Today’s The Day (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Genre: Smut, Fluff

“Cheers to your twenty second birthday!” Aisha said as she held her glass in the air. “Happy Birthday, Nicole!” everyone shouted at the same time, and kicked back their drinks. At first Nicole didn’t have any plans for her birthday, until her best friend, Jungkook showed up at her doorstep. He told her to get dressed, and only said that they were going out for a bite to eat at her favorite restaurant, BST. When they showed up she was surprised to see all of their closest friends there waiting for them. Jungkook had pulled her into a tight hug and whispered “Happy Birthday,” in her ear. After the next two hours they all sat around the table chatting while they stuffed food in their mouth. Never wanting the fun to stop her best friend, Aisha, suggested they all go to the club.

Once they were all at the club, and secured a booth, Aisha druggedagged her away to the bar. Aisha placed everyone’s order to the bartender, and spoke after he walked away. “So, Nicole…do you think he’ll finally make a move tonight?” Nicole knew exactly who she was talking about. Nicole turned her gaze to Jungkook, and frowned when she saw a pretty brunette talking to him. “I really don’t know,” she said as she turned back towards the bar. Jungkook had been her best friend since they graduated middle school. He was always there for her, when she needed him the most. At first she didn’t see him in anyway other than being her friend. But over time, she began to develop feelings for him and looking at him in a different way. When he began dating, she was crushed because she felt like she wasn’t attractive.

The bartender took that moment to place all of their drinks in the bar. Aisha grabbed the tray and began to walk back to their group. As they approached the table, the brunette looked at her and then got up to leave the table. As she kicked back her drink, she looked over the rim of her glass and stared at Jungkook. As if he could feel her gaze on him, and looked at her in the eyes and opened his mouth. But at that moment Aisha leaned over to tell her, she was going to go dance with Namjoon, who was her boyfriend, and asked if she wanted to go. Jungkook closed his mouth and then turned to look chat with Yoongi and his girlfriend, Nicole thought to herself. Nicole finished her drink, and slid out the booth to join them on the dance floor. It didn’t take her that long to find a dance partner, when she began moving her hips to the beat. Her mystery partner grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him, as she grinded up against him. But, just as quick as her mysterious dance partner showed up, he was gone.

She turned around to find Jungkook standing behind her, looking at her with dark eyes. The guy next to him looked like he was about to say something to him, but Jungkook just grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door leading outside. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Jungkook?” She said as she stanched her hand out of his, when they approached his car. “I don’t like to share what’s mine,” he said in a cool tone. Nicole raised her eyebrows at his statement, “Are you crazy?!” Not wanting to ruin her birthday, she turned to walk back to the club. Nicole didn’t make it two steps before Jungkook grabbed her wrist and pushed her against his car door. She was about to yell at him, but was out off when he placed his lips against hers.

His lips melted against hers, causing her body heat up with desire. Jungkook then pulled her away from the door, so he could open it. Jungkook sat down in the back seat and lap his lap. Without a word, she moved to seat herself on his lap and face him. As soon as he closed the door, Jungkook pulled her closer to him and captured her lips again. Jungkook trailed his hand up her thighs, and when it reached her pussy, he began to stroke it gently. With his free hand he pulled her tank top and bra down to free her breast. He pulled away from her, and looked at her with a heated gaze. “I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner,” he said as he took her nipple into his mouth. As he continued to work his fingers into her, and rolled her nipple between his lips, causing her to moan out loud.

Jungkook stopped working his fingers inside of her and seemed to be in great need, as he hurried to undo his jeans. When he free his cock, which was already hard, hit against her thigh, she jumped a little bit. Jungkook lifted his hips, as he reached for his wallet to pull out a condom. When the condom was rolled onto his length, he looked at her with loving eyes. “I’m so sorry, for making you wait this long.” He leaned in to kiss her, as he lifted her hips and slid her down slowly on his cock. “It’s okay,” Nicole replied. When he was completely inside her, he kissed her neck and began to move his hips in an upward motion. “Damn, Nic. You’re so tight,” Jungkook bit out through clenched teeth.

Nicole began to move her hips against his, adding to their pleasure. Jungkook moved his thumb to her clit, and began to move it, adding pressure to it even now and then. As he rubbed her clit with one hand, the other hand shake its way through her hair and pressed his lips to his. Nicole could feel the pressure building up in her body, move closer and closer to the surface. Jungkook seemed to feel it to, because he said, “Its okay, baby. Let out go. We can come together.” And with that, Nicole take her orgasm flow through her body moments later. At the same time, Jungkook closed his eyes, and released into the condom with a sharp groan. When they both came down from their high, Jungkook began to speak first. “I’m so sorry, Nic.” She knew he had to be talking about her feelings for him. “I was going to do something about it later tonight. But seeing you grind against a guy who wasn’t me, made me jealous. But, I don’t have to worry about that…because I’m never letting you go. Okay?” He said as he looked into her eyes and gave her a small kiss.

Nicole was speechless, so Jungkook continued. “Will you be mine?” Jungkook asked. Nicole looked at him and asked, “What do you think?” Jungkook gave her the adorable bunny smile she loved so much. After they cleaned themselves up, they made their way back into the club. As they walked toward their table, hand in hand, everyone stopped talking. They all looked down at their connected hands, and smiled but still didn’t say anything. Aisha was the first person to speak, “Well…I guess this means we don’t have to make a plan anymore for you two.” All Nicole could do was blush, as she held onto Jungkook’s hand tighter. Jungkook then led her to the dance floor, and began to work his hips against hers. He then leaned in closer, and whispered in her eye, “Oh, by the way, Nicole. I’m nowhere close to being done with you yet. You still need your twenty-two birthday spankings.”

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Hey, are there fics based on episodes of black mirror. Thanks in advance

Marked in Constellation (ao3) - At Phil’s feet, Dan closes his eyes and tilts his head back and takes a deep breath. Opens his eyes again.
“What if you married me today instead?”(the Dan and Phil take on that episode of Black Mirror that everyone loved)

This is the only one I could find!

- Eliza

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Can you please do the prompt "he seems nice to me" with reggie from riverdale. Please and thank you :)

Originally posted by riverdalesource

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Fandom: Riverdale

It was your first day at your new high school. You were miserable. Not knowing anyone was awful and obviously lonely. Who were you supposed to talk to? Well except for the girl who was supposed to show you around of course. Betty? Was that her name? Whatever her name was you hadn’t seen her yet. So you were left to find your locker by yourself.

You did find your locker eventually but for some reason you couldn’t get it opened. You tried for what seemed like forever until you started kicking it in frustration.

“Ah having troubling?” You jumped slightly and turned to see a rather tall, muscular guy standing next to you. He had a amused look on his face, which made you think he’s been watching you struggle for a little while now.

“No duh Sherlock” you shot at him out of annoyance. You wanted to punch yourself for being so snippy immediately after. This was your first day and you were supposed to be going out of your way to be nice but all the frustration about moving was getting to you, not to mention you were just a sarcastic person.

“Look sorry I’m just stressed out” you apologized but the guy didn’t seem to care, in fact he was smiling. As if he enjoyed your sarcasm.

“That’s the cursed locker” he laughed “there’s a trick to opening it. Want me to take a crack at it?”.
You moved out of the way gratefully allowed him to open it for you. He did a bunch of stuff that you couldn’t keep up with. He kicked it, hit it with his elbow, and messed with the lock but he managed to get it open in the end.

“Woah thanks” you grinned shoving your backpack into the locker.
“I don’t know how I’m going to get it open tomorrow on my own though…”.

“Good thing my locker’s right there” he replied pointing to the locker a few feet away from yours “looks like I’ll be seeing you a lot… ah?”.

“[Y/N]” you answered “just moved here. And you are?”.

“Reggie but most of the girls around here call me Mantle the Magnificent” he said smugly, giving you a nice look at those pearly white teeth of his.

“I’m sure they do” you laughed rolling her eyes. It was meant to be arrogant but it made you feel a lot better. You needed a good laugh after everything. A funny guy was probably the best person you could have met on your first day.

“[Y/N]? I’m so sorry I’m late” you looked to see a blonde girl jogging toward you “I’m Betty I’m supposed to give you the tour of the school”.

“Oh ah hey” you greeted. You couldn’t help but notice the weird look she was giving Reggie.
“I guess I’ll see you later then Reggie”.

“Hopefully” he winked before walking away, probably to his first class.

“I see you’ve met Reggie Mantle” Betty said with a sigh “sorry if he gave you a hard time. He’s kind of a jerk”.

“Really?” You said surprised “he seems nice to me”. Betty didn’t respond. You really hoped you weren’t mistaken. The last thing you wanted was for the hot funny guy that you’d be seeing everyday to turn out to be an asshole.


NEW || Silence

Oneshot. Covering April’s side of the story from the second 10x12 ended to the second 10x13 begun. Canon, APOV


Complete and utter silence. It laid on my skin like a poison, seeping into my every pore, slowly paralyzing me from either speech or movement. Not a single whispering noise, not a single rustling reached my ears. Even the birds, which had been singing their joyful melody –so fitting for this day a mere minute ago- seemed to have suddenly gone dead quiet. It was as if nature conspired to make this moment a thousand times more difficult than it already was.

