Hello Sweet Cheeks

Word Count: 1095

A/M: I’m gonna take my hand at writing an AU enemies to lovers idea. And this one has “bad boy” harry, so. Some swearing but nothing too bad. Also I meant to post this Friday but oh well.


You walked into class with your best friend and went to take your usual seats.

However this time you were stopped in your tracks as you looked over at your usual spots seeing the same dickhead that got under your skin at the mere mention of his name.

“What are you doing here? You know this is our spot. We sit here every class.”

He leaned back in the chair, kicking his feet up onto the desk, “You weren’t here and your name’s not on it.” He said simply, a cocky smile spread widely across his lips.

You felt your jaw clench and your hand go into a fist, but you felt your friend bring you back advising that you both go to your second favourite spot.

You continued to watch him as you walked away, the both of you keeping eye contact as he sat there proudly having won- as you felt more annoyed and angry with every step.

“I don’t know why you hate him so much.” Your friend said as you both took your seats.

You gave them a look, “Seriously? The guy is just so annoying. He makes fun of me all the time. You know one time when we were 7 he stuck gum in my hair. It was tangled in there so bad we had to cut it out. Then another time he spread that stupid rumor about me that I peed my pants at lunch when we were 10, I spilled my apple juice! And he always has that stupid cocky smirk on his face, and his douchey hairstyle, and acts as if he owns the place. Who does he think he is?!”

“Okay, but it’s been years since he did most of those things [Y/N]. People change. We were all stupid 7 and 10 year olds once.”

“Fuck that. Who’s side are you on anyway?”

“I’m not on anyone’s side [Y/N]. I’m just saying… he might’ve been a stupid kid. But we were all stupid kids and I think he actually likes you.”

You laughed loudly, almost choking on the air at their statement, “Please, I know you’re funny. That may be the best joke you’ve ever told me.”

They just rolled their eyes and you both watched as the teacher came in and got ready.

Your gaze had turned naturally to him as he quickly put his feet back on the ground and sat properly to not get in trouble.

You rolled your eyes and scoffed, looking through his little act.

“I think you like him too.” You heard your friend whisper.

“WHAT?!” you didn’t mean to say it that loudly but you caught the attention of the entire class; including your easily annoyed teacher.

“Do you mind? But unless you have something educational to say don’t interrupt my class.”

You felt embarrassed and gave an apology but caught sight of him as you met eyes again and watched him give that same stupid smirk that annoyed you to the very core.

“I hate him.”

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puppy love [steve rogers]

you and steve foster a dog for a week. steve wishes you would treat him as affectionately as you treat a goddamn golden retriever.

tagging: @mattymattymerduck, @avengerofyourheart, @wakandasoldier@darlingbuchanan@bemystucky, @idorkish, @iwillbeinmynest@aubzylynn (and just for the heck of it) @bovaria, @etherealbarnes, @capsbuchanan, @theycallmebucky, @whotheeffisbucky, @buckyywiththegoodhair, @winterdaybreak, @bxckyfxcknbxrnes, @beccaanne814-blog

warnings: fluff, mild sexual content, jealous steve, pouty steve

additional notes: reader (of ambiguous gender) is an avenger. they live with steve in a small house near the avengers compound in upstate new york. reader loves dogs. i figured if i’m gonna write a kitty fic for buck, i need a dog fic for steve. enjoy!

The moment you first saw the golden retriever, Steve knew you were hooked.

“‘Bean’?” you said, reading the tag tied to the dog’s cage. The dog’s tail began to wag, his ears perking up with interest. Your face lit up with a smile. “Hi, Bean!” you cooed, kneeling down so you were eye-level with him. He thrust his nose between the bars of the kennel, sniffing loudly and flicking his tongue out to lick your nose. “Wow, Bean, what a pretty boy you are! Who’s a pretty boy? You’re a pretty boy!”

Steve chuckled. You were the kind of person who gasped and squealed with delight whenever you saw a dog out on the street. You had volunteered at the Humane Society when you were younger, but you had never had a dog of your own, and Steve knew you wanted one desperately. With your job as an Avenger, keeping a full-time pet was too much for the both of you, so you figured you would foster one for a week or two to see how it worked out. The dog before you currently was a handsome golden retriever, his muzzle already streaked with white.

“Isn’t he beautiful, Steve?” you said, laughing as Bean covered your face in slobber. “He’s gorgeous!”

Steve leaned over to read more of the information on Bean’s description card. “Says he’s six years old,” he informed you, “and loves tug-o’-war, cuddling, and long walks in the park. Sound like your kind of dog?”

“Every dog is my kind of dog,” you sighed happily, eyes fixed on Bean. You straightened up to full height. “I choose him. I choose you, Bean!” Your voice shot up a few octaves as you once again adopted your puppy voice, the voice that, to Steve, never got old.

