hellooo, a week ago i hit +4k followers ♡ i’d usually wait until i hit 5k but i didn’t even expect to hit 4k lol. i only made this blog 8 months ago and i’m so happy that people enjoy my content and continue to follow me.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s supported me and everyone who’s recently became a good friend of mine. About 4-5 months ago I wasn’t even comfortable posting my gfx’s but reading the comments just made me want to create more! Hopefully my gifs/gfx’s will improve each time i create them and gain more amazing friends!! i love you ♡

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hey y’all it’s your local (hot) mess, macy 🐰 so yesterday was this blog’s one year anniversary and i can’t believe it’s been a whole year?? it’s been a wild ride, this blog has grown more than i could’ve imagined and i’ve met such incredible and lovely people, i love you all so much and i’m really thankful to you all for brightening up my dash with quality memes and amazing content ^.^

Thank you all and I hope you’re having a beautiful day/night 💘

mutuals // faves // friends ♡ // you’ve unlocked friendship level 5 ✿

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Hello everyone! Since I’m almost to 2k, I decided to do my very first follow forever. I never expected this blog to get as much attention as it has and I am very thankful to everyone who follows and supports me. Everyone mentioned in this post are some of my favorite blogs on here, if you don’t follow them yet you definitely should! Also, I am sorry if I missed anybody. I’m sure I probably did so if I you don’t see your name please don’t take it personally! I love everybody. <3

Special thanks:

@atllimelow- my love. You are so special to me and I love you very much. If not for you this blog, and me, would probably not exist anymore. Your friendship means more to me than I can ever express to you. 

@annathepineapple- my very best friend in the entire world. Absolutely the best and greatest person I’ve ever been honored to call my friend. If not for her, I would’ve gone crazy by now. She keeps me sane and always deals with my stupid shit. Also, my favorite Josh Dun hun! 

@gaskarth- first off, credit to the lovely gif of Alex goes to Aiden. Thank you so much for making it for me, I love it very much. Aiden has had one of favorite blogs for a very long time and now I’ve been lucky enough to call him a mutual. Such a blessing. :) 

@poppunk-merrick- one of the most genuine people/friends I’ve met. Sch a sweet person and great friend to have if you’ve ever been lucky enough to talk to her. 

@riansdrums- special shoutout to Vitti for always messaging me when I’m sad. Thank you for caring and being such a sweetheart. :) 


@2ndbest, @abloglikewar, @ahcalamity, @alexalltimelow, @alexalltimeloww, @alltimeeyebrows, @alltimehellalow, @alltimehoeplscum2brzl, @alltimelaws, @awgaskarth, @awgaskarths, @alltimelowaremyfuckingheroes, @amerrickan-candy, @awilliamg


@b4ilmeout, @baelorjardine, @beaniedawson, @bakakarat, @barakatforyou, @barakatjack, @baratkat, @barasmurf, @benbarlyo, @blackhairjack, @bootygaskarth, @cinderblockgaskarths, @dancingwithalltimelow, @dear-alex-gaskarth-count-me-in


@edge-oftonight, @edgoftonight, @effyesalltimelow, @everythingatlymas, @feministgaskarth, @flathairjack, @flykat, @forbaltiimore, @fuckyeahitsalltimelow, @fvck-atl, @fvturehecrts, @gaskarth-omg, @gaskarthx, @gayisnotasynonymforjalex, @gskarth


@hailrian, @i-wanna-be-your-lost-girl13, @iamkidinthedark, @jackbarakitty, @jackkalltimelow, @jagkingoffjack, @jaseygae, @jbmaan


@kidxinthedark, @kisskarth, @kidsinthedark, @lankyboybarakat, @lankyjack, @mermaid-merrick, @merrickzack, @merrikattrashcan, @missingsatellite, @niceboobsbarakat, @notyoujack


@officialalltimelow, @ohcalmtitty, @ocalaghan, @old-scarsxfuture-hearts @onefortheradios, @ouchzack, @paintingalexwings, @paintinglullabies, @poppinbarakat, @poppinjalex, @poppunk-merman, @precious-barakat, @punkzack, @ravenskarth, @r-remembering


@sadkarth, @safelitlehouse, @solongsldier, @stayawakealex, @stresskarth, @takecoveralex, @takemeouttosea, @thatlowlife, @tidalwav-s, @ughjackbarakat, @ughzackmerrick, @uunderapapermoon, @vampiregasxarth, @wokeupingaskarthsbed, @wtf-gaskarth, @zxckmerrick

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great summer. Unfortunately, August symbolizes the end of summer and to many the start of a new school year. I’ll be going into my senior year of high school and will start my first job soon. I know I’m not as active on this blog or maybe don’t blog about the same topics as much, but all of you have been so lovely to me. I’m nearing 400 followers and that’s insane! I really don’t know how you all put up with my all-over-the-place reblogs. Here is a quick appreciation for all of my lovely mutuals and my favorite blogs. Good luck on this upcoming school and year and enjoy what’s left of summer!! (If I missed anyone, please know I didn’t do it on purpose!)

