Drawn and colored by hand, onegirlinalltheworld’s request for my 700 celebration, Spuffy, meeting each other for the first time since the end of Angel. (Obviously a random headcanon scene here, done in comic panels because there’s nothing simple about Spuffy.) I do advise a high-res viewing.

No references used, and no rulers, as you can tell. Sarah, I hope you like this! I had so much fun doing it!


But like

Dawn comes to college in LA all set for a brand new start while Buffy’s off training the new slayers, and she’s determined to excel academically and make cool friends and have a good time post-Sunnydale

Only to discover that her new roommate is reformed vampire Harmony Kendall, who’s determined that the corporate world is “like, so lame” after leaving wolfram and hart, and is ready to have the full college experience!! “I requested you as a roommate because of all those great times we had back home!”

“…You chained me up and used me as bait for Buffy.”

“I know! Wasn’t that so totally badass?”


Dawn tries and fails to avoid her roommate but only one good thing comes out of Harmony’s nightly parties and being dragged to assorted sorority events- she meets Harmony’s second protege, her ex-boss’s son Connor. (“He’s super cute Dawnie and he’s also into that whole little brainy thing you like so much!”) Connor is p. much a hipster with a chip on his shoulder but he and Dawn hit it off and together they plan escapes from Harmony’s clutches and mock their families and oh yeah, naturally stop an apocalypse or two because what else would two kids who shouldn’t exist and their vampire ….friend…. be doing on campus~


Fangirl challenge [1/7] funniest scenes → Agony (Into the Woods)

Though it’s different for each.
Always ten steps behind-
Always ten feet below-
And she’s just out of reach.

Sorry for posting in these tags, but the reposting situation is getting out of control

There are some people that are reposting our hard work, and even when we ask them to stop, they either ignore us and keep reposting, or they get defensive and insult us. There’s 3 notorious reposters that refuse to stop saving and uploading our work.

This is a reply I got after I asked one of them to stop reposting stuff. She removed the 1st mail and replied this, then when told them it wasn’t hate mail, they replied this

(x) (x) (x)

You can report the reposters and sometimes (not always, sadly), the offender’s blog will be deleted.

First of all send an email to, your email should be more or less like this:

Hello, my name is (your name) and my tumblr is (your tumblr url) and I’d like to report a person (reposter's URL) that keeps reposting my artwork . This person has no askbox enabled (if it applies), so it’s impossible to ask them to take down their stuff (if they do, they probably ignore the messages or insult you, include a link or screenshot of their reply). 

Here’s the original post (link to your post), and here’s what they reposted from me (link to their post)


This way, we can try to stop these individuals and maybe they’ll understand that reposting is NOT ok.

Goodnight, sweet Slayer (Buffy)

To say he was in a bad mood was an understatement. Nothing left to do but get out, search the streets, find something, someone to kill. Angelus crossed through the cemetery on his way into town. It was late, but he had high hopes. If this damn headache could go away, he’d probably be okay.


onegirlinalltheworld replied to your posteverytime i see a spike gifset no matter how…

Every time I see that scene from Doublemeat (“Make me look dead.”) I end up staring at his adams apple for like twenty minutes

gurl you and me both let’s time ourselves go

2015 Headline Winners for Art and Graphics categories!

Art and Graphic Awards

The Qu’est Ce Que Ji’a Fait Award  (Best Graphic)

  WinnerDawn AU: Young Dawn and Giles by onegirlinalltheworld
     “This amazing gifset feels like an actual scene from “Buffy” – both the visuals and the story itself are flawless. It’s a perfect choice of scenes and great work with coloring. It’s exactly what Dawn could have said to Giles, and exactly how he would answer. And it’s exactly the thing that we would have loved to see explored more in the show.” 

  Runner-upLong Live the King by Dracofidus 
     “If you are looking for a perfect portrait of Uther, then here it is. Regal, stern, arrogant, weary and gradually descending into darkness… As if he has been living in darkness for so long that he has become indistinguishable from it.” 

The Change Award  (Best Manip)

   Winner - Hobbit Giles by smth-blue
       “At first glance Hobbit Giles is an odd but cute image. In fact my initial reaction was “Hobbit!Giles. Aww!” However the details reveal that it is much more than an interesting crossover idea. There are a number of surreal elements – the over-sized snail, the clock at the base of the tree, the weirdly fitting psychedelic eyes (fishes?) in the air, not to mention the fact that Giles the hobbit has no pipe to smoke – and they all suggest that Giles has dropped “down the rabbit hole.” With that I start wondering if this is a crossover at all. Perhaps it’s a dream and Giles is a hobbit because there’s nothing more English than hobbits. Perhaps it’s Dawn’s “Restless” dream. It could be … Damn, it could be many things. Awesome art always give ground for multiple interpretations.”

   Runner-up - Blue by Sueworld  
     “When haiku is written well, the poem is open to interpretation. It has at least as many meanings as it has readers. A good haiku is like a pebble sinking into the pool of the reader’s mind, evoking associations from the depths of the reader’s own thoughts.  
Blue has an incredible sense of depth, a sense of three dimensions emerging from a flat plane. Giles, seated, leans forward and his hands stretch out even further, seeming to almost reach out of the image. The background, which in many images would read as flat, seems to have more than one level. Closest is the dark forest with those amazing shades of blue and green. Behind that the open area, where the birds are flying, has the same type of feel as the darker forest – they are both painted (drawn?) in the same manner – but the lighter area seems to open up into another world, almost as if the halo of light surrounding Giles were a gateway into another realm. Behind the birds is yet another level. This one seems to be more of a photograph, an image of sunlight beaming down through trees.
To my co-judges, the birds and the different levels of the image suggest Giles as a shaman, a walker between worlds. To me, the lighter open area suggests a flame holding back the darkness or possibly a halo, a nimbus of light shining out from Giles’ own soul. I could sit here and put interpretations to this image all day, but instead I will leave you with one final image. When I look at Blue, my cares sink away. I feel as if I’m a pebble dropping into a deep, dark, and still pool.”

The Owning My Mistakes Award  (Best Artwork)

  WinnerAn Ode to Plaid by Dracofidus
     “’An Ode to Plaid’ plays with misdirection. It’s not about the plaid. Granted the plaid is incredibly well-rendered. Granted the plaid, in an otherwise black and white image, is the only spot of color. But the brightness of the face draws the eye upward to the true focus of the image: Tony’s head.”

  Runner-upWelcome to the Hellmouth by louisesaunders
     “Unfortunately it is the earth, and not the world, that is doomed. Yes, the quote is wrong but ‘Welcome to the Hellmouth’ is amazingly well-crafted. As I understand it, the brightest spot on an image draws the eye, but here that has been turned around. Leaving the background blank was a bold choice, but one that pays off. The colors draw the eye, making Giles, in the foreground, the focus of the image. However the Scoobies, mere outlines against the background, do not fade away. Giles’ finger, pushing against his glasses, creates a line that draws the eye between Giles and the Scoobies, helping them both stand out. On top of all that well-thought-out design goodness, the image is amusing. It makes us laugh. We like it.”

The Angels in Many Guises Award  (Fan Voted Favorite Art)

  WinnerUneasy Lies the Head by Dracofidus

  Runner-upSword Giles by WickedFox 

  Runner-upAngels Come In Many Guises by Dracofidus

(All banners lovingly made by Dracofidus)