“I think he likes you,” said Steve, as Bean barked and stood on his hind limbs, craning his neck to continue licking you. Steve stepped closer and draped an arm across your shoulders. “Welcome to the family, Bean. Let’s take you home.”

Within the first three days of Bean living at your shared home, Steve decided the unthinkable: Your puppy voice had gotten old.

Bean was cute. Hell, he was adorable. At six years old, he still chased after the tennis balls you threw for him in the park and jumped around excitedly whenever you or Steve came home, barking happily with each return as if he hadn’t seen either of you in years. He didn’t bark while you and Steve slept. He stayed obediently in his pillow bed out in the lounge. For the first day or two, Steve adored the dog.

Oh, how quickly his adoration turned to loathing.

Bean was needy. You and Steve would be sitting on the couch, watching a movie or television together with leftover takeout on the coffee table in front of you, and suddenly Bean would appear, hopping onto the sofa and settling down in your lap, showering you in slobbery kisses.

“Bean, no!” you squeaked as you were smothered in a wriggling mass of golden-brown fur. “No kisses! No kisses, Bean, no kisses!”

Steve rolled his eyes. Your rebukes weren’t all that strict when it came to Bean. He considered reaching over and dragging Bean off of you by the collar, but the look of pure joy on your face deterred him. You were so happy with the dog, and Steve didn’t want to put an end to that, not if it meant you losing that brilliant smile. So he sacrificed another potential snuggling session—and perhaps more—with you and scooted toward the armrest, making room for Bean. The dog draped himself across your lap and finally relaxed, now that he could lie comfortably on his belly with his tail whacking Steve’s thigh.

He hadn’t intended on this becoming a recurring event for the three of you, but it did: You and Steve would be wrapped up in each other, huddled close on the couch or under the covers, sometimes even kissing each other passionately—and then, suddenly, there was Bean, poking his wet nose into your cheek and nuzzling against you like his life depended on it. Steve thought about whether it really did, whether Bean’s life really hinged upon ruining the moment.

Eventually, he put his foot down on bedroom interruptions. After an especially stressful mission, Steve had had you pinned underneath him on the mattress, driving into you for all he was worth. He had one of your legs over his shoulder, and your back arched off the bed at a particularly well-aimed thrust, and every moan he coaxed out of you was like music to his ears… And he heard it: the heavy panting, the paws scrabbling across the hardwood, signaling Bean’s entrance.

Steve had quite literally pulled himself out of you, scooped Bean up in his arms, and deposited him neatly on the couch in the living room. He had returned to find you laughing uncontrollably, your arousal long forgotten, while Steve stood there in shock and mild insult, still very much ready to continue what he’d started and been so close to finishing had your goddamn foster dog not walked in to ruin the fun. He went to the bathroom to take care of himself while you rolled around in your mirth, and when he came back, you were already asleep.

The sickeningly sweet, high-pitched voice with which you spoke to Bean just made it worse. Bean reveled in your affection, soaking it all up until there was none left for Steve or anyone else on the team. While you raved about the newest addition to your family, Steve complained to Bucky and Sam, who laughed at his situation more than they offered any solid advice.

So Steve sulked.

“Hey, Stevie,” you greeted him as you returned home one day with Bean in tow, having walked him yourself that morning. “Feeling any better? Down, Bean!”

Steve had gotten out of the morning walk by claiming a stomachache. He felt bad for lying to you, but any guilt he felt dissipated as Bean went to work licking your denim-clad legs. “A little. Thanks, doll. How was the walk?” The empty monotone and forced interest of his voice made him cringe inwardly.

“We stopped by the dog park,” you told him, discarding your shoes at the door. “There were a ton of squirrels there today. Bean had a blast.” You stepped around Bean to plop down on the sofa next to Steve, and you cuddled up into his side, planting a loud kiss on his cheek. Steve grinned slightly but remained otherwise emotionless, his eyes fixed on the TV show he’d already forgotten the name of. Your brow furrowed warily. “What’s wrong, babe?”

Steve sighed. He scanned the room, and his eyes zeroed in on Bean curled up on his dog bed, watching the two of you with his big brown eyes. Steve frowned. What the hell was Bean playing at, knowing how weak you were for that mournful look? “Nothing,” he grumbled.

Your hand touched Steve’s cheek, turning his face to you. Your eyes were filled with genuine concern. “Talk to me, baby. What’s up? What’s bothering you? You know I hate seeing you down.”

Steve’s eyes dropped to his lap. It had been two weeks since you picked up Bean. In two days, you would have to return him, and Steve knew it would break your heart. You’d grown attached, and so had Bean. He didn’t want to make things harder on you, but he knew he had to tell you. He raised his eyes to yours, his cheeks tinged pink despite his otherwise determined expression. “I’m jealous of Bean.”

You squinted at him in confusion. “You what?”

