a well-oiled machine | i

pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: android au, futuristic au, prostitute au, fluff, angst, smut (next part)
➛words: 14.3k
➛rating: sfw
➛warnings: none in particular in this part– some slight drunken behaviour and an android in bad shape! hints at previous abuse
➛notes: for @cinnaminsvga !! happy birthday zee!! i wuv u uwu !! <33 enjoy your roboporn u mecha slutte – I’m sorry its not completely done!! I’ll do my best to pull the rest out my ass asap!!! <3 <3 <3

Your life takes a bit of a turn when you stumble upon an android in pieces, hidden in an alleyway in an area known for its shadows and debauchery. Taking him home to fix him might have been the best decision you’d ever made, but perhaps there was a little more to the android JK01-97 than you’d initially thought.

posted; 20.08.2018

masterlist | part ii

Through the cool blue and lilac glow that fell from the holographic signs lining the streets, the fat droplets beginning to pelt from the sky and the darkness that began to linger alongside the buildings, a form was just barely visible. Jumbled and disorganised, a mess of metal and synthetic material that had seen better days was propped against a dumpster and the brick wall behind it. Hovering vehicles sped past, women in heels and men in dress shoes strode by, all oblivious to the shape hidden just inside the alley. The droplets that had sprinkled now began to pour from the heavens in earnest, and the form began to grow soaked. Water pooled across the chipped and uneven concrete, dripping and mixing with the deep, burnt violet that trickled slowly from metallic shapes that looked vaguely like limbs, the metal torn and busted, and the flesh-like material spread across it ripped and ruined. As the remaining light of day fled the sky and the distant rumble of brontide pierced the damp air, time began to run out for the form. It had been there for days, untouched by anything but nature, and while the LED light in its eyes had managed to remain, now it had begun to flicker. It was a hopeless night, a hopeless storm growing closer, and the glow of the signs’ light reflecting across the puddles was beginning to overpower the form’s own.

He didn’t have much longer at all.

x   x     x     x     x     x     x     x     x

The Red Light District wasn’t a place you enjoyed visiting, nor one you frequented by choice. Rather, it was a necessary evil; just on the other side of the district lay a waste field, ripe with discarded technology and all the parts in the world a simple tinkerer like you could ever want. Normally, someone such as yourself seeking to pilfer the field for parts and goods would be refused entry, but you had the luck of knowing and befriending the owner. Mr Bang was a retired scientist, an inventor of sorts, who’d specialised in AI and had even mentored some of your friends in their studies before he reached an age where he decided it was time to leave the profession. It was, in a way, quite peculiar that he now owned and managed what was essentially a trash yard for discarded technology. From simple things like microwaves and hoverboards to the rare early-age android, He collected them and stored them. The only place he’d managed to find big enough for all his, well, junk had been the warehouse on the other side of the Red Light District. And so, that was where you had to go— actually, it was where you were trying to go right now, if the storm and resulting traffic decided to let up.

Your car was somewhat a relic of an older time, but still technologically advanced enough that it was allowed on the road with other vehicles. You’d grown up being taught to drive by your parents, and secretly longed to be able to drive your own car, but the laws in this day and age were quite clear. On roads that hovercraft and wheeled vehicles shared, only automatic, self-driving units were allowed. Gone were the days when you controlled the speed of your own car, the turns and brakes. It was nice not having to think about all of those things on the journey to your destination, but at the same time you found it gave you too much time to think. While it took more mental capacity, driving in itself was a mindless sort of activity. You liked that it quietened your thoughts, but supposed you’d just have to deal as always with how loud they were for now.

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Broken Shower

Pairings: Prinxiety

Word Count: 482

Warnings: implied crying, past feelings of self-loathing

A/N: this is a oneshot!! i feel bad for confusing everyone, but i don’t plan on continuing this!

Roman lazily opened the door to his dorm room, putting on his most dazzling smile to draw attention away from his puffy eyes.

He expected someone he knew, or maybe another student coming to tell him to shut up and stop singing so loudly. Roman knew the walls in this dorm were thin, and each time he was told to shut up he did. But then he would have to practice his songs for his roles and he simply could not restrain his belting.

When he opened the door, there was a boy he’d never seen before. Certainly a student, from the looks of him, perhaps a new transfer Roman hadn’t met. Either way, Roman prepared himself to hear the regular spiel of “You’re being too loud” or “D’you think you could quiet down?” but it never came.

Instead, the boy’s face knotted with concern when he said,

“Listen, we have very thin walls and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?”

Roman’s smile immediately dropped from his face. He quickly caught it, however, leaning casually against the doorframe to put off any suspicion of him not being okay.

“Oh, no, no! Terribly sorry, but I believe what you’ve been hearing is the shower itself! Very broken, makes this horrible noise. Been meaning to report it to the main office and have it fixed, I will be sure to do that soon, have a nice day!” Roman went to close the door, already turning around, but he stopped in his tracks at the pressure on the door.

It was the boy, holding the door open. Roman looked at the stranger with his head slightly tilted, curious. This was definitely a new occurrence for Roman.

The boy slowly spoke again, his steely gaze set on Roman.

“Believe me, I know what crying sounds like.” His words had meaning, and Roman’s stare turned soft with sympathy.

The stranger, suddenly realizing the peculiarity of the situation, let go of the door and looked away from Roman, breaking eye contact.

“Sorry, I- I didn’t mean to intrude it’s just- well, I hear it so often-”

“Thank you.” Roman interrupted. The boy smiled slightly. It was cute, in an awkward, sort of dorky way. Roman coughed.

“Would you like to come in? Neighbors should get to know each other. I’m Roman.” He stuck his hand out, avoiding eye contact in case the other boy chose to walk away.

“Virgil.” He took Roman’s hand, giving it a gentle shake. Virgil’s hand lingered a bit longer than necessary with Roman’s.

“Right,” Roman cleared his throat, gesturing for Virgil to come in. Virgil tentatively took a few steps inside.

“You know, my shower’s always breaking, too. Makes that same noise. I could help you with it, if you’d like?” Virgil offered, smiling. Roman smiled back.

“That would be perfect.”

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Dance For Me


Mentions: Swearing, fluff, minor smut

It’s Harry’s birthday. His girlfriend happens to be a dancer, and she also happens to have a very special birthday surprise for him.

Originally posted by twofronteeth

“Baby, where are we going?” Harry laughs, stumbling after a very eager Y/N as she tugs him along behind her. Right when they gotten in the car back at their shared house around 15 minutes ago, she had him tie her green bandana around his eyes, waving her hand in front of his face to make sure her couldn’t see.

Y/N knew Harry wasn’t one to do things like this, but it’s his birthday! Her man is 25, and if she let this day pass without something special, she would’ve been disappointed with herself.

Harry swore up and down that a day at home with her and some ‘Love Actually’ would’ve sufficed, and she liked the sound of that, but just wanted to pop this one extra thing into the day. So, here Harry was, stumbling behind his girl, blinded, and trying his hardest not to awe as she lets out little sounds of excitement.

Y/N glanced back every couple of seconds to make sure he was okay and wasn’t gonna trip over anything, and her smile only grew as she saw her friends waiting for her at the entrance to the dance studio. Her teammates were grinning almost as much as her, holding the doors open for Y/N and Harry.

Harry can tell they’ve walked inside somewhere, and hears door shut behind him. “Babe…” He slowly trails off, recognizing the feel of his Vans tapping against the hardwood floors. “Is this your dance studio?”

Y/N giggles, shushing him, “Just be quiet and sit down, Haz.” She helps him slowly sit down, him leaning back to grip the edge of the seat before lowering himself. Looking back to her teammeates, Y/N and then share knowing looks.

“Alright, Harry,” Y/N smiles, “Take y’blindfold off.”

Harry raises his eyebrows, reaching up to slide the bandana from his eyes. He runs a hand thigh his hair, eyes opening to see Y/N stood maybe 10 feet from him, two girls on each side of her. He also notices the people crowded around the studio, a place he’d become familiar with after picking Y/N up from her practice.

He’d never really seen her live before.

The people around the studio are close to the walls, leaving a large gap in the middle where the five dancers are stood, and he recognizes everyone. It’s his friends and family; All of his band, Jeff, his mum, Gemma, and even James Corden, all just leaning against the walls ready to watch.

Harry smirks, “Am I gettin’ a show, babe?”

Y/N just smirks right back at him, “Hm, you tell me.”

Then, the music starts, and it’s really very easy to recognize his own song.

Kiwi plays through the room, and his eyes widen as he watches Y/N moves in sync with the woman behind her. Her body moves mesmerizingly, adorned in high waisted black shorts and a black crop top, showing off her beautiful body.

As it reaches the chorus, Harry can definitely feel his pants tighten a bit as Y/N moves to the floor, rolling her body against it and moving with such a rhythm, Harry’s mind is spinning.

His hand cups his mouth as his jaw is slack, moving so his elbows rest on his knees. Y/N comes up to him

Bought, the bridge starting.

“She sits beside me like a silhouette,” His own voice plays through the room as Y/N straddles his hips, “Hard candy drippin’ ok me ‘til my feet are wet.”

Everyone cheers and hollers as they see Y/N tease Harry some, her hand drawing lightly down his face and their eyes locked as the song sings.

“It’s like I paid for it, It’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for this.”

Y/N is out of his lap in seconds, smirking as she dances through the last chorus with the girls. As the song comes to an end, when the final chords hit, Y/N slides gracefully onto her knees in front of Harry.

