ok not cool. One of my tumblr besties got hate for saying she was looking forward to seeing them on iCarly... just leave her alone! Imexactly the same! I love icarly so some people just need to move on and not hurt other directioners feelings.

I know it sucks its gonna reel in some young fans, but they are living their dream. And dont hate others of this 1D family just because they have a different opinion. Its just silly. Woop iCarly! (: .xx

Hi Santa. (i love your nickname!)

You are just magnificent, like i love your blog so much and you are so nice and just omg im so glad we’re friends. I dont even know what i’d do with out you! How would i live? its just impossible (; I hope your turtle rests in peace )’: Can we please be friends forever, im not even joking (; oh and i bet your stunning even though you only show a pic of a potato when i ask you to show me a pic of you (; So im gonna end with you’re amazing and i love you lots and also im drinking liquid poo right now (; ex oh ex oh gossip llama