Barnett Newman: Onement VI (1953)

Onement: the world
is here separate.
Look at it. All is
blue! Pay attention,
A piece of art
is needed. You need
it to feel you—
to stand in front of,
to fully feel it
opening you to you

We are divided
but Onement: is
to say that we are
always two. That
greatness lives in
two blues.

Onement is to feel
this, to stand in
front of — as a
work of art. To stand
and see a blue
across. See real.

is a great
Through with
any person.

The fact of your
blue qualia means
you are deep.
So very blue. One-
ment. To stand
by another blue.

To want to stand.
I walk outside of
Onement and meet how
others are alike.

Barnett Newman - Onement vi 1953

it must first be understood that Jung was to the abstract expressionists what Freud was to the surrealists. there are ideas which inform each movement and they are displayed, literally, in their work.

with this work by newman we have a meditation on the nature of the collective, an exaltation of the universal. the surrealists had a solipsistic reaching into the bowels of the mind, a fixation on the individual’s cogitations. here, we find onement.

the work appears to be minimalistic. this is strategic. the superfluous is annihilated. the canvas is reduced to it’s most basic, the essential- making the work more accessible. in fact, it takes the work to the most accessible place, a place with an existance before the intervention of language and the complications and divisons it created.

the work is a white flag. it’s understanding put forth in a vision. it’s a celebration of the human capacity for empathy, compassion, cohesion.

it’s the universal. it’s unity. it’s onement

anonymous asked:

I totally agree with you on your post about what makes art popular. But I also understand why people get angry/frustared at the fact that "simple" paintings gets sold for millions. Barnett Newman’s painting Onement VI was sold for 43 million for something anyone could paint, while other can barely sell a more "detailed" painting for 50 dollars. It is frustrating that a 2 minute painting sells for millions but a 20+ hours painting sells for maybe 200-300 tops.

A poem that’s 10 words long can speak to someone more than a 200 page book. 

It’s absolutely frustrating that time+effort doesn’t always pay off! I’ve been there. I’ve been frustrated, angry, and plain old pissed off! I’m not discounting that in any way. It SUCKS when after hours and hours of work a piece is a flop.

But what makes an impression on a buyer isn’t always the time put in. Sometimes perhaps it is the thought or emotion put in. Sometimes it may be something they can’t even define, in the case of abstract art. 

And we as artists can either remain frustrated, or take this knowledge and use it to our advantage. When it comes to non-abstract art, putting that whole genre aside, often the reason “quick” pieces sell for more than pieces with hours poured in is a matter of the artist’s skillset and forethought before even beginning the piece. 

For example, many gesture drawings are done in around 2-10 minutes

Fred E. Salmon. Jr.


Yet they capture infinitely more emotion, movement, and weight in minutes than I could manage to in hours back in 2009! 

My skillset back then just wasn’t up to snuff! And compared to many of these incredible gestures, it STILL isn’t! When someone buys a “quick” gesture piece that an artist created in 2 minutes, they aren’t just paying for those 2 minutes. They’re paying for the thousands of hours of practice time that allowed the artist to create something that made such an impression in only 2 minutes.

And let’s not forget that plenty of incredibly detailed and time-consuming paintings sell for millions as well. Perhaps it’s often a matter of the right kind of detail and time poured into the piece. A painting can be complex and overwhelming, or it can be complex and carefully planned/skillfully executed. 

Sometimes after spending hours and hours on a piece I look back at it and realize its a complete mess; overly detailed, too complex, no clear focal point, poor planning. A total disaster compared to a piece I managed to turn out in, say, an hour!

That’s just my two cents. 

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  13. ACOUSTIC MEDLEY: My lady + My turn to Cry + Monodrama + Moonlight + Call me Baby + Love Love Love + Lady Luck
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