as you can, carnal instinct taking over, making taking his cock as deep and as hard as you can the only thing that matters in your world. Going weak at the knees, Jared is the only thing keeping you upright as you ride out your orgasm. 

He groans into your ear, his hand gripping onto your neck even tighter as he thrusts faster, losing himself in you as he cums.

“You’re daddy’s little slut, huh? Making me cum like this..” His breathing is as wild as the pumping he’s doing. His eyes roll back, and though you can’t see it, you know he’s wrapped up in the same bliss you are as he rasps your name like it’s the only thing he knows. 

“Oh Jared..” You groan as a few hard, deep thrusts follow, allowing you to once again savor ever inch of him just as you wanted. Your mouth is slightly agape, and your hair is tangled slightly over your face as you take pleasure in knowing you’ve satisfied him entirely.

A small gasp is all you can manage once he slows down and pulls out. Not wanting to look as spent as you feel, you take hold of the couch again, trying to gather yourself before sliding your skirt back over your thighs.

“I didn’t say I was done with you, baby girl,” you hear him say, your only reaction being to turn around with a blank expression as you zip your shirt back on. 

“You came before I told you to,” a smirk plays on his lips now as he zips and buttons his pants back up. “You broke a very important rule. And if I didn’t have to get on set to read through, I’d punish you all over again right now.”

He’s a sight to see as you let yourself truly look at him. The post-sex glow he’s got makes him look like a god, and seeing him so disheveled only makes you want him all over again as your teeth sink into your bottom lip.

“I couldn’t help it, Mr. Leto,” you say again, poking fun at your prior professionalism. “You didn’t bother making it very easy for me.”

He steps in front of you, his closeness providing you with a sense of safety now while his own eyes behold you in all your beauty. How perfect you still look though he’s happily ruined your makeup and wrinkled your clothes. You give an innocent smirk, handing over your still damp thong at the end of your finger tip to him. He takes your panties and smirks quickly before you’re met with another harsh touch- his fingers on either side of your jaw. It’s not nearly as rough as he’d just handled you, but just as full of desire. His lips meet yours with the same urgency, kissing you so completely and relentlessly that it takes your breath away.

Your eyes flutter open slowly after he breaks the kiss. A smile graces your features while the tips of your {F/C} nails brush against your lips. He replaces them with his own thumb, dragging it down your lower lip almost carefully now.

“Just wait till I get my hands on you again, {Y/N}.”

Trouble Maker | Shin Ho Seok | One-Shot

wonho (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 7,309
warnings: um yeah so this is a stepbrother!au but technically the parents aint married yet so its more a future stepbrother shitstorm if that makes it any better for your moral compass lol heads up for a tiny bit of underage drinking but mainly car sex and fingering and oral and some blunt dirty talk but i know some of yall are like me and that definitely floats our boats hehe
a/n: chatting with my friend and she told me about her dream jon snow was gonna be her stepbrother and they rage fucked each other because they were so bitter about it and i thought wow what a fantastic idea can i write that and she gave me her blessing lol so here we go thanks darling

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And I Thought You Might Be Mine

*click through to read on ao3

Written by: Nai | @hiddenpolkadots
Prompt: Tol: is that my shirt?
Smol, wearing a shirt that goes down to their knees: … no
words: 2500

Bellamy is aware that living with Clarke was going to come with some challenges.

(Or, as Octavia put it, rather excitedly, “It’s going to be a total fucking shitshow, and Raven and I have a bet going on who would commit murder first.”)

But despite their friends utmost certainty that things were going to crash and burn within the first week, they’ve been happily living together for the past six months, so he made sure to tell them to suck it after they hit the two week mark, because he’s a responsible adult.

That isn’t to say that it’s a walk in the park either. He and Clarke still argue about every little thing, but that’s just how they communicate. Now they just add arguing about domestic things such as whose turn it is to do the dishes, or why hasn’t he taken out the trash yet into the mix as well. He maybe likes it a bit too much, but no one needs to know about that.

He’s also become privy to a lot more of her quirks which- he likes to think that being friends, or at least acquaintances, with Clarke for over four years meant that he knew her fairly well, but once they move in, it becomes a whole other story.

For example, he learns that despite being left handed, she brushes her hair and teeth with her right, she always has to keep a full cup of water on her bedside table at night, and she needs more pillows than necessary to sleep.

Perhaps the most interesting quirk of hers is that she’s always stealing his clothes, all the fucking time.