Favorite Blogs || @femadols @sonesource @ninthwish @shinspirit @tonight-alive-or-dead @wixhful-thinking @angelicvic @perksofbeingafanboy @odairannies @meanwhilepoetry 

A - C || @choeminho @a-s-k-i-n-g-a-l-e-x-a-n-d-r-i-a @angelicvic @aimsir @collidedhearts @b-mused @allstarrnicky @amiityaffliction @anchoringsailors @a-little-piece-of-he4ven @ahrenstringersdicktattoo @busty-brian @callmehopelessandnotromantic

D - F || @drxgmeouttosea @d-eathvalley @eternaltiare @dontpanics @dodgingdemons @diiveintomysun @futureheartts @doubletaprootbeer @floydstalbert @eloqu3ntsilence

G - I || @gaskarth-affliction @hobibi @harrywelshes @hellyeah-tonightalive @geminiexplicit @grxund-dweller

J - L || @kwenchannie @jennaandbands @jzzyjones  @limitedmercy @liveandbreatheanddiealone @jediboyega @jescijynx @lip-roe @lightninghaught @l0ngingforyou @latenightsandtea @leah-i-am-alive @leftmeto-burn @lindsaydaniella

M - O || @marvelously-obsessed @meiqie @noyozu @meglomaniax @majoroutofyourleague @my-poor-unfortunate-soul @onethousandoceans @onefortheradios @nogutsnogloryhole @morganwhatsername @neveral0ne-neverapart

P - R || @parkjihyo @pullmeintwo @rosecoloredwang @pincheyoongi @paramorxlive @rise-of-yoongi @poppunk-suks @poppunkpasta

S - U || @thelowlyparamecium @tidalwav-s @salviapvlth @thnksfrthpoppunk @undeniably-explicit @thebrotherhoodelites @the-pittsburgh-affliction @say-it-aint-soap-operas @stvtic-screams @shunnflower @thesaltinourfallingtears @thrxneofglass @titsteaandterriblemusic @thetoxicdarkness @sapphicfuriosa @savethe-saviours @theuselesslesbianvampire @tiny-d0ts

V -  Z: @xit-signs @xperriedise @xxcavalieryouth @xiyeoniesgf @yourbeautifulremains @whenmusicspeakslouder @yelyawillliams


2017 is just a few days away, so I thought now would be an appropriate to post my follow forever for this year. 2016 has overall been rough, ngl, but I have had some great memories too. I have gotten to know a lot of cool people ((some I am lucky enough to call my friends)) and I just wanted to take this moment to thank every single one of you for filling my dash with beautiful posts on the daily. It would be a pain without you!! Hover over your URL to see a little message from me and happy holidays!! 💕💕


@aaaronwarner​​, @aaronwarner, @adriansydney, @aliciacarey, @amourelo, @anavkin, @anthracinus, @argorns, @arnyastark, @asheathes, @ashryvaer, @atwells, @baneandalec, @beallamy, @benbornes, @blomskvist, @caitrionabalfe, @cassiesullivan, @cassiopheias, @clarietemple, @claryherondhale, @claulovemcfly@collinslily, @daftorpunk, @daniels-gillies, @daisysridley, @danierys, @danwilds, @daylightring, @deadgwen, @deanaerys, @dorbevnina


@eeverdean​, @ellicts​, @emetoubias​, @emmastonezs​, @eriklhensher​, @erneraude​, @evamohns​, @finnickpond​, @fuckyeahflint​, @ganseyblues​, @gcldentrios​, @glenns​, @glitteringspark​, @grrrrrimes​, @gryffindour​, @gwenstacys​, @gyllenhal​, @happystyles​, @hathawaey​, @heirondale​, @isaakvaltersens​, @izzyjohnston​, @izzylcwis​, @jackbararats​, @jemsdrug​, @kat-mcnmara​, @kissedbyflames​, @lannisteris​, @lastisle​, @lauuwmcfly​, @lehdzeppelin​, @lilycolloway


