onemoredub replied to your post: ffs my friend just texted me saying she has just…

HEY, what’s wrong with the friend you’ve got


yeah i knew you’d say that.

callmeclinton replied to your postffs my friend just texted me saying she has just…

i feel bad for her

she has no excuse. she just says she hates reading. how did i end up friends with someone who hates reading?? idek what’s up and what’s down anymore.

ok i’m finally going to change my url because fantasticbananasaregood is too long and makes me think of Moffat, which makes me angry. so. here’s a list of possibles.

  • coldfruitlessmoon
  • hungrythirstyroots
  • thesoilfalling
  • caughtinathicket
  • purgatorialshadows
  • glimmersofgoodbyes (i like wilfred owen ok)
  • chaosiscome
  • passingtheopenwindows
  • butashadow
  • thisgoodlyframe
  • majesticalrooffretted
  • congregationofvapours (i like that speech a lot ok)
  • raveningwolves
  • themiddlething
  • eatyourfudgetrev (jokey ones to balance out all the depressing imagery)

i know they’re pretentious as fuck and rubbish but i can only think of these really gloomy options. could you help me choose please?