There was absolute stillness. Everything was frozen. The people seemed like statues, not blinking, not breathing. Time felt as if it had stopped. But it hadn’t. If there was one thing I was aware of it was this. The clock was ticking, time was running like the wind and I needed to say something. To react somehow.

I let out a chilling ball of air that was searing the walls of my lungs, but he tension didn’t nearly leave my body. Even my own breath seemed to die as soon as it left my mouth. It was an eerie sort of tranquility, so instead of being soothed my senses became heightened. I could feel the stare of every single person in the big old barn piercing through my skin, tearing up my insides as if they were thin pieces of fabric. I could hear the man next to me grit his teeth, I could feel the waves of anger that were radiating from his body crash against my own. The man that was on the verge of becoming my husband. Or rather, had been a single minute ago, but as for now…

And that was when I focused my every sense on him.

He was just standing there across the aisle, his dark suit in contrast to the light color of the carpet crossing the barn. His arms were glued to his sides, his palms clenched into fists. The sparkling ocean of his crystalline eyes staring back at me. Eyes that were wider than I had even seen them before, expecting, too, a reaction.

“I love you.”

The words he had spoken just seconds ago echoed in my ears, a soft whisper filled with emotions hidden and suppressed for so long. They were just now beginning to settle in, shaking me to the core.

He loved me.

Warmth crawled up inside me as I clenched my fists tightly, until my nails dig into the palms of my hands, but I barely even noticed. The only thing I was really aware of was the sound of my heart throbbing against the cage of my chest.

He wanted to be with me. He wanted us to be together. He loved me. Jackson loved me.

“And I think… that you love me too. Do you?”

Yes. Yes I did. That I knew. And that’s what made this decision unbearable. If only he had said those words when I had given him the chance, when I had asked him to give me a reason not to get married, I wouldn’t have wasted a spit second to say I loved him back. I would have run away with him. We would have been together.

But no matter how much I wanted to turn back time, to never have been with Mathew, to never let him go… No matter how much I loved him, I was marrying Mathew now. This was my wedding day. It was too late.

He couldn’t know that the only reason I was choosing Matthew right now was because I had promised him that I would be his wife and I didn’t want to break that promise, humiliating him in front of everyone we knew. In front of my parents. In front of God.

He couldn’t know that all I wanted right now was to leave this stupid barn behind and run up to him. He couldn’t know that I loved him too much for both our sakes. That since the moment I clearly saw him, since my lips first crashed against his own, I always knew he was the one for me. And he could never know that, because now it was too late.

This wasn’t my choice. Not anymore. In another place, in another time, I would have been able to choose, and I’d choose him. I’d choose him a thousand times and a thousand times more. I’d choose him every day for the rest of my life, every second we were together. I’d choose him. But this wasn’t my choice. With everyone here staring right at me, I had no choice left. I had to say that I didn’t love him. How else would I ever be able to look Matthew in the eyes again? How else would Jackson ever be able to move on? I had to break his heart, even if it would destroy me too.

Bracing myself for what was about to happen, I opened my mouth, sucking in the breath that would form the words to change both our lives forever. But once I tried to actually form them, nothing came out. I just stood there, in my wedding day, the best freaking day of my life with everyone’s eyes on me and my mouth hanging open, unable to form a single word.

Oh why, why was this happening to me? Why did he have to make everything so difficult? Why did he have to put me in this position, he knew I had no choice! Why was he so selfish, ruining my wedding day like that? Why didn’t he say those words that shifted my whole word when I basically begged him to? Why now? Why?

“April.” Matthew mumbled from my left, his tone demanding. Angry. God, he was mad at me, and he had every right to be. I had just been standing here speechless, frozen as a statue, for what seemed like centuries. Even I was mad at myself.

Say it. Just say it.

I looked back at Jackson again, and noticed his entire body was now slightly shaking. His jaw was clenched, his nostrils dilated but his shoulders weren’t moving. He wasn’t breathing. I looked at him and saw the boy that had been my very best friend through the toughest years of my life. The boy that had always been there, that had seen me in my best and worst, that stood by me even though he didn’t always agree with me, even though he didn’t always understand me. But I also saw the man that I had lost my virginity to. The man that had made me feel loved more than anyone else had, made me feel things I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling. The man that changed me forever. The man that I loved.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t lie. I couldn’t pretend anymore. This was too much.

I finally felt the tears I knew were coming welling in my eyes, and once I closed them a pair of tears slid down, rolling against my cheeks.

I pictured it, then. Us. What our life could be like. We could be together, finally without having restraints. Nothing holding us back, no hiding, no sneaking around and having quick sex in on call rooms. We could move in together, in his nice, big apartment with the hardwood floors and the washing machine. We would cuddle on that big gray couch of his and have that mind-blowing sex of ours on his huge, real, actual bed. We would wake up to each other every morning, go to work together and then come back home to sleep together every night. I would do all the cooking, of course, I didn’t want to get food poisoning. And one day we could even get married. But this time it might just be somewhere where there’d only be the two of us. So that I would get to choose him for me, and not because I don’t want to let anyone down. When I would finally be able to say I do, and mean it with every inch of my heart, feel it in every cell of my body. And then we might have kids as well. Two boys and a girl. Our babies, with my dimples and his eyes. They would be perfect. And we would be so happy.

I could feel my pulse, pounding against my temples. Already the adrenaline coursing unchecked, urging me to do what I cannot. I wanted this. Our life together, I wanted it so bad. I wanted it more than I had ever wanted anything in my entire life. More than my dreamy, butterfly wedding. More than my parents approval. More than keeping my promise to my perfect prince charming.

The hell with them all. This was my life. My choice.

And I chose him.

God would understand.

My eyes snapped open, looking for only one thing. When they met his, I could feel him searching deep into my soul. And I let him.

With all my walls down I let him read my eyes. And when he finally blinked and took a deep breath, I knew he knew. Not a single word had been spoken but we had shared so much more. His mouth twitched, and I was pretty sure he was fighting a smile. I bit my lip fighting my own.

Wiping away the tears with a quick move, I grabbed on the front of my dress – God forbid I fell on my face on a time like this- and begun walking towards him. It felt like the gravity center changed, pulling me right on him. I trudged along the aisle at a hurried pace, my footsteps echoing throughout the large barn. I knew everyone’s shocked, angry eyes were on me, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. All I could focus on was the brilliant smile that was finally forming on his lips. Excitement rushed through my veins, my lower lip escaping my teeth’s grip to twist, too, into a smile so wide it reached both my ears.

I only stopped walking when I reached him, standing just a couple of feet away from him. Now, I knew he had gotten the message loud and clear, but I at the moment I wanted everyone to hear it, not caring about the consequences.

“I do.” The words came out loud and clear, not a glimpse of hesitation in my voice. “I love you too.”

I watched in awe as happiness flared in his eyes and for the first time in a while it began to in mine too. I felt it pass through me like a warm ocean wave, a tingly feeling in my fingers and toes. It soaked right into my bones, leaving me dizzy with exaltation, savoring the felicity that fizzled in my heart.

APRIL KEPNER!” my mom’s voice filled with raw, burning fury pierced through my ears.

“Shit.” Jackson mattered, his eyes widening.

I was surprised when a giggle escaped my mouth but I didn’t bother stopping it. In fact, fits of loud laughter begun emerging from my throat, as I grabbed Jackson’s hand. He looked at me, surprised too by my laughter, but wasting no time to join in, as I pulled him towards the huge, wooden entrance of the barn.

And then we were running.

[A/N] Okay, this is by far the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written, I don’t know why it came out like this, but I actually liked it quite a bit. After all, with everything that’s happening on the show right now, we all need some Japril fluff, don’t we? ;)

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Family of Hell

Pairing: Crowley x Reader; Gavin

Words: 1103

A/N: I like Gavin, he’s funny so I thought about this. I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.

Warning: small transcription of 9x21

You weren’t supposed to be here; you didn’t want to be here but you didn’t really have a choice. You knew it would happen eventually. Abaddon wanted to take the throne from Crowley and you were the closest person to the King, so it made you the perfect bait. You were casually reading a book, waiting for Crowley to return from his meetings with his demons when she appeared in the room. You immediately tried to run but it was useless, she magically stopped you and forced you to face her.

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Chanyeol x Kyungsoo - Fixing First Impressions

           Chanyeol had been somewhat of a sad person inside ever since he read his soul words for the first time at the tender age of 13.

           Are you kidding?

           These words had been a source of despair in Chanyeol’s life for many years. He remembers the day they appeared on his wrist, one day in middle school. He remembers the day clearly, his chest aching desperately while he ran out of school in the middle of the day, right into his mother’s arms at home.

           "Does this mean I don’t have a soulmate?“ Chanyeol remembers crying into his mother’s shoulder while holding his throbbing wrist, the words Are you kidding? having just appeared in bold, neat strokes in the middle of social studies class.

           "Chanyeol…” His mother sighed fondly, trying to comfort the large trembling boy in her arms. “It doesn’t mean you don’t have a soulmate, it just means that your first impression when you meet them might not be the best. This doesn’t mean they won’t love you, darling.”

           Chanyeol wasn’t placated by his mother’s assurances. He adopts a wristband immediately, covering his words so others wouldn’t ask him about them. He withdraws, acting the same with his friends but being very wary of new people. His soulmate was going to be the person he loved more than anyone else, the person that was made for him.