@marystaurts, @mathwdaddario, @mazebrien, @mcflys, @mcrgensterns, @melaniemartienz, @mjwatson, @mrsmilicevic, @nancywheelers, @neontours, @noehczerny​, @odairannies​, @ofdregs​, @ofwelshkings​, @onefortheradios​, @perksofbeingafanboy​, @poisonyvi​, @prettytoughcookie​, @primriose​, @prouveaire​, @psychopierce​, @raevnclaw​, @ravnsclaw​, @remuslupvn​, @renisons​, @ronesweasley


@saoirserronans, @sdyneysage, @sebaistian, @sebastianstans, @sensaetes, @sethkates, @seyfrieds, @sherlockswift, @sidneisaige, @simonsnowe, @siriusblacc, @skamous, @starksren, @starwar@stmphs, @soldat-barness@sparklightdreams, @spncreids, @targareayn, @thominho, @thrandiul, @tomolland, @tragedysins, @ultsowon, @urpis, @xstyles & @zatara.

alexlullabies’ 2k follow forever

I just hit 2k and so I decided to do a follow forever, thank you everyone who’s followed me, I really appreciate it & love you all! Also, thanks to all the awesome blogs I follow for making my dash what it is! 

mutuals in bold (this is only for the atl blogs i follow)

# - A

@6guts @abloglikewar @ahcalamity @alexalltimeloww @alexandergaskarthunicorn @alexandergrapeskarth @alexanderwilliam @alexanderwilliamgaskat @alexgaskarthnetwork @alexgaskarths-dimples @all-time-crier-for-jack @all-time-jagk @all-time-lxw @all-time-septiplier @allthealltimelowthings @alltimebouvier @alltimeeyebrows  @alltimefxckinglxw @alltimehellalow @alltimehoeplscum2brzl @alltimelaws @alltimelow60 @alltimelowaremyfuckingheroes @alltimelowlowlowlowlowlowlowlow @alltimelowposts @alltimerandom @alltimesixers @arr0gantboyloveyourself @atlconfessions3 @atlex @atllimelow @atltrash @awg-runawaywithme @awgaskarrth 

B - D

@backstreetbarakat @bakakarat @baltimoresweethearts @barakatbaes @barakatforyou​ @barakatsfuckingburrito @baratkat @beaniedawson @becausebarakat @birds-in-the-rain @bittersweetbarakat @bootygaskarth @chloealltimelow @clicheinxsong @cmerrick @criticalvvein @d0ntletjackdrive @dailyjagkbarakat @dammitbarakat @dancingwithabarakat @dear-alex-gaskarth-count-me-in @dear-maria-countt-me-inn @dontletjagkdrive

E - I

@edgeofbarakat @edgeofbarakat @effyesalltimelow @everythingatlymas @feministgaskarth @flathairjack @foolshollieday @forbaltiimore @fuckyeahitsalltimelow @fvck-atl @gaskarth-affliction @gaskarth-omg @gaskarthx @gaskartkh @gayasskarth @gayisnotasynonymforjalex @getafuckingjobjack @hailrian @i-wanna-be-your-lost-girl13 @iamakidinthedark @ididitforbaltimore @imdyingtolivefrm

J - N

@j-a-l-e-x-1324 @jack-baerakat @jack-barabootyshorts @jackalackbarakat @jackbaerakat @jackbaraprincess @jackfreakingbarakat @jackoffgasskarth @jagk-boners @jagkcantdrive @jagkinabox @jagkingoffjack @jagktothefuture @jagkx @jalexobsessedphan @jalexsextapes @jaseyraejepsen @jaxkbakarat @jcocvs @justapapermoon @kidxinthedark @kisskarth @kldslnthedark @lankybarakat @lankyjack @lizalltimelow @lost-in-alltimelow01 @m-errikat @madaboutalltimelow @mermaid-merrick @mikeywhiiskeyhands @missingjalex @missingsatellite @niceboobsbarakat @nothingbutalltimelow @notyoujack

O - S

@ofcalamity @officialalltimelow @ohcalmtitty @old-scars-on-future-hearts @old-scarsxfuture-hearts @oldscars–futureheartts @onefortheradios @ouchzack @paintingalexwings @partyxscene @poppinjalex @poppunc @poppunk-merman @precious-barakat @punkzack @put-up-shut-up @r-remembering @rememberitsjustchemicals @rianalltimelow @riansdrums @sadkarth @safelitlehouse @scream-to-be-heardd @sexygaskarth @shorthairjack @sixfeetunderthejagk @sixftunderthstars @skunk-haired-dreamer @so-wrong-its-alltimelow @solongsldier @somethingsgottagiive @somewhore-in-neverland @starboygaskarth @stayawakes @stresskarth @sweetbarakat

