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kai and sehun were at their freinds party, and in walks this cute guy and sehun cant keep his eyes of him. and suddenly the cute guy spots them and starts to make his way over to them. and sehun get starstruck and can’t help but just stare at this beautiful guy comming his way.

but before he gets a chance to greet him, kai have allredy pulled him in for a hug. and after a quick kiss he turns around to sehun 
“hey baby i’d like you to meet my best freind sehun”  and the guy sends him a heart shaped smile.

“sehun i told you about kyungsoo right, they guy i’m dating?”

“y-yes nice to meet you” he offers a shaky hand

‘only you left out that he is the most beautiful man to walk the earth' sehun thinks bitterly

“nice to meet you too” soo says with another smile, and sehun swears his heart skippes a beat.

after that ,kyungsoo is everywhere. he is all kai talks about. Whenever he hangs out with with kai-kyungso is there-. whenever they have a guys night out -kyungsoo is there-.  he is just always there and it’s driving sehun insane!

his worst(and best) day of the week are thursdays. thursdays means sehun and kai got dance practice, which soo have started to come to almost religiously. and just knowing kyungsoo is in the same room makes him mess up and trip over his own feet. Dance practice also means the three of them walks together home. kai lives the closest to the dance studio. and it breaks sehuns heart (but he keeps telling himself it’s not) every night he sees them say their loveydovey goodbye. but it also means sehun gets to walk two more blocks ,untill they get to the olders appartment, just the two of them. wich is bad..the more time he spends with the other, the more he realize that: kyungsoo is funny, and easy to talk to and just…so dam hot

and you should not be thinking of your best friend’s boyfriend in that way.


if people like it(??) then i might uplode longer version 

My everithing
  • "Hun, I'm home~"
  • Vincent said, walking into the dark, big house.
  • "Hun..?"
  • No answer.
  • The place was surounded by a dead silence that was broke with a deep sigh. He walked through the long, dark hall toward the last door, wich was Jeremy's room.
  • He open it slowly, not paying attention to the sight smell of rootnes and blood that came out of there.
  • "Babe please..." he called "you're still mad..?"
  • The room was darker than the rest of the house, with all the blinds and windows closed.
  • It was cold. Really cold.
  • He stepped closer to the bed, were his beautifull boyfriend was sitting, back against the wall, with his head tilting to a side and his green eyes sightly open, with a dead look on them.
  • "I'm sorry, okay? I know you hate violence... But I coudnt stand it anymore..."
  • He knelled in front of him, placing one of his hands on the boy's knee.
  • "I coudnt let him hurt you anymore..."
  • He stroke his cheek softly, worried about the fact that he haven't talked in almost a week. His skin was pale, cold, almost as he was dead. The trace tears had left was still there, but now it was dry and salty. His lips, that once used to be a light pink, were now white as snow and dry as paper. His hands, covered in dry blood that used to come out of his wrists and arms.
  • But not any more.
  • "Please..."
  • He leaned closer to him, worried and sad, desperate from any reaction that could come from him.
  • "please talk to me..."
  • He kissed him softly. He didnt care how could he react. It didnt matter if he rejected him or not. He just needed to see him move, to hear his voice, to show that he was still alive.
  • But nothing happened. He didnt got surprised, pushed away or even kiss back. He just stayed there.
  • Quiet.
  • Still.
  • Vincent pulled back slowly, looking down before placing a hand on the others forehead.
  • "youre cold... Maybe... Maybe youre just sick and thats all..."
  • He said, more to himself than to the younger one. He sighs once again.
  • "I'm calling the doctors, this cant go on like this..."
  • And with this words, he left the room, closing the door behind him.
  • Worried.
  • He was more than just worried.
  • As he walked to the living room, he passed in front of the basement door, stopping there, looking at it with disgust.
  • "This is all your fault... If you woudnt had hurt him, any of this would have happened..."
  • And after he said this, he kept walking. Once there, he called the nearest hospital, and in less than five minutes, an ambulance was already on the entrance. But what they found was nothing like they were expecting.
  • The house was completely dark, except for some little zones were the light could filtrate through the blinds.
  • Vincent leaded the doctor to the room, explaining to him that they had argue and since that day he had stop talking, moving or even eating.
  • When he opened the door, a strong smell of rootness and blood came out of the it, making the doctor start to feel dizzy. Inside that room there was a corpse.
  • Jere's corpse.
  • The doctor stepped back, surprised and even scared, looking at Vincent with his eyes wide open. Vincent stared back, looking calm, raising an eyebrow at him.
  • "something's wrong..?"
  • He asked, not looking away from the doctor, who was still stunned by what he saw.
  • He was told it was a sick boy, not a dead one.
  • "N-No mister, nothings wrong, but I... I-I'm gonna need help from the others to... Take him to the ambulance... I-I'll be right back..."
  • The doctor said, before quickly walking outside the house, calling the police. He asked Vincent to get out of the house, with the excuse that they needed space to work and he would make it more difficult for them.
  • They told him he was gonna be okay.
  • The police soon arrived. They told him they had to check the house just for "security stuff"
  • Vincent stayed out all the time, wating to get any news about his loved one.
  • As he was outside, the police was inspectioning the house.
  • Every room was perfectly fine, except for Jeres room, wich was a mess, with blood everywere and a depressive ambient that no one could ignore, and the basemen, wich was locked.
  • They kicked the door down, and the smell of putrefaction and blood invaded the place. They went down, just to find a sadistic and horripilant scene. There was a man, hands and foots firmly tied to the wall, with cuts all over his skin. His stomach had been cut wide open, his eyes ripped off and some of his organs were still hanging from the cut.
  • It was Jeremy's father.
  • A police officer started to interrogate the man that called the doctor, who was clearly not in a good mental state. He kept repeating the same story, that his boyfriend was just sick or mad, he got worried and thats why he called. He said he havent moved in a week, even though he tried to feed him he would refuse by not even touching what was on the plate. When he was asked about the blood, he looked confused, denying he had ever saw his lovely boyfriend bleeding in all this time.
  • The man had lost completely touch with reality, making it imposible for him to asume the others obvious death.
  • The man was sick.
  • He was trapped in his mind.
  • The kid was everything for him.
  • And loosing him was not an option.
  • -------------
  • Three years later
  • White.
  • That was everything this man could see.
  • He coludnt move his arms, not at all.
  • He felt tide, trapped.
  • This man was once called Vincent.
  • But with the time, he even stopped responding to that word he used to call his name.
  • His purple hair had grew up, covering his face completely.
  • He had lost every little and significant trace of sanity.
  • He woudnt sleep and he would barely eat.
  • He was dying.
  • But that didnt matter.
  • Cause the human been he once was...
  • Was already dead
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Well.... I posted it after all... //^\\
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  • Im sorry if it has any errors tho...
Freard fanfics/oneshoot masterpost!

