Happy 28th Birthday, Taron Egerton! 

“I don’t want to look back at my career and see a string of incredibly commercial projects that don’t have much heart. I’m looking for things that have soul.” wants to help you #DefendDreamers

From November 9 - 13, we’ll send you a new ways to defend Dreamers in your community.

In under six months, DACA recipients and Dreamers – young undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children – will start losing their right to live in the US. These 800,000 young people are our friends and neighbors, people who love this country and who shouldn’t have to live in fear of being deported from the place they call home.

The DREAM Act, which would give Dreamers a path to citizenship, is supported by both Republicans and Democrats. We need Congress to pass the DREAM Act before they break for the holidays in mid-December. 

The clock is ticking.

Today, we want you to encourage reps in 18 key states to pass the DREAM Act.

If you’re in one of these states, your voice is especially important right now:

Tennessee - Maine - Utah - Oklahoma - Arizona - Ohio South Carolina - Pennsylvania - Florida - Missouri Nevada - North Dakota - Wisconsin - Georgia - Texas  North Carolina - Colorado - Michigan

If you’re not from one of those states, share this image with someone who is. 

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