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NO YOU DIDN'T. (Also, I just did some work on my blog and put a link to you to go along with my links to Seb and Leah haha)

K so, if you didn’t know, I did the Disney College Program two years ago, and I worked in Epcot, but we got free access to all four parks when we weren’t working, so I went to the Magic Kingdom more than was probably healthy, and nearly every MK day, I would go to the Princess and the Frog greet because Tiana was my only favorite princess then (Tangled had just come out and Brave wasn’t out).  Naveen, especially this one particular friend of Naveen, was always insanely sweet and funny, and one day he asked my name.  Every time after that, he’d always get the biggest grin on his face and go, “Hey, Princess Caliiii!” and run up to hug me, and sometimes blow me kisses from the parade float.  I thought he was being in character because Naveen’s a giant flirt, but one day I was in the cast dining hall grabbing lunch before my shift, and he and Tiana came walking through on their way to the International Gateway or something (they don’t normally come out in Epcot but sometimes IG has random character greets).  He smiled just like he did at the M&G and waved to me, and I think he mouthed “Hi Cali!” again.  I choked on my sandwich and he went back to business.  It was very romantic.

But yes that is my crush on Naveen in a nutshell cause he totally didn’t have to do that backstage.


Golden Swan was my first OTP of this show and for good reason. 

Not only do Bobby and Jen have amazing chemistry with one another, but Rumpel and Emma are just so similar with one another, even moreso (in my opinion) than Killian. The lengths they go through for their children, their certain cleverness and ways to deal with others, their walls, and more. 

So yes. I ship it. I ship it a lot. 

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TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten favourite blogs and tell them they are it!

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  1. I have two sisters and six “brothers” (AKA best friends).
  2. I hate the taste of coconut with a burning passion.
  3. Fandom merchandise makes me happier than you can possible imagine.
  4. Ellie Goulding has begun to take over my life OMFG EIGENQVIBDN I LOVE HER-
  5. I find it extremely difficult at times not to fangirl in front of my parents, mainly because I don’t want me random outbursts to cause them to question where they went wrong in raising me. :’3