[onemanscans] Heaven is Not In Sight

Circle: RACCA
Pairing: waka!Sin/child!Ja'far
Rating: R-18
Comments: A new dourushi for y'all. This one was actually really sweet. The cover is misleading in the sense that it doesn’t involve them being pirates, but I highly recommend this read (hence why I even put the whole thing under the cut). It was just really adorable. 

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A short, quick, lewd release from one of my all time favorite artists hitoma… although she is not drawing koja this one is still really adorable.

Title: Zettai oujou
Circle/artists: 1r/hitoma (pixiv id: 236368)
Rating: R-18
Credits: mori for helping me clean, tysm, everything else, me, as usual, also blame the gutters on me.

also this cover is sparkly and has those holographic hearts its so cute goddamn

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The frog who sings is eaten by a snake - by Gosumura

SinJa, (light NTR? not really) Get it here

I don’t know if it’s because I worked on this till I went to bed, but I had such a severe/intense dream when I woke up I just ran out of my bed because I didn’t want to lay there anymore = w=); On a more germane note, I enjoy gosumura’s writing and especially the theme of this one- learning to own one’s feelings and more importantly, own up to them in the end because you do nothing by lying to yourself. The title is very relevant in that respect but proverbs are hard to translate so sorry;;;

oh also I really love crying Ja'far but that’s because I’m sadistic like that


“First Love Rules” by GIONGO (R-18)

scanlated by onemanscans

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warning for mention of child abuse

Giongo has a lot of great books, but this might be my favorite because of the way she captures the dorky side of Sinbad, alongside his deeply protective side… and Ja'far is very grown up too and it’s really a lovely read. Bonus hinapapa cameo wwww and his daughter too.

[OMS] Meguru Omoi ni notte by Air

65p ∑(゜Д゜;) PG, characters: young sinbad, young Ja'far, Hinahoho. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ’ Adventure times and down time shenanigans.


This is a SUPER sweet read, ahh funny and sad and adorable and it took me literally 3 months ( ;´Д`) so please read it, if you like this premise. This is probably my favorite book from this circle… of course it’s the longest one… (´・ω・`)


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Onemanscans comes back as… threemanscans, for a special project and by special I mean I translated this as my term project for Translation using scans from the generous faecakes and the cleaning typesetting (all the good effects anyway) were done by the benevolent and gracious fuwacchi, may she bless more fandoms in her days. The translations were done by me, and the uglier sfx were portable photoshop CS (w). Also, if anyone is interested (hah) in reading my annotation essay ish type deal, you can download it here but if you followed me since I started scanlating, it’s probably somewhat similar in the expression of my woes, minus the dick jokes. and the blowjob jokes. and the joke panels… okay so it’s boring, I’m sorry.

Trivia: I wasn’t allowed to read any other translations of the manga before I finished and submitted mine (obviously) and I adhered to this, but imagine my bemusement when one panel came out exactly the same as sense’s translation. bonus cookie if you find it?

[Raizuri+OMS] Hakuryuu's Cooking Class


Pages: 18 pages
Circle: Jigsaw
Author: Itonoko
Pairing: Hakuryuu x Alibaba
Rating: PG
Summary: Alibaba and Hakuryuu have been dating for quite some time. Hakuryuu never thought there were going to be something surprising if they were in a relationship, but it all breaks loose when Alibaba asked the young man whether he can teach him how to cook or not for some reason. “Is it wife training?!”

Notes: Thanks to Raizuri for the typeset, S-F for the scans Please don’t repost to Aarin as per their wishes. This artist is really cute huh? Gyah. Anyway give it a read.



Title/circle: Hush-hush / res-A
pairing/rating: SinbadxAlibaba / PG
warnings: page 23 is an omake that has spoilers for Sinbad’s abilities, but nothing regarding the story. It’s not part of the doujin proper.

Comments: Aladdin, Mor, Shar, Yamu, Masrur, and even Pisti make really cute cameos in this story so I hope everyone checks it out. Also books with predominantly white backgrounds=awful gutters because I can’t clean for shit. Sorry. Betcha tired of hearing that now, huh? Anyway… I picked this up for the art, but I also love flustered Alibaba. And that’s pretty much what this one is about.