           Chanyeol couldn’t stomach the fact that they might not like him. Or worse, hate him at first sight because Chanyeol would inevitably make a fool of himself. What could he possibly do to make his soulmate dislike him so much instantly? He wasn’t sure, but he didn’t want to find out. He knew that it would break him to have his heart broken the instant he met his soulmate. Chanyeol wears his wristband religiously, and avoids meeting new people, for the rest of his school career in his hometown.


           Chanyeol was a junior in college now, several hours away. He still kept his words to himself and had learned to relax a little because after all, he’d made it through frosh week and several large classes with group assignments, lab partners, and study groups, and he hadn’t met the person who was going to hurt him so badly yet. Chanyeol knew that the chances of him meeting his soulmate were going to continue to increase the older he got, but he also knew that meeting his soulmate, and hearing those words first when his friends had words like “you’re beautiful” and “thank God I found you” would destroy him inside. Chanyeol was tall, loud, and clumsy. He understood if that wasn’t something his soulmate could handle. He just didn’t understand how someone who didn’t like him could be his soulmate. Did this just mean he was supposed to be alone?

           "Chanyeol,“ Baekhyun, Chanyeol’s best friend of 3 years and happily with his own soulmate, called. "Can we please finally check out that new record store today? I need to get the sheet music for that song we were going to cover for my YouTube channel today.”

           Chanyeol wanted nothing more than to go to that store, but his old fear of meeting new people and going new places (because of his words) was still at the forefront of his mind. It was one of the places he decided he was most likely to meet his soulmate, because after all what person could be his soulmate without loving music?

           "I’ll go with you Baek, but I’m not ready to go in yet. I’ll wait outside.“

           "That’s fine, see you after my lecture! Meet you there.” Baekhyun hung up without saying goodbye, causing Chanyeol to chuckle. Baekhyun was so hyperactive and happy, Chanyeol wondered why Baekhyun couldn’t have been his soulmate.

           His phone vibrated before he returned it to his pocket. He pulled it out to see a text from Baekhyun.

           Don’t worry about your words. I’ll be with you every time you meet someone new so that when you finally hear those words for the first time I can do my job as your best friend by knocking the guy on his ass.

           How do you know it’s a guy? Chanyeol was bi, and he really didn’t know who he was going to get for a soulmate.

           Because you’ve always leaned more toward guys. I know for a fact your soulmate has to be a guy. Trust me, Chanyeol.

           Chanyeol pocketed his phone and continued the paper he was writing. About 20 minutes before he knew Baekhyun’s lecture would be ending, he left his dorm and headed to the record store where he was supposed to meet Baekhyun.

           On the way to the record store Chanyeol saw a couple of people bump into each other in front of a coffee shop a couple of blocks before where Chanyeol had to go. He wasn’t trying to listen, he really wasn’t, but he couldn’t help overhearing their first exchange.

           "Excuse me, I think you dropped… wow.“ A tall guy with handsome features and dark eyebrows who was picking something up off the ground and offering it to a shorter guy with a kind face trailed off when their eyes met for the first time.

           "Wow yourself.” He said shyly before taking the object, a pen, out of the taller man’s hand.

           "Do you want to…?“ The man jerked his head toward the cafe, still looking a bit shocked.

           The shorter man nodded before taking his offered elbow and letting the taller man escort him into the coffee shop.

           Chanyeol wanted to facepalm. That was all he wanted out of life, and his wristband suddenly felt heavier on his wrist, reminding him that that was not what fate had in store for him. Sparing himself a moment of self pity, he powerwalked the rest of the way toward the record shop with his earbuds blaring his favorite song.

           He stood outside the store, beside the window, not in front of it, for 15 minutes before he got a text from Baekhyun.

           Can you just go in and buy the sheet music and meet at my place Jongdae is having an emergency at work and I have to stop there on the way home and if I come there after we won’t have enough time to record yet today. I’m really sorry, Chanyeol. There’s only 2 guys that work there and Jongdae knows one of them already has a soulmate, so it should be safe.

           Chanyeol inhaled sharply and pocketed his phone, forgetting to reply to the message. He looked down at himself, old habit before he met new people. He was wearing an Iron Man graphic t-shirt under a blazer, with black ripped skinny jeans. His sneakers were worn but not in bad condition. He took a deep breath and held it as long as he could before letting it out slowly. He gripped the wristband on his right wrist and took a couple more deep breaths before deciding that it was silly to spend all this time standing out here when the risk of him meeting his soulmate had decreased to a very slim chance. He could do this. It was just a store.

           Adjusting the strap on his backpack Chanyeol pushed the door to the record store open, jingling a tiny bell in the process. A man at the counter looked up at him with a grin. He was tall and had a beautiful eye smile. Chanyeol’s heart stopped. Was he the one? Chanyeol braced himself to have his heart broken by this beautiful man. He nodded back, because he wasn’t ready for this man to know if Chanyeol was his soulmate or not by uttering his first words.

           "I’m Jongin, if you need anything.” The man returned to the book he was reading, a book about teaching dance. Why was he reading about teaching dance when he worked at a record store? Shaking off the question, Chanyeol quietly thanked Jongin and went to the rack where the sheet music was, way more relaxed upon seeing that the only other person in the store was not his soulmate. Jongin must be the one Jongdae knew.

           Chanyeol rifled through the music, checking generally what their selection was like. He texted Baekhyun about a couple of songs he found music for that he was interested in, to which Baekhyun replied get it all. He picked an invisible lint off his own shoulder and directed his eyes to the cash where he was shocked to find another person sitting, Jongin nowhere to be found.

           Chanyeol started to hyperventilate. This was more than he was prepared for. Where did Jongin go? His break, probably. Or maybe to a dance class. Maybe he was a dance instructor. That would explain why he was reading a dance book at a record store. Chanyeol mentally slapped himself. None of that mattered. Right now he needed to decide if he could do this or if he was going to bail.

           He looked up at the counter to find the smaller man who’d replaced Jongin looking at him with a raised eyebrow. Apparently Chanyeol’s internal war was present in his external behaviour. Quickly straightening up and attempting to appear normal, Chanyeol pretended to look in detail at the rest of the sheet music, praying the guy didn’t come over to ask if he needed help. The guy at the counter looked exceptionally uninterested in Chanyeol, or maybe he thought Chanyeol was just being indecisive and didn’t need help.

           Chanyeol was about to text Baekhyun to ask if there was any way he could schedule the recording for another day when a text came from Baekhyun saying he was already at home setting up the equipment for recording, and Chanyeol needed to hurry up and get there. Chanyeol sighed, realizing he needed to just do this. He clutched the books of sheet music gently in his hands and pretended to bend and pick something up so he could fix his hair without seeming obvious. Standing up, he noticed the new associate’s gaze was directed at the counter as he was reading a book of his own. Good, Chanyeol thought, slightly less pressure while approaching the counter at least.

           Once he was about two feet away from the counter, Chanyeol’s luck ran out. He tripped over a raised spot in the dirty carpet that covered the floor of the store and went flying into the counter, throwing the books directly at the new man in the process, causing the book the man was reading to fall on the floor.

           The man sighed, looking up at the ceiling and closing his eyes for a long second. Chanyeol wanted to run. Then the man looked across the counter where Chanyeol was now standing and trying to right himself, but unable to meet the man’s eyes.

           That’s when Chanyeol heard it.

           Are you kidding?

           Chanyeol’s eyes widened and he clenched his backpack strap in his hand. The ache tore through his chest and his wrist flared up in recognition of his soulmate. The tears welled up faster than Chanyeol could stop them so he just bowed at the waist briefly and positively ran out of the store.

           He ended up arriving at Baekhyun’s empty handed, and when Baekhyun noticed his face he didn’t ask where the song books were. He just pulled Chanyeol onto the couch in the recording room and let him cry it out.

           "Did you talk to him?“ Baekhyun asked gently.

           "No,” Chanyeol sobbed. “He doesn’t want me and that’s enough. I don’t want to talk to him. I want to die. He was so handsome, Baekhyun. He looks like he’s capable of being so loving and kind but then he addressed me like that…”

           "His first impression of you doesn’t matter, Chanyeol.“ Baekhyun tried to convince him. "Maybe he was just having a bad day.”

           "And his soulmate entering his life didn’t make it any better.“ Chanyeol said lowly, quietly, while pulling his knees closer to his own chest. "It’s best if I stay out of it. I’m sorry I didn’t get the song sheets, Baekhyun.”

           "Don’t worry about it,“ Baekhyun got up and started to get dressed. "You stay here and I’ll go get the music sheets. And what’s more if I see your soulmate I’ll give him that punch, yeah?”

           Chanyeol couldn’t laugh. He raised the corner of his mouth on one side and nodded sadly, letting Baekhyun walk out the door.


           Kyungsoo had had a grudge against the world since his words had come in at 11. That meant his soulmate had to be 2 years older than him if he was already getting his words. They usually came in at about 13. Kyungsoo despaired when he read his.

           I’m sorry it’s me.

           What did that mean? Kyungsoo spent years analyzing. Did it mean his soulmate didn’t want him? Didn’t think he’d be good for Kyungsoo? Wasn’t out of the closet yet? Kyungsoo was gay, but maybe his soulmate wasn’t gay in public yet. Kyungsoo would be fine waiting.

           He walked into the record store from the back room and told Jongin he could go on his break. There was only one customer and Jongin wasn’t actively serving him, so Kyungsoo figured he could just sit there quietly and let the tall guy finish pretending to look at sheet music. Kyungsoo was reading a book for class. He was studying to be a concert soloist in college, and was a freshman.