Harry can’t find the words, everyone else in the room bursting into applause while he sits their speechless. His mind is still replaying how absolutely stunning she looked and how skillfully her body moved with the beat.

She climbs to her feet, smiling down at Harry, “Happy birthday, H.”

And Harry really can’t say anything, instead deciding to shoot from his chair and tackle her into a hug. Everyone cheers once more, and he happens to hear extra applause from his band, making him roll his eyes when he thinks back on it a couple hours later.

“You liked it?” She giggles, him lifting her from the ground to hug her tighter.

“Fuckin’ killed it, didn’t yeh?” He breathes, setting her down once more, “Looked about as breathtaking as yeh always do, yeah?”

Y/N rolls her eyes, shoving him softly, “It is your birthday.”

Harry grins, leaning down to discreetly whisper in her ear, “It is, isn’t it? So that means the issue I got in m’trousers from yeh first gift will be fixed with a second one right?”

Then he settled a soft pinch to her hips, making her yelp quietly.

“Maybe another gift that involves yeh pretty body.”

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Oh my god first of all I love prince todo!! Do you think you’ll be writing more of him? And if I can request, can I have todo x fem reader where she’s usually quiet and keeps to herself but during training she has to spar with bakugou and straight up destroys him and todo is all impressed by kick ass reader plsss ❤️❤️

hello anon !!! ♡♡♡ ASKDKDJD i’m glad you loved how i wrote prince todo, isn’t he just adorable ?! *busts the phattest uwu* hm, me writing more prince todo depends – maybe i might write more …? only if 1. people request for a pt2 of the oneshot or/and 2. i have an idea for another oneshot lmao but ty ty ty anon!!!1 i love you very much <33

AA this is a gr9 idea i really like it:’D i’m not sure if you wanted prince todo or student todo for this, but i went ahead and just wrote with our student todo, if that’s alright with you sksks anyways thank you very much for the request anon!!!! i’m so sorry it’s REALLY late, but i hope you enjoy it;;♡♡


you’re sweet and all, so you can’t blame todoroki for slightly underestimating you// todoroki x reader

It had already been months since the school year had started, so how had Todoroki not known you had the ability to absolutely destroy Bakugo’s ass up until now?

The two toned hair boy had only thought of you as his reserved, quiet classmate who sat in front of him, a few desks away. Although you didn’t take much initiative to share information about yourself with your fellow classmates, you were usually friendly to those who started some chit chat with you. When it came to teaming up with others, you cooperated well with others, and your quirk of tentacle-like arms that doubled as both a defending weapon and a shield always seemed to work with everyone else’s quirk.

So when Aizawa had gathered everyone outside to train as usual and listed the names of who would be sparing with who, Todoroki was definitely a bit excited to see how you would use your quirk against someone. Every pair had scuttled into their own area, but Todoroki had been able to subtly lure Kirishima into a space that was near his two other classmates without getting Kiri to notice that they were actually near them.

Why did he want to observe his two fellow in-training heroes? It might be a good time to see your quirk in action - he wanted to be ready just to see what attacks you would pull in the future in the case that you both needed to battle. Plus, you and Bakugo were the complete polar opposites, so he had a feeling events would turn out interesting, in the least. How would he observe his two fellow in-training heroes? He’d keep Kirishima distracted by the ice he’d create to defend himself, and during that time that Kiri’s overusing his quirk to break out of the compacted ice, Todoroki would simply just sit to get a load of the match. Who knows? You would either be blown away by Explosive Boy right after the start of the match, or you’d give off a well-fought fight before you pass out by your quirk being overworked.

…Or, it wouldn’t be either of those, and he simply just underestimated you.

It was the latter.

It had already been five minutes and two things were happening: Kirishima had been breaking out of the ice with what Todoroki assumed was all of his quirk, and you were completely on defense against Bakugo Katsuki.

You could feel the back and the armpit parts of your uniform just sticking because of the sweat, and there was no way you were going to be able to regain your breath with the amount of adrenaline you were having. Although you took second-long breaks by just staying out of Bakugo’s line of sight, there was unquestionably no physically stopping as the sound of your feisty opponent’s explosions crackled in your ears and his stupid shouting blared around you. It had only been five minutes since the match started, but you knew you couldn’t stay defensive until you didn’t have any strength to fight and give up.

Withdrawing your quirk’s arms from keeping Bakugo at a safe distance away from you, half of the tentacle-like weapons that spurted from your back altered into a sharp shape, while the other half hardened into shields that would act as your “bodyguard” and block Bakugo’s explosions as you ran towards him. Despite your feet telling you they were aching and the numbness you felt in almost your whole entire body, your smirk only grew larger as you lept off the ground only to be facing your infuriating opponent, whose quirk was being used to be lifted off the ground as well. Two of your “arms” had sped out and constrained Bakugo’s wrists, and because they were able to solidify, the explosions he set off were completely ineffective.

GODDAMNIT…!!! AND THIS IS THE FUCKING REASON WHY I HATE YOUR SHITTY QUIRK–!!!” The enraged boy kicked his legs in the air, and you hadn’t even realized one of the tentacles had gone to muffle his relentless shit talk. You walked closer, and his eyebrows scrunched even closer than before.

“This was an extremely tiring but productive match today, Bakugo! We both fought well, but you helped me understand that there really are some dumbass fools out there. I hope I get to wreck you today, just like how I did a few minutes ago. Let’s team up next time, Bakugo!”

Todoroki’s eyes were completely widened as the tentacles released the boy and dropped him with the look of pure shock, defeat and anger blooming on his face. You bowed politely and him and he watched you almost skip away from the match area to report to Aizawa how the sparing went through. He turned his head back to see how Bakugo was doing, and he was (obviously) still raging around – his explosions were going crazy.

“Damn, man. She totally whooped Bakugo’s ass!!! I knew her quirk was really strong, but I didn’t know she could be so tough with it…”

Todoroki flinched. He looked at his side to see Kirishima standing next to him, who was gazing at your’s and Bakugo’s battle area. When had he gotten out of that ice prison? How long has he been standing there? Shouldn’t Kirishima have made a move and attacked him? …Or, was he watching the enticing match as well?

Although, the two toned boy did have to agree with what the redhead had said. Just watching how thoughtful you look as you shielded yourself for the first few minutes showed that you really thought about how you would escape Bakugo’s offense, but you made it look as if capturing him was easy as hell. Your quirk was so powerful against the explosive boy – it reminded him of Kirishima’s because of the hardening tentacle arms, except for the fact that they were also alternatives to weapons. You turned the tables on one of the most strongest and wildest students swiftly, and there you were, staying entirely humble on the outside. Todoroki had a slight feeling you were very happy inside.

“She radiates Big Dick Energy.

I like her.”

My Favorite Person Part 2 (Connor x Reader)

Character: Connor

Fandom: Detroit: Become Human

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Fluff

Title: Babysitting

Read Part 1 first!! 

That’s it, I’ve reached my limit. Coffee doesn’t have an effect on me anymore, or at least not the one I want it to have. I definitely have shaky hands and a racing heart, but it doesn’t help me feel less tired or more active, so my productivity drops.

I tiredly lean my jaw on my hand, closing my eyes for just a moment to let them rest from the hurtful blue light of the screen before me. If I could at least get out of desk duty and get some action in a case it would be better, but this monotonous and boring routine doesn’t help because it bores me so much.

“Hey, Y/N” A familiar voice makes me jump up, also making me aware that I was falling asleep. “Y/N! Wake up!”

“I’m awake” I mutter, opening my eyes and looking around as my lazy eyes finally focus on the person that’s staring at me.

“Napping on the job?” Hank smirks at me, even though I recognize a hint of concern in his eyes.

“I said I’m awake, Hank, fuck you” I say, half-jokingly, making him chuckle.

“I see you could use a distraction”

“Depends on the distraction, but yeah”

“You’re smart enough to know what I want to ask you, right?”

“Well, my brain is shutting down right now, so why don’t you give me a hint?”

“It has to do with Connor” Hanks smirks again, which is yet another hint.

“Crap” I mutter, definitely knowing what he wants. “Don’t tell me I have to babysit again!”

“He’s driving me crazy! I want some fucking peace and quiet for a change” He throws his arms up in the air in frustration.

“Don’t lie” I say, even if my voice sounds weird when a big yawn interrupts me. “Deep down you like him, I’ve seen it, you care about him”

“Shut up, Y/N” Hank rolls his eyes, fed up with me.

“You’re friends with an android!” Honestly, I have no clue where I get the energies to be playful. But teasing him is fun, and it keeps my mind busy.

“I’m leaving” He just says, turning around already. “Go with Connor!”

“Fine, but I demand you lend me your Knights of the Black Death CDs to make up for it!”

He doesn’t respond, and maybe he hasn’t even heard me because he’s almost at the door already. I sigh as I wait for Connor to arrive. Hopefully his company will cheer me up like last time, maybe I won’t remember how tired I am when he’s around.

Soon after, I notice him walking into the bullpen. Hank missed him by a hair.

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hello! do you have any fics about andrew and neil publicizing their relationship? maybe in an interview? and neil being super extra about it? because i saw a post about it and now i can’t stop thinking about it. thanks!

Maybe ;)

In Which Neil Josten is a PR Nightmare by CoverYourEyes ( T | Incomplete | 14/?)