“I’m jealous of Bean. A dog. A golden retriever,” he blurted. You were gazing up at him owlishly. It was too late to stop there. “I’m tired of him stepping in whenever we’re having a moment together. I’m tired of having to stop whatever we’re doing just to please him. If I have to see him come up to our bed while I’m inside of you one more time, I’m going to lose my mind.”

You blinked. Many times. Steve worried he had officially lost you. Right here and now, you were going to dump him for a dog. He could see it in your eyes. He prepared himself for the worst…

And you started laughing.

You were laughing, slumped over into Steve’s chest, your shoulders shaking with every giggle, and for once, Bean didn’t come over to see what was going on. “Um… sweetheart?” Steve said finally, his hands alighting upon your hips.

You pulled back, looking into Steve’s eyes and smiling, your face positively glowing with amusement. “Steve, you know no one could ever compare to you or how I feel about you,” you murmured, reaching up to stroke his cheek. “Not even a dog. Not even a golden retriever.” Your eyes flitted away from his for a moment. You were biting your lip sheepishly. “In fact, I chose Bean because he reminded me of you. In some ways, you’re like one big, fumbling golden retriever, noble and kind and loving and needy.” Steve opened his mouth to protest, but you cut him off with a finger to his lips. “Nope, you just admitted to me that you’re jealous of a dog. You’re needy. And that’s O.K., Steve.” Your eyes took on a mischievous twinkle, as you stood up on your knees and swung one leg over Steve’s lap, straddling him. He watched you closely and didn’t realize he was frowning until you ran your thumb over his pouty bottom lip. “Trust me: there is no one I’d rather have than you. No person, no animal, no golden retriever could ever come between us. You’re my favorite, Stevie.”

You kissed his nose, and Steve chuckled softly, leaning forward until your foreheads were touching. “Thanks,” he murmured, his mouth skimming yours as he spoke. You hummed quietly, smiling at him, and Steve’s lips quirked up into a smirk. “Now, if you’ll let me, I’d like to remake a few special moments with you from these last several days, with a little less Bean.”

You squealed as he carried you off to the bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Bean lay in his dog bed in the living room, content and fast asleep, while Steve let you know just how much he’d missed your full and undivided attention.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a one shot where sinbad realizes that he wants to marry his s/o despite her not politically benefiting his kingdom?

This wasn’t right.

He wasn’t meant to feel this way.

Every time she laughed or smiles, he had the strong urge to hold her close to him, to be the only one able to touch her like that.

Every time she cried or looked sad and depressed, he wanted to hug her tightly and comfort her, to bring out the same bright smile once shining brightly on her face, wanting to be the only one able to do that.

He wanted to be the closest person to her.

She was just a normal person, no royal blood or anything that would potentially benefit Sindria. He had devoted all of his life so far to developing that country, and was determined to continue to do so. Marriage would play an important part in that, to marry someone that would give Sindria something it didn’t already have, she couldn’t do that.

But she could make his heart stop just at the sight of her.

He wanted to marry her.

He was prepared for anything that would possibly obstruct or limit Sindria after his decision, and was willing to use twice as much effort as usual to further develop his country.

He was prepared to do all this just to marry her.

Clenching the ring box tightly in his fist, he took a deep breath before walking towards the direction of a certain somebody.

The somebody that had won the heart of Sinbad, the king of the seven seas

Forgive Me Now? Paulo Dybala

*Contains Smut* | MASTERLIST | Insp. by thisWord Count: 1626

It was late afternoon in Turin and with not much for me to do alone, I lay in bed thinking about the events just hours before. I was sure he had broken the door handle and probably the door itself with the ferocity and anger he slammed it in. It was only a petty little argument but for some reason, he had gotten really worked up and left for the airport yelling and cussing about god knows what. I could imagine him now sitting on the plane his arms tightly folded across his chest and a small scowl on his face. He’d be sunken in the seat, headphones in and ignoring everyone who attempted at a conversation with him, keeping everyone away with that stupid look he’d put on when he was angry. I really wasn’t sure what I had done wrong or what had happened in the course of those few minutes before he left, but did feel terrible afterwards that he had gone like that. Not going to bed or leaving while angry at each other was something we stuck by strongly so I could help but feel a little damp and down from him being mad when he left.

I figured that it wasn’t something overly serious that had got him worked, he should have cooled down by now; it had been a few hours. I tapped on his contact on my phone, my finger hovered over the call button and just resisted the touch when I got a better I idea. I knew one of Pau’s biggest weaknesses. A wicked smile crept on my face I as I dumped the phone on the bed and went over to raid my draws. I pulled out my black lace underwear set. It was Paulo’s favourite, he could contain himself when I was in it and let’s hope this was the case right now. The stupid boy could do with some teasing, maybe then he would calm down a little.