okay so these are some of my favorite frerard fics, and i decided to share the links so you guys can read them :) (all of them are PG-17 and PG-13) i hope you like them as much as i do, i’ll be adding more links later, ENJOY!

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The everyday life of a healer~

1. Ungrateful People.
2. DPS with low health run away from the healer,thus making him/her run around trying to heal his ass, in the mean time half of Melee DPS die.
3. Someone gets oneshooted “healer why u no heal?”
4. AINM run, half of players never use Evasive Roll / iframe skill. Just… Why…
5. Player(s) take all the attacks, not even bothering to avoid some.. “dont worry we have healers”
6. DPS thinks he’s Tank and stays in the boss’ face (again) “dont worry we have healers”

I understand its the Healers job to Heal, but can you at least considerate that we are humans to? and we have sometimes to focuse on the less skilled players that keep taking damage in order to keep them alive…. If you consider uself a pro dps or at least an acceptable one, please avoid some attacks because if you die its not the healers fault, its you’r own incompetence for not using you’r dodging skills.
my frerard fic masterpost! :)

okay so i decided to make this frerard master fic post! well my frerard reclist!
so in this list you can find all kind of frerard fics [fanfics//oneshoots] like the most popular ones, smut ones, fluffy ones or the kind of fics that makes your heart cry, well as you can see the fics doesn’t have description [i apologize but too tired to do it] if you are looking for a specific one then go feel free to ask me :) oh and in this list most of all of them are NC-17 (not every fic but yes i read too much smut kinky shit) well have fun reading! i hope you enjoy those fics as much i do!

Dean Winchester-Just perfect

Title:Just perfect

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

word count:1201

Request:Hi, could you please write one oneshoot where the reader is a little bit shy because she thinks she is too skinny? Some one where she isn’t depressive, just a bit shy. And could you make it a deanxreader? I will love you so so so much, you are an amazing writer! Thank you so much <3

Warning: Insecurity and reader force eating.

You glared at your reflection, every bone and every fleck was imperfect to you. It wasn’t so much your beauty, but you weight. You sighed, letting out a dulled breath as you poked and prodded at the bones that stuck out in the most unnatural places, to you anyway. 

You licked your bottom lip, drawing it between the pointed tips of your bottom teeth before slowly pulling your clothes back over your head. You always wore slightly baggy shirts, you would never want to see the Winchester’s face if they saw how skinny you were. 

Especially Dean’s. 

You had had a crush on Dean for a while now, you lost count after a few months. Well, you say crush but you knew your meant full blown out, die for you-love. You were hopelessly in love with a man who would find a dog more appealing. 

Men go for the meat after all right?

You shook your head not wanting to think about your pathetic love life-not that one existed of course. You made your way out of your dingy dark room and into the slightly brighter living room of the bunker. 