Eve was not the best person in the world. Sometimes she didn’t hold the elevator open when she saw people rushing to catch it from the other side of the lobby. Cutting the line at Starbucks was a semi-regular action.

But Eve did not deserve to be Neil fucking Josten’s publicist.


Or, the one where Neil does what he wants, picks fights with reporters, discovers Twitter, breaks the internet, and really shouldn’t be allowed out of his house.

Andrew does nothing to discourage him.

The Name Game by minyrrds ( G | 3,042 | 1/1)

What happens when Andrew and Neil change the names on their jerseys

Minyard-Josten: A Rivalry For The Ages by dustbottle ( M | 4,203 | 1/1)

After four years of playing together at Palmetto State University, Neil and Andrew end up on different professional teams. Neil is the new striker for the Atlanta Hawks; Andrew is goalie for the Boston Rebels. This is the story of their so-called rivalry.

Three guesses as to who starts the rumours.

(Spoilers: It’s Neil.)

The Truth Behind It by wematch ( T | 2,801 | 1/1)

Neil finally makes a Twitter account the year after he leaves the Foxes. His PR has been nagging him about making a social media account since he joined the team but ultimately he uses it to annoy Andrew. Of course things escalate and the rumours of a rivalry between the two form, that is until Neil clarifies everything.

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Hello, are requests open? If not, sorry, ignore this. I've had the worse day; nothing has gone right and I'm so stressed I iust want to cry. If requests are open may I please get something fluffy and sweet with Aizawa and a fem s/o? Like a cute love confession? Thank you

Your wish is my command, Anon! It’s not exactly what you requested, but I wanted it to be cute and fluffy~ Such as a budding relationship between Aizawa and his future s/o!

-Mama Nidiot

Aizawa Shouta (Eraser Head):

Originally posted by deafmic

Aizawa sighed heavily as he slumped at his desk in the teacher’s lounge, rubbing the heel of his palm against his drying eyes, in hopes to relieve the irritated feeling. That’s when someone placed something next to his elbow.

“I’m surprised that you didn’t have any eye-drops on you, Aizawa-san,” you commented, leaving the bottle there before moving back over to your own desk to work on the small stacks of paper that needed to be graded.

From then on, the Erasure Hero started to talk notice of you, and how dedicated you were to your students in General Studies, and how you always seemed to have a bottle of eye-drops on you whenever he ran out.

“Hey, [name]-san,” the tired hero called out to you, rubbing at his dry eyes, “you have any eye-drops on you? I used the last of mine during class.”

Smiling, you pulled out the bottle from your breast pocket and handed it over. “With how many times you seem to forget to stock up on your eye-drops, it seems as if you just want an excuse to talk to me,” you teased, watching Aizawa tip his head back and place a few drops in each eye before straightening up your work space.

Aizawa casted a sidelong look at you as he crawled into his sleeping bag, a juice pouch firmly placed between his lips as an excuse to not respond.

“Excuse me! You’re the one who doesn’t understand!”

Aizawa stilled, watching as you jabbed a finger in some lower ranked hero’s chest, face red with anger. Before it could escalate, he decided it was time to cut in. “What’s with all the ruckus, [name]-san?”

“I was trying to explain to this man that the General Studies students have as much potential as those in the Hero Course! However, apparently he doesn’t seem to think so, regardless that the entrance exams are vastly irrational, and rigged to favor those with more physically enhanced quirks!”

“Lady, brainwashing is a Quirk more geared for villainous purposes than heroics!”

“You narrow-minded twit!” [name] was now livid. “Shinsou-kun’s Quirk is highly useful mainly for hostage situations and to talk potential jumpers off the edge! He just lacks the physical conditioning that is needed for the Hero Course, which he cannot get if we’re not willing to train these young heroes-in-training!”

Aizawa grinned widely, which was hidden by his capture scarves, as he stood in front of you, and taking in your red face and narrowed eyes; finding it to be a cute look on you. “Calm down, [name]-san. You don’t want your students seeing you getting flustered on their behalf.” He casted a look over his shoulder, making the other hero cringe and the dead look he was receiving. “As for you, I suggest turning in your licence and retire if you cannot see [name]-san’s rational reasoning.”

“Ah! You’re right!” with that, you both started walking away from the floundering pro.

Aizawa scratched his cheek, looking off to the side. “Hey, [name]-san…”

“Yes?” You replied, entering the teacher’s lounge together.

“Have you ever been to a Cat Café?”

You stilled as Aizawa plopped down at his desk and started drinking a juice pouch.

“Are… are you asking me out on a date, Aizawa-san?!”

“FINALLY!” shouted Present Mic from the opposite side of the lounge, the papers he should’ve been grading flying through the air, only to get hit in the head with an eye-drop bottle right between the eyes.

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Umm a Melissa and Katie one based on them at comic con? Maybe they both struggle a lot with keeping their hands of the other, cus their outfits😍😍

Originally posted by krzrl

Comic con!!! - Admin Cam

ps I’m changing some of details of their arrival and stuff. I’ve done three very different versions of this, but I settled on this one. It’s set the night before the panel.

pps This is probably absolute trash…. I really am so sorry about this

It’s one in the morning and Melissa is exhausted from traveling all day. However, all that seems to go away when she sees a certain brunette in silver sequins in the hotel lobby. Her breath catches in her throat as the woman makes her way over to her.

“I thought you’d never get here!” Katie exclaims, her words slightly slurred and wraps her arms around the blonde.

Melissa smiles, “Yeah, were you heading back to your room?”

“About that, we’re actually sharing a room. Everyone has been split up,” she pulls back from the embrace to look Melissa in the eyes, “I hope that’s alright?” she jokes.

“I guess I can manage,” Melissa says with a smile.

Katie pulls her arms away from where they hung loosely around Melissa’s neck, “I’ll show you where we’re at then.”

Melissa grabs the bags she had set down when Katie had come over and follows her down the hallway to the elevator.

They’re the only ones in the elevator and Melissa can’t help but appreciate Katie’s outfit.

“You look amazing, by the way.”

“Thanks, love,” she says with a wink.

The elevator dings as they reach their floor. The two walk out of it and into the abandoned hallway, Melissa pulling her suitcase behind her. They pass by a few doors before reaching their own near the end of the hall.

“Welcome to our room,” Katie says holding the door open to let Melissa in.

As soon as Katie closes the door behind the two of them, she’s pushed against the door and lips are pressed against hers.

After a heated moment, Melissa pulls back, “I’ve been wanting to do that since I saw you in the lobby, but I didn’t want to risk anyone seeing us. I’ve missed you.”

Katie smiles, “I’ve missed you too.”

Melissa grabs her hand, pulling her to the bed, “Now, let me show you how much I love that outfit of yours.”

“Being so close you can that you can feel your lips brush when you whisper” Part Two

Read Part One Here

Requested/Wanted by: @nsainmoonchild, @slither-in-a-half, @tbhimprobablylost1613, @katzuh, @the-alorian, @imagine-that-hoes and a couple Anonymous.

Pairing: Spock x reader

Gender: Any/Neutral      Triggers: None      Words: 1,773

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

It had been a few hours since you returned from your mission with Spock. You managed to escape after going into warp, though the ship was still on alert just in case the alien ship finds your location.

You were walking through the ship, trying to find something to do before your shift started. You couldn’t seem to stay still, your mind kept going over the events on the enemy ship.

As you rounded the corner, you saw Spock standing at the end of the corridor talking to another officer. You spun around and immediately began walking the other way. You shook your head at your own cowardice ‘It’s not like anything happened’ you thought to yourself.

Deciding to go back to your room, you hoped you would be calmed down enough for your next shift. When you made it to your door, you jumped when your name was suddenly spoken right behind you. 

Hearing Uhura chuckle you turn with a sigh “Jeez Nyota, where did you even come from?”

She smiled at you “I’ve been looking for you ever since you got back from the enemy ship. So, how did it go?”

“Fine” you answered quickly, but there was a certain look in your eyes that made her curiosity spark.

She followed you into your room and watched your closely “What happened?”

You sat down on your bed “What do you mean? We got the weapon, we almost got caught, and we made it back safely”

“No, no. Something else happened, I can read it on your face”

You sighed, showing her that she was right “It was nothing”

She quickly walked over the the bed and sat down beside you “Tell me”

You rolled your eyes at her excitement but told her what happened anyway. When you were done you lean back against the wall “See? Nothing”

“That’s not nothing Y/n, that was almost something”

“It doesn’t matter, he’s my Commanding officer”

“So? There aren’t any strict rules against it. I mean, they generally say you shouldn’t, but not that you can’t”

Looking over at the clock you stand up “Our shift is starting” Uhura stood and followed you out of the room before muttering quietly “Do you think you can handle being in the same room as him”

“I’m a professional” you replied, though nervousness filled your gut. 

Glancing back at her she gave you a knowing look “Just try to contain yourself, don’t lose control in there”

You rolled your eyes at her, making both of you giggle as you entered the room. You avoided looking around the room as you made your way to your seat, a small smile still on your face.

Your giggle as you entered the room caused Spock’s head to snap towards your direction, his heart almost fluttering. He frowned at his own behavior. He had never reacted to your laugh like that before. Why was it suddenly such an amazing sound? He watched at you made you way to your station, a small smile on your face. One that almost made him smile just by seeing it. 


You managed to get through your shift without looking at him, though the thought of doing so distracted you a few times. During this, you were unaware of the countless times Spock’s eyes made there way towards you. Watching you work, wondering why he was so fascinated by you now, his own thoughts reaching back to when you were on the enemy ship, the closeness of your bodies, of your lips.

