Draco lifted one heavy lid when a feminine moan seeped into the room. The whispers of running water had started to stir him a few moments ago, but it was the strange sighs and mews that woke him completely. His brow furrowed when he didn’t recognise his surroundings, and he raised his head to eye the room suspiciously.

He remembered then. He remembered that he was in Hogwarts. Remembered he was sharing a dorm with the Mudblood. Shit.

He gnashed his teeth and his eyes went to the window. Draco knew it wouldn’t work, but he tried anyway; flinging himself off the bed and and trying to shove it open. The clasp wouldn’t budge. He drew back his fist and smashed it into the glass as hard as he could, but it didn’t even crack. He growled as a small trickle of blood slithered across his knuckles. It hurt, but he’d had so much worse.

Yes, definitely trapped. Definitely his new prison.

[one graphic per chapter] Isolation Chapter 3: Doors