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They’re Just Jealous | Smarkle Fic

A/N: My first Smarkle fic! Sorry this took so long :( I wrote it awhile ago and completely forgot to upload it. 
Word Count: 969 (it’s a short one)

♡ ♡ ♡

Isadora stood at her locker with Riley and Farkle as they waited for the bell to chime for third period. The three of them were in honors bio together and would always wait outside with each other. As they’re standing there waiting, two girls walk over. Isadora thought they looked familiar but she was sure they never spoke before.

“Hey Farkle.” The girls say in unison.

Farkle gives them a friendly smile. “Hey Bree, hey Lauren.”

“We were just wondering if you had the notes from last class.” The taller one says while batting her eyelashes.

“Neither one of you took notes?” He asks perplexed.

“Must have slipped our mind.”

Farkle reaches into his backpack and pulls out his notebook before handing it over to the girls. He didn’t really need them to study, he just enjoyed the process of taking notes.

The shorter girl gives him a wink before they walk off.

Riley shoots Isadora a confused look. “That was odd.” She mumbles as they pile into class.

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anonymous asked:

could u pls upload the m@ster version of ashita mata aeru yo ne :0 thank u

Whoops, I goofed again and forgot to check if we already had it and posted again. Deleted that one, and here’s the original:

Ashita Mata Aeru Yo Ne by Frederica, Shiki, Momoka, Yuka, and Kyoko

It’d be great if you guys could search for a song by going through the tags of whomever sings it before sending requests! (ex: searching would show you that this song was uploaded a while ago) That way we don’t end up spending time writing up a new post for a song that’s already been uploaded. Thanks!


I forgot if I had taken a photo and upoladed it already, so here’s the love live style drawing I copied from some card in the game (I think I did upload this before and noted which exact card it were??). As a…bonus I guess there’s also the chibis I made for another 3d-esque thing (like the azusa box) but I’ve been backpaddling on that one because it’s kinda nsfw and I can’t have that standing around.



alright everybody, as we all know tomorrow is singles awareness day, and i have decided to make a little stream to celebrate the holiday

i have several games to choose from, so i am counting on you guys to vote on this and tell me which one you want me to play for Valentine’s Day

firstly, there is ReLoad, an Overwatch dating sim. it was made entirely by one college student, which i think is rather nice of them to do. i actually have beaten this one before, but i forgot most of it so it’ll still be a lot of fun playing it in front of all 3 of my loyal fans.

next up is Love is Strange, a visual novel based on Life is Strange, the game that i streamed during the summer over the course of about 2 months. i actually have started this one, but i have not yet uploaded the poorly-made recording to youtube yet. it’s a very fun experience going back to the Bay after all of this time, and it’s romance themed, so i thought it would be fun to play on Valentine’s Day.

there’s also Deiz, a visual novel made by Mike Inel, the same guy who made the animation Draw With Me. luckily, this is far less depressing. even though it’s sorta short, there’s a lot of different endings to get, so maybe it’ll be worth a stream.

there is also a super secret face-meltingly amazing secret choice if anyone wants to see me blow everyone’s socks off with something absolutely amazing

write-in votes are also accepted, but keep in mind my computer is shit at recording pretty much anything outside of visual novels

each of these games and screenshots belongs to their respective owner; i’d credit everybody but i already forgot what their blogs were called

the stream/video will be up at my channel here at 12:15 PM EST

the voting will conclude at 12:00 PM EST

i don’t know how to end this post so here’s a haiku

poetry is hard
i like to eat cheese sometimes

Woah I forgot to upload this.
I made this sketch page before I made page 1 of the Lab Buddies Comic.

Tip for the wise; for comics always sketch out your character designs multiple times so that you are used to drawing them (i.e not needing to look at a reference image) and that they don’t take you too long to draw them (i.e don’t make them so complicated it takes an hour to get ONE panel done guys.).

*sneeze and eats more pills*


forgot i had these pics on my phone. Top image has been uploaded here before, but now that its been inked I thought I’d share the before & after! I definitely like it better after I inked it, I love the combo of watercolor + ink its one of my favorite things to do with traditional art and I like how this turned out and I hope you guys do too!

totally forgot to upload this before the new year LOL;; 

I had a CRAP load of b/w comics throughout the year so I was worried there wouldn’t be much colour in this, but AY I’m pretty glad I did at least one coloured piece in most months. The last time I did one of these, I was going through an art rut and I wasn’t 100% happy with my art or even enjoying the creative process. I’m not quite there yet, but I’ve definitely regained the love and joy for drawing once again. 

Thank you to all of those supporting me, those who leave encouraging feedback, those who gush about 2D with me, those who silently watch, those who simply drop by a like, those who inspire me, and to my family and friends who continue to help me see colour and laughter in my every day. Thank you for a great 2015- let’s have another awesome year of creating!!! <3


ML Week Day 2: Friends/Family~
I couldn’t help myself, I had to draw our adorable heroes with their cute friends. This one is another sketch, but I did my best to make sure everything looked clean before uploading! I realize now that I didn't do Adrien’s eyebrows the same way dammit

Ah well, Day 2 done! Villains tomorrow yeeeeee


2014 vs. 2016! Or; ‘Remembered Which Side the Eyepatch Goes On’ vs. ‘Forgot Which Side the Eyepatch Goes On’

I haven’t made any art improvement posts in a long time (potentially since last year?) so I thought it’d be fun to draw one of my favourite OCs and post her up. 

I don’t think I’ve ever uploaded a Yuri before, so: this is Yuri! She’s a time traveller who likes gyaru fashion. She was born an Imperial Prince in Kyoto in the 790s, and upon discovering her knack for chronological defiance, ditched her home, never to return. Now she ventures the infinite timelines of the world, losing limbs and gaining friends along the way!

Despite being an intuitive and affectionate person, spectating a lot of bad potential futures has given her a tendency to trivialise others’ problems. Whatever nasty thing is afoot, she’s seen it before – but ten times worse, with verucas and tinea pedis. Once she’s been convinced to fix the issue, she’s invaluable help (that robotic arm’s mighty solid!), but reaching that point can take work.

Other important facts: she hates plain bread, she’s trying to start a snowglobe collection, she always wears a wig (her real hair is a black pixie cut), she has a degree in architecture, and her favourite thing about our current timeline is upbeat movie tie-in themes.