This is NOT what feminism means to me...

Well I mean obviously it not some kind of old wooden ship or a type of beverage, but I don’t think that’s what the topic implies either.

Feminism is not about giving women new types of ideals to live up to, it’s not about shaming women for their choices. Feminism is not a contest in which you win if you never shave, don’t wear make-up or like fashion. Just as it’s important to let women make the choice to not shave if they want, it’s important to let women choose to be interested in their appearance if they want. 

Feminism is not exclusive to cis-women, there are no “fake women” as oppose to “real women”. Your genitals or chromosomes are not what determines whether you’re a woman or not, you are a woman when you identify as a woman. When people are trying to turn their body positivity into a way to shame skinny women you are missing the goal completely, and to say that “real women have curves” you are putting up an ideal that not everybody are able to live up to.  

Feminism that only helps white, straight, cis, middle-class women is pointless. If your feminism don’t take account for things such as class, sexual orientation, ethnicity or gender identity it will accomplish nothing.