(Ines) It is done! :) Hope you guys like it.

I’m a bit mad at myself for forgetting to record this to make a speed painting video…but oh well.

And I guess I’ll dedicate this to cjswinging because it’s your bday and your art is awesome and you are also awesome and have an awesome day!


(Ines) Another SPG fanart when I paused work…I don’t know, but I’ve been feeling like drawing SPG when I pause from 3D work ahah..

I don’t know why I painted creepy SPG, but it was just a random rabbit drawing and it evolved into this. Only used Black and Red to paint these.

I want to print this as a poster and put it in my room so I can have robot nightmares

(Ines) And this is my first time drawing Handsome Jack, or any Borderlands fanart. Bought Borderlands 2 some months ago but didn’t have space in my computer to play it. But then the wonderful wishfulsketching art made me go “hell I need to play it like, now”. 


(Ines) Another painting I did in the Sketch Club App days ago. This is one of the characters from a future webcomic we’ll make…

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oh..hello there new followers! I’m guessing most of you are from the SPG fandom, because the new followers came from Ines’ latest Rabbit drawings :)

This is a notice to you all… in case you can’t read the crap writing:

“Welcome new followers! We are the oneness team and in this tumblr we’ll post mostly our art… For the SPG fans, Thank you for following, we post SPG Fanart from time to time, but we’ll start posting more of our projects and such…so we hope to get your support in our other art”

Once again, thank you!