T - Z

@thatlowlife @the-edge-of-tonite @thejackbakarat @therapyfixing @therealzackmerrick @tidalwav-s @tidesrollout @ughjackbarakat @umbarakat @uunderapapermoon @vampiregasxarth @waightless @weightlessmp3 @whiskey-princ3ss @widenotdead @wtf-gaskarth @z-ackmerrick @zachary-stevenmerrick @zackmerrickmascot @zackmerrickssmiletho @zackmerrk @zckrymrrck @zxcharymerrick @zxckmerrick

Hi everyone! 2016 seemed to have only lasted a minute and a half, and December is no exception! <br>

Though 2016 has constantly proven to be a super shitty year, I am glad to say I have some nice memories made both on and outside Tumblr. With the holidays coming up and this blog turning one year old not too long ago, I thought it would be a nice idea to give a shout out to those within the Tumblr community that never cease to have me killing the re-blog button. From my ethereal mutuals to the blogs I fangirl over, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday! Let’s work together to make Tumblr a safer and more uplifting environment.  <br>

Special Mentions:                      

My real life pals @angstyaf @hzlena @meglomaniax @thelowlyparamecium @hqnzo @eeddoogg @tofurkyisbae @madikisaok, thank you for being great sources of happiness and understanding. This year I’ve re-connected and grown closer with some of you, and in 2017 I hope to do the same. My ass is never at school but when I am you make the pressures of the day a little more tolerable. I love you all.

@drxgmeouttoseamy username buddy! Charlee, I know we haven’t spoken a whole lot but your presence on my dashboard makes my day. You’re so strong and I hope you can always be happy.

@futurehearttsNicole! You are the first and only person I’ve ever met in person because of Tumblr. We don’t speak much but I love it when we do. You were so helpful and patient with me at Fight For Something and your puppies make me squeal. Please give them loads of kisses and cuddles from me!

@tidalwav-s My sweet pal Ammy. You’re always so sweet to everyone and although some of our conversations have been serious, I hope you know that they always melt my heart. I hope you can soon come to a place in your life where you have genuine people around you and you can rest. I’m always rooting for you!!

Mutuals I still can’t believe are mutuals: @grxund-dweller @iwilldiedefeated @patywalters @paintingsongsintoherskin @thebrotherhoodelites @limitedmercy @kakarikoprovince @celestialclexa @hometolou @onefortheradios @cinderblockgaskarths @liveandbreatheanddiealone @jennaandbands @anchoringsailors @motheroffeminists @eloqu3ntsilence @majoroutofyourleague @callmehopelessandnotromantic @hellyeah-tonightalive @deathshands @nogutsnogloryhole @thetoxicdarkness @poppunkpasta @titsteaandterriblemusic


Equally Lovable Mutuals: @snakebiteheart @rebeccaisntreal  @draccomxlfoy @settled0wnbaby @isuckatlove @majoroutofyourleague @the-tacoaffliction @xperriedise @cinderblockgaskarths @salviapvlth @babyboykiss @surviving-the-disaster @rvenge-frnk @liveandbreatheanddiealone @fight-until-the-wars-done @thnksfrthpoppunk @koalaxy @jediboyega @ch1pskyl4rk @diiveintomysun @innocent-expectations @jescijynx @snakewhich @mcdougalled @aimsir @harrywelshes @scrdtobealone @atoothoutofline @lip-roe @neckdeepend @greemuel @doubletaprootbeer @acbfangirl @collidedhearts @floydstalbert @drag-me-through-h-e-l-l @darlingberlin @all-butterflies-die @my-poor-unfortunate-soul @lesholtzmann @the-pittsburgh-affliction @emmyagron @say-it-aint-soap-operas @onethousandoceans @ptvkellin @stvtic-screams @ineedtheirmusic @ofmiceandmooseblood @erinpiercethehorizon @yourbeautifulremains @darkestofoceans @lonelybee @whenmusicspeakslouder @josieeposie @paramorxlive @drakefeelingswithkanyeattitude @anchor–dxwn @this–wildlifee @lyliahmaria @theotherside05 @focusonphan @awkwardlyanti-social @joelbitch @whoisblrryfce @solivagant-mind @as-cold-as-ice @busty-brian @neveral0ne-neverapart @n-a-m-i-n-e-k-a-i-r-i @xlost-paradisex @geminiexplicit @theuselesslesbianvampire @blessedhomo @savethe-saviours @thestorys0-lame @knvcklepvc @findawayt0stayinyourskin @thestoryso-no @morganwhatsername @poppunk-suks @jamesthemagicaldinosaur @tiny-d0ts @leftmeto-burn @ahrenstringersdicktattoo @syzwienj @leah-i-am-alive @credulous-rhododendron @foreverl0sttt


Blogs Whose Re-blog Buttons I Kill (non-mutuals): @femaleidols @felicitae @xnavyblve @perksofbeingafanboy @princesconsuela @tonight-alive-or-dead @meiqie @primriose @tiffanyhwangz @sonesource @svnnyjjang @angelicvic @wixhful-thinking @these-fading-scars @prettyjaebum @ot9s @d-eathvalley @meanwhilepoetry and probs so many more!


