Source: Mimine Miniature 

Only Us

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader 

Word Count: 761

Summary: What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (I’m sorry I’m horrible at summaries—fuck it.)

Warning(s): Swearing

Part One

Please be enough. I thought walking to the atm machine. Please, please. I needed at least 30 dollars to get food for the rest of the week. I punched in my security code biting my lip in anticipation. Around half the time I came to atm at the bank to get money I walked away my face red from embarrassment of being rejected. One of the great perks of being fifteen—your parents had your atm pin and regularly used it for booze, booze and…well booze. The window opened revealing my total. $10.54.

“Fuck.” I cursed hitting the machine. I exited the window out of my account turning around ignoring the looks of the the other bank goers.

“Everybody on the ground! Now!” I turned to see about three men who entered the bank machine guns in hand. I bent to the ground following the other people in the bank fear gripping every inch of me. “Against the wall.” They ordered. We all moved to the wall our backs pressed against the cold granite surface. At least they would only rob ten dollars from me. I thought closing my eyes trying to think of the positives of this situation. God I hated Queens. I heard sobbing from around me and I gripped my knees breathing heavily trying to calm myself.

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Alexander Hamilton

Swell Part One

Swell Part Two

Philip Hamilton


Thomas Jefferson

Darlin’ Part One

Darlin’ Part Two



Gilbert Lafayette



Christmas Blessings

King George III



Please Don’t Worry Part One

Please Don’t Worry Part Two

Please Don’t Worry Part Three


Swell Part One

Swell Part Two



A Dangerous Game


Maybe a Break

Maybe a Break Part Two

Maybe a Break Part Three


Have I Ever Told You? 



The Way You Look Tonight


I’m Here

I’m Here Part Two

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George Washington


Worry Part Two

Worry Part Three

Daveed Diggs


anonymous asked:

Do you know any fluffy (possibly smut) klance or shklance fan fiction?? Only just got here, but I'm loving your blog so much and it gives me all The Feels and I just. Yeah. Just. Ahhhhhhh. Your shklance headcannon actually put tears in my eyes no joke (I didn't actually cry but the fact that I rarely cry means that a big thing for me)

you made me just so happy with this ask rn oh my goodness??
thank you for your compliments omg <3333
ha i put tears to your eyes? that’s a compliment to me haha omg tysm 
but here’s some fics i went through some recs and found two fluffy klance fics here

Drink Up by: lilypoprocks Rated: Not Rated
so this one is about lance wanting this alien girl but there ends up being something in keith’s drink then kissing happens and more gay awkwardness feels this isn’t complete btw

Starry nights and shining armor by: rhapsodyinpink Rated: T
this fic i heard is adorable but i really haven’t read either of these :o

im literally going through recs to hand these out and seeing which looks the best lol i am gonna read these two tho because they do look adorable omg 

but this one is yeah suppose to be r gay and nice and happy feely so there’s the fluff in this one and it’s a one shot

ok those two were fluffy here’s some nsfw fics im gonna read em myself like right now because they seem amazing sure i can do that for those two up there but eh i pick and choose these nsfw ones seem really nice so :^)

ok so just finished reading the first rec and HOLY SHIT ok but first obvious NSFW warning for the rest of these links don’t like nsfw things please don’t click on em ok? ok.

Nosedive by quartetship Rated: E it’s PWP and a one shot

this one is written really fucking well guys both lance and keith stay in character with their smugness and lance being a little shit but lance is so so SO sweet to keith and cares for him just ahh it’s so nice to read that? but goodness this fic is based off of this quote and it’s written as the summary as well 

“You still wanna keep going, Keith?”

“You know it.”

that inspired for this and god just read it you’ll love this like i did.

Keep On Coming Back For More by ArraFrost Rated: E

Ok so this one is made me laugh it’s got some hilarious lines and it’s super adorable im smiling all over the place with this one

please be aware you’re gonna get second hand embarrassment i started laughing bu t klvemf just yeah it’s fucking great please read this one

this one and the ones above are all klance fics btw

A Disaster Would Be an Understatement by:  VenomousSecret Rated: E

this is the nsfw shklance fic jfc it’s got a good length for this one

ok it gets a bit angsty there’s jealousy i felt super bad for lance after a bit but damn the smut is written so nciely like it really got to me it’s still such a nice read seriously but you know me lance is my boy i can’t help but feel bad for him lol als it ends kinda mm :/ if you dont want an angsty end dont read on but i actually love this fic ha

Lance’s Happy Place by: keir Rated: E
i haven’t read this but im marking this for later but man this also looks great it’s also a shklance fic there’s fanart with this fic and i swooned dont go and click on the link for the fic and look at the art if you dont like nsfw things it’s also nsfw but it’s great

also im super sorry this is probably really late response i couldn’t go on any electronics till for a long time and even still later today i won’t be able to be online and i tried spending time on this but i kept getting distracted as usual but i actually tried reading but i hope these are good enough recs for you!!! 

anonymous asked:

Out of all of your GIF's of Loki, which one do you consider to be the sexiest? Which is your favourite, most sexually frustrating moment with him in it?

Oh my, there’s so many options…

Well, there’s Stuttgart!Loki

And the “this is what you’d see if you kneel to him” gif

The “I’m coming for you next” squint

This little head tilt does things to me

For some reason I love this one, so regal, so powerful

And the “sleek and powerful like a panther”


Ooooh. But the winner?

It might just be this one

Please, just, throw some ice water on me. I need it after trying to compile all these. 

(all gifs made by me)


CHAIN / 大原 さやか / Beatrice the Golden Witch

The wish I desired for so long
Strayed off into darkness
Can this endless power realize
The fleeting happiness I wanted?

I sat down on a cold chair and pondered
The thousand years I continued to wait for an unfulfillable promise

The golden butterflies are a gathering of dancing illusions
If you have love, the truth can be seen
As I hold roses, they bloom madly and die
They’re about to disappear one by one
Please, find me quickly

For whom was I born, for whom do I cry?
Returning to questions with no answers
Without noticing myself, the caged bird
has its fragile heart dyed in red

Drift within the sea of a loop of destruction and resurrection
To the shore you arrive at, surrender to the path upstream

With this power of ruin, even if I can do nothing
If you have love, magic can be seen
Please don’t go alone to that empty room
If you have enough pride in your chest at last,
I’ll fight back

At the moment your one love is found,
the difference between truth and lies will hold no meaning
Even with one wing… you can fly…
to the beloved hometown

A ‘true’ witch? (I want to become)
Because I want you to accept me
No matter how long it takes
I’ll overcome even time, ah…

With this power of ruin, even if I can do nothing
If you have love, magic can be seen
As my finite life is held, it blooms madly and dies
Towards the blue sky
And when that door opens, let’s laugh.

The golden butterflies dance,
in the interstice of purgatory…

[translated English lyrics, edited] [art]

completely serious plot pitch for binan koukou season 2

ok so what if they brought in the heroine you play as from the otome game as a girl the characters meet outside of school and all simultaneously fall in love with  and start competing for her affections

but little do they know

thats shes actually just a huge fujoshi

and literally the entire series she’s just trying to pair the boys up with each other instead of picking one

please imagine this with me