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  • 2007, Dreaming Out Loud: "I can't sleep, not like I used to"
  • 2009, Waking Up: "No sleep, today, can't even rest when the sun's down"
  • 2013, Native: "Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep"
  • 2016, Oh My My: "I don't set alarms, lately I don't set alarms"
How to write a OneRepublic song:

•Make it sound happy
•Make the lyrics super depressing and deep
•Sleeping problems
•Maybe add love? Idk only if it’s how love stopped you from killing yourself or something
•Either cello or some electronic mix thing whatever
•Look at this long journey you’ve been on
•Falsetto (!!!)
•Low key want to die


To one of my biggest idols, my favorite diva, a palm-tree-loving unicorn, a super talented and passionate singer-songwriter-producer, a humble 6ft bean–Happy Birthday @RyanTedder 🙌🦄🌴🌴🎉 #Forever29

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  • Fall Out Boy: we’re gonna create a nice, calming song called Lullabye and it’s gonna be really really sweet about honey and bears and jelly beans!
  • OneRepublic: we’re gonna make a calm, relaxing and tiring song called Lullaby, and it’ll talk about the fall coming, relaxation, and drifting into old age. So relaxing.
  • All Time Low:
  • All Time Low:
  • All Time Low: we’re going to use bashing guitars and drums while Alex screams into the microphone
  • Fall Out Boy: that’s not really how it’s don-
Songs You Probably Forgot About (and you should remember)

Goodbye - Kristinia Debarge
Astronaut - Simple Plan
Electro Love - Kuba Oms
Perfect - Hedley
Misery Business - Paramore
Fix You - Vita Chambers
Feels Like Tonight - Daughtry
I Hate This Part - The Pussycat Dolls
We Belong Together - Mariah Carey
212 - Azealia Banks
About Us - Neverust
Rumour Has It - Adele
All The Right Moves - onerepublic
Wake Up - Hilary Duff
Bring it All Back - S Club 7
Graduation - Vitamin C
What Now - Rihanna
California King Bed - Rihanna
Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood
Wicked Games - The Weeknd
High For This - The Weeknd
Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani
Table Dancer - Keshia Chante
Running Guns - Alyssa Reid
Professional Griefers - Deadmau5
Porn Star Dancing - My Darkest Days
Nyce 2 Know Ya - k-os
Sunday Morning - k-os
Glowing - Nikki Williams
Va Va Voom - Nicki Minaj
Gimme Sympathy - Metric
Live For The Night - Krewella
Memories - David Guetta & Kid Cudi
Fire In Your New Shoes - Kaskade ft. Dragonette
All Night - Icona Pop
How We Do - Rita Ora
Good To You - Marianas Trench ft. Jessica Lee

List of things i love about the song Waking Up
  • 1: the organ part at the start
  • 2: the guitar licks
  • 3: the 1st half is pure energy
  • 4: the 2nd half is like a symphony
  • 5: the piano
  • 6: the cello
  • 7: seriously it feels like those few times you actually want to wake up
  • 8: it's 6 minutes long!!!
  • 9: the attitude on "yeah they will rain far on ya till you're prayin" (total 9sass)
  • 10: takes me to different worlds
  • 11: that drum on the final second *thud*
  • 12: ryan's voice
  • 13: so deeeeeep soundssss
  • 14: the lyrics tho
  • 15: literally everything
I feel like OneRepublic's albums are all themed towards one big storyline...

The songs on Dreaming Out Loud tell a story about getting up after a big failure and moving on with your life, whether or not moving on means leaving behind everything you’ve ever known. “This town is colder now. I think it’s sick of us… But all I need is the air I breathe and a place to lay my head.”

Waking Up is about settling into a new place and making connections with those around you. Its all about going through trouble and heartbreak, depression and anxiety, finally realizing how good life can be, and waking up to your new world with a new point of view. “I start wonder how you’re gonna handle me when I’m under, swimming in the darkest sea. Everybody wants you to make it. It’s all yours… I’m sick of all the insincere, so I’m gonna give all my secrets away… Wish I didn’t know the meaning of fear… But oh this is gonna be a good life…”

Native is a celebration of where you are now and the relationships you’ve built. There have been failures and fears, but it feels like they are behind you. You are finally happy with where you are because you have found a place you belong with people you love. “ if I lose myself tonight, it’ll be by your side… With every broken bone, I swear I lived… This is life in color, and today feels like no other… But with you I can feel again…”

I’m so excited to find out what album four will be about. Every one so far has helped me through so much, especially Waking Up. Can’t wait for the end of this year!

An Erwin Smith / Armin Arlert playlist.

Listen at 8tracks

My boy builds coffins - Florence and the Machine // Monster - Imagine Dragons // Little lion man - Mumford and Sons // The mighty fall - Fall out Boy // Take me to church - Hozier // Love runs out - OneRepublic //  Wake Up - Awolnation // Lullaby - Lord Huron

studylikeavillain  asked:


ivy: what are three albums that really define you or have shaped you as a person?


Uh, let’s see…

  • Waking Up - OneRepublic 
    • so many great songs (and my all time fave Secrets)??? Also, OneRepublic is the only band that can make inspirational and uplifting songs that aren’t cheesy or overdone. They’ve always given me hope when I’m down and I wish I could play Marchin’ On all the time. 
  • 21 - Adele
    • what an album to stumble across. I was astounded by the depth and cadence of Adele, and I’ve been a fan of her ever since. I was in love with her soulful yet mournful voice, and I loved how unorthodox her music videos were. No fancy decor, no dancing, just pure emotion put in film. It was this album that inspired me to start an interest in singing.
  • Lungs (Deluxe Edition) - Florence + the Machine
    • ok, I’ve said this so many times, but Florence Welch has the voice of a freaking avenging angel. Whenever I hear her sing, I can hear armies clashing and kingdoms falling down. This was my introduction to her, and since then, I’ve always reverted back to good old Flo for fantasy writing music.

white ginger: if money wasn’t a concern, how would you decorate your room?

Ok, here’s what I’ll do.

  • Print a whole bunch of HQ images of art/literature quotes/aesthetics and paste them on my walls 
  • Hang a huge painting of choice above my bed and I’ll change it every month 
  • Get a sofa and some plush pillows so I can read comfortably in my room
  • Insert an attic window above my desk so I can look outside for inspiration
  • Have a boudoir and a full length mirror because having just a face mirror is difficult if you’re invested in fashion/style 
  • Prop up a bunch of vintage black and white photos with contrasting color photos along the window sills that portray scenes from my favorite films
  • Knock out a few walls and make a balcony where I’ll set up a little table and chair so I can sip tea/smoothies outside and work there (and also see visitors coming from a mile away)
  • More bookshelves. Just more bookshelves. Except they’re going to be cherry or oak, the expensive kind, instead of that bland Ikea white
  • if you want more, check out my apartment tag!

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