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definitely plan on writing a freedom to rock tour oneshot...

which means more present-day paul, 

but what do you guys think powers (which probably means some alpha paul stanley moments…which i love cause that’s paul without his inhibitions and well all bloodlust, lust etc etc.)

or present-day paul with no powers?

@starchildluver @tobaccoleaves @rebeccakofficial @rainbowmusictime @lindemannabort @headlight-queen @wires-walter-the-automaton @randyspelledbackwards @beatleclaudia

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Can you do hc for titusx marga's long lost sister!magician! Reader?(maybe some nsfw if you can)

Her eyes were the same sparkling light blue.

Her slightly wavy long brown hair reminded her of a certain someone.

“ onee-Chan!!!!”

A familiar voice snapped him out of his daze and before he realized, marga had unhooked her hand from his, running over to HER.

Her eyes widened as marga jumped onto her, eyes filled with tears.


Only then did he find out about her.

She was different from the rest of her family, being the only one to be able to use magic at a pretty high level. Being forced to leave her family and still live with the regret of abandoning them, her wand was her only comfort.

He admired her bravery and strength of carrying that burden, hiding it behind a fake smile that deceived everyone. He wanted to be the only one to see her vulnerable side, to be the only one to be close to her and put his arms around her, to comfort her, to make her feel safe.

He wanted her to be his.

“ (y/n)?”

“Hmm? What is it, Titus?”

“Go out with me.”

Her eyes widened for a second before going back to their original size.

“ I thought you’d never ask.”

The two of them leaned in for a kiss, their bottles up feeling finally about to be released-

“ Titus-onii-Chan!!!!!! Onee-Chan!!!!!!”

-before they were interrupted by marga and a smirking sphintus.

The Drabble Game

Send me a number and a character and I’ll write a short drabble for you.

1. “She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”
2. Because even the sun can envy the stars.
3. Cold sunshine fell around him.
4. She really couldn’t stand his eyes on her.
5. "Amazing, isn’t it?”
6. The truth lodged bitter tasting in his mouth
7. "I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.”
8. "She’s missing, not dead.”
9. I ran in the direction of the scream.
10. "Promise me you’ll stay.”
11. They were looking at each other with the intensity usually reserved for bomb defusion.
12. They couldn’t remember a time when they weren’t scared.
13. "I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan.”
14. "If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.”
15. "I may despise you with the burning white hot intensity of a thousand suns, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”
16. His capacity for forgiveness wasn’t infinite.
17. "I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore.”
18. "All of those people are alive right now because of her.”
19. "Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.”
20. "You were always the quiet one.”
21. "You’ve only heard his point of view. You never asked mine.”
22. "No! I’m tired of doing what you say!”
23. He was terrified of small spaces and she knew.
24. It was the age of screaming.
25. There were few things that truly weren’t meant to exist. One of them was…
26. They came in a blur of shadows.
27. "I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.”
28. There were only so many things you could hide from.
29. Her voice could sink ships.
30. "If you take her eyes, she will be blind. But if you take her heart, she will be empty.”
31. She was broken in a lot of ways, but there was a brilliance in her that he wanted to know all about.
32. "I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.”
33. His eyes drooped, his hands wavered, and then there was a scream of metal tearing.
34. He watched, helpless, as the door closed behind her.
35. Under normal circumstances he would speak his mind, but, with a gun against his head…
36. It was a compelling and convincing argument and for that reason she chose to ignore it.
37. He was the picture of health. Which was amazing considering his lifestyle.
38. It was as if she didn’t understand the concept of ‘shut up’.
39. I believed that nothing could ever replace it. And that belief lasted for forty eight hours.
40. The kiss tasted like tears.
41. "My life is my own to ruin.”
42. "You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”
43. "I’d rather carress my asshole with a chainsaw.”
44. You were saturated sunlight.
45. His eyes brimmed with unshed tears but neither of you mentioned it.
46. It was already here.
47. "Just shut up and listen to me!”
48. You swallowed thickly and looked up.
49. Having heard those words before, you suddenly realised their meaning.
50. He would never truly admit it, but…
51. She stared into the mirror.
52. “Shh, I promise its all gonna be alright now. I promise.”
53. He held her for what felt like decades.
54. The Sun could never truly divorce the Sky.
55. But what would have happened if…
56. “I know!”
57. A smile played on his lips.
58. T'was wicked.
59. Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds.
60. “Have you done it yet?”
61. An echoing howl.
62. “Why cant you just open your eyes and see?!”
63. “Its not right.”
64. He watched her, never realising that she was watching him.
65. Her breathing quickened. He knew what was happening to her.
66. “Please. Just let me in.”
67. “Sing me a lullaby.”
68. It cracked and shattered- and with it, so did her heart.
69. “It just…hurts.”
70. I laughed and laughed until I couldn’t laugh anymore.
71. I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.
72. “I did all of this for you. What more could you want?”
73. “Don’t you ever get lonely?”
74. Gods, you just wanted to drag your nails down his back and tangle your fingers in his hair.
75. It was a long time ago, but some people still couldn’t forgive.
76. It started without the glamour, without the drama. It started with a smile.
77. That was his fourth helping, and I still hadn’t finished my first!
78. “Where the hell have you been?”
79. “Please just leave me alone…”
80. “It looked like it was getting fun so I decided to join in.”
81. “Oh, come on! It was only the one!”
82. He fell in love with the tinkle of his laugh and the gleam in his eye.
83. “Happy ever after? Please.”
84. Was there ever anything there?
85. Gods, he was gorgeous.
86. “I want to break those glasses with my pelvis.”
87. The bluest blue to ever freaking blue.
88. He wasn’t as tough as they all thought. And she knew it.
89. Oh shit.
90. “You shot me?!”
91. He didn’t have anyone else, so you always made sure that you were there for him.
92. Could you ever truly forgive him?
93. “I’m sorry, I’ve never seen you before.”
94. There was a fine line between being sexually frustrated and sexually furious.
95. Fabulosity.
96. It was your favourite, and he knew.
97. “Are you sure you’re all right?”
98. “Don’t you die on me.”
99. 03:18AM. You were in for a long night.
100. Wow. Just, wow…

