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What a hard life you have, I am not American I am Palestinian :) .. so you are 29 I am 22 so you are like my Oneesan. In the amine hayato is tokiya's previous stage name, but I think it's different in the game it's like natsuki and satsuki

LOL its not a hard life for 99.99% of Americans ;) its more like “first world problems” I guess. :) hehe. Only some of us regret celebrating our freedom. :) Happy to be Free. Not so happy to have to endure the hell that goes with it! :) 

And yes, in the anime he’s the stage name but you get the feeling its more. He said in his episode in S2 that Hayato came from with in him and so he was curious about him. :D and yeeeeh in the game its like Natsuki and Satsuki!! :D


Okou sure was surprised that both Karauri and Nasubi decided to take Okou’s hands at the same time… Except that she wondered the reason behind on it…

“Please tell me you didn’t mess something and want me to tell to Hoozuki-sama…”

  It indeed wasn’t a common occurrence for both Nasubi and Karauri to react in sync. It was understandable for Okou to suspect trouble afoot; much of Hell was still burdened and it would take more than an era to fix. However, the motives of the two minions was much more personal than professional.

  “Not exactly.” Nasubi was the first to speak; a true rarity given Karauri’s haste. Ever so gently, Karauri squeezed the demoness’s hand, striving for words of his own. 

    “What he means is…What I mean is–would…I wondered if Okou-oneesan would…!!” Thump, thump; she played his eardrums just as ruthlessly as his heart. “Would you care…if–”

  “–I was wondering if Okou-san would make me a sexy eclair.

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Really oneesan, I'm rereading forever us three chapter 4 with the usernames, and what do I see "undertakerla " as one, you think your slick,I got my eyes on you 😀

lmfao I thought I got away it. It was hard coming up user names like seriously I should be good at coming up with names by name.

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i rlly hope that in the third route you can recruit everyone like……please………don’t make me choose again……….

yo fr like…….can we all just be one big happy family… eas e

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but yes takumi is precious and even tho emblem amie is going to be used for creepy and gross purposes i’m using it to pet my angry shounen otouto

“yes my angry shounen otouto pls calm down let oneesan pet you and all will be all right”