           He didn’t see the guy approach the counter, but he did see Jongin returning from his break out of the corner of his eye a split second before a pile of songbooks flew at him, knocking his book onto the floor.

           Kyungsoo just wasn’t in the right mood to deal with this. He closed his eyes and looked at the ceiling, praying to whatever deity existed that they stop him from murdering the stupid giant in front of him, who was now looking at the ground.

           Are you kidding?

           When he looked up from picking up the song books that had fallen behind the counter, the man was gone. As in, completely gone. Not even in the store. How did Kyungsoo not hear the bell? He looked down the counter at Jongin, who was shaking his head sadly.

           "That was your soulmate.“

           "What?” Kyungsoo’s breath left him in a whoosh. No.

           "I think I saw his heart break from over here. There’s only one reason why a person would react that strongly to words from a stranger.“

           Oh no. Oh no. Kyungsoo’s words were in response to what he’d said first. Kyungsoo’s words were his soulmate apologizing because the first thing Kyungsoo did was hurt him oh no no this was terrible.

           Kyungsoo had hurt his soulmate. That tall dork in the Iron Man t-shirt had just wanted to buy some song books and he was naturally nervous meeting new people because those were his words and Kyungsoo didn’t even know his name.

           "I have to–” Kyungsoo didn’t even know what to do first. He’d just broken his soulmate and how does one even begin to make up for that…

           Jongin’s phone went off and he grabbed Kyungsoo’s sleeve while he opened a text. “Here. This is where he is. I texted Jongdae to ask where his tall dork friend with fire engine hair lived and he told me. I’m forwarding this to you and for God’s sake go make this right.”

           Kyungsoo darted out of the store, nearly trampling Baekhyun, who’d just arrived to purchase the song books.


           Chanyeol had washed his face with a warm facecloth in attempt to ease the splotches and tear tracks marring his face. He was dozing on and off on the couch waiting for Baekhyun to get back when there was a knock on the door.

           He got up and went to pull the door open, about to jokingly tell Baekhyun you don’t have to knock at your own house, when what he saw caused his heart to drop down to his feet.

           It was him, his soulmate from the record store. The one that hated him.

           Chanyeol wasn’t ready for this. Another tear fled down his cheek and he rubbed at it harshly. His soulmate looked like he was in agony. Wait, that wasn’t right.

           "I’m Kyungsoo.“ The man started, in a soft voice that made Chanyeol’s insides throb. Why couldn’t that have been the voice Kyungsoo said his first words in? "Jongin texted Jongdae and got this address.” He continued. “I know you may have an impression of me based on your words but I promise they don’t reflect what I think of soulmates, or you.” Kyungsoo said seriously, looking at Chanyeol’s eyes. “It was an accident. I normally am not that rude to people I don’t know but–”

           I’m sorry it’s me. Chanyeol’s voice broke, and he took a step back from Kyungsoo. “You don’t have to explain yourself. I won’t hold you to anything.” Chanyeol tilted his head back toward the hall where Kyungsoo had come. He took off his wristband and showed Kyungsoo his words, and Kyungsoo’s eyes widened in desperation. For what, Chanyeol didn’t know. Chanyeol just wanted him to go.

           "That’s not what I’m saying–“

           "You don’t have to say anything.” Chanyeol whispered. “I’ve been talking myself out of believing I could have you for almost a decade.”

           Kyungsoo blanched. Maybe Chanyeol shouldn’t have told him that. All it served to do was make him feel guilty.

           All of a sudden there was a hand on the nape of Chanyeol’s neck, and his face was pushed into Kyungsoo’s shoulder and he was wrapped in very strong, capable arms. Chanyeol inhaled before he could stop himself, and then mentally slapped himself. He wasn’t allowed to touch. He wasn’t allowed to have this man. This was closure. Kyungsoo was going to thank him for his understanding and leave and Chanyeol was going to watch his soulmate walk out of his life without crying, dammit, and–

           "Don’t be sorry. I’m the one who’s sorry.“ Kyungsoo’s voice was low and it did things to Chanyeol’s insides. He stole a bit of comfort from the words even though he knew the words weren’t meant to comfort him. "There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re tall and beautiful and you’re allowed to be clumsy. It’s okay. I was just having a bad day and I took it out on you. I promise you that’s not what I think.”

           Chanyeol dared hope a little, even though he knew he stood to be crushed. “What do you think then?”

           Kyungsoo led Chanyeol over to the couch and sat down with him. He took Chanyeol’s hands in his. “Can I know your name?”

           Chanyeol opened his mouth and then stopped, frightened. He didn’t want to hear his soulmate’s rejection mixed with his disappointed pronunciation of Chanyeol’s name.

           Kyungsoo placed his hand on Chanyeol’s cheek. “If I’m going to pour out my feelings to you I should at least know your name, don’t you think?”

           "Chanyeol.“ Chanyeol sighed sadly. "I’m Chanyeol.” A name he figured Kyungsoo would surely forget in the weeks following this conversation.

           "Chanyeol.“ Just the way Kyungsoo said his name set his insides ablaze. Chanyeol swore he could hear emotions in the way Kyungsoo let his name roll off his tongue. Fondness, apology… love?

           The hand on his cheek patted him a few times to remind him to pay attention. "Chanyeol,” Kyungsoo started “I’ve spent nights awake wondering how I could find you more quickly. My words caused so much confusion in me so I was desperate to figure it out. Were you apologizing because you didn’t want to be with me? Because you were gay and weren’t out? Because you weren’t even gay and there was some kind of mistake?”

           "I’m bi.“ Chanyeol put in helpfully.

           Kyungsoo nodded and continued. "But then after you left the record store Jongin told me you were my soulmate and everything made sense. I felt a pang of pain after you’d run away but since I was under the counter picking up the song books your reaction completely escaped me. I didn’t think you’d run out of the store. But once I realized the truth it all made sense. My words were open to interpretation, but yours were far less so. I understand if you think that meant that I didn’t like you, but quite the opposite is true. I didn’t come and ask you for help not because I didn’t care or anything, but because you looked like you knew what you were doing.”

           "Yeah?“ Chanyeol asked quietly.

           Kyungsoo nodded, smiling warmly. "Yeah. You were in the record store looking like this professional musician and were so handsome and together and then you approached the counter and tripped! I was shocked, because it just made you seem so much more human. And it actually was very endearing. Even if I had to pick up all those books from the floor.”

           Chanyeol tried to apologize again, but Kyungsoo put his finger on Chanyeol’s lips to make him be quiet.

           "Yes, I was irritated that I had to pick up the books, but that doesn’t excuse what I said. I was mostly joking, meaning like ‘you’re this great musician but you’re so clumsy?’ but I realize it didn’t come off that way. I probably sounded a lot more angry than I was. And for that I’m deeply sorry. I will spend the rest of our time together trying to make up for it. No bad day was worth making you feel like I didn’t want you for all these years. Please forgive me, Chanyeol. I want to be with you. I think I’d love you quickly if I got to know you, but you have to trust me that I don’t plan on leaving you. I want to know you. I want to be your soulmate. Please give me another chance.“ Kyungsoo pushed his sleeve up and Chanyeol saw the words I’m sorry it’s me. in messy font on his wrist.

           Chanyeol was crying again. "Sorry, I–”

           "Don’t say sorry anymore.“ Kyungsoo whispered fervently. "If you want me, just say yes.”

           Chanyeol chuckled under his breath, not believing how this had turned out. “Yes.” He breathed, and found himself cause in a passionate kiss as Kyungsoo surged forward and captured his lower lip between his own. Chanyeol felt the sparks going through his body like overexcited nerve endings, and found himself bold enough to reach for Kyungsoo’s other hand so he could hold it while they kissed.

           "Be with me, Chanyeol. I’ll treat you properly. Please trust me.“ Kyungsoo whispered when they parted.

           "Okay. I believe you. Let’s be together.” Chanyeol sighed happily, and Kyungsoo took him in his arms again.

           "Thank you. For giving me this chance. For letting me explain.“ Kyungsoo buried his face in Chanyeol’s collarbone, and Chanyeol felt dampness wetting his own skin. Belatedly, Chanyeol realized this must have been hard on Kyungsoo too, as he must have through that he’s driven his soulmate away with his first words and came over here completely unsure if he could get him back. Finally letting himself relax, he took Kyungsoo into his arms and leaned back onto the couch, thinking that both of them deserved a nap.

           Baekhyun returned minutes later, sheet music in hand, to find them asleep on the couch in each others’ arms.

The end of the Apocalypsis - Fairy Tail (Final) Oneshot

I don’t know why I imagined and wrote this, but I wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it.


Some tell the apocalyptic dragon was saved from death by the sky dragon slayer. And, when he woke up, he screamed. And that he hugged the sky slayer and cried for a week. After that, he fell asleep for a month. Something he couldn’t do for hundreds of years.

They also tell that he left a colorful scale for every dragon slayer before disappearing without saying anything.

The legend says that five of the seven dragon slayers stopped aging after their 25th birthday. And, when they lost all their most important ones, they went to find the apocalyptic dragon.

My mother always tells me to not believe in those legends, but I know they are true. My family is a descendant of one of those slayers, and we have to guard a criminal who lives in the woods. An immortal who committed a lot of crimes.

