Amazon's Fire Phone

All the talk right now in the technology world is Amazon’s new smartphone, Fire. Currently most people either love Android or they love the I-Phone, but soon there may be another competitor thrown in the mix. Some of the specifications of the new smartphone include:
1. 4.7- inch display
2. 13 MP camera sensor and a fast f/2 aperture lens
- One perk is unlimited storage in Amazon’s Cloud Drive
3. USB connector
4. Two stereo speakers and surround sound
5. Mayday– Amazon’s free 24/7 support line
- Users can reach Mayday from the phone within 15 seconds
6. Tracks user’s head with cameras that are placed all over the phone
- Allows for face recognition and hands-free scrolling

Amazon’s Fire comes on the market July 25th, but you can pre-order now. It won’t be long until we know whether the Fire will have the same success as the I-Phone and Android.


OneFuture - Time

With 16 years old, OneFuture started to compose the first dance music tracks. From 1997 to 2004, he was working as radio DJ in Kaunas, second largest city in Lithuania. Last couple of years he started to work with TV shows and music vídeos in the same company.

Buy this release on Beatport, Stompy, Traxsource, Juno and Amazon.

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Awesome Ladies at the White House

So today I had the awesome opportunity to attend an event at the White House called the “White House AAPI Women’s Armchair Conversation.” AAPI stands for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and while the event was slightly geared towards addressing Asian minority issues, it was mostly a conversation between some great women role models and the young women (like me) who attended the event. The women role models who were on the panel were: Julie Chu, four-time Olympic Medalist of the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team; Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014; and Tina Tchen, Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama & Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls.
You can obviously tell by their titles and accomplishments that these three ladies would have some great advice on how to excel as a woman in whatever you do in life.

Nina Davuluri was, as you might have guessed, incredibly gorgeous. Literally, I have never seen anyone with a more flawless face (granted, she was wearing a ton of makeup!). She was so much more than her beauty though. She participated in the Miss America pageant to pay her college tuition, and recently graduated from the University of Michigan with all of her student loans paid fully (this is a HUGE accomplishment!)! She was planning on going to med school, but has recently changed her mind and wants to go to business school to get her masters instead. Either way, she was super smart and super driven, and it shined out of her with every word she spoke. One cool thing about her was that she is first generation Indian (her first language was Telugu), and so her talent for the talent section of the Miss America Pageant was Bollywood. I just thought that was interesting.

The Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama, Tina Tchen, commended the room with her presence. She had such a big personality, and I was loving it. Her voice was so loud and she talked with her hands and told stories so well that I wish I could just listen to her talk all day. She talked about how she and the First Lady were working on helping military families, spouses, wounded warriors, and their caregivers. She was so passionate when she spoke about care givers reaching out to caregivers and the struggles that wounded warriors and their families face every day, often without much recognition at all. Then she went on to talk about her past as a lawyer. I think that she gave a piece of advice today that every young woman should hear: “Don’t allow the first 15 minutes to get you down, ride it out, and then let your hard work speak for you.” What she meant by the “first 15 minutes” is that first time that you’re working for a boss or a superior or a client and you walk in and they see that you are a woman. For the first 15 minutes, they will probably ignore you (if they have a prejudice, of course. This does not blanketly apply to every situation) and instead only interact with your male counterpart. Do not let those 15 minutes get to you. Once there comes a question only you can answer or a piece of work that only you can vouch for, then that is your time to prove how smart and capable you are. From that point onward, they will know not to ignore you ever again.
My favorite, by far, was Julie Chu. This four-time Olympic hockey player and Chinese American was everything I want to be like some day. She wore no make-up, had on a hockey shirt and jeans, and had a smile that lit up the whole room. Despite her lack of makeup, she was incredibly gorgeous. Beautiful in the way that her face matched the underlying personality beneath. She spoke of how she was so successful because she relied on those around her. She was so humble and so passionate about what she did. Julie talked about how her niece wanted to be on the USA Women’s Hockey team, and this made Julie incredibly proud. Proud because when she was growing up, almost no women played hockey at all, and now she has a niece who has a women’s team to look up to. Julie talked about how she sometimes goes to hockey practice for 10-year-old girls, and that is what keeps her grounded and so passionate about life. She also told us about her efforts to establish a national women’s hockey league. I thought that was great. Hopefully one day she will help to make it happen!
Anyway, I just wanted to share this awesome experience with you. I hope these lovely ladies inspire you as much as they inspired me. As always, feel free to comment. And don’t forget to visit!