Jim had been watching Spock in amusement. Knowing almost instantly that the Vulcan was smitten with you. Now he knew that something had definitely happened back on that ship. Knowing that you and Uhura were really close, he had a feeling she knew, and he needed to know.

When Uhuras shift was over, Jim followed her onto the elevator. They stood side by side before he couldn’t contain it “What happened between Spock and Y/n on that ship?”

The surprised look he gave him told him that she did know “I don’t know what you mean Captain”

“Oh come on Uhura, I know you saw Spock practically burning a hole in the back on Y/n’s head in there. Something is driving him crazy and I wanna know what it is, I could order you to tell me if that would help”

She sighed “It wouldn’t. But I’ll tell you anyway” as she began telling the Captain what you told her, she hoped that you wouldn’t hate her for telling him.


As your shift ended, you slowly rose, hoping your movements would go unnoticed. Heading towards the door, you spared one look back. You almost jumped when you met Spocks eyes. He had been watching you already as you moved towards the door.

Quickly leaving the room and walking a little faster than normal down the hall, you tried to calm your rapidly beating heart. You walked quickly through the ship before making it to your room. After stepping inside you let out a sigh as you leaned against the door.

You had been unaware that Spock had been following behind you, though, not as fast. He paused in front of you door, thinking to himself for a few moments.

As the sound of someone at your door made you jump slightly, you hesitated for a moment, part of you hoping it was Uhura, but the other part of you knowing it was him. Pressing a button, the door slid open, you remained unmoved even as Spock became visible. 

“Sir” you greeted, trying to sound professional.

“Y/n” he greeted. 

You were slightly surprised that he used your name, he had almost only ever greeting you by rank “Is something wrong?”

He visible hesitated “I am unsure” your brown furrowed “I wish to speak to you about something”

“Oh, uh, alright” you moved aside, gesturing for him to enter.

Walking in, he looked around your room. This was the first time he had been here. The touches around the room showed your personality. He turned to face you as you closed the door “There is something that has been…bothering me, since we returned from our mission.”

“Bothering you? Like what? Do you think there was more than one weapon or something?”

“No, I think we did our job adequately” 

“Then what’s bothering you?” you asked wondering if this conversation was going the way you thought it might.

He hesitated for a moment, unsure if he should really be here. But as his eyes met yours and he stared into them for a moment he knew he had to. He took a step closer to you, noticing the way you swayed back slightly, surprised by his movements “When we were hiding on the ship, there was a moment when we were…” he paused.

“Uncomfortable close?” you finished for him.

You saw the side of his mouth twitch upward “Yes, I suppose that is one way to put it. After that situation, you have seemingly been avoiding me. Earlier this morning, you refused to walk down the same hall as me”

“You saw that?” you asked, embarrassment filling your body.

“Yes” he glanced down at his feet before looking back at you “That only confirmed that our…interaction in the enemy ship affected you as much as it did me”

“Affected you?”

“Yes” he nodded “There were moments before that mission in which I was… intrigued by you, but I was unaware of why, or in what capacity. But on the ship it became clear to what extent”

Your heart was pounding slightly, was he saying what it sounded like he was saying “I don’t think I understand”

He took another small step closer to you, his face was directly above yours, your chests almost touching “The human half of me was attracted to you, but the Vulcan half of me rejected those thoughts and feelings. This is why I was having trouble understanding my feelings for you. But after our situation on the ship, and how it has affected me since, I understand what I want now”

You felt almost paralyzed by him, as he stared into your eyes “And what is it that you want?”

He stared at you for another moment, before his lips twitched upwards again, a small smile on his face. Before you could figure out what he was planning, his lips were on yours. He had quickly leaned forward, kissing you, much more fervently than you would have expected. 

When he pulled away you looked at him in shock, he spoke again “There was a moment in that ship in which I wanted to do the same thing, but it would have been an inappropriate time”

“Yeah, I thought the same thing” you admitted without really thinking.

He remained unmoved as he stared down at you, slowly his hand reached up and briefly touched the side of your face “Though there are no rules against relationships between Officers, it is not the best idea, emotional compromisation is still possible and could affect my position as a commanding officer on this ship”

“Yes” you nodded, disappointment rushing over you.

“Again I am challenged with two choices. Avoid the possibility of emotional comprise by ignoring my feeling for you, or risk the possibility by accepting them” his face was almost emotionless as he spoke.

“Sounds like another fight between your human and Vulcan halves”

“Indeed. Though, something I cannot ignore is the fact that if I were to choose to ignore my feeling for you, that in itself could emotional compromise me”

“So which are you going to choose?”

He paused for a moment before cocking his head slightly “I believe that my entering your quarters, admitting my feelings and kissing you expresses that I have already chosen you”

He noticed the slight shock in your face. You had fully expected him not to choose you “Now” he began “I would ask you to accompany me to the Captains quarters to ask for his permission, but I think that is unnecessary as both he and Lieutenant Uhura are listening outside your door”

Your head snapped towards the door as you heard a small gasp, hushed shushing and the sound the footsteps rushing away. You let out a chuckle as you shook your head “Typical” looking back at Spock you see he is smiling down at you.

You smiled back as he leaned closer again, this time you met him halfway as his lips pressed against yours. His hands grabbing your waists as he no longer had any reservations against showing you how he felt.

I’m not sure if it was as good as the first part, but I tried lol


Prompt: “Jubilant- adj. feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.”

Word Count: 534

Rating: T+

Warnings: None

A/N: not my best writing and y’all i need to sleep.

The sounds of skin hitting skin echo throughout the gym, the fluorescent lights reflecting off the drops of sweat on Natasha’s and Maria’s faces as they spar. Maria jabs and Natasha blocks, their arms and legs flying back and forth in a flurry of activity.

Finally, Maria forces Natasha on the mats, her back hitting the floor with a hard thud. There’s a moment where Natasha resists but it’s futile because she taps out a couple of minutes later, Maria leaping up the instant Natasha surrenders.

“Damnit,” Natasha curses, standing back up with the help of Maria’s outreached hand even though with the shit-eating grin on Maria’s face.

“I beat you!” Maria singsongs, her smile wide as she grabs a towel and wipes the droplets of sweat off her face. “I beat Black freakin’ Widow!”

Maria dances around a little as she takes a swig of her water and it’s so out of character to see Hill this happy but Natasha’s also grinning because, fuck, this is probably the cutest thing she’s ever seen.

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semercury  asked:

1 and oso if i'm not too late!

summary: “A tug at your heartstrings, an invisible force causing your knees to buckle, and the unmistakable racing of your heart whenever he flashed you that goofy grin.”

[set in the high school/musical matsu!au]

pairing: osomatsu x gender-neutral!reader

word count: 1,264

genre: angst, minor fluff

warnings: underage alcohol consumption, unrequited feelings, crying

a/n: I’m back in business–for the moment at least! I meant to make this fluffy, and with a cute, happy ending, but uh…that did not happen. This is sad, dramatic, and there is not a happy ending. Hope you don’t mind and that you like it! [Number is from this prompt list –> “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”]

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Get up. It’s Black Friday.

If text is in bold then it means the object’s talking
If text is in italic then it represents your thoughts.


You groaned, snuggling deeper into your fluffy blanket as a desperate attempt to go back to sleep, it was 6:30 am and you were way too tired to even bother to open one eye.


Sighing, you sat up and glared at your alarm clock. If it had a face, it would have this annoying shit-eating grin, which you imagined it always had every time it would oh so rudely wake you up.

“Must you be so annoying?” You asked, “IT’S MY JOB HUN, I HAVE TO BE.” It replied, oh and did I mention that you can talk to appliances, sometimes people don’t know what it’s saying, which makes you seem crazy, but you can make people hear them.

 It adds to one of your many weird powers, not very useful, wait actually not useful at all for battle but at least you don’t feel alone all the time.

“OH AND BY THE WAY. YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP MR. RIGHT AND WRONG, CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS A MUST.” It reminded, you gave it a small smile and stretched, yawning, you replied, “Thank you for that reminder.”

Today was a month before Christmas, and you have to buy gifts for everyone today, you decided to include (force) Loki or ‘Mr. Right and Wrong.’ since he hasn’t experienced this time of gifts, trees, and alcohol.

But it was also because you were the one in charge of his tight up ass.

You showered, got into your casual wear, ate 3 spoonfuls of Nutella and off you went to the lounge. You had to be early or else all the good stuff will be gone, leaving you and the last minute squad with cheap shit at the bargain bin.

You stared at Loki’s slumped figure over the couch, you knew you wouldn’t wake him by just pouring cold water or by shaking the life force out of him, you had to use your good ol’ friend. Alarm Clock.

“Hey, you have to wake up Loki.” You told the object, “AGAIN? CHRIST, CAN’T YOU JUST POUR COLD WATER OVER HIM?”

“Nah fam, already tried that. It never works for him.” You bluntly replied.


You held the alarm clock right next to Loki’s ear, calmly waiting for what they were about to yell.

“JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS JINGLE GET UP.” It roughly sang you covered your mouth to keep yourself from laughing out loud.

Loki snapped his eyes open and jolted upwards, accidentally rolled up the couch, he looked towards you with angry yet shocked eyes.

“Get up reindeer, we need to go early, so get in your normal clothes so that we can skedaddle our asses out of here.”