I never approached to him until that day. We usually left food and clothes for him at the limit of the barrier who keeps him trapped. That day, he was at the place where we left his supplies. He explained to me that he wanted to see who was the one who put the supplies gently. Since that day, I went to see him everyday.

And today is not an exception.

- What are you doing outside? - I asked to him when I arrived.

- Today is the day Happy died.

- Happy?

- An Exceed, my brother’s partner. I came here to see his grave.

- You never did that before.

- Guess I need to apologize for something. Where I left my story yesterday?

- Year x489, third month.

- Ah, yes.

- Which legends about the slayers are true, Zeref?

- Come inside, and I tell you.

I followed him inside the house, and he prepared some tea.

- All of them are true - explained Zeref -. Every single one of them.

- Can you explain to me what happened when the slayers left?

- They were threatened like monsters. And when everyone died they left. My brother’s last words to me were “Acnologia is broken. We’re going to take care of him.”

- And then what?

- They left. And Acnologia never again destroyed a country. They are taking care of the most broken dragon slayer alive.

- And how was the black magician captured?

- I couldn’t kill for the last time. I wasn’t capable to kill the woman I love, and then, kill myself. The Magic Council captured me after that. They put me those special bracelets, who don’t let my curse come out, and don’t let me use magic.

- The barrier was necessary?

- This barrier is my prison. I can’t go anywhere.

- What about that woman you love? Is she dead?

- She died a long time ago. I’ve been alone since my brother left.

- How many years passed since he left?

- I don’t know… Hundreds of years?

I saw the tears in his eyes. He still loves that woman and his brother.

- I’m sorry. I didn’t want to…

- It’s okay. It’s been a long time since I talked about them. And, Esmeralda, you look a lot like my brother.

- You never told me that. Why now?

- Redemption, I think. Probably the same for Happy.

- So… Your brother and his friends are flying with the apocalyptic dragon?

- They are. They always are.

- It’s true that you had a son?

- It is. Before being captured, I told him to go and see the world. That was the only way I could take care of him.

- He’s alive?

- I don’t think. It happened a long time ago.

- Well… Let’s continue writing your biography.

- Can I get a haircut before? It’s been a while since someone cut my hair.

- Why not? You look like a male Rapunzel.

He laughed. Then I cut his hair down. Something he needed for a long time ago.

- This length is fine for you? Or you want it shorter? - I asked after cutting most of his hair.

- Yes, it’s fine. Thank you.

- This house… How long has been here?

- Since my brother arrived at Magnolia. It’s his house. That’s why I choose this place to be my prison. I was with my family since they died, and left this place. Those are happy memories for me. The few I have.

- Well, let’s continue.

- What was the last thing I explained to you?

- “I was experimenting with some dead bodies…”

- Ah yes. I was experimenting with those dead bodies to create powerful demons who could kill me, if my brother failed.

I recorded every single one of his words while writing them. I always do that. I don’t want to miss any detail.

- … And Mard Geer was born.

- The king of the Underworld, Mard Geer Tartaros?

- Who else?

- How was him when he was born?

- He was the most intelligent demon I ever created. I regret destroying him. He was loyal to me. Even more than the other demons.

- You killed him?

- It was another time. I wanted to die, even if I had to kill everyone in this world.

- Destroy this world was an option for you?

- You’re angry, I know. I can feel that. But no one can kill me. Esmeralda, you can do great things, and write great stories. Why are you doing this? I know it hurts you. This will take all your lifetime.

- I don’t care. I want to know the truth.

- Someone crossed the barrier.

He was scared. I could feel it in his words when he said that. Both know very well that no one wanted to be near to him.

- I’ll go to check - I said, standing up.

- Be careful, Esmeralda. I don’t want to lose you.

I left the house and I found a blond boy.

- Oh, sorry - he said -. I didn’t know someone was living here.

- Who are you?

- Someone who knew the ones who build this house a long time ago. But they are dead now.

- This house is now a prison. I don’t live here.

- A prison, you say? Who is the prisoner?

- The dark mage, Zeref Dragneel.

- My father?

I was surprised for that words. Even Zeref believed his son was dead.

- D-do you want to see him? - I asked, nervous.

- Please. I believed he was inside the Magic Council prison, in some high security cell.

I guided him inside the house. Zeref was trembling in his chair.

- Zeref, you have a visit.

- Hello, father.

Zeref didn’t say a word. He just ran to hug his son while crying.

- It’s been a long time - said the boy.

- I truly believed you were dead.

- And I believed I couldn’t see you again.

- What about those muscles, Larcade? You see how big they are?

- Father, it’s been 600 years since I left your side.

- That long!?

- What’s all this hair in the floor?

- Oh, I cut it today.

- Really? The last time I got a haircut was three years ago.

- I can leave if you want - I said to them.

- No - answered Zeref -, stay here, Esmeralda. I’m sure he has a lot of interesting things to explain. I prepare something to eat us three.

Zeref left me and Larcade alone and went to the kitchen.

- I’m Larcade Dragneel, Zeref’s son. It’s nice to meet you.

- I’m Esmeralda Dragneel, a descendant of your uncle Natsu. It’s nice to meet you too.

- I knew I saw that pink hair somewhere. You look a lot like him.

- Your father said it to me today. He never mentioned a thing before.

- Strange. He loves my uncle more than me. And I’m his own son. What are you doing here?

- I decided to write his biography. He has a lot of things to explain.

- He lived so long.

- Why are you immortal? Your mother was human.

- My mother was cursed like my father. She died after trying to contain the curse by herself for too long.

- The curse killed the cursed one? How do you know?

- Uncle Natsu told me. I found him and the others in my travels. Acnologia likes the thermal baths in the Orient countries. It relaxes him.

- Curious. How is Acnologia?

- Dead inside. When I first meet him, his eyes said “dead”. The times I found them, his eyes were dead. But they bright when Wendy talks with him. I think she reminds him of a member of his family.

- Zeref said he’s broken.

- He is. When Wendy saved his life, he was scared. He doesn’t want to remember his past. It hurts him.

- The most powerful dragon of all, Acnologia, doesn’t want to remember his own past?

- I don’t know what happened to him, but it’s something he wouldn’t explain to anyone.

- Can you two help me!? - asked Zeref from inside the kitchen.

- Of course, father.

I spend all day with father and son. And I recorded everything they explained. There will be things Zeref doesn’t need to explain to me.

My name is Esmeralda Dragneel. I’m a writer, and the only celestial mage with the power to invoke the celestial king without destroying any zodiac key. Also, a friend of the dark mage, Zeref Dragneel. The only one he has. But now I know he won’t be alone anymore when I leave this world.

Dialogue Prompts

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Dialogue Prompts

1.   “I’m sorry. It’s just everytime you open your mouth, you seem to get even more annoying. Does it take effort to do that?”

2.   “Where did you learn to fight like that?” “Have you ever been to a concert before?”

3.   “Remember that time when I asked for your option?” “No” “ Yeah neither do I”

4.   “Wereyou born this stupid, or were you just dropped on your head one to many times as a child?”

5.   “Please tell me he isn’t doing his victory dance behind me”

6.   “We’re Americans, we have a tendency of going overboard and starting a revolution”

7.   “Can’t we just hug this out?”

8.   “Do you love me?” “Depends on how much food you brought me”

9.   “If your laptop and I were trapped in a housefire and you only had enough time to save one, who would you save?……..Are you seriously having to think about this!?”

10.   “No one likes your jokes” “What are you talking about, the old lady at the store said I was funny!”

11.   “It’s a good plan!…..Okay it’s half of an okay plan…..So it’s actually like a hopeful idea”

12.   “Shouldn’t you be at work?” “Shouldn’t you be out telling little kids that Santa Clause isn’t real”

13.   “Why can’t the world just chill for one second”

14.   “Let’s say, hypthetically of course, that I needed help hiding a body-” “Hold up let me get a shovel”

15.   “Is he always this rude?” “Only when he watches Gossip Girls”

16.   “How can you look so attrative while crying?”

17.   “Wow we are screwed” “Really, what could possibly make you say that?”

18.   “Please don’t leave me. I love you”

19.   “I trusted you”

20.   “You’re just going to turn your back on everyone, again” “It was a defensive habit, I didn’t mean to.”

21.   “I almost died!” “Death by a hamster, I would pay to see that”

22.   “Newt Scamander, wouldn’t treat me like this!” “Well Newt is a fictional character” “How dare you!”

23.   “Did you even sleep last night?” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

24.   “Pretty sure none of this was suppose to happen”

25.   “Don’t you dare die on me….We’re suppose to grow old together”

26.   “You are my sunshine….my only sunshine…I never told you….How much I love you.”

27.   “I’m not strong or brave, but I will fight for you”

28.   “This can’t be real”

29.   “How did you two become friends?” “I punched him in the face and he gave me a highfive” 

30.   “This is not what I envisioned when you said: wanna play a game.”

                   I’ll be here waiting for requests

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things people forget about the outsiders

these are some pretty important things i think people should know bc it could help them w/ their character development or story in general. enjoy!

• sodapop would’ve joined dally in dirty talking cherry and marcia. and if they were greaser girls, ponyboy would’ve joined in as well.


• johnny is really good at hiding his emotions. he’s also a brave little shit who can get real sassy sometimes. yes, he is meek and shy, but when he feels the need he can be tough.

