shootinglaserbeam  asked:

The new re-nightmare will be more about mystery or alfred????

the situation is kinda chaotic at the moment (of course I will not start the comic until it’s fixed)
but like … alfred is the main, good character
but mystery is the one with the biggest chunk of backstory and details, and he’s the bad one

mystery should not be the main character, he’s the meanie man
but I can’t help but focusing things around him and I’m struggling with it a lot 

You guys remember my Mystery Incorporated series? Well I was wondering if you guys wanted me to continue. I’m kind of in the mood to do so and it might get me on the track to writing a lot more often.

Read Part one and Part two here:

Mystery Incorporated Part One

Mystery Incorporated Part Two

Let me know what you think and get back to me!!!

Works In Progress Tag

I was tagged by @dailydoseofdia in a tag for works in progress (of which I am hard core eyeing 28 Days gimme dat angst).

I am tagging @avveh, @jeonjagiya, @btssmutgalore, @war-of-hormoan and @noona-la-la-la because hopefully this will kickstart us to finish the WIPs we all have.

In no particular order these are the things I am actively working on at the moment.


Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook (angst, light smut)

Status: <3k words (RIP) but fully storyboarded, just desperately waiting for motivation to hit

Preview:  Weeks had passed since he had last spoken to you.  He hoped that the passage of time, the distance between you after he ordered your desk to be moved, the changing of the seasons, or the repeated reminders of your growing relationship with Jeon would cure the acute ache that seemed to always settle in his chest when you came to mind.  The snow that had fallen from the sky the night he followed you on your date had long since melted.  The weather had taken a turn for the warmer and, oh, Yoongi still longed for you. 


Jimin x Reader (angst)

Status: 25% completed

Preview: He loved her and, on occasion, she loved him too.


Yoongi x Reader (angst)

Status: 10% completed

Preview: He should have seen it coming.  The signs were all there but he was just too oblivious, too engrossed in his own life to notice her’s crumbling in his hands.


Mystery member x Reader (smut)

Status: 10% completed

Preview: It was physically impossible for you to roll your eyes hard enough to convey how tired you were of the men in your office.  Every Monday it was the same thing.  You forced yourself to roll out of bed and dress the part of the kind of woman they felt comfortable around, the kind with tight skirts and red lipstick with blushing cheeks that hinted at an innocence they may be able to corrupt, only to pull yourself into work and listen to the same six men, all less qualified and more pompous than you, bicker about sports teams and share tales of their weekend trips to the golf course with each other.  You, meanwhile, sat there in the skirt that you hated, with one too many buttons undone on your blouse, and ideas just bulging out of your head but no one interested enough to listen to you.  Unless you were to bend over the table while talking and give them full view of your cleavage, that is.  Only then did they ever seem interested.


Jungkook x Reader (smut)

Status: Currently about 50% complete but I’m not satisfied with parts and am going to rework them thanks to recent inspiration

Preview: “He cornered me outside of a store,” Jungkook said as he nibbled light marks into your neck and listened to you moan softly in his ear.  “I don’t know how he found me but he seemed pretty upset about us.”

“Did he now?”  You sounded bored.

“He wanted me to keep away from you,” Jungkook said and left open mouth kisses up your neck back to your ear.  He growled, “your boyfriend told me to leave you alone. I guess I have no choice but to explain to him that no one tells me what the fuck to do.  Especially in regards to you.”  You moaned again even though he had done nothing to you and your hips jutted against his as you writhed in front of him.  “Would you like that, sweetheart?” Jungkook asked with a sinister smile as he pulled his face back in front of yours.  “Do you want me to show off how good you are for me?  Do you want me to show him how needy you are?  Do you want me to make sure he sees how you beg for my cock?”


Jimin x Original Character (angst, smut)

Status: Still storyboarding and writing random scenes and bits that will help me get a better feel of the characters

Preview: “This isn’t you.  You are better than this.  What happened to the girl I dated?”  

“She’s dead.  I’m the only one left.  So if you want to keep coming here and paying me just to talk then I will take your money but don’t think you are here doing some kind of missionary work.  Make no mistake about it, Jimin, you are spending your money on a stripper.”  

Those are all the projects I’m working on right now.  No promises on when they will be posted.