Thank you all for making memories with me this year. Make sure you rest for exams and cuddle up to your pets. Happy holidays! xo - Mikaela


ITS CHRISTMAS YAY!!! As everyone else has being doing one it gave me the motivation to do one myself. I only recently changed my blog to kpop and honestly it was the best decision ever.💝

I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year! i also wanted to thank everyone who has supported me and followed my trashy blog! here’s to 2017! 💖💖💖

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Heyyy! It's that time of the year again, yay. Well, we might have spoken several times or maybe not at all but I just wanted to thank every single one of you for being so awesome and making my dash all pretty and wonderful! Merry Christmas and happy 2016! GOOD VIBES ✌️🎉❇️💖

My faves, you must follow them!



thank u all so much for following my stupid ass for either the past 4 years or 1 day!!! idk why some of u are still here, but i’m very grateful for it. i love u all so much!! mutuals or not, you’ll be here! bolded are my fave babies!!! if i miss anyone, i’m real sorry! don’t worry, ur in the follow forever in my heart lmao. also, shout out to those who reblog my edits and selfies and put hella nice things in the tags (i look thru tags and notes haha), y’all r the real mvps!!!

♦ anarchyaustraliasaintskidds ♦ cuntmichael arabianhodankscorpiopermanentvacashtonlashtnharrysbadlands bitchingirlfriendashttonbbylucasshitheadofficialsleepkinkfyeahstilinskistomplicatedcalumthoshadycallustfullylou ♦ clummyhoodistalkeddougiepoynterscodellariosbrookheimersgirlalmihgtylosthemmossympathypaynesjadorecal rock-children peenstagram ♦ onefortheradiosgeminibaefivesaus ♦ stolesmyheartstakingthelongwayhometonight ♦ ohemmohlukehemminsgslsotboy niallarssadhearteyesxojackhemmingz ♦ squealersquealout emocasriddleblack246powercouplelilopecksgaileddiecastilesoverwhelmedbyfeelscoolkidzenmadteddvdisconnectcdofficialmashtonofficialcheetosrallisonforevermikevevothosepunkseverhtornecalumssoul gagmeniall ♦ liamspolaroidaimlesswanderessoffhalseyhighlukesdeahncassweaterbagel banginlouisbootycraicfucknouis5sos-official 5sosseattle buckyishdougstyles englishlovesguitarstliamsharryonedirectionlimpdicksspaceshoeziaellkisshoodziamknightskryptonarryworldwarzayncalum5sos

Happy holidays everyone! I know Christmas is over but 2016 isn’t so I wanted to do a ff in honor of me creating this blog, tbh it’s the best thing I’ve done this year, exo and bts mean so much to me and I’ve met such incredible people thanks to them. Every single person I’ve met here is so welcoming and great, thank you guys so much, I am so grateful for you all. 

I wish everyone all the best for 2017, I hope it’s much better than this year! Thank you all for putting up with my awkwardness and dorkiness, ily and here we go!

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As all you know, Christmas and 2016 are just around the corner, so it’s time to make my “2015 Follow Forever.” Thanks everyone for make my dash as cute as always. Hope you have an amazing holidays and all my best wishes for the New Year. I love you, guys 💖

@gvitars | @gonnaliveforever | @brotticelli | @gregaraki | @gaskaths | @mayujpg | @mcflys | @lauuwmcfly | @dougstyles | @dougiepoynters | @emeraudetubia | @darth-vaders | @gotafuse | @mcfly-182 | @wandanie | @katniqs | @thomasflet | @peggysscarters | @scodellarios | @izzyjohnston | @claulovemcfly | @stylesclashh | @fletcherd | @flettcher | @onefortheradios | @chewbaacca | @wolfgunz | @radi0active-wonderland | @danny-jones | @90spoppunkkid | @torbuz | @scotmcalls | @nipsandlizards | @lawrencees | @prettytoughcookie | @tatianasmaslny | @sirposey | @edithsprior | @stmphs | @steverollers | @rosetyller | @lukes-skywalker | @clintbvckys | @ewanmcgregod | @neontours | @istalkeddougiepoynter | @thominwt | @holideamus