Hey guys. I haven’t been super active in dolls lately for various reasons, and now I think I really need to get the move on trying to sell a few of my less-played-with boys. Mostly, it’s something I’ve needed to do for a while, but also, my kitty is sick and I just don’t have any money for the vet, so dolls need to go.

I’m not posting on DoA yet, because I’ll be traveling for work on and off for the next month so my shipping schedule would be erratic, but I thought I could post this here and see if there’s any interest.

Definitely up are my oneoff Volks SD13 Tohya with faceup by Aone, that I won from the 2007 New York Dolpa oneoff lottery, and my SD13 Sakaki, with mods and faceup by Japanese artist Satoko Ohno. I might also sell my SD13 Sweet Dream Lucas with faceup by Pookie, though I’ve gotta see how this goes first.

Anyway, I’m asking $775 for Tohya, full doll (SD13 boy body with regular legs, -02 hands) with Zoukeimura eyes still glued in by Volks, + oneoff outfit (no shoes - the zippers broke a while back), wig, box, & certificate. I can provide pictures of the oneoff outfit + wig if necessary, or split it from the doll if desired, though I’m not placing much value on it. I could also sell just the head & eyes + certificate.

For Sakaki, I’m asking $650 for the full doll only. He does not have a Sakaki body, it’s a regular SD13 boy body with (I think) half-long legs, or the Isao body. I’ll have to check. I bought his head directly from Satoko Ohno via eBay, and he was one of her personal dolls (and a Y!J kimono auction model) for years. His body was bought separately, probably from Y!J. Sakaki on hold pending payment!

Shipping cost will depend on where you live, and whether you want the doll box or if shipping unassembled is ok. I’m willing to cover some/most of it though, especially if full payment can be made at once rather than layaway. (I will take layaway if necessary, but please understand I need the funds sooner rather than later and may favor a higher downpayment/full payment over a longer layaway.)

I have excellent feedback on DoA (username thesaraghina) and have been in the hobby since 2005. Please contact me here via tumblr messenger, or over PM on DoA if you’re interested.

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Poly anon! (I'm sorry if I'm requesting too much really soon..) how about some happy stuff! Either the RFA + V + Saeran helping MC getting ready for an anniversary with their other partner or with them. 💜💙


  • he did your make up, all those years getting his make up done for shows he had picked up a thing or two
  • hair too tbh
  • he was super cool with you bailing on your normal date night for your anniversary
  • on stand by to fix anything that could possibly go wrong


  • he didn’t know much about fashion
  • or make up
  • or hair
  • so he was there for encouragement as you got ready
  • constantly telling you how good you looked and how you were going to blow them away
  • helped pick out your outfit from the few you had narrowed it down to


  • she did your make up
  • she may not wear much of her own but she does know how to do it
  • set up your reservations for you
  • assured you you looked stunning when you started to doubt your outfit choice


  • this boy
  • okay you told him your anniversary with another partner was coming up and he instantly had hundreds of outfits brought up to his penthouse
  • and a professional make up artist and hair stylist
  • you assured him he didn’t have to do that you had clothes and could do your own face and hair but he insisted
  • he ended up buying everything you tried on because you looked gorgeous in every one
  • offers to have driver Kim drive the two of you to your reservations


  • he made your outfit
  • literally made it, like his cosplays
  • he offered to do your hair and make up as well
  • even went as far as offering to let you borrow one of his babies
  • you said no and you could tell he was super glad you had turned down his offer
  • may or may not have hacked into the CVs of the restaurant to make sure everything went smoothly


  • he kept trying to find outfits that weren’t too provocative 
  • he didn’t succeed 
  • he eventually found the perfect one for you, a knee length black dress with an open back and plunging neckline with a pair of black stilettos
  • he promised you if your partner hurt you he would be only one call away
  • helped do your make up - mainly the eyeliner
  • 10/10 good boyfriend 


  • he tried
  • since he couldn’t see but so well all he could really do was give you opinions on your outfits
  • he was constantly showering you with compliments
  • offered to have someone come out to do your hair and makeup 
  • you assured him you had it, but thanked him nonetheless
  • super cute when your partner came to pick you up
  • “I’m V, it’s a pleasure to meet you” reaches to the far left of your partner 
  • ‘Its a pleasure to meet you too,’ they just took his hand and gave it a light shake
  • aye they get along great


I feel bad when I see SatAM get so much hate. Yeah, it’s not free from flaws at all, but all of these new and original characters that were added (including the oneoffs, I really liked Ari alot) can be played with by the fans. I bingewatched up to the beginning of season 2 so far and it’s trying really hard to develop these characters and have them be relatable and likable, and I really appreciate that. (Also I have a bit of an attachment to it because I grew up having the whole series on DVD,, but back then I used to prefer Aosth more,,)

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is it ok i ask you a few questions about DnD and stuff?

yeah of course! i have a lot less knowledge of dnd in practice than most people realize (i’ve only played a handful of oneoffs and my current campaign is the only one i’ve ever been a part of) but i can at least answer questions, and where i don’t know things, i’m sure someone else could add on