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A short, 2,915 word fanfiction where an adult Pro Hero Deku gets sent back in time and accidentally meets his younger, ten-year-old self in the process. Idea given to me by @itacake , whom I adore!
rated probably fine to read. minimal bad language and one nsfw reference. bluh. enjoy!


Time-traveling quirks — born with the ability to travel through time and space itself, along with the ability to force others to travel through time. — are exceedingly rare, rarer than kin of the Luminescent Baby from China, but despite its rarity, Deku has seen one in his lifetime. When he came into contact with one, it hit him off course and into a state of vitiligo; he doesn’t remember much, mostly the after-effects, and it was a little more than just surprising that the timeline didn’t desperately to try and fix itself.

A time-traveling quirk does one of two things. The first option is that it creates a paradox, a statement or a hypothetical situation that proves itself to be logically unacceptable or self-contradictory. In the situation of a quirk that made a paradox, the timeline would destroy itself, and prove itself to be a false timeline. A timeline, a series of events, that never should have existed. Another option is that a time-traveling quirk can still threaten to be a paradox but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. The timeline, if proceeded with enough caution, could be kept safe if one is cautious of the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect states that “small causes could have larger effects.” and “sensitive dependence on initial conditions.” A popular way to state the butterfly effect is that “the effect grants the power to cause a hurricane in China to a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico.” Essentially, if a butterfly flaps its wings — or another small, insignificant thing exists in one point of a timeline — it can cause a hurricane in another part of the country. — a larger, more significant and deeply important thing has changed in the timeline. — More significant happenings are dependent on smaller causes; if you change the input, you change the output.

That is why, when Pro Hero Deku is sent back in time, he is desperately attempting to avoid himself.

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Could it be that one person be created and bring one person enough joy to last a lifetime? The day my little sister Brie was born was the best day of my life. She arrived on a cold snowy day in late December. You could say that my sister were an early Christmas present to me. She was born on December 24th and with Brie came the gift of joy and pure innocence.



Here’s the Soulmate!AU collab @rickandmortygetschwifty and I did together! :) It was so awesome to work on this with you; you’re so amazing <3

Please, read @rickandmortygetschwifty ‘s part of the collab right here, under the cut!! (The comic will make more sense, after you’ve read it) Prepare to weep! The fic is long and heart-wrenchingly beautiful!!

For longer than you’ve known, you never truly understood what a soulmate was.

Your first memory was of your mother hovering over you, inspecting the reddening bruise that was blossoming over your knee. She was looking over at you in disapproval, tutting as she tried to hush your sobs.You couldn’t help the tears that ran down your cheeks as you cradled your leg and begged your mother to make it stop hurting.The pain you felt was unlike anything you experienced before. And so you cried and cried, hoping that your screams would drown out the unpleasant sensations.

Your mother simply picked you up, whispering sweet things into your ear as she bandaged you up.

“Oh, you poor little thing,” she cooed, flicking you playfully on the nose. “Rick, you need to be more careful, or you’ll make your soulmate sad too.

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I worked with him on Avengers “Assembled” which was one of those magical once in a lifetime career moments where you are standing next to a giant and a legend and sharing a frame with him and sharing your heart with him and sharing a precious moment with him.

We spent the entire day together running lines talking about the scene, talking about wanting to find something to do together in the future. Today that is no longer a possibility. These magical moments, the ones that whisper to you their importance as they are happening. The ones that jump out and tell you that you are in a rarefied space, that imprint deeper than other memories or experiences, that lock themselves in and become a part of the patch work of stories that ones calls a “Life”, they are such precious things. It’s easy to take for granted at the time how precious they are, one believes there will be another go at it, another chance to catch the light of a star in the palm of your hand in the span of an afternoon while working on a major motion picture, tucked off from the others, in a sacred cinematic space, where time is inconsequential and there is no camera, and their is no crew, and there are no words, there is only truth and listening and talking. That is what it was like with Harry. His humility, his commitment to acting, his generosity of spirit his kindly vulnerability were all exceptional. He was an exceptional man and I am honored to say that i got to share the screen with him albeit briefly. To date, it is still one of my favorite moments in film making. Today I treasure it even more. When we left each other that day we said, “See you again. I look forward to it.” That never came to pass, but he passed away I wish we had a chance to do it all again. So long Harry Dean, thank you for the gift of your films, your music and your being. God broke the mold on you. 

Rest In Peace. Poet.

Role of a Lifetime
Role of a Lifetime

Role of a Lifetime, from the 2012 Off-Broadway production of Bare the musical, sung by Jason Hite (who played Jason in the show)

This is from their cast recording, which was never released for reasons I do not know, so enjoy the quality (it isn’t a bootleg!). I remember they announced the album on their website and you could listen to this one song, which is how I got it, so they definitely recorded the songs and even mixed them to some extent, but the album never went on sale.

Oh, you and I? Darling, we survived.
—  in another universe, softly, kindly, without question | p.d(via lostcap)