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A/N: Alright, so I realized I never specified this, but I don’t actually feel that comfortable writing sex scenes (in any writing). It’s not because Peter is supposed to be 15, since Tom Holland is 20 years old, but just because I’ve never written smut, so I’m not quite at that level yet. Maybe one day, followers, maybe one day…

#84: “It’s like you want to ruin men/women for me.”

#87: “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”

Summary: You and Peter have been dating for 6 months and Aunt May leaves the two of you alone.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

“It’s like you want to ruin men for me,” you complained, laying on Peter’s bed. He turned to look at you, confused, though you could see the smallest hint of a smile on his face. He had been trying to reach up to the top shelf in his closet and his t-shirt kept riding up, exposing his torso to you. The short sleeves were rolled up, exposing more of his biceps, and you just couldn’t help your wandering eyes.

“Oh, hush,” he laughed, finally grabbing the clothes he’d wanted. Peter bounded over and sat beside you on the bed, fiddling with his phone. You watched him with a soft smile on your lips.

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The Walking Dead:

Interrupted (Tara x Fem!Reader x Eugene) (Oneshot) [NSFW]

Biting The Bullet (Mentioned Negan x Reader) (Oneshot) 

Headcanons: Polyamorous Relationship with Tara and Denise [NSFW]

Comfort (Negan x Reader) [NSFW]

Prompt #32 with Merle Dixon “You’re Blushing”

Prompt #42 with Merle Dixon “I’m pregnant”

Prompt #7 with Merle Dixon ”I hate how much I love you”

Prompt #29 with Merle Dixon “Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now”

Distracting Kiss with Merle Dixon

Inseparable (Tara Chambler x Reader) (Oneshot)

The Lost Boys (1987):

Be One Of Us (David x Reader) (Oneshot)

Headcanons: Being David’s Girlfriend  [NSFW]

Passion (A Lost Boys x Reader) (Oneshot) [NSFW]


Honey I’m Home (Deadpool x Reader) (Oneshot)  [NSFW]

Prompt #24 with Deadpool “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad”

Prompt #32 with Deadpool “You’re blushing”

Prompt #31 with Deadpool “Stop biting that fucking lip”

Happy Birthday (Kurt Wagner x Reader) (Oneshot) [NSFW]

Morning Bliss (Kurt Wagner x Reader) (Oneshot) [NSFW]

Game Of Thrones:

Headcanons: Being Yara Greyjoy’s Girlfriend  [NSFW]

Prompt #21 with Sandor Clegane “Why are you so nice to me” 

Prompt #12 with Brienne of Tarth “I am completely capable of taking care of myself”

Prompt #34 with Yara Greyjoy “You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?”

Headcanons: Passionate sex with Sandor Clegane would include [NSFW]

Dropping The Act (Yara Greyjoy x Reader) (drabble/oneshot)

Prompt #36 with Brienne of Tarth “Is that my shirt?”

Something New (Brienne of Tarth x Reader) (Oneshot) [NSFW]

Distracting Kiss with Brienne of Tarth

Hesitant Kiss with Yara Greyjoy

A Healer (Sandor Clegane x Reader) (Oneshot)

Guarantee (Brienne x Reader) (Drabble)

Headcanons: How Sandor Clegane acts around his crush

Headcanons: What Sandor Clegane does in his spare time

Headcanons: Podrick trying to set you and Brienne up

Headcanons: Taking Care of Theon (PTSD + ABUSE mentions)

Headcanons: Petyr Baelish being in (actually) love with you

Headcanons: Losing your virginity to Sandor Clegane [NSFW]

Headcanons: Comforting Brienne of Tarth

Headcanons: Podrick Payne falling for you

Headcanons: Sandor Clegane discovering you are Pregnant

Esteem (Yara Greyjoy x Reader)

Headcanons: Falling in love with Dolorous Edd

Headcanons: Sansa Stark falling for you

Headcanons: Being Married To Petyr Baelish [NSFW MENTION]

The Hobbit:

Prompt #21 with Thranduil “I think you are just afraid to be happy” [NSFW]


A Glitching Nightmare (Antisepticeye x Reader) (Oneshot)

Breathtaking Kiss with Darkiplier

Immaculate (Darkiplier x Reader) (Oneshot)

I Missed You (Antisepticeye x Reader) (Oneshot) [NSFW]

In The Moment Kiss with Darkiplier

Headcanons: Antisepticeye With A Baker S/O

To Make You Smile (The Host x Reader) (Oneshot)

Headcanons: Being Bingsepticeye’s Partner

Headcanons: Being Dark and Anti’s Short Partner 

Headcanons: Being Natemare’s Partner [NSFW]

Headcanons: A Food Fight With Antisepticeye

Headcanons: Dark and Anti with an S/O who likes Thigh Highs [NSFW]