‘’Hey, (y/n)’’Sam greeted, peering at you from over the top of the trimmed book that balanced perfectly in the hunters large hands. You chuckled, how Ironic. Sam Winchester, never seen without a book. You looked at the spine, falling in pieces as it tried so desperately to un-bond itself from it’s ledge. 

‘’Hey, Big-foot’’You smirked, earning a eye roll from the said ‘Big-foot’. You walked past, hand reaching to ruffle Sam’s hair. You felt the soft locks pull under your nimble fingers as you snickered at Sam’s grunt, his hand instantly pulling every strand back into place, making sure it was all perfect. 

‘’Haven’t you got someone else to bug?’’Sam groaned tutting as he shook his head, locks sprawling around him.You raised a perfectly slender brow, cocking your hips as you crossed your arms. ‘’Apparently not’’He whispered under his breath, eyes widened at the awkward position he put himself in. 

‘’Where is Dean-o anyway?’’You asked, trying to seem nonchalant. Sam smirked, the corners of his lips twitching into a amused grin. He rose a thick brow, titling his head at you, much like Castiel did. 

‘’What!’’You scoffed, raising your fingers to brush away the strand of hair that fell between your eyes. Sam shook his head, raising his palms as he shrugged. 

‘’I didn’t say anything’’He chuckled, licking his lip as he looked back down at his book before tilting his head back at you. ‘’You like Dean don’t you’’

‘’What!’’You laughed nervously. ‘’Nooo’’You said ludicrously high pitched. You grew so nervously you stumbled back knocking off a bunch of Pan’s as they cluttered to the floor. You scrambled to pick them up, jumping when you spotted Dean walking in. 

‘’DEAN!’’You yelled, dropping the pan and making it land on your foot. You cursed tripping as you bent to pick it up. Dean chuckled, head shaking as he brows drawn together in confusion. 

‘’Woah calm down there, Billy Elliot.’’ Dean laughed making your cheeks lock on a crimson red. He walked over reaching out his hand. You grunted softly but took his hand as you let him haul you up. Dean frowned, confusion setting into to shock. 

‘’Wow, you’re really light , (y/n)’’Dean exclaimed. You froze, eyes blowing out as they glazed over, mouth popping open like a fish. You looked like you just got shot. 

‘’(Y/n)?. Hey, you okay?’’Sam asked, shuffling slightly as him and Dean both shared a concerned look. You ignored the both of them, rushing into your room. 


You had spent almost all day in your room, ignoring Dean and Sam knocking on your door asking if you were okay. You knew they had to go out to the supermarket which was quite a long drive since you were in a empty state. 

You waited till you heard the door click and rushed out to the fridge, grabbing as much junk as you could. You sat behind your door, back on the cold wood surface as you shoved spoon fulls of Ben and Jerry’s into your mouth. 

You groaned, stomach bloated as you tried to eat more blocks of the sickly chocolate bar. You jumped when you heard the door click open. Heavy footsteps sounded as you pushed further against the door, not wanting anyone to come in. 

‘’(y/n). Hey I’m back. Sammy’s gone to get the food instead. Just you and me, Kiddo’’He called out, footsteps sounding distant at fist before getting near. You cringed, you knew he was coming to look for you. You said nothing, biting your tongue and holding your breath as you begged he would just go to his room. 

‘’(y/n)? Where are you?’’He asked. The light that peered through the tiny crack of the door had dissapeared and was now replaced by a large set of boots. A hard knock rattle through the wood and down you back as you closed your eyes, loose tears falling down. 

‘’(Y/n)’’ Dean called, more panicked as he knocked again. ‘’You okay?’’He waited, when he heard nothing he started to panic. ‘’Let me in or I swear I’ll knock the door down’’

You whimpered knowing he would do just so, so you shuffled away from the door and let your back rest against your bed frame. Dean tried the handle, surprised when it opened. He walked in, finger itching near his gun before he spotted your crying figure. 

He frowned rushing over, hands hovering over your face before cupping your cheeks and making you look in his eyes. ‘’Kiddo? Hey, what’s wrong? Are you hurt?’’He asked, pounding you with a million questions. You shook your head letting it drop from Dean’s warm calloused hands. 

Dean shuffled on his feet, knee keeping his balance on the floor as he brushed your hair away from your back before lifting your chin up. You met the gorgeous green eyes as you whimpered, chin quivering. 

Dean frowned as he looked around the room seeing all the food. ‘’(y/n… What’s this? You’re scaring me, Kiddo. What’s going on?’’He whispered, caressing your cheek. Dean knew you never ate like this before. 

‘’I tried to force myself to eat’’You whimpered, sniffling as you choked on tears. His mouth parted in shock with a hint of sadness as he stuttered for words. 

‘’Why?’’He breathed out. 

