My new iPod case came! I love it so much! I’m actually impressed by how much the ProductRed model blends in with the painting. Didn’t actually think about that when I bought it.

I’ve always loved The Scream painting, and I love Batman, so when I saw that someone had combined the two, I knew I had to make this case for myself. (Or, you know, pay some very nice folks in China to make it for me. I only provided the picture…)

onereeler said: Six people is enough for world domination. Six people, drawn to battle. Fighting! For the end of talkshow hosts. Taking over countries one by one as we are all united under one, big, loving embrace! Oh who am I kidding, I barely even leave my room.

That’s not the plan we had in mind but sure. You will leave your room and you will fight with us! Put on your cape!

onereeler replied to your post:

Hats off to you, it’s a beautiful room! I can only imagine how long that must’ve taken to finish it all!

Almost a year! The red phone box door took the longest, about two months, because I had to redo it. I learned to use a level after that mess. *G* It’s still a bit crooked :(

Having fun with my friend, I’ve gotten some amaaaazing gifts!!! :D So Happy ^^ I’lltake a picture later :D

We ordered some pizza and ice cream and are going to watch Fright night when the food arrives XD David Tennant in leather and food *__* happy early birthday to meeeee *____*

Just bummed out about one thing, there’s a little hole and rip in my galaxy tights  AAAH X_X does anyone know if there are ways to fix  that? :(