Headcanons: Darkiplier with an S/O who loves Storms

Headcanons: Darkiplier with a figure skater S/O

Headcanons: Natemare with a short S/O

NSFW Headcanons: Antisepticeye 

What’s The Matter (Antisepticeye x reader drabble)

Headcanons: Darkiplier with an avid reader S/O

Headcanons: Antisepticeye falling for you

Enticed (A Darkiplier and Antisepticeye x Reader) [NSFW]

Headcanons: Natemare with an S/O who wears Thigh Highs [NSFW]

NSFW Headcanons: Darkiplier

Headcanons: Dark with an S/O who loves to draw

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Headcanons: How Darkiplier helps his S/O when they have their period

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Laughter (Antisepticeye x reader)

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Headcanons: Googliplier with a short S/O 

Headcanons: Anti with a nervous S/O

Headcanons: Google with a lazily sexy S/O [NSFW]

Headcanons: A polyamorous relationship with Dark and Anti

Headcanons: Darkiplier with a very tactile S/O [NSFW]  

The Storm Has Passed (Darkiplier x reader)

A playful Disposition (Natemare x reader) [NSFW]

I Can’t Blame You (Darkiplier x Ace!Reader)

Headcanons: Antisepticeye with an S/O who’s afraid of Storms

Headcanons: Dark with a Voice Actor S/O

Headcanons: Dark with a Siren S/O

Headcanons: Natemare discovering his S/O is Nephilim

Headcanons: Natemare with an S/O who hates thunderstorms

Happiness (Robbie x Reader)

Stranger Things:

Headcanons: How Jonathan Byers acts around his crush

Headcanons: Dating Jonathan Byers

Headcanons: Living With Jonathan Byers

Headcanons: You and Barb Holland falling for eachother

Headcanons: You and Jonathan Byers losing your virginity to eachother [NSFW]

Not According To Plan (Jonathan Byers x Reader)

Friendly Advice (Jonathan Byers x reader) [NSFW]

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Headcanons: Being Armando Salazar’s S/O [NSFW]

Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts:

Headcanons: Spending time with Sirius Black after Azkaban

Headcanons: Dating Fred Weasley

Headcanons: Comforting Credence Barebone

Headcanons: Sirius with a Hufflepuff S/O

Headcanons: Sirius Black with a Painter S/O

Headcanons: Newt with a ‘Dragon Shifter’ S/O

Headcanons: Remus Lupin with an affectionate S/O



Marauders Era (HP)

Heal My Wounds - Part 2

Masterlist - Part 1

Peter has a massive crush on the reader but can’t help but wonder why she always covers her hands with gloves.

author’s note: I’m so shocked with the positive responses this got! Ya’ll are just too nice ilysm (this chapter is kinda dull idk idk i don’t like it’s really shitty)

word count: 1k (it’s kinda short but i wanted to give you guys something, the next chapter will be longer i promise)

warnings: angst i think?

Hearing Peter’s panicked voice from downstairs you had quickly jumped up to your feet running the brown fabric over your hands as you walked down the stairs every step becoming slower and lighter when you heard what Peter was talking about.

“She has a metal arm Tony, a metal arm!” your stomach sank as the words rolled of Peter’s tongue and you slowly turned around quietly making your way back up the stairs and into his bedroom.

When you finally stepped over the doorframe of his room you grabbed your backpack and stuffed the school books you had laid out on Peter’s night stand back into it, stealthily making your way towards Peter’s window you pushed it open before swinging your legs over the edge and jumping down.

As soon as your feet hit the pavement you pulled back the glove on your right hand seeing it had started to slip off and the metal now shone brightly due to the sun that reflected on it.

You pulled your hood up covering your H/C hair, a nervous habit you always found yourself doing when you felt like you were being followed. 

Unlocking the door to your apartment you threw back your hood and quickly ran into your bedroom, where you practically kicked the closet door down in search for a duffle bag. 

You breathed out a sigh of relieve when you finally found it stuffed in between the many shirts and hoodies you had thrown into a pile in the middle of the closet, to lazy to fold your clothes and put them into your drawers.

Grabbing the bag you threw it onto your bed and started grabbing every piece of clothing you could find, it didn’t matter what the only thing that mattered was getting out of there as soon as possible.

As you were zipping the bag shut you heard a light knock on your door and you froze quietly letting the bag slip of your shoulder as you walked past your couch and towards the wooden door.

You looked through the peep hole and groaned when you saw Peter standing there anxiously biting his nails “Y/N will you please let me in” he pleaded his knuckles hitting the door yet again as he rolled back and forth on the balls off his feet.