a little purr-suasion [bucky barnes]

@hymnofthevalkyries​ requested: So: get this. Bucky is trying to keep something hidden from you, probably a small animal of sorts. In fact, he’s trying to hide it from everyone. You’re the one that discovers it, and now you have to help him keep the secret.

tagging: @mattymattymerduck, @avengerofyourheart, @wakandasoldier,@darlingbuchanan,@bemystucky, @idorkish, @iwillbeinmynest,@aubzylynn (and just for the heck of it) @bovaria, @etherealbarnes, @capsbuchanan, @theycallmebucky, @whotheeffisbucky, @buckyywiththegoodhair, @winterdaybreak, @bxckyfxcknbxrnes, @beccaanne814-blog

warnings: pure fluff, flirty bucky

additional notes: reader (of an ambiguous gender) is an avenger. bucky is weak for cute things including you. thank you, kai, for helping me name the kittens.

update: so after writing this i found out that 1) cats are lactose intolerant and 2) three-week-old kittens can’t consume anything other than milk so i’m sorry! i’ve changed it to four weeks old. no kittens were harmed in the making of this fic.

Since Steve had first introduced him, Bucky had rarely been one to participate in, as Tony liked to call it, “family fun time,” so you didn’t bat an eye when he started spending more time in his room and less time with you and your teammates.

You didn’t question it when he started making excuses for why he couldn’t make your sparring matches. You didn’t protest when he began to turn down your offers to make some headway on his movie bucket list. When he canceled his Monday morning jog with you, Steve, and Sam, the three of you just shrugged and went on your merry way.

Nevertheless, you had to admit his behavior was odd. You and Bucky had grown close in the last year he’d been staying at the compound, and you had grown accustomed to having him around while you read on the couch or sunbathed by the swimming pool. You missed his endearing nicknames and rare, sweet smiles and even rarer, sweeter laughter. You missed him.

Lately, Bucky had been taking his dinners back to his apartment. When you cooked salmon for the team one night, he wrapped up three helpings to-go, thanked you over his shoulder for the meal, and didn’t even come out of his room for dessert. You knew he liked your cooking and that he, like Steve and Thor, required multiple servings of every meal. Still, no one had ever liked your salmon that much.

Around ten o’clock that evening, everyone began to retreat to their respective corners of the tower or turn in for the night, wishing you and Natasha sweet dreams while she helped you with the dishes. You took that opportunity to question her about Bucky.

“Hey, Nat,” you began, eyes focused on the tray you were scrubbing, “is it just me, or has Bucky been acting strangely lately?”

Nat shrugged. “I know what you mean, but I wouldn’t call it strange coming from him,” she responded. “You know he has those moods where he can’t bear to be social for more than a few hours at a time.”

“I guess you’re right,” you muttered, placing the tray on the drying rack. “It’s probably just me overthinking things. I can’t help but feel… maybe it’s me he’s avoiding?” You glanced over at her.

Nat was staring at you incredulously. “That’s definitely not it. You’re one of the few people he’s opened up to while staying here.” She thought for a moment as she held a bowl under the sink to rinse. “You’re used to his constant company, and so him distancing himself is making you panic. I get where you’re coming from, but I’m sure whatever you lovebirds have is still there.”

Your brows knitted together in confusion. “We’re just friends, Nat,” you assured her, yet your cheeks warmed at her words.

Nat smirked. “I never said you weren’t, but if you feel the need to explain yourself…” she trailed off, arching an eyebrow challengingly.