Engineers are Superheroes

Hiya readers. It’s Becky- I’m going to be graduating from UMD soon, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I wrote a speech for graduation and I just wanted to share an excerpt with you all. I wanted to reflect on my experiences as an engineer in a humorous way. Hopefully it will make you smile and think about going into engineering one day!! Warning: it’s a little cheesy! Here it is:

[…] How do you explain engineering to little kids, or someone who’s never heard about it before? Simple: “engineers are superheroes.” Laugh all you want, but this is not much of an exaggeration. Superheroes, by definition, have superhuman abilities that they use for the greater good. Superman is super strong and can fly, the Wolverine can heal himself, and Spiderman is well, pretty self-explanatory. In this sense, engineers aren’t all that different from superheroes. Batman fights crime, but can he do what a bioengineer does and grow new organs for the sick? The Hulk smashes things, but civil engineers build them, spanning bodies of water to connect people to one another. Thor has a magical hammer that can summon the elements, but fire protection engineers are the ones that have mastered the craft. Just as Superman is so much more than Clark Kent, we engineers are so much more than our studies and our grades. We are creators and innovators, brilliant minds who tackle problems in new ways. We venture out into space and deep into the ocean; we bend wind and experiment with nuclear physics. We build housing for the masses, provide means for people to get across the globe both physically and virtually, and deliver water and education to the poor. We keep people safe, we produce better food, warmer clothing, faster cars. We give humans the ability to fly, 3D-print new limbs, and create futuristic robots, all while obeying the laws of physics. Engineers, like superheroes, make an impact; we help people lead better, healthier, and more efficient lives.


Where to begin?!

Hello Hello Hello!

I apologize for my absence! There has been so much going on; I’ve moved into my first house, traveled across quite a bit of Europe, drove across the country and dropped my phone in the sink.

I hope your summer was as fun and adventure filled as mine was. I just graduated from the Air Force Academy in May, and after graduation they give you 60 days of paid vacation before you have to start your job/be a grown up/start real life. So, for those of you that are curious, the reason I’ve been MIA these last 2 months in short is this:

I went to Hawaii to visit my best friend (Alexa from One Media) who got stationed there. We went paddle boarding. It was fun. **Side Bar** Paddle boarding and surfing are both great workouts. Wear sunscreen!

I watched my friend Jen (from the One Future blog) get married! She was the most spectacular bride. **Side Bar** reason 346 to stay fit: So you can look good in your bridesmaids dress/wedding dress. And trust me, Jen looked stunning.

I then stole my friend Jen away from her husband with my other friend Melissa (from the One Dress blog) and we gallivanted around Europe. SO much fun. We went to Dublin, Barcelona, Rome, and then London. Yes we were there for the birth of the Prince, and London got REAL excited about it.

While we were in Dublin, we met up with Delaney (from the!one-spirit/c1yzj), Irene (from One Guide), and Haley (also from One Future). How cool is that?! So many of us together OUTSIDE the boarders of the US.

However traveling abroad has made me realize how proud and happy I am to be American.

BUT funny story, on the plane back to the US from Europe, my friends and I were eavesdropping on a conversation between a mother and her children. The kids were asking their mom if they were going to get fat while they were in America. The mother replied with legitimate rules and regulations on how to avoid gaining weight while they were in the United States. At first I thought it was hilarious; this was a serious concern for this family’s week vacation stateside? But then I was humiliated. This was a REAL concern for this family.

So that leads me back to the very purpose of this blog. Things change. Reputations change; meaning we can change the stigma that America currently holds. We don’t have to be so weight conscious, but we can definitely be health conscious. For those of you that are overweight, no worries! Changes can happen. How it happens is up to you. But here are some quick and easy rules I think that if you focus on will help you.

1) What you focus on manifests. Treat yourself well, encourage yourself and support yourself. If you don’t like yourself, fake it, and eventually you will, making it easier to take care of yourself. If you already like yourself, awesome! Now treat yourself like you would your best friend.

2) Get your heart rate up at least once a day. It speeds up your metabolism, and helps increase blood flow around the body which is important for good health.

3) Forget the scale. Use the mirror. The results will show themselves over time.

4) As far as food goes, if it rots its more than likely healthy. Twinkies don’t rot, but raspberries do! So if you have a choice between the two… obviously choose the raspberries.

Oh and lastly. As I said earlier, I just moved into a new house (which has been a hilarious experience) so I don’t have WiFi, and I dropped my phone in some water so I don’t have 3G either. When I post will be sporadic but I promise I will give you at least one post a week at minimum.

Look forward to next week!
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