‘’I’m too skinny.’’You sobbed, rubbing your eyes. ‘’I’m horrible’’

‘’You listen to me, Kiddo. You are perfect, okay. I mean that. You are not too skinny. You’re the right size, your gorgeous, beautiful funny and damn sexy. If you think you have a problem with your weight then I’ll help you okay. But you don’t. Not as far as I’m concerned.’’Dean whispered, cupping your cheeks and pressing a loving kiss to your forehead. 

‘’You really mean that Dean?’’You asked through blurry eyes. 

‘’I do, Kiddo’’He answered. ‘’I like you, (y/n).. I mean really like you. Hell. I love you, I hav-UMPH!’’

You cut him off crashing your lips to his as you ran your fingers through his soft hair. 

‘’I love you too, Dean’’

Dennor oneshoot I wrote and doesn’t have a name on but still is kinda proud of:

Winter has always been Eirik’s favourite season. Spending winters with his boyfriend had always been his favourite activity.

He and Christian had arrived at the cabin yesterday, only a little bit delayed by the big amount of snow that had been falling for the past days. The cabin was big and made of dark wood, and located in the middle of a forest, far away from all other population. Eirik had invited Christian to come and stay with him there in the winter holiday, since it was so long time since that they last gotten to see each other, with their work in their own respective countries.

They opened the front door and walked in, the sound of their shoes hitting the hard wooden floor. It was easy to see that the cabin had not been used in a long time. It was horrible cold, which Christian complained about, rubbing his arms to warm himself. Every room were neatly cleaned up, with no visible decorations or anything else to make it feel homily. Dust where swirling in the air where the sun screamed in through the windows.

Christian had taken Eirik into his arms, almost lifting him up from the ground, in the middle of the living room and passionately kissed him. He couldn’t to spend the next days with the man he loved the most in the entire world.


There was a moment in the car while they were driving to the cabin, on narrow roads surrounded by tall, icy mountains, that Christian had suggested, clearly with a sense of sarcasm in his voice, that they should go skinny dipping in one of fjords, which was close to where they was staying. They both laughed at the thought. Them, both grown, adult men, acting like drunk teenagers, swimming naked around in an ice cold fjord in the middle of nowhere in Norway. However, they ended up that they should try it anyway, just to see if they were really the brave Vikings they claimed to be.


The water was painfully cold.

They had found a spot in the gigantic fjord that surprisingly wasn’t frozen over and covered in snow. Therefore, they decided to jump in. They placed their clothes in an untidy pile on the ground, and almost regretted their decision, when they thought about how sick this could make them.

They both laughed, hands intertwining, threating with pushing each other in, before they ended up running into the water, having decided beforehand that they had to get their head under the water to call themselves respectful Vikings – which they also did. Both men appeared on the surface, gasping, hair dripping with water and goosebumps covering their entire body.


Some hours after, Christian was laying on the floor, sprawled over every pillow and blanket they could find in the entire cabin. On top of him was Eirik, placing quick kisses down Christian’s neck, making him hum delighted from the intimacy. Christian’s legs were wrapped around his lover’s. His eyes where closed. Christian’s hand was placed on the back of Eirik’s neck, which was slowly swirling a long strand of Eirik’s hair around his finger. His skin was warm from the fire in the fireplace behind them. They had drawn the curtains for, dimmed the light and turned down all possible sound. The only thing to be heard was the crackling fire and the two men’s breaths. They had both changed into big woolen sweaters, and had gotten their normal body temperate back after their little dive.

“Hey Eirik,” Christian said softly, opening his eyes slightly, just enough to see his boyfriend raise his head and connect his eyes with his own.

“How do you say ‘I love you’ in Norwegian?”

Eirik laughed heartily and couldn’t resist planting a soft kiss on the man below him lips.

“It’s jeg elsker deg,” he answered in his native language. Christian absolutely adored it when Eirik spoke Norwegian. Both when he spoke to his family and fellow-countrymen, and when something didn’t happen exactly after his liking, and he would let out a long string of swearwords and curses. Christian had never entirely mastered the language himself; he thought there was too many foreign sounding sounds that his mouth just wouldn’t say in the right way. He had tried though, in many years, for Eirik.

“Jeg elsker deg, Eirik,” Christian said, knowing well that his pronunciation of the words wasn’t the best, but that Eirik would still get his declaration of love. This wasn’t the first time either of them had told the other that they loved them, no, far from that. But Christian remembered back to when they first became a couple, and Eirik would use what felt like forever to declare his love for his partner. But when he finally did many years ago, Christian’s stomach filled with butterflies, making him feel the most fantastic feeling he had ever felt. Many years later, he still felt that feeling, whenever he was together with Eirik.

”I love you too, Christian.”

Christian - Denmark

Eirik - Norway 

(English isn’t my native language, excuse all the potential mistakes)