You flicked some water at her. “Not a chance. I’ve already had Wanda in my head. I don’t need you rooting around in it, too.” Nat chuckled, and you went on washing dishes. Although some of what Nat had said had relaxed you, you still felt worried that your company wasn’t enough for Bucky anymore. You dismissed those thoughts, since he seemed to be avoiding everyone else as much as he was avoiding you. Maybe you would ask him about it in the morning.

You woke up later that night to insatiable hunger. You lay awake, curled up on your side, trying to ignore it, but your stomach’s incessant roaring won over. You threw the covers back and shuffled out into the hallway, riding the elevator down to the kitchen for a late night—or rather, early morning, since it was three A.M.—snack.

Your feet dragged along the floor as you entered, yawning loudly. You were too tired to question why the light was already on or notice that someone else was in there with you. You finally opened your groggy eyes completely and froze.

Bucky was leaning against the breakfast counter, and his eyes shot to yours when you walked in. You, however, weren’t looking at him.

There were cats on the counter. Tiny cats. Four of them.

“Bucky,” you mumbled, blinking rapidly, “are those kittens? On the counter?”

“Uhh… No.”

You glanced at him, unamused. “Is this what you’ve been hiding lately?” you asked, stepping over to the kitchen island gingerly, as if you might scare the kittens away. They were too busy lapping up milk from a saucer to care.

Bucky dropped his head in shame. “Yeah,” he grumbled, avoiding your eyes. “Just… don’t tell anyone, alright? They don’t have anywhere else to go.”

You reached over and ran three fingers along one kitten’s back. It raised his butt, tail standing up like a tuft of wheat. Your mouth fell open in awe. “Where did you find them?” you breathed, watching them with wide eyes. “They can’t be more than a few weeks old.”

“They were in a box,” Bucky explained, “outside this bakery I go to every now and then. You know, the one with the cookies I bring you?”

Cookies you used to bring me. “Someone just left them there? In a box?”

Bucky nodded. “I couldn’t just leave ’em there. They were so small, so skinny.” One of the kittens, an orange tabby, plodded over to him and slumped against his arm. Instinctively, Bucky used his cybernetic fingers to scratch beneath the kitten’s chin, drawing a purr out of it. The tabby rolled onto its back, showing off its plump belly.

You giggled. You never would have thought you’d get to watch the former Winter Soldier himself petting a four-week-old kitten, gazing down at it like it was the purest thing in the world. The sight was so wholesome. “You’re fattening them up, alright,” you teased. “I hope they enjoyed my salmon.” The saucer ran dry, and one kitten left the dish to walk up to you. She was a tortoiseshell, with big green eyes and four white paws. She licked your bare forearm and you thought you had melted into a puddle right there. “I can see why you like ’em. They’re so precious. You’re going soft, Sergeant.”

He chuffed, flicking you in the shoulder affectionately. “I’m goin’ soft around you, doll. It’s all your fault.”

You carefully scooped up the tortoiseshell into your arms. She mewed softly, and you gasped. Bucky laughed at you, but your eyes were riveted to the kitten tucked comfortably against your chest. “I’ve died and gone to heaven,” you whispered.

Bucky’s expression turned to that of concern. “Whoa, doll, are you crying?”

“No,” you hissed, feeling a warm droplet leak out of your eye and down your cheek. “You’re crying. Don’t look at me.” The kitten batted a velvety paw at your chin. You squealed, sniffling before turning your watery eyes to Bucky. He was grinning at you smugly. “Did you name them?”

Bucky nodded. “This little guy is Tiger”—he pointed to the ginger one vying for his attention—“this is Butter”—he patted the yellowish brown one sitting quietly in the center of the dried-up saucer—“that’s String”—he stroked the back of the brown tabby waddling in your direction—“and you’re carrying Dot.” Tiger nibbled on Bucky’s hand, and Bucky went on petting him.

You beamed down at Dot tearfully; she was purring while you rubbed her tummy. The brown tabby, String, stood on his hind legs to knead the front of your sleepshirt, his claws catching on the cotton. “Nice names, softie. Remind me to never let you name our children.” Wait, what the hell did you just say?

Bucky chuckled. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’ll leave that job to you. I hope our children are a little less furry. C’mon, Butter, get off of there, baby girl.” He nudged Butter off of the saucer so he could grab it and place it in the sink behind him. “Still, these are kind of like our children, now… should you accept joint custody.”

You looked up to see Bucky peering over at you hopefully, with Tiger crawling up his metal arm to his shoulder. Had he just implied not only that he wanted to share these kittens with you, but also share actual children? As in he was interested? In you? You cursed inwardly. There was no way you could resist those bright blue eyes, or four tiny kittens, for that matter. “I won’t tell anyone,” you promised, kissing the top of Dot’s head and placing her back on the counter. The tortoiseshell kitten mewled in protest; you gasped at the sight of her tiny pink tongue and tiny white fangs.