“Do not tell me what to do foolish mortal.” He replied you rolled your eyes at this, “First of all, do not be the cause of us being late and missing out on all the good shit. Secondly, I am no mortal.” Loki groaned and flipped himself on his stomach despite him being on the cold, hard floor.

“Why do we have to do this?” he mumbled, lazily patting the floor, you smiled.

“Because we are one of the civilized citizens of New York, now get up.” You said, kicking him lightly at his sides.

“Fiiine.” He moped, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. Christ, finally. You thought.

It took him at least 28 minutes to get ready, before you two head out the door.

Getting in the car Loki shook his head, “Why can’t Midgardians teleport or something? Instead of using this machinery.” He asked, “I actually have no idea why guess they’re not that advanced. Too bad you can’t just teleport us to the mall, the majority of your powers being removed and all.”

“Midgardians are absolutely pathetic.”

“Not all of them are, some of them have no hope but some are just the best.”

You took your keys out of your pocket and started up the engine, then you just started driving to the nearest mall in your area.

The ride was quiet, with Loki just staring at the tall office building and the angry cars beeping, until a Bugatti just cut you off and swerved in front of you, your mouth went agape.

“Fucking asshole…” You muttered, your face darkening as you grit your teeth, beeping vigorously, “Honestly, who the hell do they think they are?” You asked, turning to face Loki, 

“As expected, mortals just prove to me even more that they’re definitely the worst.” He stated, crossing his arms and once again looking out the car window.

“Calm down (Y/n),” The car softly said, “Do you want me to play some songs to get your mind off of it?”

You nodded, “Yeah, that would be nice.” 

It started to play one of your favorite songs and just like that, you were once again, calm.

You took a deep breath, and exhaled, being fully calm you started to drive again, “Okay so since this is your first Christmas ever, what do you know about it so far?”

“Um, that it consists of celebrating with alcoholics, that it has a lot of gifts, and that it’s a complete waste of time.” He bluntly stated, looking at you.

“That is slightly true but some people celebrate it differently, drinking and eating whatever the hell we want is how we celebrate Christmas.” You said, looking over your shoulder, parking between two cars.

You finally got the car in the right position and turned it off, you checked your watch and it was 7:43, “Three hours before the mall opens, come on.” You said, opening the door and going to the other side to open his.

The both of you rushed to the entrance, where some other few people were also waiting.

“What time does the uh, mall open?” Loki asked, gently nudging your side, “10 am,”

“We still have to wait for three hours?”

“Well, yeah we have to be early.” You said, digging through your bag, looking for your phone.

“How boring.” He stated you flicked him on the forehead while rolling your eyes.

After three agonizing hours, the mall doors started to open, “Great, wartime.” You muttered, standing up, he looked at you with confusion, “Excuse me but what?”

“You’ll know.” You said as it opens, people then came swarming in, some of them bumping into you.

You immediately gripped his wrist, he snapped his head at you, “Unhand me.”

“And get you lost? Hell no, you may be a God but you don’t know how things work around here.”

He scoffed at this, “Oh please, I am perfectly capable of-” He was cut off by you outright running at full speed, dragging him with you.

“Keep up Laufeyson.” You nonchalantly stated, he clicked his tongue, swiftly  brushing past person to person.

“Good thing people don’t know who we are.” You muttered, stopping and checking your list.

“We have to get something for Bruce first,” You paused, looking at Loki, “Any ideas?”

“He’s like this science person right?” He asked, you nodded, glancing at your list once more you blinked at the sudden realisation. Loki noticed this,


“I know now, come on!” You exclaimed, grabbing Loki’s hand once more and began dragging him to who knows where.

(3 Hours Later)

“Okay, we’ve got everyone…let’s go home and sleep.” You tiredly stated, rubbing your eyes, which was difficult because of all the bags you were carrying.

“How about you?” He asked, you raised your eyebrow at this, “What do you mean?” you asked, turning to face him.

“Aren’t you going to buy a gift for yourself?” You laughed, patting him lightly on his shoulder, “No! Of course not, that would be giving something to yourself and that’s just sad!” You said, shaking your head while going to the parking lot, with 

“Oh.” He said, he looked at the pair of antlers in your hand, “Who’s that for?” He asked, “Oh um, it’s for someone I really like.”

“I see, who is it then?” He asked with a small smirk, you scowled and you felt your face heat up a little, “Why would I tell you?”

“Because I asked you to,” He said, taking a few steps closer. You stayed still with your arms crossed.

“Well then I’m not going to tell you, now get in the car Loki.” You say, opening both car doors, dumping everything at the back.

“Not until you tell me who it is, I won’t even bother to take a step forward.”

“No, you’re getting in this car.” He chuckled and leaned against you, “Make me.” he whispered, you felt your face heat up more as you felt his hot breath at your neck.

Regaining your composure, you looked at him,“Indeed I will,” You said with a smile, and you kept that smile on your face as you drove home with a tied up Loki at the back along with the bags.

“Mmpf mhf.” You heard you looked behind, “Oh what’s that? I have noooo idea what you’re saying.”

Once you two reach home, you opened the door at the back to find Loki fast asleep, “Aw, that’s both cute and sad.”

You brought him in, 


You heard Alarm Clock ask, “I tied him up, he fell asleep on the way home.”


You huffed, “He was getting too close for comfort, also I got him this.” You said, holding up the pair of antlers Loki seemed so interested him in the parking lot.


You smiled, nodding. Then you yawned, you then proceeded to go up the stairs.

“I’m tired, I’m gonna go to bed.” 


“Yeah sure, he seems peaceful.” You replied, staring at his face and smiling ever so slightly.

You walked near his figure and you lightly booped his nose, “I like you, you ‘mewling quim’.” You muttered before placing the antlers on his head before picking up Alarm Clock and going upstairs.


“Shut up.” And with that you closed the door to your room.

Next Day.

Loki woke up still tied and felt something on his head, it was the pair of antlers on his head and he smirked to himself,

“Knew it. Love you too ‘Asshole’.”

Spiderman x Reader One Shot

A New Friend

Spiderman x Reader One Shot

A girl sits on a tall brick apartment building, her feet dangling off of the side of the building. Her hands rest next to her as she looks up at the stars above her in the night sky. She breathes out and watches her breathe due to the crisp night time air. She stands up and teeters on the edge of the building, her arms stretched out wide on either side of her. She hears movement behind her and turns her head and looks over her shoulder. She looks straight again and over the starlight after seeing the familiar spider symbol on the man’s chest. “Don’t jump.” He states, not thinking of anything else to say.

“I never planned to.” Replied the (h/c) haired girl. She turns her body completely and hops down from the edge of the roof. “Of course, jumping wouldn’t of changed anything either. I don’t think anyone would miss me.” Spiderman shakes his head, disagreeing with her statement. He slowly moves closer.

“That’s not true. Your family would miss you! And your friends too!” He exclaims, his voice laced with worry. The girl snorts a little.

“You’re talking to a foster kid who gets bounced around so much she can’t keep a single friend. It’s kinda ironic, a city full of people and I’m lonely.” The girl chuckles

in self pity. She then plops down swiftly on the roof and her feet are dangling off the edge once more. Spiderman takes a seat next to her.

“Well, I’ll be your friend then!” He states happily. “This could be our meeting spot! So no matter where you get moved to next we can always come back to here!” Spiderman states swinging his leg back and forth like a young toddler. The girl smiles.

“Ya, I’d like that. I’m (y/n).”

“Spiderman, but I think you already knew that.”

anonymous asked:

can you write a scenario where katsuki's s/o got his hero costume by mistake so she has to wear it for the entire internship? thank you!!!! btw i love your writing so much, keep it up ^.^

It’s here. Finally. I’m sorry it took so long. I started when I was on holiday and then things got a bit manic. Sorry anon. Also thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoy my writing - I started with the hope of making people smile with some good content :)

You grinned cheekily as your beloved boyfriend refused to wish you goodbye at the station while the class was splitting up and heading off their separate ways to get to their internships. He was too stubborn and possibly too shy to do anything cute like that.

It didn’t bother you in the slightest. In fact, it gave you plenty of chances to tease him and wind him up. What could possibly be better? “Aww, don’t you care enough about your precious girlfriend to even give her a nice send-off?” You teased with a sly smirk. “Ooh, I wonder if there’ll be anyone cute at the hero office interning too!”

With a growl, he grabbed you and roughly pecked the crown of your head without warning. It was over before you’d even realised what was happening. You smirked, content with what you’d manage to wrangle out of him. He knew you were just teasing but that didn’t stop him. You’d both placed the hero costume cases down by your sides while you teased him and he pretended like he hated it. How could he hate it though? It was you and you were just annoyingly adorable sometimes.

You were about to pinch his cheek and ask if that was a blush that you could see, but your little plan was cut short when there was a final call for your train to the internship. It was the last time you were going to see him for a week so it was only natural that you’d wanted to have a little moment with him before you departed. Although there was a chance you could chat in the evenings, odds were you were going to just want to go to your room and sleep at night.

So quickly ruffling Bakugou’s hair in the irritating way that you liked, you gave him a final grin before grabbing your hero outfit and running off to catch your train. Aizawa would hang you with his scarf if you ended up being late… not to mention that the last thing you needed was to make a bad first impression.

The train ride was around two hours so you had some time to kill. Music through earphones sounded like a good idea. So you watched the world passing and thought warmly of your bomber. Best Jeanist, huh? You couldn’t wait to hear how that was going to go. You knew he was going purely because Best Jeanist had the highest hero rank of all the offices that had given him offers.

