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Hello! So whilst I'm not necessarily 100% in favour of Moffat, my dash has become overwhelmed with posts concerning his negative points. Whilst I'm more than capable of spotting and appreciating his positive points and give credit where credit's due, I admit that this could be part of the problem. Could you guys link to any more Moffat appreciation blogs? I'd very much like to hear the other side of the argument more often. I've tried searching tags but only multifandom blogs come up. Thanks!

Hmm, exclusively about Moffat and his work

My personal blog is dedicated to Doctor Who and I have a tendency to get into discussions or write meta on Moffat’s characters.

There are of course plenty single-fandom blogs around which don’t hold negative opinions on Moffat. But on the presenting-the-other-side-of-the-argument front - i.e. frequently posting discussions and/or meta, versus graphics - all I can think of are of the multi-fandom variety (although more often than not leaning heavily on Doctor Who or Sherlock).

I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of people at the moment, these are just at the forefront of my mind. I’m also less firm on the Sherlock side of things, as this is not my primary fandom.

Really, if anyone has any more suggestions (including their own blog), feel free to reply/reblog/send a message!

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Your theory you allude to in the tags of the 23rd August/ Fires In Pompeii gifset. May I ask what it is?

A work in progress at the moment, but it’s basis is something I think I may have mumbled about before, regarding that it’s odd that The Valeyard is now the Matrix Keeper, and he hasn’t tried messing with time yet. I’m starting to think, though, he actually has, and he might be instrumental in his own creation, so to speak. (As he alluded to here:

Another Big Finish audio Trial of the Valeyard has the Valeyard captured and put on trial by the Time Lords, however the Sixth Doctor defends him as he wants to know his origins. The Valeyard claims he was created on a planet orbiting Etarho by the Thirteenth Doctor, who was experimenting ways to break the regeneration limit. He is able to escape through the Matrix. The Doctor claims that though he could be lying about his origins, there may be some truth in his story.

I might have something more comprehensive up within the week.

(I feel like I’m turning into a broken record, every theory I have lately is Valeyard this and Valeyard that, pesky old thing…)