The question of ‘Is the glass half full or half empty?’ fails to acknowledge the fact that the glass can in fact be refilled or emptied. If you change your mindset to the fact that what is in the glass is not permanent, you will see that you always have the ability to change your situation. Don’t listen to what they sell to you as your 'situation’, there is always time to grow, learn and move forward.

It’s not about the contents it’s about the glass by Amy Kennedy



Indian Pipe, Monotropa uniflora. These are flowering plants that lack chlorophyll. They are parasites that get nutrients from mycorrhizal fungi. Most of their life is spent underground as root masses that flower after years of subterranean living. They are found all over the world but are rare to find during flowering. I’ve literally wanted to see this plant in person ever since reading about it as a kid, so I was pretty excited to find it.