In need of a hero [Red Ashley | Aks]


Stumbling a few times, the short glowing one ran from the old train station, holding onto his bandana as he did so. It took only a moment or two until a handful of men appeared behind him, loading their guns to take another few shots.

He was just trying to avoid trouble. Again assuming people wouldn’t be bigots against him. It was bad enough being a ghoul in some places, but being a glowing one? Well it just seemed to make some people think even less of him. Make him more of a trophy.

“Please, I didn’t do anything wrong!” he yelled back as he heard gunshots, one of them hitting the ground just inches from his feet. With a yelp Aks stumbled once more, the combination of the rock, and his oversized shoe that got stuck against it resulting in his body flopping into the dirt in a very ungracious way, dust flying around as he tried to scramble back on his feet, his breathing quickening as the footsteps behind him grew louder. 

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//What gun is Tom bad at using? What is his favorite? Does he name his guns?//

He seems to be able to use many different guns with ease. However, if you hand him a energy weapon, he is terrible with it because he doesn’t know how they work or feel when they are shot. He would rather have something that shoots bullets.
HOWEVER a minigun would just kind of topple him over. He can’t use any super HEAVY gun. He is a bit of a light weight. 

His favorite is a rifle with a carved bird on the side. He uses it for sniping and general long distance attacks. It’s just called The Ravens Call.

And yes! His guns have names that he either found on them, decided to call them based on something special they have on them, or was named by a friend and kept it that way.
Like Roses Thorn for example was owned by an old flame of his so he calls it by the name she gave it.

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//Did Tom ever want kids at some point? Is he good with kids? Does he still find smoothskins attractive? is he good at cards?//

No! He says he doesn’t want kids or anything to do with kids. They are a handful and he doesn’t want to deal with any of them. He likes dogs better.
However his tune would change once you stuck a baby into his crusty hands.

He sort of fumbles with kids, not knowing what to do. Sometimes he is a golden dad who romps around and plays with them, other times they pick up curse words from him, then back to showing them how to plant and fish, then in a drunken rage chop their blanket in two for punishment. He also believes in giving swats. Though he goes for sound rather than for pain. Loud sounds can scare the kid rather than actually hurting the kid.

Yes! Tom would take smoothskins over ghoulettes any day.He isn’t that old of a ghoul or use to being a ghoul, so his preferences are the same as when he had his skin on.

Tom is OKAY at cards. He isn’t a cheater or a winner, but will throw a few caps down for fun if he wants to kick back. Sadly, he is not a maverick to go with his gun slinging abilities and makes back less than what he started with in cards.

However, he is EXCELLENT at go fish.

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Hm. [tugs at her bandana] Not bad, I s'pose.

Not bad? Not bad?! *Tom lets out a huff, feigning to look hurt.*

It’s better than how I looked before! I-
*notices her pulling at her bandanna, realizing she probably feels as self conscious as he did when he barely had a face.*

….Dunno how long it will last. I got to enjoy it while I can. 

Tom will rub his arm when he is nervous or rub his chin or face. He glances this way and that when nervous and gets more aggressive when you try to ask questions about why he is so nervous. Sometimes he looks down and scratches his head while he doesn’t look at you. There is usually a lot of griping involved.
Sometimes he licks his lips every so often while trying to figure something to say.

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//Headcanon: Tom gets conflicting emotions when he has to "deal" with Ferals. Something like doing them a mercy with a small voice in the back of his head worrying that someday someone will have to do him the same mercy.//

This is true! 
Tom usually won’t kill any ferals unless they pose a threat or are attacking other people. He leaves them be. It is always a constant worry of his that when he turns feral he might hurt someone he likes or tries to injure innocents. He hopes someone will be his angel of mercy then.
However, he is keen on locking himself away if he gets the inkling it is happening.