Coming to Queens had originally just been an escape plan and your small apartment was a safe house you had managed to come across a couple of months ago when you were still on the run.

But now it was obvious that your secret had been discovered and you had to get out of there, it wasn’t safe anymore, it wasn’t home anymore. Now someone knew about your arm and with that information it wouldn’t take them long to find out about your past.

Slipping out of the front door you slammed it shut behind you and you were now stood face to face with Peter.

“Y/N listen to me I’m not here to hurt you” he spoke, the concern he felt practically radiating of his own body “I want to help you, please let me help you” a shaky sigh left your lips as you looked down to your feet.

If it had been anyone else you would have already ran off and proceeded with your escape plan but this wasn’t just anyone it was Peter Parker, the guy who had just confessed his feelings to you a couple off hours ago.

There was something about him that made you believe that he truly only wanted to help you but there was still the voice in the back off your head telling you to run and never look back.

You looked back up at Peter taking a step back you turned around only to be met with another body towering over you before everything faded into blackness as you fell back into Peter’s arms.

Peter’s POV

Guilt washed over Peter as you fell back into his arms, he knew you would have never came with him willingly so he had Steve accompany him and sedate you (I’m not really sure it’s sedation that does this but let’s just pretend it is) incase you decided to try and run away.

He swooped you up into his arms and gave Steve a nod before they both walked out of the building. Steve walked in front of Peter shielding him incase someone walked past them so they wouldn’t see you. 

Luckily there had been no one, the streets unusually empty as he carefully placed you into the back of the white pickup truck they had came here in. And as soon as Peter felt you were safe enough in the position he had laid you down in he got into the front with Steve and they drove back to the tower, your light snores filling the previously quite vehicle.

As soon as they had arrived Peter carried you inside just as he had carried you out of your apartment complex and he couldn’t help but smile as your cheek rested against his chest and you curled up more into his tight grip around you.

Steve had ordered Peter to take you up to Bruce while he went to get the rest off the team, Peter of course did as Steve told him and walked into the elevator yelling out for F.R.I.D.A.Y to take you both up to Bruce’s floor.

When the elevator doors opened he saw Bruce had already been waiting for him and guided him into the hospital room where he ordered him to lay you down on the soft mattress and he would take care of the rest.

Peter was hesitant to leave you at first but Bruce assured him that you were going to be just fine and would most likely wake up in a couple of hours, and with that Peter walked out the guilt he felt only increasing as he made his way towards the conference room to meet the rest off the team.

He was nervous to say the least, when he saw your arm he didn’t know what to think. He knew what Bucky had gone through and it made him sick to the stomach thinking you had most likely went through the exact same things, maybe even worse.

He slammed his eyes shut trying his best to think about anything else than that but the thoughts rolled back into his mind and he leaned back against the wall off the elevator.

Hopefully he had done the right thing by bringing you here.

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P.S. I Never Told You

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written by: Lexi | @goldenheadfreckledheart

prompt: A piece of paper attached to the pillar. It reads, ‘p.s. I was falling in love with you.’ @oftheskyepeople

word count: 5315

“You left her a note? How old are you?”

“I can’t tell if you’re implying I’m immature or old and out of touch.”

On the other end of the call, Octavia sighs. “Both, probably.”

“Your support is always appreciated.”


“I know it’s stupid.” He admits with a sigh of his own, rubbing a hand over his eyes. “But when have I ever not been stupid about her?”

His sister is silent for a moment, a confirmation.

“You said she went there all the time right?” she finally asks.

“Yeah, even before we were friends.”

“So she’ll probably go back. And she was friends with you, so who knows? Maybe she’s into that kind of inept flirtation.”

He wants to argue—but, “That’s really the only kind I’ve got.”

“Good luck, Bell.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Bellamy became friends with Clarke Griffin in the way that feels like a whirlwind but was actually a fairly basic, linear series of events, starting two years ago:

He moves to the city, fresh out of undergrad, to work as a glorified assistant at the city library archives. Which isn’t to say that the library isn’t great, but Jaha doesn’t trust him with doing any original research yet, so Bellamy spends most of his time filing or verifying details on the other archivists’ research.

It’s a start, is what he keeps telling himself. Octavia’s got an amazing scholarship to a school in California; she’s having the time of her life. Which means Bellamy can stop worrying about her and work towards having a career he actually loves, instead of working as many jobs as possible, on top of balancing classes.

He’s still getting used to it.

It’s raining when he meets Clarke, the first rain of the fall, and he obviously didn’t think to check the weather that morning, so his walk home from the library is decidedly dreary.

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