Vanessa by Ed McGowan
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Vanessa Hanson stopped by the studio. If you are interested in seeing more of my portraits follow me on Instagram Model: Vanessa Hanson (Ford Models) MUA/H: Daja Hartman Stylist: Drèa Strobist:einstein in a 80" PLM camera Left, triggered by pocketwizards Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook


Character portraits from Ornithocracy.

I left a camera, set up for this, set up in one corner of the OOC area, and collared people as they were free - I think I got about two thirds of the characters that way.

I don’t know that mandatory character portraits are good, even for those systems that make nominal use of them - but offering this sort of thing feels like a nice thing to do for your playerbase, quite aside from being a decent way to showcase the system.

The setup here was a single gridded softbox and a white corner - everything on full manual, same setup. As such, postprocessing was fast, since everything got the same settings applied, and it was just a case of cropping (I like 4:3 for portraits in either orientation).

Why black and white? The shooting I was doing IC was that way, so I was thinking about that sort of light. There are some (literally) colourful characters at Ornithocracy, so I shot raw, but I currently value consistency in a photoset, so I’ll do colour portraits separately, if at all.

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