• steve is still in school. repeat after me, stEVE IS STILL IN SCHOOL AND ONLY WORKS PART TIME.

• the guys only watch their swearing and behavior around cousin-type girls. if your character is a new friend of pony’s who’s coming over for the first time, the gang isn’t gonna be super-duper nice to her and accept her 100%. they will probabaly be jerk-faces for a lil while, then chill out after she proves herself.

• two-bit wanted to drive to texas to look for ponyboy and johnny.

• darry goes skiing with his friends sometimes and was voted boy of the year. he was a popular, fun guy before he became the dad figure in the curtis household. yeah, he’s hella mature and dad-like now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to have fun.

• johnny was a good man in a rumble. i repeat : JOHNNY WAS A GOOD MAN IN A RUMBLE. HE COULD KICK ASS, OKAY.

• in the book, ponyboy kicked soc ass during the rumble. he is young and emotional, but he isn’t helpless. i personally hated the way the movie depicted him during the rumble; just letting the socs beat him up and crying out for darry the minute it begins. if you read the rumble excerpt, he obviously isn’t the best fighter but he can defend himself pretty well and can take a punch.

• johnny can take a whipping with a 2 by 4 without letting out a whimper. he isn’t gonna be on the floor unconscious after a punch to the gut, please and thank you.

• cherry is afraid of dissapointing her parents if they see her hanging with pony. i personally believe that cherry overcomes that fear and apologizes to ponyboy after ignoring him at school, and they become good friends. but the only true reason she doesn’t want to be seen with ponyboy is because of her parents. we see she clearly doesn’t really care about half of her “friends” or what she’s supposed to do as a soc (beer blasts and river bottom parties), so why would she care if her other friends saw her with pony?

Giving In

In which Harry and y/n are too impatient to wait until Valentines Day…

A/N: Shoutout to @stylesunchained for the title because I was seriously stumped.  Anyway, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS! This is probably the filthiest thing I’ve ever written so… enjoy. 

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New Years Eve: Also Known As How Marinette Broke Chat

So, this ridiculously fluffy piece is my gift to @mr-hawkmoth, as a thank you for all the amazing pieces they right and things they post! :D You are really awesome, and I think you should get more love! Sorry for how poorly written this is, but I hope you enjoy it! ;) Pairing is MariChat, with a bit of reverse lovesquare at the end XD

“You know, you’re kinda becoming a stalker, kid.”

Adrien glared at his kwami, the tips of his ears burning red with embarrassment as he lingered in the shadows of the statue of Ladybug and Chat Noir.

It was New Years Eve, and his father had been called away on pressing business the day after Christmas, meaning Adrien had been alone for most of the week. Normally, he would have been taking advantage of this sudden freedom, but Nino, the only friend he was close enough with to actually call up at a moment’s notice, had already left town to go and visit his grandparents in the countryside. While so many of his schoolmates had shown up to celebrate Christmas with him, not once had he really spent time with any of them outside of the presence of his best friend, aside from Chloe.

At one point he almost thought about calling her, only to remember that the last time he’d spent New Years with her, he’d had to hide in the men’s restroom at the hotel when midnight struck just to avoid having to kiss her. Adrien wasn’t oblivious, he knew how she felt about him, but he also knew that while her friendship with him was genuine, her pursuit of him was shallow at best. No way was he going to encourage any misunderstandings this year just because he was lonely. Thus, he had been wandering around the city as Chat Noir, trying to distract himself from the ceaseless boredom that had been plaguing him, when he had found himself headed towards the bakery by the school.


An image of the spunky girl who sat behind him at school flashed through his mind, and Chat felt his heart lighten immediately. She had been kind enough to make him a beautiful hat for Christmas this year, and even though it hadn’t been fixed with Ladybug’s miraculous, Adrien had really been touched by the amount of time and thought she had put into it. Honestly, he had been quite disappointed when he realized that her gift to him had been destroyed entirely, and hadn’t been able to even thank her for it yet as a result. Landing in the park, strategically out of sight behind the statue dedicated to Ladybug and himself, Chat debated with himself.

I mean, I do need to thank her… plus, her family was so welcoming the last time I was over. And maybe we could play some video games! I have been practicing— maybe this time I could actually beat her!’

Mind made up, he released his transformation, and had been in the middle of explaining things to Plagg when he heard her voice from across the street.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll be careful,” Marinette called cheerfully, a box with the bakery’s name stamped on the side carefully balanced on her hip. “It’s only a few blocks, I’ll be back before you know it!”

And so he found himself hesitating, watching as she headed off along the sidewalk to make what was probably a delivery to someone.

Leave it to Plagg to find a way to turn the innocent circumstances into opportunity to tease him. Although… maybe stalking Marinette wasn’t such a bad idea. It was already close to midnight, and the direction she was headed was not well lit at the moment, making a lone girl easy prey for unsavory individuals. Decision made, he transformed once more and chased after her, surprised to realize that while he had been debating on what to do she had managed to vanish from his sight.

By the time he did catch up to her, the direction she was headed became pretty clear, and Chat felt himself frown in confusion.

Why is she headed to my house?’

Concealing himself behind a tree, he watched as she approached the locked gates to the mansion’s compound and pressed the intercom button. He felt a little bad for not being inside to answer her, but his instincts were urging him to keep her in sight, and so he watched as she shifted nervously from foot to foot, waiting for an answer that wasn’t going to come. She tried the intercom a few more times, and as the minutes ticked by with no response, her face dropped into a frown.

Great,’ he thought with a hint of sarcasm, ‘I’ve upset her.’

Shoulders slumping, Chat watched as she pressed her face into the gaps between the bars, looking for something that she apparently didn’t find. Body drooping with apparent defeat, the girl turned to go back the way she had come, but this time her pace was much slower.

Chat waited until she’d put some distance between them before he started to follow her again, this time on foot. Ducking from shadow to shadow, his thoughts raced. Why had she come over to his place with a delivery from the bakery? Did she get the address wrong? Why had she looked so upset? Did she think he had called in a crank order and then just not answered? Anxiety bubbled around his heart at the thought of another misunderstanding coming between them, especially after she’d been nice enough to give him a Christmas gift when none of his other friends had.

So distracted was he by his own thoughts, it took him a moment to realize he could no longer see Marinette in front of him. When it finally registered, he froze, eyes darting around to try and see where she had disappeared. Unease crept over him as he vaulted up to the nearest building, head whipping back and forth trying to locate movement. Unfortunately, even with his night vision, Chat couldn’t find a trace of her. Twisting around to retrace his steps, concern turning into panic, he was almost to the next roof when he heard them.

A group of voices, distinctly male.

And one rather annoyed female voice.

It had come from the alley around the other side of the building, and he quickly made his way to the edge of the roof. Looking down, he could see Marinette blocked into the darkened breezeway by 3 men. Sharp eyes taking in every detail, he noticed the leering expressions on their faces as they looked at the girl, and could smell the liquor coming off of them from where he crouched, ready to move if need be. Disgust choking him as he practically read their intentions, Chat couldn’t help but glance back at Marinette’s face, to see how she was handling the situation. Her expression made him want to flinch back, pure fury radiating from every line of her body.

Apparently, the males below were to dense to read the situation, and Chat listened as the one directly in front of his friend rasped suggestively, “Seriously babe, it’s almost midnight- don’t you want luck in love for the new year?”

“Yeah, and with three of us…” another one slurred, eyeing her like a piece of meat.

“…we can guarantee you’ll get lucky.” The last one finished the vulgar innuendo while moving uncomfortably closer to her, hand reaching out to grab her.

Oh hell no. Chat felt time slow to a crawl as the lecherous hand drew closer to Marinette, outrage and fear suffusing every fiber of his being. Moving on pure reflex, the need to protect the girl below from harm driving him forward, the outraged super hero could only think of one thing as he landed quietly behind the drunkards.

He was going to break that hand.

Before he could follow through on that thought though, a loud crack followed by a shriek of pain echoed around them. Emerald eyes widened in surprise as the man who had been reaching for the seemingly helpless young girl dropped to his knees, his now broken hand still clenched firmly by the not-so-distressed damsel.

His friends were equally frozen, but shook it off much more quickly than Chat could. Both lunged for her at the same time, growled curses and insults spilling from their vile mouths. Marinette, still holding the injured hand of the leader, ducked a wild swing from one while simultaneously bringing her foot up to slam into the throat of the other. Off balanced, the first stumbled to the ground, his own momentum and inebriated state leaving him kissing nothing but concrete, while the second fell backwards, clutching at his throat as he gasped for breath.

Fury still spilling from every inch of her, the girl wasted no time ins turning on the hapless brute behind her, who had yet to regain his bearings and had barely managed to roll over. Finally releasing the leader from her iron grip, the deceptively petit Marinette swung her leg out once more, this time whipping in a full revolution that had her foot making contact with both men’s jaws in quick succession.

Both fell to the ground, unconscious, while the third was still wheezing for air, eyes wide and fearful as he watched how easily she dispatched his buddies. When she finally looked back in his direction, the man squeaked in terror, quickly getting to his feet and running past Chat and into the night.

For his part, Chat Noir could only stare in amazement, heart thumping in his chest. He hadn’t moved an inch, his eyes wide and jaw hanging open as she effortlessly took down her attackers. Not only had Marinette not needed him, Chat was pretty sure she hadn’t even noticed him. Even now, she had yet to look up at him, and instead had made her way over to the side of the alley bending down to collect something he hadn’t noticed when he first came upon them.