However, you had your own little suspicions about how it was going to pan out. After all, you might not have been Deku, but you did enjoy keeping up with the hero world and from time to time you caught bits and pieces to do with the various top heroes. If Bakugou made it through the week successfully, you’d be surprised. Best Jeanist was very calm and professional. Not to mention you’d seen his sidekicks in the background of some images of his hero office in a review. If Bakugou came back looking like one of them… well at least you’d get a good laugh out of it.

You, on the other hand, were going out to the coast to help out since your quirk always functioned better around water. You were going to have great fun! In fact, since the agency was so far away from home, they were even letting you stay in a nice hotel near to the hero office. You’d enjoy it - a week’s break away from the city. How wonderful!

The journey there was uneventful. The train was quiet which was lovely - no screaming, crying children was a blessing. You managed to kill the few hours with music and whatnot. Tracking down their hero office was easy and soon you were shaking hands with your mentor for the week with a determined fire in your gaze. You were going to succeed and you were going to excel. The whole point of this was to better learn of ways to apply your quirk.

As you’d expect, one of the first exercises was to go out on patrol. It seemed that your mentor not only was interested in further training your quirk but also in making sure that you fully understood and comprehended every step and part of being a proper hero. So with a grin, you headed off to quickly change into your hero outfit. You couldn’t wait to have a chance to wear it! You could remember the pretty custom made dresses some fancy women and celebrities had. None of that could compare to a custom-made hero outfit by the support company and the support classes.

However, you weren’t met with your signature colours. Instead of your familiar hero costume in the box, there was a very different but equally familiar costume. Black and orange stared back along with the two huge gauntlets. Oh boy. It clicked. This was your own doing. The train station. You stupidly hadn’t checked which box was your own. Looked like you were going to be wearing your boyfriend’s clothing for the week. Under any other circumstance, you’d have been glad to sneakily nick some of Bakugou’s clothes and tease him endlessly about it.

Unfortunately, the circumstance where you actually needed your own hero outfit wasn’t preferable.

You were certain that Bakugou was going to throttle you for not checking the numbers on the outfit cases once you returned. At least you had a week of being away to deal with it and let him cool off.

You wondered if you should tell your mentor. Then again, chances were they’d guess that it wasn’t yours as soon as they saw. They did have a good understanding of your quirk so it should’ve been obvious.

Deciding not to chance it, you showed the outfit to your mentor and explained that there’d been a mishap. You conveniently forgot to leave out that the mixup was mainly your fault for rushing and not checking. Aizawa would have your head if he found out. Despite your thoughts, your mentor merely smiled and waved it off. Mishaps happened, but you couldn’t exactly wear your civilian clothes when out doing hero work so it looked like you’d have to try your boyfriend’s clothes on.

Fine by you.

It was a tad big, but fit well and didn’t hinder your movement. So you looked in the mirror and smirked to yourself, suddenly finding yourself in a silly mood. Your smirk faded and you mimicked your boyfriend’s signature angry scowl and glare in the mirror. Oh no. You couldn’t take it and burst out laughing. It was pretty funny. You’d forgotten how much you missed his angry scowl or small pout already. That idiot. You’d definitely have to send him an image later and try and get him flustered.

You put the gauntlets on while you quickly messed about but took them off after and put them carefully back into the case. You’d whisper-screamed ‘die’ at the mirror once or twice between little bouts of laughter. They were too heavy and you preferred to use your quirk for mobility where possible. Those clunky things would just slow you down and weren’t of any use with your quirk so you gave them a miss.

It seemed that your mentor had been patient and given you a time allowance seeing as this wasn’t your costume and you’d need to be careful with it. Little did they know that you’d questioned your significant other about it previously and in great depth just to irritate him. You didn’t need to carefully go through the instruction manual when you already knew how it functioned.

The whole point of that little interrogation was so you could tease him and tell him that his outfit was doing all the work for him.

The patrol was fine. It was almost too peaceful for your liking. At the end of the day, you were raring to fight bad guys or do something constructive. You went over all the usual things that a patrol did and meant. It was nice and your mentor greeted the citizens of the small seaside town with a smile and kind words. They reciprocated his kindness and you even got an offer for free ice-creams from an elderly man in a shop window.

The town was pretty and you noted that you’d have to drag Bakugou down here sometime. Then again, he’d probably shatter the peaceful vibe with his yelling and turn a relaxing day into something else. Well, you’d see. Maybe you’d bring Shinsou and get him to brainwash Bakugou into being quiet for a day. Now wouldn’t that be funny?

As you wandered down the boardwalk on the way back to the office, you stared out at the ocean and felt a familiar warm tug. It was your quirk, calling out for the water. Soon. Maybe you’d get to do something wild pretty soon. Your quirk was hydro-kinesis and you loved it. There were so many things you could do with it, but one of your favourites was looking up comics and books with similar ideas and trying out the concepts that they offered.

As you returned, you changed out of the outfit and sighed. Nothing exciting today. Oh well, at least the hotel you were staying in was pretty luxurious. You had a plush room and a beautiful view of the small sandy bay and the rocky edges of the town. As you flopped onto the large bed, you thought about your day. Your mentor was actually a relative of the hero Backdraft whom you remembered was part of the team of heroes that stepped in during the Sludge Villain’s attack.

Geez, you were seriously turning into Midoriya. Bakugou was going to pop a vein if he ever caught wind of the full extent of your hero-nerdiness. He knew that you had a slightly larger than usual interest in the hero society and brushed it off as something to do with the fact that, like him, you were a trainee hero. Oh well. A topic for another time.

Ah, Bakugou. You retrieved your phone from the backpack that you’d thrown it in when you’d changed for hero work. You chuckled seeing the rage message come up, telling you to explain yourself and that this had better not have been another one of your deliberate pranks.

You called and wondered if he’d still be awake by now. Either asleep or training you assumed. He picked up on the third ring.

“Aww, did you miss me that much that you wanted to make up an angry excuse to hear my voice?” You purred, switching into your teasing mode. All you could hope was that he’d cooled off about the costumes.

There was a small choked cough and you knew you’d hit the nail on the head. How adorable.

“No! What the hell?! You stole my hero outfit and then pissed off to the coast! I hope you’ve got a damn good excuse for it!”

“Oh, I have the best excuse.” You grinned and received a disbelieving grunt. You paused for dramatic effect and readed your most dead-ass flat tone. “I didn’t look at the numbers and picked up the wrong case.”

There was a moment of silence and you weren’t sure what he was thinking. You got the feeling that he’d be sighing and shaking his head if you could see him. Perhaps you’d stunned him into silence. “You’re a real fucking idiot sometimes, you know that.”

Despite his words, they weren’t harsh and his tone was more amused that scathing. Phew. Time to make him eat them then. “Yeah, so I am, but I’m your ‘fucking idiot’ aren’t I?”

There was a grumbled ‘yeah and don’t forget it’ before the penny dropped at the other half of that joke and the incoherent screaming that came through the speaker moments later was precious.

You’d never get tired of teasing him.

After a couple more moments of him huffing for you to get your mind out of the gutter, he was about ready to change the subject. Oh no, he wasn’t getting out of it that easily. You’d missed him a little already and you’d be damned if you didn’t properly tease him.

“Hey, Katsu, I’ve got a serious question.”

“Oh yeah? What?”

“… How red is your face right now?”

The cursing caused you to bury your face into the pillow to stop your giggling from sounding too loud. Someone might be asleep in the room next to you. Deciding to give your angry blond companion a break, you changed the subject to his internship and received a rundown on how Best Jeanist was less than impressed about the costume mix up and that Aizawa had given him a verbal lashing over the phone when he’d asked for them to send a UA sports uniform down for him.

From what you could tell, he’d hardly been able to handle the embarrassment. Oops.

“But did you try my outfit on to see if it fit?”

“No way! Why the hell would I even try?”

“Aww~ I was just wondering if you looked as good in my costume as I look in yours.” That shut him up for a while and you could tell he wasn’t exactly sure how to come back to you.

“Of course it looks good - my outfit’s the best there is!” There was the prideful Bakugou you knew and loved. He’d have probably gloated that he’d designed it if you hadn’t already had that conversation and aggressively defended the support course and the wonderful jobs they did with adjustments and the support companies themselves for their work. He was fine to take pride in his hero work, but let the costume creators have credit where it was due. Yes, the idea had come from him, but the companies always made adjustments.

The two of you spoke mindlessly for a little longer and you laughed at Bakugou’s tale of Best Jeanist trying to get his hair to stay down. Good luck to him. Eventually, the two of you ended the call with you teasing the blond about how he still struggled with saying sappy things. However, you knew he was well aware that it was teasing and not a hint for him to change his ways if he didn’t want to. You weren’t going to be that pushy and you’d tell him flat out if he was doing something that was getting on your nerves.

So with a grin on your face, you finished getting ready for a nice rest and fell asleep with the thought of the angry teen in your mind.

What you hadn’t expected in this internship, was to be thrown into a serious situation on your second day. As soon as you’d gotten to the office, you’d noticed that everything seemed much more manic than usual. Within two minutes you’d been told to get your temporary hero outfit on and that you were going out.