Bucky grinned and moseyed over to you, with Tiger still curled up against his neck, playing with his hair. He leaned down and kissed your cheek, his lips detaching with a wet smack. “Thanks, doll. Care to help me carry them back to my room?”

You nodded, your lips quirking up into a small smile as you watched Dot stretch. “Sure, only if you let me tuck them in.”

Bucky returned your smirk, and you could feel your teasing façade crumbling. He was standing really close to you, so close that you could feel the heat rolling off of him. With his super soldier hearing, he could probably hear your heart thundering in your chest. “Only if you give me a goodnight kiss,” he murmured.

You sighed and took Tiger from his shoulder, kissing the tip of the kitten’s nose and depositing him lightly on the counter with his siblings. “Well, you’re no kitten, but I guess you’re furry enough,” you quipped, patting Bucky’s stubbly cheek. God, he was so close to you.

Bucky grabbed the hand you had on his face and held it there. He wrapped his other arm around your waist, tugging you closer, his eyes trained on yours. “Meow,” he deadpanned.

You laughed but kissed him anyway.

Lucid Dreaming Part 5 - Joker x Reader

So this is shorter and again not so good so I don’t think I can write many more parts. After all, this was only meant to be a 2 part story. I’m sorry the quality is down but still, thank you for all the support and feedback on this series though it is very highly appreciated - Keep it coming guys!  (Warning-slightly fluffy joker)





You walked the streets alone in the middle of the night and to add to it, it had started raining about an hour ago. You should have called Frost or someone to come and get you but you were confused. Why would J just leave you after all that he said the other night? Why would he leave you with the bat?

In your confusion you found yourself back where you had started, under the same streetlight that J had left you under. Your hair was plastered to your face, your top clung tighter to you than it normally did and your whole body seemed to sag down dismissing the posture you usually held. Your make up was normally a little messy but now it was dripping down your cheeks like hellish black tears, for all you knew they could be tears you couldn’t remember anymore. You sat on the curb pulling your knees up towards your chest and wrapping your arms around them, maybe if you waited here he’ll come back, if he’s not in Arkham that is. He wouldn’t be, couldn’t be. He would have gotten away surely. You heard a roar of an engine and looked up expectantly only to find that it was some idiotic boys in some cheap motor that cat called you s they drove past. God they would be so dead if J was here.

You were beginning to think he had completely abandoned you when you his rough voice came from the shadows,

“Come on doll” he walked out to the middle of the street to be opposite you. His emerald hair was flat and as drenched as you. His white shirt see through showing his tattoos and his red lips were parted as he breathed showing his silver teeth that shone slightly when they caught the light.

“You left” he remained looking at you, unmoving yet you found yourself pulled towards him. You stood and was soon running yet your tears didn’t stop you could just be imagining it but you weren’t. You knew you couldn’t be. His arms opened and he started to move forward himself catching you as you threw yourself to him. Moving his arms he lifted you so that he had an arm under your legs and you could wrap your arms round his neck. He dropped to his knees and onto the wet ground even as the rain still fell and buried his head into your neck. You heard him breathe in heavily before starting his laugh, the manic crazed laugh he did when he was pleased or happy,

“Where did you go?” you looked up at him when he had finished laughing,

“Drawing him away from you doll, it worked didn’t it?” he smirked lifting you up, “you didn’t think I would just leave you here did you?”

“A little” you admitted losing eye contact with him as you said it,

“Well then, baby girl we must do something to prove that I ‘ain’t letting you away from me again.” you smiled up at him coyly as he carried you,

“I don’t think I would mind that very much at all.”

“You know doll, I would very well marry you but you know I could never relinquish my knife for a ring” you looked up in shock but he wasn’t looking at you anymore, just straight ahead with a serious face. He was still carrying you for some reason and kept you even closer to him as he walked down darker back alleys to a large black car and placed me in the back following not far after.


You woke up again that night but not shaking and crying. You looked across for J and found him peacefully sleeping beside you like he hadn’t a care in the world, a sight no one had ever seen but you. It wasn’t a memory that woke you up this time but more like a dream. Nothing special but it felt… real and that scared you,

You were on the floor a shot to the stomach and you were bleeding out and J was hovered over you shouting but you couldn’t hear him too well, “I always knew I’d be the one who would take a bullet for you.” you chuckled, “and I always knew you wouldn’t take one for me.” you whispered before closing your eyes.

As you closed your eyes in the dream you woke up in real life. At least you think it was real life. “(y/n), What’s happenin’?” J stirred slightly,

“Nothing pumpkin go back to sleep” you murmured laying back down beside him allowing him to wrap his arm around you and pull you in, you couldn’t close your eyes again though, correction you didn’t want to. It all felt too real…

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That’s It (Kylo Ren x Reader Smut)

Warnings: This is shit, please don’t read. I liked Good Boy better. Semi-violent, dubious consent(??), glove kink. Fucking on top of dead peoples ashes? While grandpa vader watches? Orgasm delay/denial. Other stuff..

