Part One

Felix looked at the girl in front of him in shock.

Everything had been completely normal twenty minutes ago, he had been on a stroll when he heard noise coming from the mermaid free pond.

He had expected that one of the mermaids snuck into the pond, an act that Pan had forbidden.

When he got the pond and he knew immediately that the girl was not a mermaid, but she was definitely not human.

His assumption was proven correct when his club was turned into a harmless bouquet of roses.

He had tried to stay focused and ask her who she was and what her business was, he really tried, but he was only human.

She moved with so much grace, she seemed to almost glide through the water and float around as she reached the banks.

He had never seen anyone so beautiful in his life, and her beauty went beyond her face Felix couldn’t but notice.

She was naked after all.

He looked away, her exposed body was very distracting, or so he thought.

Watching her “dress” had been almost twice as enchanting, but then again everything about this girl enchanted Felix.

Her looks, the way she moved, the power she so casually used, her voice, how unconcerned she seemed to be about Pan and the other Lost Boys.

He’d seen people who claim to be all powerful cower at the very mention of Peter Pan and his murderous boys, but she simply waved him off like he was nothing more than an insect.

She was clearly the most powerful being he had ever met, and she wanted him.

She took interest in him, asked him questions no one ever has, made him feel…like he mattered.

If this girl was truly the heart of the island why did she want him?

‘Why?’ he asked.

‘Why what?’ she asked back.

‘Why do you want me to stay with you? To work for you, to praise you?’ Felix clarified.

‘I don’t need workers or worshipers, I’m not Pan. I just want a companion, a normal person to talk and laugh with.’ she answered.

‘But I’m not selfish Felix, I will never never give you orders and I will give you anything you ask.’

That confused Felix beyond belief.

He had never received such an offer, when Peter came to him he was promised a life where he’d never have to worry about poverty or starvation.

At the time that was all Felix could hope for, but he had to follow Pan’s orders and his rules. Felix didn’t mind at first,

Lately though, Pan’s orders were becoming more and more violent, just last week Pan had two of the youngest boys throwing knives at each other.

‘Anything I want?’

‘Anything I can provide.’ she smiled hopefully.

Anything he wanted? No one has ever asked him what he wanted, or what he needed. Just what he could do for them.

‘I don’t know what I want.’ Felix confessed.

‘Then I will wait until you figure it out.’

Felix wanted to just take this, stay with this girl, away from his servitude to Pan. Away from dreamshade dipped blades, missing fingers and fighting for his life for Pan’s perverse amusement.

But he knew better than to think he could be that happy, Pan would notice his absence eventually. He and his boys would come after him, they would find her.

‘Pan will find me.’

‘If you want to go back I’ll let you, but if you don’t, and if Peter tries to take you, I will fight for you.’ she said honestly.

‘Fight for me?’

‘For you.’ 

‘Why me?’ he asked, this was his last question.

He watched nervously as she seemed to think it over.

‘I think because it’s you, you are the first person I’ve ever met, spoken to, and the first boy I’ve cared for. I want yours to be the first smile I ever see, I want to make you happy.’ she answered.

Felix had never felt such a warm feeling rush over him, he thinks this is what happiness is.

‘I’ll stay with you, for as long as you’ll have me.’