Durum raporu


Dun o uzun ve gicik postu attiktan sonra evde uyuma girisiminde bulundum. Ama Betuş gelip yatagima ziplayip battaniyemin altina girdi. Deseee deeseee diye bagirarak saclarimi cekistirip suratima sakiz yapistirmaya calismak suretiyle beni uykudan men etti. Sonra keraat girdi zaten, uyuyamadim. Yani 1,5 yasinda yegeniniz varsa ve bizimki gibi cadalozsa depresyona da giremiyorsunuz ozgurce.

Neyse, saka bi yana biraz daha iyi gibiyim hamdolsun, sizin de caninizi siktigim icin ayrica ozur dilerim. Ablamlar iki gundur halimden biseyler cakmis olacak ki enistem sabah erken kalkip bana kahvalti gibi kahvalti hazirlamis, ve tabii kahvaltinin anlam ve onemine binaen yarim saatlik bir konusma, yani gune baslangic iyi:) Hala biraz bas agrim var, oglene dogru gececegini umuyorum.

Yarin ramazan, biraz tuhaf bir duyguya kapildim ama anlatamiyorum malesef. Gecen sene enstitude oruc tutan tek ben oldugum icin biraz zorlanmistim, bi de izmir sicagi malum. Kubra da tutuyo sanirim, yani bu sene yalniz olmicam, bakalim ins daha iyi olur. Gerci her ac kalma oruc sayilmiyo, midesini degil kendini tutanlardan eylesin.. Allah sonumuzu hayirlara cikarsin:)

Kjælenavn på norsk/Endearments in Norwegian

Du er jenta mi - You are my girl

Jenta mi - Baby girl

Du er gutten min - You are my boy

Gutten min - (I would use “gutten min” as we in English use “Babe”)

Min eneste - My only one

Min elskede - My beloved

Min dyrebare - My precious

Elskling - Darling

Min kjære - My dear

Kjære - Dear/Love

Søta (to girls only) - Cutie

Søten (to boys) - Cutie

Min skatt - My treasure

Skatt - Treasure

Vennen min - my friend

Snuppa - Babe

Min bedre halvdel - My better half

Kjekken - (mr) Handsome

Hønemor - Overprotective (mother). But also used to women/girls who are cleaning/washing/taking much care of other people and is stressed and worry about her “kids”. 

Lillemor - (lit. Little mother). This is sometimes said to the one amongst friends and in families who cleans, wash, remembers to bring food etc. Its an endearment.

Pusen - My kitten

Pus - Kitten

Godgutten min - My good boy

Engel - Angel

Engelen min - My angel

Prinsessa mi - My princess

Prinsen min - My prince

Søtnoms - Cutiepie (I dont think English has a word for this)

Lykketrollet - Lucky charmer

Månestråle - My moonbeam

Honningblomst - Honey flower. Min honningblomst - My honey flower

Gudinna mi - My Goddess

Godbiten - My good treat

Pusekatt - Pussycat (My delicate flower :P)

Gullet - Lit. The gold. We say it as “gullet mitt” and alone “gullet”. Used as my most precious. 

min lille due - My little dove

Hjertet mitt - My heart

Godjenta mi - My good girl

Min skjønneste - My most beautiful

Taming the Virus

This is a story I’m writing in collaboration with Both stories will be in the same university/college AU but following different footsteps. You don’t need to read both, though I would recommend. You can find Lay With Me here. Enjoy~ 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Chapter 2|| Chapter 3||

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Chapter One

Min-ah pressed her head against the palm of her hand, her position resembling one of boredom and irritation. This year had already turned down the worst possible route, and it was only the first day.

Firstly, her laptop had decided to break that morning, so now she had to make notes in class while everyone else ferociously typed at their keyboard, almost teasing her, like they were doing it loudly on purpose to accentuate the day. Not only that, but she had also had the pleasure of losing her keys and missing breakfast. And if that isn’t bad enough, she’s also had to move into her new dorm with Park Chanyeol…

Loud, arrogant, narcissistic, those are three words Min- ah would use to describe her new dorm mate.

She wasn’t happy when she found out about this development in her welcoming to her second year letter through the post. Chanyeol had jumped at the chance, and had already sent her a friend request on facebook before sending her an overly kind message with his number. But Min- ah wasn’t prepared to become best friends and buy matching desk lamps. No, she wasn’t happy. Not at all.  

The college’s reasoning for this change was because Chanyeol needed to be ‘tamed,’ and honestly, it made Min- ah think of conditioning a dog. Besides, just because a few teachers try to condemn him, doesn’t mean he’s actually going to listen.

Min- ah missed her old roommate and best friend Mei, and it was still only the first day.

The pattering rain on the clear window brought her back to reality. Her eyes scanned across her creative writing class boredly. The teacher was lecturing the class animatedly, throwing his arms around as he spoke of  old theories in literature.

It seemed like forever and a day until the bell finally rang. Min- ah was the first out of the door.

The thought of sitting in her room with lunch was far too appealing. It was highly unlikely Chanyeol would be there, so it all seemed perfect. She was almost smiling as she bought herself a salad from the counter of the canteen.

But of course, it was one of those days, and nothing was about to be that simple for her.

“Ya! Lee Min- ah!”

Min- ah cringed as she heard Chanyeol’s loud, booming voice call her name. She turned on her heel sharply, eyes glaring as she stared at his grinning face.

He was leant coolly against the back wall, he wore a plaid shirt, open and revealing a black shirt underneath and matching his blue jeans and converse. His dark brown hair lay on his forehead flawlessly, framing the bronze of his skin. A pair of thick framed glasses were placed before his eyes while a pair of fancy headphones hung loosely around his neck. Handsome. So typical of him.

“Can I help you?” Min- ah questioned, her eyebrow rising condescendingly.

“Aren’t you going to eat lunch with us?” He seemed confused by her denial, but it wasn’t until he’d said us that she noticed the two others stood at his side. Min- ah recognized them as Byun Baekhyun and Do Kyungsoo.

“No thanks.” She mumbled, about to turn away when Chanyeol’s larger hand wrapped around her minuscule wrist.

“Come on, why not?” His eyes seemed to have a charismatic twinkle in his deep brown eyes. 

“Because I have better things to do.” She yanked her hand away from his, before the sharpness of her heel was finally spun on and she left. She didn’t care he was still shouting after her, or that Baekhyun was repeating ‘burn’ in Chanyeol’s cold rejection.

She sighed, looking down at a missed text from Mei stating ‘Dude, I’m sharing a room with Zhang Yixing, kill me now bro’

Mei punched in her reply, feeling worse and worse as the time of the day ticked on.

‘Could be worse, you could be stuck with Park Chanyeol.’