Word Count: A lot. 2.7K

A/N: Ok um shit i….  This is a thing i did, idk if anyone’s done this yet.. Why does this shit turn me on??? Why couldn’t I be normal? I’d like to apologize to jesus and my dad. Also, the fucking tub of ashes is in his Vader room bc that makes more sense than a random cell. 

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the baby questionnaire
  • Kakashi:Let's see those questionnaires the couple filled out earlier about each other. So Sakura, what do you want the baby's first word to be?
  • Sakura:Uh... I didn't know we were going to read this out loud... in front of everyone. It's... it's "papa".
  • Sasuke:*blush*
  • Naruto:D'awwwwwwwwww~ *whistles*
  • Kakashi:Okay, now Sasuke? What qualities of Sakura do you want the baby to inherit?
  • Sasuke:...
  • Kakashi:Sasuke?
  • Sasuke:*murmurs* Everything.
  • Sakura:Everything?
  • Sasuke:Her beauty. Her strength. Her kindness. Her pure heart. Her smile.
  • *glances at paper* I didn't have enough room on the paper so I just wrote "everything".
  • Sakura:*blush*
  • Naruto:*whistles* AWWWWW YEAHH!
2 “It’s bloody Valentine’s Day and there is a discount in the cafe for a couple and I don’t have enough money and oh hey you are single too so let’s pretend we are a couple and get this fucking discount I am bloody starving.”

I’m sorry, I’m tired, I can do better, aghhhh

“Sorry sir, discounts are only for couples,” the barista said.

“Come on, please. I live five miles from here, that’s like an hour on the bus. I’m starving, can’t you just not tell the staff?” Nico pleaded. The barista gave him a tired look. “I don’t have enough to eat without the discount.”

“Then leave,” she snapped.

“It’s Valentine’s Day!” he whined. “Some people are lonely and need comfort food, you know?” She turned away and called the next customer up- a pretty dark haired girl and a dark skinned man who looked at her adoringly. “Bah humbug,” Nico muttered under his breath. He was the Grinch of Valentine’s Day, the Ebenezer Scrooge of it.

He walked out and then walked right back. He stared at the chalkboard sign with frilly hearts drawn around it. It read “DISCOUNT!” in all caps, and right under it, “for all couples, Valentine’s Day 2016.”

Emphasis on the word couples.

Normally Nico went home and watched horror movies while eating junk food on Valentine’s Day, but this time he’d forgotten to go to the store and he’d spent all of his money on a gift for his sister. The sweet smell of crepes wafted from the café making his stomach grumble.

He didn’t have anything at home, and by God did he want that crepe. And his pride would not let him walk away to endure the hunger for a few more hours.

“Uh, are you okay?” he heard someone ask. He glanced up and raised his eyebrows. A blond guy with tanned skin, splattered with freckles was looking at him the lightest blue eyes he’d ever seen. He glanced at the board Nico was looking at. “Oh the Valentine’s Day discount. Are you waiting for someone?”

“No,” he admitted, somewhat sheepishly. He glanced at the café then back at the guy. The smell of sweet pastries and perfectly blended coffee called to him and rid him of common sense. “Are you… are you with anyone right now?”

His blue eyes widened in shock. “Uh, no?”

“Great! I have a deal for you.” His eyes narrowed suspiciously. “I have enough to pay for my own meal with the discount but they won’t give me the discount just because I’m single. So-”

“Are you trying to pull one of those tricks people blog about? Faking a relationship for free food?”

“Not free, discounted,” Nico corrected. He clasped his hands together. “Please I’m starving. Pretend to be my boyfriend for like an hour so we can eat and then we can just go separate ways.” His stomach growled as though to prove his point.

They blond looked him over and shrugged. “Well, you’re pretty attractive. Why not? I’m Will.”

Nico blinked away his surprise at the compliment. “Nico,” he answered, holding his hand out. “Now, can we get food?” Will nodded and Nico immediately laced his fingers in his and walked into the store with his heart set on a strawberry-banana Nutella drizzled crepe covered in powdered sugar. “Excuse me,” he called to another employee. “Could you take our order?”

“Of course,” he said, slightly surprised at the “couple.”

From the other side of the café, he heard the barista snap, “Don’t give that guy the discount! He was in here just a minute ago ranting about being single!”

The guy blinked, uncomfortable with the situation. “Miss!” Nico said incredulously. “I am here with my boyfriend, and your sign is very clear. Discount for couple on Valentine’s Day. Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. We’re a couple.” He held up their intertwined hands.

“Refusing us the service or the discount can be seen as discrimination,” Will added. “I’m sure you wouldn’t want that kind of review of this lovely little café.”

The woman scowled and tapped her fingers against the counter. “What can I get for the happy couple?” she muttered.

Nico and Will smiled, high fiving as they smiled at the barista.