concept: the new album is called Saturn. it’s based off of Josh’s fears and anxieties and childhood. the theme is blue/green. the live shows have beautiful visuals of planets/stars/space/spaceships. Josh raps. Josh dyes his hair a bluey-green.  The era has an aesthetic of space exploration, and each song is represented by a different moon or planet. Very mysterious era.

This is the time of twenty one pilots.

This is a time where, for the first moment in many years, the world has stopped to think. It has stopped to consider that maybe, just maybe, these guys have something important to say. And it may come in the form of overplayed songs, or grammy awards, but the recognition is there. There is a brief window of time that we are living in, in which the road to not only fame, but extreme influence is opened.

And I hope, that when this era ends, there will remain a generation of people who found the beginning of purpose in creating what only they understand. I hope those who happened to live during this sliver in history will pass on these lyrics, and these words, whether directly or indirectly. Because the world is turning an ear to our direction.

This is an era. This is a movement. There is a day that we will look back and be able to say, “I was alive during that time. I saw the changing of hearts and minds of thousands of fans. I saw more creation being put into the world. I saw impact.”

Because of this band, the world is beginning to see the inside of the minds that belong to these teenagers. These people who were previously thought to never be understood.

And in another 50 years, there may be another band. But now is Twenty One Pilot’s time. Let’s celebrate that.

The Zodiac as Historical Eras:

[I decided to do this as I wanted eras beyond the 20th century]

Aries: Classical India (700 BCE - 350 BCE)
-urbamism, Jainism, iron, trade, Buddhism

Taurus: Ancient Egypt (3000 BCE - 300 BCE)
-pharoahs, the Nile, Hatshepsut, pyramids, hieroglyphs

Gemini: The Enlightenment (1650s - 1780s CE)
-intellectualism, salons, Isaac Newton, philosophy, Voltaire

Cancer: Victorian (1837 - 1907 CE)
-imperialism, Pax Brittanica, Disraeli and Gladstone, industirialization

Leo: Ancient Rome (8th century BCE - 476CE)
-emperors, res publica, Caesar, aqueducts, SPQR, Punic Wars, Caligula

Virgo: Medieval Era (5th century - 15th century CE)
-Dark Ages, rise of Islam and Christianity, 100 Years War, feudalism, Crusades, Black Plague

Libra: Ancient Greece (8th century BCE - 0CE)
-democracy, Socrates, city-states, Pythagoras, literature, Homer, Olympics

Scorpio: Revolutionary Era (1750 - 1917 CE)
-liberty, American and French Revolutions, Terror, romanticism, Napoleon

Sagittarius: The Renaissance (1350s - 1650s CE)
-rebirth, reformation, the Big Four, science and art, Galileo, Elizabethan

Capricorn: Islamic Golden Age (750 - 1300 CE)
-science, math, classical writings, Ibn Sina, House of Wisdom, caliphs

Aquarius: Six Dynasties (220 CE - 581 CE)
-Three Kingdoms, Xu Ling, Buddhism, Daoism, pagodas

Pisces: Edwardian Era (1901 - 1910 CE)
-fashion, Edward VII, reform, Boer War, suffrage, theatre, Beatrix Potter

How fast should technology & clothing trends advance in Legend of Genji?

Hello all!

Here’s a question - looking back on Avatar:the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, it seems that technology advanced INCREDIBLY fast in both shows. (Aang’s time saw the invention of hot air balloons and blimps, Korra’s time saw the invention of airplanes and GIANT MECHANICAL FRICKIN’ ROBOTS). We also seemed to jump in time quite quickly when it comes to fashion, manufacturing, etc. (Minus the robots etc. I think this DOES reflect the rapid modernization of Asia from 1840 - 1920. Take for example the images of Seoul, Korea before and during Japanese occupation).

Originally I wanted Legend of Genji to be in a 60′s - 70′s era (I saw Korra as happening in the 1920s), but I wonder how far I can stretch it. I also think a lot of 1960s/70s clothing is ugly and I don’t want to draw it haha~ But also I was worried that it might be too similar to Korra if it has the same worldspace/technology really. I.E. I’m tempted to be VERY liberal with technological advancement. My thoughts:

1) advanced manufacturing akin to the 1970s / 80s that speeds up global trade / capitalism / global inequality

2) widespread color tv, new television shows, televised probending matches, and the start of tv pop culture except to the poorest communities (the reason Lao’s shop has a shitty black and white tv, why Genji’s family can’t afford a tv)

3) Rudimentary computers

Most companies could have these old massive computers, but I also think these kinds of 1972 computers will just start to circulate:

4) more boisterous cities, urbanization, lights light lights! (Genji’s city is old and poor, so it looks like the cities in Legend of Korra. Republic City will be more like this)

Fashion-wise, sneakers were widespread in America by 1917, and converse were around in the 60s. Sweatshirts have been popular since the 1930s, and hoodies became more popular in the 1970s. The 1960s also saw the popularization of jeans, t-shirts with brands/symbols/bands, more decorative buckles/buttons/belts/zippers, etc. But if I go with 60′s - 70s fashion… flare pants and disgusting patterns.

God it burns my eyes I can’t


I like women’s fashion in the 60′s & 70s, but I cannot subject my poor little Genji to those clothes. I’m thinking I’ll update the Legend of Korra fashions style to incorporate women’s 1960s/70s dresses and simple versions of modern fashion with Avatar touches (the “asian”-esque accoutrements)

So yeah, I’m probably going to be VERY liberal with technological advancement - fashion development.

What do you guys think?