Nya’s character in Ninjago no Sekai:

Nya: ah gee, that was a tough one

Kai: what happened?

Nya: I got into a fight trying to defend this guy being bullied, they even got a knife, and actually got me [points to a scar on her arm]

everyone: [stands up and draws their weapons]

them: who hurt you? who’s that bastard that cut you? [is getting protective]

Nya: gee guys, calm down, it’s just a scratch

I mean you gotta care for your only female team mate right? lol

Rajigaze Dec 2

i’m half assing this one

and i’m leaving the car horn sound kai does as the original “pu” instead of “beep” because

because “pu”

so the last mail was the anger theme from a woman who drives to work every day. she always goes within the speed limit but sometimes cars tailgate her cause they want her to go faster and sometimes they even honk at her. it pisses her off but she just ignores them and keeps going the speed limit and then they get even more pissed at her and they’ll go around her n shit. she says she thinks she is doing the right thing and asks reita and kai what they would do in this situation

kai goes oh yeah this is yeah the speed limit this yeah the cars huh yeah this is yeah for about 10 seconds

reita: so what would u do are u the type to get angry

kai: yeah lmao well other cars are whatever but what really annoys me is when bikes and stuff go in front of ur car. it happened to me before. and they were listening to a WALKMAN!!! …well idk if it was a walkman but anyway they were listening to music

reita: it was probably an ipod

kai: yeah an ipod so anyway i was driving on a kinda narrow street and there was a person walking in front of my car. so i just went like, pu! you know, cause it’s dangerous. u could get run over if u walk there. so i just did a lil, pu! it wasn’t like PUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! u kno? just, pu! anyway they noticed me and turned around, and for some reason they were looking all pissed at me!

reita: they’re like shut the fuck up

kai: i don’t get it! i was like….what? like, they were walking in the MIDDLE of the road. it was a kinda narrow street, but cars go down there

reita: ahh ok ok ok

kai: and they’re just walking in the middle of the road listening to music, and i came up behind them and went, pu! and they noticed me, and when they turned around – i would get it if they’d just been like, oh sorry! or even not said anything and just gotten out of the way…i mean, that’s the normal way to respond. but they just stopped and stood there –

reita: they stopped!? (laughs)

kai: (laughing) they stopped, and turned around, and just stood there giving me a death glare.

reita: was it like a middle-aged man?

kai: no, a woman. she was pretty young. like, what should i do? i was so pissed i actually thought of stopping the car and lecturing her.

reita: a new trick for picking up chicks

kai: (laughing) no no no

reita: (laughing) so she just stood there and looked back at you.

kai: yep. and also on bikes, sometimes old ladies will go the opposite direction of the cars.

reita: ahh there are rules for that eh

kai: yeah, you have to go in the same direction. also, i know sometimes you have to cross over to the other side of the street if there’s like a telephone pole or something, but some people do it without checking for cars behind them!! like, that’s scary as a driver!

reita: i think theres a big difference between people who have a driver’s license and people who don’t when they’re riding bikes

kai: yeah there is. i mean i ride my bike sometimes but i check behind me regularly

reita: pls u only take the taxi (chuckles)

kai: oh sorry we’re doing that huh (laughs)

reita: but people don’t really get out of the way, do they?

kai: should i not have gone, pu! at that girl?

reita: hm…maybe…u were going too fast?

kai: (laughing) no! i was going the same speed as her!

reita: really!?

kai: but she didn’t notice me, so i was just like, hey excuse me! pu! and then i got the dirtiest look, and i was like, HUH? what does she want me to do? like, what am I supposed to do, stop the car, get out, leave my car there, and go tap her on the shoulder and say, “excuse me, could you please move so i can get by?”

reita: yeah!

kai: (laughing) no no no no no no no!

(reita laughing very hard at own joke)

kai: i can’t drive like that!

reita: i wonder what you were supposed to do then……oh! i think you were supposed to just keep following her. like dragon quest.

kai: no no no no no……no no… no no……….

reita: well you just gotta go at their speed then.

kai: was it wrong for me to have honked? like are you not supposed to do that?

reita: maybe…like you’re threatening pedestrians (laughs very hard)

kai: nonnnononoono…….

reita: idk that’s a tough one

kai: like, it wasn’t a sidewalk! if it was a sidewalk i’d understand, but it wasn’t a sidewalk!

reita: was there a sidewalk though?

kai: yeah! there was a line on the road  [to show where u supposed to walk]

reita: there was?!

kai: of course! but she was just walking in the road.

reita: maybe u were driving in the wrong place? (laughs very hard)

kai: no obviously not!

reita: ahh well you got people in cars people in motorcycles people on bikes people walking, they’ll just never get along. cause everyone’s doing their own thing.

they finish by saying that its scary to drive bc u don’t wanna hit anyone especially lil kids on they bikes and reita wants ppl to teach their kids the road rules in the older generation no one knows how to properly ride a bike

Exo reaction when  he is your best friend and he sees you upset that your jerk of a bf left you

Sehun: You will be very surprised to see how good you will feel tomorrow when you will wake up and realize that , that jerk is out of your life. Trust me on this one

Kai: Why are you upset? I thought we talked about this days ago and you said that you want to dump him?

Tao:*after you tell him everything that he did* I can not believe that dick, if I was there I would have punched him

Kyungsoo: Yah why are you crying? he was a jerk that doesn’t deserve your tears, he should be the one crying for losing a girl like you

Chanyeol:*tries to make you smile* Wanna spend the whole night watching cartoons and eating sweets? I have the candies that you like

Chen:And only now you figure it out that he is a jerk?

Baekhyun:You don’t need that jerk babe, you are better of him now wipe those tears cause you are to fab to cry

Lay: Why are you crying? what is this? stop crying cause he is not worth it

Suho:*starts to talk shit about your ex*

Kris: Next time when I will see him his face will meet my fist

Luhan: I love you and this is all you need to know right now so stop crying okay?

Xiumin: Y/N:Maybe I should try to get him back , maybe he will…

Do you want me to slap you or what?

Musiktipp #2

Nochmal kurz zum Grundprinzip: Ich poste die Lieder, die ich am meisten und liebsten gehört habe. Egal, ob es alt oder neu ist und egal, welche Musikrichtung. :)
Meine Tipps dieser Woche:
Kanye West - Heartless Ich mag vor allem den Text recht gerne.
Kanye West - Only One
Kay One - Renate Das Lied ist natürlich ein bisschen lustiger und nicht so ernst gemeint, aber finde es sehr unterhaltsam zu hören und wirklich gut.
Bushido (feat. Glashaus) - Steh auf Besonders den Anfang des Liedes liebe ich! 
Bushido (feat. Julian Williams) - Grenzenlos Ich liebe die Stimme von Julian Williams so sehr! Ich mag den Text auch gerne und generell mag ich Features von Rappern mit einem Sänger oder einer Sängerin, der/die dann (meistens) die Hook singt.

EXO as women

Suho: The rich noona who buy literally anything for her friends. She would give her black card without question ask.

Chanyeol: The overacting fangirl

Xiumin: The super adorable one

Kai: The hot girl who made fanboys died

Baekhyun: The sassy bitch

Tao: A female punk who look tough on the outside but on the inside, she’s like a soft baby panda

Chen: *He could be anything*

D.O: The cute devilish ulzzang

Luhan: Isn’t she already a girl?

Kris: A hot model 

Sehun: A boil brat

Lay: The innocent type who doesn’t even get the simple pervert jokes