The box.

Pastries and candies spilled out in various directions on the ground from where the box looked to have been thrown against the wall. Chat watched her pick up a half-crushed macaroon, anger fading to be replaced with…

“Don’t cry, Princess,” he murmured, the sight of her tears urging him into action finally. She jumped upon hearing his voice, blue eyes flashing towards him as he knelt beside her.

“Chat Noir…?”

He ignored the question in her voice, instead asking, “What were you doing out this late?”

She had stopped crying, but at his question her expression twisted once more with sadness. Her gaze dropped back down to the ruined sweets below and she shrugged.

“I have this friend and… well, I found out earlier that he’s spending New Year’s Eve alone. So I wanted to take him some treats, and…” she replied, a light flush to her cheeks as she avoided looking at him.

“…and see if maybe he wanted some company.”

Chat felt his heart stutter within his chest even as he kept his expression neutral. That’s why she had gone to his house. Sweet, thoughtful, awkward Marinette had been thinking of him, gone through all this trouble for him, just to make sure he wasn’t lonely. His thoughts were interrupted as she continued, having taken his silence as a request for more details.

“B-but he wasn’t home, and so I was just going to take them by tomorrow. But then these,” here she gestured at the bodies still lying in the alley with them, annoyance clear in her tone. “These goons, well… they thought they were entitled to a kiss just because it was New Year’s Eve, and I tried to just leave but… I mean I shouldn’t have gotten so angry, but they ruined the treats I had made for Adrien and now, I mean…”

A sigh left her lips as she fell silent, clearly worn out by the events of the night as her gaze drifted to the hands in her lap. Chat’s brain was racing though. Because not only had she been trying to do something nice for him, she had kicked three grown men’s asses for him, for ruining the gifts she had made for him. And, oh how she had kicked their asses. Honestly, Chat didn’t know anyone besides Ladybug who could move with so much grace and strength at the same time. Yet, here was Marinette, wrecking three guys like it was nothing, all in his name. Not to protect herself, although that’s what he had initially thought, but simply because they had destroyed something that had been made for him.

That she had made for him.

He felt himself swoon a little at the thought.

Chat smiled, reaching for her hands and drawing her to her feet. She met his eyes as he winked at her, a plan having already formed in his mind.

“Well, purr-rincess, I don’t think you need to worry about your friend!”

At her puzzled expression, he adopted a stage whisper as he continued, “I’m pretty sure I saw him making his way towards your place earlier while I was on patrol.”

He felt triumphant at the look of delight she was giving him. Based on where they were, it would be easy to make it back to the bakery and de-transform before Marinette got there. Besides, that was where he had wanted to be in the first place, no harm in using his “inside knowledge” to cheer her up right now.


“Pawsitively!” He thrilled at the light giggle she let out at his pun, feeling giddy in the face of his accomplishment. He was about to bid her a good night, so he could make his way over to the bakery when he heard muffled shouts coming from the surrounding buildings.


“You had better get home! You don’t want to bring in the Mew Year with the embodiment of bad luck!”


He turned to go, but felt a tug on his hand. Looking back, he saw Marinette smiling at him as she stepped closer.


Chat was frozen as she lifted his hand…


and soft, warm lips pressed with aching deliberateness to his knuckles, the dark sweep of her lashes standing out against her pale, freckled cheeks as her eyes closed with the action. Even through the leather of his glove, Chat could feel the heat of her mouth, the tickle of her lips as they slowly pulled away and she pinned him with her sapphire gaze once more.

“Happy New Year, minou,” she murmured, smiling at him softly.

Chat could only nod, face flushing as she released his hand after giving it a light squeeze, and made her way around him and out of the alley. He couldn’t move for several moments, mind sluggish under the engulfing realization that was Marinette.

Marinette, who just kissed his hand like he did Ladybug’s.

Marinette, who beat up three thugs because they ruined a gift she made for him.

Marinette, who had thought of him when he was all alone.

Marinette, who had made him a beautiful Christmas gift.

Marinette, who played video games with him and welcomed him into her home.


Jerking back into awareness, Chat quickly vaulted to back to the rooftops, sprinting in the direction of the bakery so as to make it there before the girl who, after what he saw tonight, clearly had a good handle on a number of things.

His heart being one of them.


Hi guys! I feel like it’s been ages since I posted something but I finally had some time again. This is very smutty like always so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with filthy stuff. It’s not been proofread so please forgive any mistakes!xxxx