You were to be briefed along the way. So you put on Katsuki’s outfit and followed a small team of sidekicks and your pro mentor out to a boat on the bay. Apparently, they’d noticed a small boat out coming towards this area. The scout had investigated and found that the ship was filled with migrant refugees trying to get away from their home which was encased in a civil war.

You weren’t surprised. It was a global problem whenever countries fell into disarray. However, the boat was too packed and the police wanted their unit to go and escort the refugees safely to the shore. Whatever happened to them after was a case for the police. Not you.

They were going to send another pro, but you’d heard that they’d been caught up with something to do with drug smuggling so here you were now, on a boat racing towards the site where the refugee boat was supposed to be. However, you couldn’t see anything from the boat when you noticed that their vessel should be within visual range.

You turned to your mentor who was also looking out and trying to spy the boat. “Can I go and try and scan for it?” They gave you a curt nod to confirm and you weren’t surprised when you were handed and earpiece and told not to engage until the rest of the team got there.

With that, you threw yourself off the boat, but before you hit the water, you summoned a large blob of it up, shaped it into wings and attached them to your back. Who said cartoons didn’t have interesting characters? Around 50% of your bodily fluids was body water so it wasn’t as though there was nothing to attach the wings to.

Taking off, you soared past the boat and used the updrafts from the waves to conserve energy. If seagulls could do it then so could you. Speeding towards the coordinates, you noticed that there was indeed something there. Little dots of darkness on the sea which was lit by the morning sun. Those dots didn’t refract the light as the water did and you could tell it was solid matter. Oh no…

You switched on the earpiece and reported what you saw. “I think the refugees are in the water. I can’t see any sign of the boat.”

Keep calm. That’s what you needed to do. You needed to keep a cool head and think and follow the instructions you were given. It was going to be at least another two minutes until you were even in range enough to use your quirk. Even then, it’d be at least another few minutes after that until you’d be able to see everything clearly enough to offer your mentor a full situation report.

This wasn’t good. You were out pretty far from the shore too. If you were working with shallower water you might have been able to move the water aside enough to lower everyone to the sea bed but out this far… You weren’t sure if your quirk was powerful enough to do that.

You kept up your pace as you flew towards the little specs in the distance and sure enough, they were the heads of the refugees. You needed to determine if they were doing alright or if any of them were halfway to drowning. If so, you might need to save a life without instruction, or with quirk communication at most.

As you approached, you realised that most of them didn’t have life vests. Seriously? This was why this was scorned upon. So many people got into trouble because of things like this. Lives were nothing and those in charge of it didn’t care about their safety, only the money they received for the service.

You quickly slowed in the centre of the vague area where the bobbing heads were and dropped down, standing atop the water with your quirk. “Don’t worry. Heroes are on their way to help you all. Please stay calm!” With that, you generated a soft current to bring those furthest away from you in closer. The others would be able to get them out and onto the boat faster if they were all slightly closer. Save getting them to swim over to the boat.

A slight frown threatened to dampen your smile as you realised that they all looked exhausted. They wouldn’t be able to stay afloat for too much longer. You looked back over to the boat and kept smiling. They weren’t going to get here fast enough. There was a muffled gurgle and you realised a child had gone under. You dove under and gently pulled them up to the surface.

Then, you took off and met the boat halfway and gently placed the child into the arms of a sidekick. “They’re all exhausted.” You murmured and the others exchanged glances.

“Keep that up. Bring some of them back to the boat ahead of time.” You gave your mentor nod as you took off, spraying up water behind you. Before you got very far you dipped a hand into the water and generated a current to push the boat forward even faster. Without any further ado, you put your energy back into working your water wings and getting back there. Picking up the pace, you could feel the wind whipping through your hair. It felt wonderful. As you approached, you threw yourself at the water and helped another two young children. One was older and you offered her your hand. You couldn’t carry them both but you could hold onto her.

You sped off again and this time the boat was much closer. The adults were doing okay. You spoke quiet encouragement to the two as you approached. Only then did you notice that one of the members on the rescue boat wasn’t a sidekick. It was a member of the press! You gave them a confident smile and the girl holding your hand smiled brightly too as a camera flashed. Then you handed your guests over to the boat and sped back. It was a tad back and fourth but you couldn’t do much else.

Now the boat was this close, it wasn’t worth another fly by so you floated down to the water and put everything you had into manipulating the current and pushing the boat forward. You had to get to them! Faster! With one final push to keep it going until the boat reached them, you sink onto the deck and huffed a little.

However, you couldn’t rest yet. Not until you had saved them all. So with a confident smile, you got back to your feet and looked ahead to the approaching figures before flinging yourself back into the water at your mentor’s command.

As the rescue boat pulled back into the harbour you let out a sigh of relief. As the police and medics took over, your mentor approached you and gave your shoulder a small pat. “You did well, but you should go and rest. We can handle the rest. Go back and be proud that you helped save lives.”

With a small thanks, you began to slip away but not before the little girl of about twelves whom you’d flown back to the boat had run over to you and thrown herself at you in a bear hug. How she’d slipped past the medics, you didn’t know. However, you smiled and gently rubbed her head.

“Go on and get warmed up. You’re probably freezing. They’ll take care of you for now.” You weren’t sure which language she spoke or if she could even understand you, but she gave you a great big grin and ran off to the others. On the way back, you stopped by the hero office and changed out of Bakugou’s hero costume and picked up the backpack which you brought with you each time. With no further delays, you retreated to your hotel room, cleaned up and sank into bed. You briefly wondered if you should talk to Bakugou but sleep went and enveloped you before you could think twice about it.

You woke up to your buzzing alarm on your phone and you deftly switched it off. No need for that annoyance. There was a message from your mentor, telling you that he was giving you the morning off after yesterday since he could tell that you slightly overdid it with your quirk, but that it was fine since it wasn’t like you were in a position where you couldn’t work.

What a softie.

You smiled and debated flopping back into bed for a few more hours. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that. Then again, you might as well enjoy the town since you wouldn’t have a chance to unless it was now. You hadn’t exactly come here for sightseeing.

You were just finishing up getting ready to leave your room and go and hunt down some breakfast when the phone went off. It was a rather specific ringtone which told you exactly who it was. You looked at the clock and realised that this would be the narrow window where he was up but not off at his internship.

“Sorry, (Name)’s busy being an awesome hero right now, please call back later.”

“It’s not convincing if I can hear you giggling while you do it, moron.” He groaned at your stupidity and you shrugged it off, saying at least you had a sense of humour first thing in the morning and that you weren’t a grumpy sod like he was to which he obviously argued that he wasn’t.

However, he was too quiet. He had an agenda for this call - you just knew it.

“Was there something you needed, Katsu?”

“Yeah, what’re you doing on the news and why did it have to be while you’re in my hero outfit?!” He roared and you burst out laughing and switched the TV in your room on. After flicking through a couple of stations, you found that picture of you and the two kids beside a reporter who was explaining the story.

“Aww, are you jealous that I look better in it than you do?” You grinned and you could tell he was about a hair’s breadth away from snapping entirely so you calmed down your teasing and smiled lightly. “It’s fine. I’m sure people will eventually get the idea that it’s your outfit… after they stop wondering why you’re a hero who keeps cosplaying as me.”

There was some incoherent cursing to which you just smiled until it calmed down and then after a moment, there was a soft. “You’re alright though, aren’t you?”

It gave you pause. Aw, had he been worried after he’d seen it? Was that the real reason why he’d called.

“Yeah. I’m fine. I overused my quirk a little but I’m no Deku. I’m perfectly fine. I’ve got the morning off though. Sucks to be you having Best Jeanist this morning while I’m out sunbathing.” You laughed at his groan and small complaint about his mentor.

“You’d better go or you’re gonna be late for it.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you when you get back. Don’t do anything stupid.”

“Aww, is that you trying to say that you hope I’m safe?”

“No! Go drown for all I care!”

You let out a soft hum as though thinking it over. “But then you’d probably drown diving in after me, right? Cuz you know you love me!”

He let out a sigh. “… Yeah fine.” There was a pause and you could tell he was trying to figure out how to say something.

“And you looked damn good in my hero costume.” And then the line clicked dead.

And you were just left there grinning like a damn idiot… wondering how to wind him up even more about it.

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One Shot: Trying Times

Author’s Note: Surprise again! I finally wrote another one-shot! I’d like to give a special thank you to my dear friend, Andrea, for getting me off my lazy ass and inspiring me to write again. Thank you to all my followers as well who constantly support me and stay patient with me! You guys are the absolute bomb! I hope you enjoy this! 

Requested by anon: “Can you write how Riley lashes out at her dads saying she wishes she had a mom instead of them?The cause of her sudden outburst can be anything but it was completely out of the blue shocking/crushing Tyler and Jamie, especially Tyler.”

Riley paced the hotel room while waiting for her special moment. Any minute now her boyfriend, Peyton, would be calling her and she couldn’t wait. The Benn-Seguin family was currently in France, the third stop on their European vacation. Riley hadn’t been able to keep in touch with Peyton since her dads didn’t want to pay for the long distance phone calls very often on this trip. This was Dusty’s big senior trip, so it was extremely important to Tyler and Jamie that everyone was “present,” and by present they meant no phones.

“Ri, relax. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off isn’t going to make the phone ring any faster.” Jamie said while flipping through the channels on the TV.

