I’m lucky I got two friends (REM and SOULKARL) that can hammer on me a bit and help me work out the bugs in OHKO. Thanks to them I’ve got a number of fixes I’ll be applying to OHKO.

A. First problem was I wasn’t considering the overall ratio of B/W, Which was causing washed out white pages. Now I amped the blacks to a 35%-40% range then adding about 15-20% grey. My old ratios are something like 10-20% black then 30-40% grey.

B. THIS IS SHONEN! So I’m going to be way less shy with SFX and start drawing ( opposed to writing ) all the ones I can. SFX will be bigger bolder, overlap more things and have more effects to them.

C. Another problem with my washed out looking pages was too much linework and not enough black fills. Additionally I wasn’t utilizing the time of day to help me do black fills. So now more black fills, less linework and more referencing / using photos.

D. SIMPLIFICATION. I was hatching and adding way too much details and making things uglier, for some reason switching to tablet has made a lot of problems crop up including me killing pages with lazy hatching or not being choosier with my lines. A little side note was my inks were about 60% density which made them grey, I pumped it to 90% recently but it wasnt enough! so now it’s 100% density to get my nice black back.

E. Simplifying tones and having less tones. A lot of toning just flattens my work, so I’m going to do my best to let the linework do most of the talking. Less gradients, less smudgy ness and more crisp bold choices when possible.

It helped me out to discuss my failings and flaws with my bros. Maybe it’ll help you too?