Harry felt like he couldn’t hold himself back anymore, like he had no control over his body.
He craved her.
He hadn’t had her in so goddamn long. Maybe it was a week, maybe two or maybe a month, he didn’t know. The only thing he knew was that it was way too long since he had her underneath him.
It was his fault though. He was so incredibly busy with working on his music and jumping from one thing to the other that at the end of the day there was no time for Y/N.
She understood that though, better than anyone else. She knew from the beginning that sometimes his work would get in their way, and she wasn’t mad about that. She supported him as good as possible.
The only thing she was a bit sad about was the fact that she couldn’t support him in that way right now. She knew he was exhausted when he came home and she understood that he wasn’t up for sex then but she also saw the frustration in his eyes and how painfully hard he was in the morning.
She noticed his whole body being tense, his shoulders never relaxing and his neck always looking like he couldn’t properly move it. She just wanted to help him.
But she also know he wouldn’t let her. He always denied that he needed something.
“No, love. M'just tired.”
It was true he was tired, but he also needed a release.
And because she knew he wouldn’t do anything about it anytime soon she took matters into her own hand.
She knew the effect she had on him, especially when she wore his clothes or a pair of lace panties or…
His shirt with lace panties.
He had a day off and she had a feeling he would want to spend it sleeping and working some more but she wouldn’t let him.
So when she knew he woke up from his nap she made her way upstairs in his white Rolling Stones shirt and a pair of white lace panties that left nothing to the imagination.
She walked into the bedroom and felt his eyes on her half naked body immediately. She made her way to the drawer right across the bed and bent down, acting like she looked for something at the bottom. She knew his eyes were looking at the place she wanted them to look, almost feeling the heat on her skin.
She turned around after a few moments, catching Harry’s eyes roaming her whole body with hit bottom lip between his teeth. “Have you seen my-”
“Come here.” he interrupted her.
“What?” she asked with fake surprise.
“Come here. Please.” he almost begged.
She made her way to the bed, crawling on top of it until she reached him.
“What’s going on?” she asked him.
He took hold of one of her legs and made her straddle his hips, sighing when her skin came in contact with his.
His hands moved from her thighs over those goddamn panties, up to her waist underneath his shirt.
“Should ask you that.” he replied with a cocked eyebrow.
“You come up her looking like… God, baby.”
She smirked at his flustered state, his cheeks slowly turning pinker and his eyes getting wider.
“You like it?” she questioned teasingly.
“You know what you do to me when you wear my clothes. And lace panties. But both together… fuck.”
She giggled softly and leaned closer to him.
“Did that on purpose, you know. You haven’t touched me in so long. Thought that this would finally make you do it.” she whispered into his ear.
He groaned and closed his eyes briefly before opening them again and letting his hands wander from her sides to her back, pressing her tightly against him.
“You think so? I don’t know about that, pet. You teased me quite a lot with this little outfit. Think I need to punish you a bit for that.”
She whimpered and released a quiet ‘god, yes.’ Maybe it wasn’t him who was that needy after all. Maybe it was all her.
He removed his shirt from her body in a split second, pressing her naked chest to his immediately after.
His lips began to press wet kisses against her neck, making her sigh out at how good it felt. He reached her chest on his path, his lips wrapping around one nipple and sucking on it until it was hard and repeating it on the other one. She was moaning and squirming already even though he hasn’t done anything yet.
“Turn around.” he told her, helping her until she was lying between his legs with her back to his chest.
He let his hands grab her tits for a moment, squeezing them slightly and pinching her pink nipples gently before he let his hands stroke over her whole upper body, his lips constantly pressing kisses to her neck.
His fingertips reached the line of her panties after a bit, teasingly stroking her skin right above the lace and making her body shudder with the tickling touch.
“Love those panties. So pretty.” he whispered into her ear.
Her eyes were closed so that she could enjoy his touch as much as possible. She wanted him to rip that unnecessary piece of clothing from her body already and touch her. But Harry had other plans.
His hand cupped her over her panties, a low moan rumbling through his chest when he felt her wetness through the almost none existent fabric. Y/N sighed out when she finally felt his touch against her aching center, her hips lifting off the mattress immediately but Harry held her down and wrapped one arm tightly around her waist so she had no ability to move.
His fingers stroked over her whole sex before they landed on that one spot that would make her eyes roll back and her lips part with breathless moans.
He began to rub her clit gently over the lace, her thighs tensing immediately. Sounds of pleasure left her lips when he sped up his movements and applied more pressure, her over sensitive nerves even more responsive to his touch than usually.
“You like it?” he asked her even though he knew the answer.
“God, yes.” she moaned out.
“I’m not even touching you fully, and you already loose your mind?” he teased her.
It was true. He wasn’t actually touching her completely, but still she was absolutely fucked out.
“Yes.” the word was dragged out, her voice getting high pitched at the end.
Harry made sure to touch just the right place, made sure he pressed and rubbed it with just the right pace.
He knew she was about to loose her mind, explode right in his lap. He knew the pent up frustration would make her come even faster than usually.
“Harry.” she whined when her body began to squirm and her legs began to trash around.
“What, darling?”
“Touch me. P-Please, I- Oh.”
“But I am touching you, baby.”
“N-No, want you to touch me without these panties, please.”
“Nuh-uh.” Harry made.
“Told you I had to punish you.”
She almost cried out but held herself back from protesting and getting into even more trouble.
“I’ll let you come though.” he whispered.
He sped up his movements and pressed against her clit harder, making her slip over the edge and loose any control. She was moaning louder than ever, Harry was almost worried she was in pain. She was squirming and trashing around in his lap, her whole body shaking against him. The moans kept on leaving her body, echoing through the room.
Harry was moaning himself too, he always enjoyed it when she came. He cupped her between her legs again when she finished completely, loving the way she rubbed herself against his hand to ride out the last bit of her pleasure.
“Harry.” she whimpered after a bit.
“Shh, love.”
He moved away from her body, letting her lay down with her back against the pillows. He shuffled on the bed until he was between her legs, his hands separating them so he was able to situate himself in the middle. She looked at him with glossy eyes, looking so goddamn fucked out that Harry almost lost it right there.
He lied down between her legs, his hands on her thighs, hooking them over his shoulders. Y/N whimpered at the image in front of her, his face between her thighs always made her feel some type of way.
She hoped, hoped so fucking much that he would rip that stupid piece of lace from her body but he didn’t. He spread her legs as wide as he could, his fingertips stroking softly over the fabric that made him loose his mind.
He leaned down and kissed along the path above lace, wandering down and letting his nose run over her, breathing her in. He rubbed the tip of it over her clit, feeling how soaked she was. Her scent swarmed his senses, getting so intense that he couldn’t help his tongue licking her over her panties. It felt strange against his tongue to not have her skin against it but he didn’t stop, to eager and desperate to lick her to her next orgasm.
Her hands shot down to his head, her fingers getting lost in the mess that was his hair. The way she pulled at his hair created a sting that almost turned into pain but he didn’t mind, he liked it rough.
She was pulling him closer, making his face bury into her even more but he loved it by the sound he made.
His tongue licked over her with broad strokes, the tip of it circling her clit over and over again. It felt different, the fabric created a different sensation but it was a good different.
It didn’t take her long to break apart again, shaky moans and choked gasps left her while her whole body tensed and arched off the bed. He licked her through it, moaning against her to create that bit of vibration against her that always made her loose it.
When she came down he came up for air, his lips swollen from how they rubbed against the rough fabric of her lace panties. He connected his lips to hers in a hungry kiss, pressing her into the pillows. A whine left Y/N’s mouth when his teeth sunk into her bottom lip, the sting a bit too much for her to handle right now.
He pulled back after a few moments and took his boxer shorts off, throwing them behind him. Next was finally her panties, a relieved sigh left her when they were finally off her body.
Harry’s eyes roamed her naked body like a starving man, the hunger clear in his look.
“Turn around, love. Please.” he almost begged her.
She did what he said, turning on her stomach so her backside was on full display for him. He spread her legs apart immediately, groaning quietly when he saw her dripping wet pussy.
She turned her head to look back at him, begging him with his eyes to do just anything. Somehow he understood what she wanted and positioned himself between her thighs, lined the tip of his rock hard cock up with her entrance and thrusted in immediately.
A relieved moan left both of them when they felt each other again. God, how they missed this.
Harry made sure he was as deep inside of her as possible, his hips pressed against her ass, before he began to move. He let his dick stroke her walls almost carefully before he began to sped up his movements.
“Harder. Please, I need it harder.” Y/N whined from beneath him and his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head.
He fucked her harder than, his hips snapping against her ass and creating a filthy sound that added to the wetness of her pussy and her moans.
“God, yes. Fuck me, Harry.”
He groaned and let himself fall down on her back, his arms no longer able to support his body. Y/N let out a surprised squeal when his cock reached even deeper than and she had no way to move anymore. Harry rolled his hips against her ass, the movement making his dick massage her walls roughly.
He was moving so fast and hard, his cock never leaving her walls, only hitting that one spot over and over again. She was screaming and sobbing underneath him, the sensitivity of her pussy and his harsh thrusts almost to much for her to handle and she felt the control slip through her fingers.
He was fucking her so good, as good as he always did. And she felt so goddamn amazing, as amazing as she always did.
They both didn’t last long and soon they both were coming with loud shouts and moans and shaking bodies that felt like they would never come down from their mind-blowing orgasm. Harry let the ride out their highs, his hips not stopping their movements until it was over..
He pulled out of her and fell beside her to the mattress, both breathing harshly and occasional whimpers leaving their lips. Harry turned his head to look at her and smirked when he saw how fucked out she looked and knew that he did that to her.
He mustered up the strength to move his body so he could stroke her cheek and see her fully.
“You good, my love?”
“Yes. God, yes.” she sighed with her eyes still closed.
Harry chuckled at her and pressed a soft kiss against her cheek.
“Missed you like that, you know?”
That’s when she opened her eyes and looked at him.
“Missed you too.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t have any time for you lately. Should have taken days off and spent them with you and not neglecting you like this.” he whispered sadly.
“Hey, s'okay. Think you made up for it quite well.” she grinned.
A slow smile spread over his face and he nodded.
“Thank you for being patient with me.”

I’ve been working on a little victuuri one-shot for a few days now. I’m gonna give you a sneak peek and you guys can tell me if you’d actually like to see it. (I’d probably just post it here on tumblr,)

He doesn’t want to go in the first place. He likes his dorm room; enjoys how quiet it is. He doesn’t care about his classmates relationship status, and he doesn’t need to flaunt that he’s single. That’s all these college frat house parties are for - pronouncing you’re single so you can find easy hookups.

So when Phichit begs Yuuri to join him at the stoplight party they’ve been invited to, Yuuri tries to get out of it. Of course a frat house is holding a traditional stoplight party. It’s beyond cliche.


Originally posted by juptern

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 670

Warnings: Panic Attack, Angst

Anon Requested

A/N: I’m so sorry for the long wait, I will try my best to get more fics out, i’ve just been really overwhelmed and anxious lately. Love you guys.


You and Jughead were walking home together like normal. He usually walked you home so that you wouldn’t be alone. You never were very outspoken, never blended in very well with other kids your age. You considered Jughead your only friend.

Your mom was out of town for the week, but that was nothing strange. Her job always had her flying out to different places. As you approached your driveway, you quickly checked the mailbox and were surprised by the abundance of letters stashed inside. You grabbed them and invited Jughead inside for a bit.

Your backpack found its way on the floor as the pile of mail in your arms became scattered over the counter. You stacked them neatly and started to go through them as Jughead helped himself to any snacks in the pantry. “Junk, ads, mom stuff, junk, no we don’t need a new internet service, junk, junk, ads, hey what’s this.” You held out a crisp, white, official looking, letter addressed to your mom. You were about to put it in your mom’s stack when you saw the sender’s address. It was from the state prison.

Your eyes furrowed with worry as you made the decision to open it. Jughead sat next to you with two freshly made sandwiches as he watched your eyes dart from side to side across the letter. He took a bite as he observed you reading. As soon as you finished reading your jaw dropped in shock as the letter fell out of your hands. You started shaking as you stared blankly ahead of you.

Jughead noticed the change and dropped his now forgotten, half-eaten, sandwich and was immediately at your side. “y/n? What’s wrong?” he asked as you just kept muttering to yourself, “He’s out.” Over and over again. “Come on.” Jughead said as he led you over to the couch and sat you down.

You just kept muttering to yourself the same phrase, not being able to fully comprehend what was on the letter. “Hey y/n, listen to me aright. Focus on my voice. Ok? It’s Jughead. Can you hear me?” your hands were shaking rapidly as your eyes finally darted to meet his clear blue ones. “y/n?” he gripped your hands in his nimble ones in an attempt to steady you. He rubbed circles into them as he tried to get you to focus on him.

“Hey, shh. You’re alright. No one’s gonna hurt you, I’m right here for you. It’s ok.” As if being brought out of a trance the shaking and mumbling stopped. You looked up at him as your e/c eyes watered before collapsing into him.

You sobbed as your tears stained his shirt. But he didn’t care. He rocked you against his chest, whispering sweet nothings into your ear until you calmed down. You hiccupped as the sobbing finally ceased. He soon stopped rocking you but made no move to remove you from his chest.

He sighed softly as you sat there listening to his steady heartbeat. “I’m scared Juggy.” You finally said. He ran his hand up and down your arm soothingly. “Of what?” he asked. You let out another shaky breath. “My dad, he’s getting out of jail.” Jughead somehow pulled you in closer after you said that.

He placed a brief kiss on the top of your head as he held you protectively. “I’m sorry. I know, after what he did… He deserves to be locked up, forever. But I’ll make a promise to you right now.” You sat up and looked him in the eye. “I will protect you. Even if he steps 20 feet near you, he’s toast.” You giggled slightly. Of course you’d use food as an analogy.” He grinned.  

Your head founds its way back on his chest as he embraced you again. “I’m being serious though. I’ll always be there for you” You smiled as a single tear escaped your eye before snuggling even closer to him, showing him just how much he meant to you.


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