“I’m not running around.” Riley sighed and rolled her eyes in annoyance. She didn’t appreciate her papa’s remark, especially since Peyton just moved to a completely different state than her. She still was shell shocked by the whole thing. Don’t get her wrong, she was so proud of Peyton for making the hockey club of his dreams. But she hated change, and this was a big one. Going from seeing your boyfriend practically everyday to maybe once every other month? Yeah, that’s going to take some getting used to. To Peyton, he had to play for this team or his dreams of making it to the NHL were worthless. So Riley decided she would do whatever it takes to support him, even if that means a long distance relationship for an indefinite period of time.

“Well you aren’t exactly sitting still.”

“I’m sorry I’m excited, okay? I haven’t talked to Peyton in a week.” Riley sighed and plopped down onto the bed. Saying it out loud made the realization of how bad she missed her boyfriend hit her like a truck.

*buzz, buzz, buzz*

“Oh my god, it’s him!” Riley squealed and sprung up from the bed.

“Well maybe you should answer it then.” Dusty mocked her. He couldn’t stand the teenage girl squealing noises that came out of Riley sometimes.

Instead of shooting back a smarter response for her big brother like she normally would, Riley ignored him and answered the phone. She wasn’t going to let anyone ruin this moment for her.

“Peyton?” She asked in a hopeful voice.

“Hi there.”

“Hi!” Riley squealed again, causing Dusty to plug his ears to save them from bursting.

“What have you guys been up to?” He chuckled softly at how excited his girlfriend was. He wanted to hug her so bad, but being able to hear her voice would suffice for now.

“Mainly eating, but also a lot of walking. I think my feet are gonna fall off.” Riley said dramatically.

“If they’re still sore by the time I see you next, I’ll treat you to a massage. That sound good?”

“Oh man these feet really, really hurt. I don’t think the pain’s going away anytime soon.” Riley said in her best fake pained voice.

“I figured.” Peyton chuckled and shook his head. “I can’t believe you’re in my home country without me. I’m jealous.”

“Well you weren’t born here, so technically it isn’t your home country.” Riley teased.

“Alright my parent’s home country, smart ass. It’s my home country by association though.”

“I’ll give you that.” Riley smiled. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too, Riles. I promise time will go by fast until you can come visit me okay?”

“Okay.” Riley nodded, even though she didn’t believe that one bit.

“I’ll FaceTime you every night when you get home from Europe.”

“Promise?” Riley asked softly.


“Okay, I guess you can stay in Colorado then.” Riley sighed.

“Well that’s good seems how I just got my room organized.”

“We’ll see how long it stays like that.” Riley giggled.

“Rude.” Peyton chuckled. He let out a sad sigh after peaking at how long the two had been talking. “I think our time is about to be up.”

“Is it?” Riley frowned.

“Yeah.” Peyton sighed. “I’m glad you guys are having fun. Take lots of pictures and send them when you can.”

“Okay.” Riley hummed and nodded, even though she knew Peyton couldn’t see. Sometimes pretending he could see her soothed her more than anything else.

“Okay. I love you, Riley.”

“I love you too.” Riley smiled. And just like that, her five minutes of boyfriend time were over. How come when you’re doing homework five minutes feels like an hour, but when you’re on the phone with your boyfriend it feels like two seconds? That’s just totally not fair.

“How’s Peyton?” Tyler asked while coming out from his and Jamie’s part of the suite. He had just put Elijah down for a nap when he saw Riley hang up the phone. Tyler felt bad for his daughter. Seeing her sad like this broke his heart. He was hoping being in Europe would help her forget about her predicament, but so far she had really just been moping around not being herself. He had half a mind to bring Peyton on this trip with them, but he knew that wouldn’t be fair to Dusty, so he hoped this phone call would be sufficient.

“He’s good.” Riley sighed and looked out the window.

“You okay?” Tyler asked while taking a seat on the bed next to his daughter. He knew she obviously wasn’t doing that great, it was more like an invitation for her to talk to him about whatever was going on in her head. He never wanted the kids to bottle anything up. Tyler knows better than anybody the negative toll that can take on a person.

“No, I’m not okay.” Riley frowned; she couldn’t help the tears that were now streaming down her cheeks. She tried brushing them away with her knuckle, but she couldn’t keep up with the rapid speed in which they were falling.

“Honey, I know you miss him.” Tyler hummed and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. As he was getting ready to give his daughter comforting advice, he felt his arm being shoved off from its resting place.

“No, you don’t know, Dad!” Riley spat while standing up from her spot on the bed. Her sudden fit of rage caused Jamie and Dusty to stop what they were doing and turn to watch the spectacle.

“Riley.” Tyler frowned. He definitely did not see that reaction coming.

“Don’t sit there and try and tell me you know what I’m going through, because you don’t! I have no one to talk to about this, and it’s making this situation ten times worse!”

“You have me, Riley. You know I’m always here to talk to you. I’m talking to you right now.” Tyler pleaded. He knew better than to take things personally when the kids have an emotional outburst, but words can really hurt whether you like it or not, and right now Tyler’s heart was stinging.

“I don’t want you!” Riley shouted back, stabbing the invisible dagger deeper into Tyler’s heart.

“Who do you want then, Riley?” Tyler asked. His voice was defeated; he didn’t have the heart to shout back at his daughter.

“A mom!” Riley cried before grabbing her room key and running out of the room.

Jackie Seguin was enjoying a nice afternoon nap after their busy morning in France. But a nap to Jackie meant lying in bed watching Dateline, her favorite show. Even though it was in French, she could still pick up the gist of every episode.

“I knew it was that shady boyfriend of hers.” Jackie sighed and shook her head at the TV. “I really should’ve been in the FBI.” She said to herself. Suddenly, Jackie heard someone keying into her room, causing her to jump out of bed and grab the nearest weapon she could find, which just so happened to be her cellphone.

“Stay back you bastard! I have a gun!” She shouted at the intruder while pointing her iPhone at the door. She had watched too many Dateline episodes to be a victim of any sort of crime. All the safety tips she picked up were finally paying off, or at least she thought.

“Grandma?” Riley whimpered and poked her head in nervously.

“Oh, Riley! I’m sorry, sweetie, I got a little spooked.” Jackie chuckled and put down her “weapon.”

“Dad was right, you really gotta stop watching Dateline.” Riley sighed and wiped the remaining tears off her cheeks.

“Are you crying, baby? What’s wrong?” Jackie frowned and ushered Riley over to the bed.

“I was just having a rough day, and I took it out on dad. He probably hates me now.” Riley frowned deeply. She kept replaying the last thing she said to him over and over, causing a fresh set of tears to well up in her eyes.

“Riley Marie, you know your dad could never ever hate you.”

“I don’t know, grandma. I just said some really crappy things to him. I would hate me if I were him.”

“Honey, look at me.” Jackie hummed and lifted Riley’s chin until their eyes met. “Your father loves you and your brothers more than anything. You guys are his world. No matter what you say or do, your dad will always forgive you. Do you understand me?” Jackie asked. Riley was crying softly now, but nodded her head in understanding.

“How about we go back over to your room and apologize to him. I know he could probably use one of your hugs right about now.”

“Y-Yeah.” Riley sniffled and stood up. “Let’s go.”

Jamie jogged to the door when he heard a soft knock. After opening the door, which revealed his daughter and mother-in-law standing in the hallway, Jamie’s expression immediately went from worried to stern.

“Riley-“ Jamie began, but was immediately silenced when Jackie put her hand on his chest and gave him a little pat.

“I’ve got this, chief.” She said while ushering Riley inside past her intimidating father.

Riley saw her dad sitting in the same spot she left him in. Tyler gave Riley a soft smile when he saw she had returned, but Riley could tell the effect of her words still lingered by his demeanor.  

“Daddy, I’m so sorry.” Riley whimpered. She suddenly felt like she was six instead of sixteen.

“Come here, baby.” Tyler hummed and opened his arms for a hug. Riley immediately rushed over to her dad, nearly knocking him over from the momentum.

“I didn’t mean what I said.” Riley cried into his shoulder. Tyler’s t-shirt soaked up his daughter’s tears like a tissue, and the scent of his cologne acted like an essential oil to help calm Riley down. There was just something magical about dads and their ability to soothe.

“I know. It’s okay.” Tyler hummed and rubbed Riley’s back softly.

“I do want you. I love talking to you.” Riley continued to sob her heart out to her dad in hopes that he would forgive her.

“I know that, Riley. I know. It was just a mistake, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Riley nodded quickly. “Just a mistake. I didn’t mean it. Please forgive me, Dad.”

“Hey.” Tyler said in a serious tone while pulling his daughter back from the hug so she was looking at him. “I forgive you, and I love you. It’s already forgotten, okay? No more crying.” He hummed while brushing her tears with his thumb.

“Okay.” Riley sniffled and nodded before giving her dad one last hug. “Oh, and dad?”

“Yeah, baby?”

“Grandma tried to shoot me with her phone again.”

“For the love of god, mom!” Tyler said exasperatedly.

“Oh gimme a break, we’re in a foreign country for Pete’s sake! Haven’t you people seen those Taken movies?”

For his 17th birthday Sirius got Remus a copy of Fantastic beasts and where to find them. It was normal up until the page on werewolves. Instead of a picture of a snarling beast, there was a picture of a blushing Remus Lupin holding hands with his boyfriend. Sirius also went and changed the text too. Instead of being rated XXXXX it had the rating X with a little note saying ‘he folds his socks, forgive me for not trembling in terror’. Little adjustments were made here and there but Remus’ favourite was to the location. Apparently the best place to find werewolves is in Sirius Black’s arms.