Louis and Liam Dirty Imagine (Three way)

You, Liam and Louis all live together because you three used to go to college together and didn’t want to think about living without each other so you had a big condo or a small house (whichever way you guys wanna look at it lol)

This is your living area:

You were in your bed room ( when you decided to look for Liam and see if he wanted to go see a movie.

When you got to his door you heard moaning. Without thinking you got on your knees and looked through his keyhole to see if someone had gotten into Liam’s room.

Thats when you heard footsteps behind you and suddenly someone grabbed you from behind covering your mouth. The grabbed kicked open Liam’s door and there Liam was masturbating.

The grabber spoke “Look who I caught watching you masturbate”

It was Louis. You bit Louis’ hand and he let go of you suddenly.

“You bit me!” he yelled

“You grabbed me!” you yelled back

“You were spying on Liam!”

“No i wasn’t! I thought someone was in there when I heard moaning and wanted to see who!”

“Oh sureeee!” Louis said

“Fuck you Lou!” you yelled as you started to storm off. It annoyed you to be accused of silly things.

“No you’re not going anywhere! You’re getting a punishment for spying on liam!” he said

“Oh what are you going to do?”

“Make you move out!” he yelled

You were gonna yell at him and say some pretty untrue hurtful things when Liam with his ongoing erection spoke up

“Now Louis. Perhaps there’s another way we can punish y/n”

“Wha-OHHHH hmm sounds interesting” Louis eying you up and down

You didn’t understand till Louis shut the door and said “You can either move out or you can do what we say right now”

You never wanted to leave them and it would kill you. You paid your rent and stuff and you could support yourself its just the fact you didn’t want to be without your friends.

“Do you want me to stay?” you asked

A/N Liam’s room:

“Well, of course. But you have to prove you want to say by either leaving or doing what we want for the rest of the night”

“I’ll do whatever you want” you say without thinking

What’s the worst they could do?

Liam held your waist from behind and kissed your neck. Before you were about to protest you realized this is what they wanted so you obliged. Louis and Liam were so hot you wanted them.

Liam let you go and Louis started to make out with you. He told you to jump and you jumped wrapping your legs around his waist. He squeezed your bum and left love bites all over your neck. He moved you to the bed and placed you down as he undressed. His dick slapped his abs from his massive erection. He smirked at you and stared at you expectantly when you realized he wanted you to suck it. You got down on your knees so you were in doggie styles position and started to suck. Then you felt a warm tongue on your pussy.

It flicked on your clit and you moaned on Louis’ dick.

“Mmmmm god yes y/n keep doing that make her moan!” he yelled

Liam licked you faster and harder and you continued to suck and moan on Louis’ dick. Then you felt Louis cum in your mouth as his warm juices went down your throat.

You were starting to think this was over and went to go put your clothes on when Liam said “Where do you think you’re going? We’re not done with you”

Liam grabbed you and pushed you onto the bed as he stuck a finger into you. You felt your inner walls tighten around his fingers.

“L-liam” you stuttered

“Mmm you like that dont you baby?” he said teasingly

You nodded wanting him so badly. He moved his fingers excruciatingly slow when you begged him to move faster. Meanwhile Louis was jerking himself off. When Liam finally added another finger and moved faster Louis came by and licked your nipples and biting and pinching them making you moan.

“Ohhh Liam, Louis yes!” you would moan

When you were close they both stop and told you to get in doggie position. You obeyed and Liam stood infront with his dick at your mouth and Louis behind you ready to fuck you.

“On three Liam. one…two…THREE!” Louis said. They both shoved their members into you. You sucked Liam as Louis fucked your brains out.

“FUCK Y/N YOU WANNA HAVE A FUCKING FIGHT WITH ME WELL GET THIS I CAN MAKE YOU CUM LIKE NO OTHER MAN” He yelled each word as he thrusted into you. It turned you so on when he was yelling. Liam said “GOD YES Y/N OH GOD” he yelled

Louis fucked shoved him self into you hard and fast with each thrust. Every thrust sent a wave of pleasure when finally you were close.

You whimpered on Liam’s dick as he said “I think she’s close mate.”

“Well she needs to hold it for a bit im almost there” he said

You tried to hold it and then Louis said “GO!” and you, liam and louis all released.

“Oh god” you panted as you collapsed on the bed.

“You should fight with me more often” Louis said as he kissed you. Liam pulled you away from him and said “Next time if you wanna watch me masturbate you should knock and I’ll give you a little more than just a show” he said winking and kissing you also.

Louis sat up and said “Ready for round 2 guys?” and smirked

Louis Tomlinson *SMUT* Birthday Blow Job.


“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lou, Happy Birthday to you” you sang as you walked into the bedroom waking your sleeping boyfriend. “Morning babe” he groaned looking up, his hair messy and his voice raspy “blow the candles out” you smiled and hold the cake infront of his nose “don´t forget to wish something” you addet and he blew them out after thinking for a second. “Yay” you chirped setting the cake on the night stand and pecked his lips, “so what do you want to do today? it´s you day we do whatever you want” you smiled “how about we stay in bed all day?” he suggested pulling you down on him “i like that” you giggled kissing his neck. “Is anybody coming over today?” he asked “no they´re all coming tomorrow so we can celebrate your birthday and christmas at the same time” you said against his neck “perfect, so we have the whole day for this” he groaned flipping you around so he was on top of you kissing you. “You want to start early huh” you smiled kissing back and he noddet leaning back to take his shirt off and pulling yours off aswell. He kissed down your collar bone and your chest sucking on your nipples lightly, your hands tangled in his hair hodling him close. “Louis” you moaned making him chuckle. “Yes babe” he asked looking into your eyes, “just stop teasing and get in me” you smiled “eager are we?” he chuckled “as always now come on” you said back crashing your lips to his. You kissed wild as he pulled your panties down along with his boxers his fingers went to your core, circeling the little nub with his thump you moaned slapping his hand away, “no teasing” you groaned. You let his hand go and yours went on his back digging your nails in as Louis eased himself into you, giving you time to adjust “fuck Louis” you groaned as he startet to move and thrust in and out of you in a steady pace “faster babe” you yelled out archign your back and he speed up moaning into your ear. “Babe i´m close” he groaned in you ear biting down on your collar bone “me too” you panted scratching down his neck and digging your nails into his ass. “Fuck Louis!” you yelled out as you came all over his dick, jus a few seconds later he came into you, riding his orgasm out and pulling out of you laying next to you breathing hard. “You´re wild today babe” he laughed looking at you “so are you” you pecked his lips and he slapped your ass. “Let´s get some food now” he said getting out of bed and you followed him.

*Later that day*

“Louis what do you want for dinner?” you asked from the kitchen, Louis was in the livingroom playing playstation “don´t care” he said not paying attention “it´s your birthday, you get to decide what we eat” you said coming closer “well let´s just order pizza then” he mumbled “YES!” he shoutet as he scored at fifa. “Louis come on you´ve been playing for two hours now” you goraned “you said i can´t spend my birthday the way i want to and i want to play fifa” he smiled at you before another match startet. “I knew a better thing to do for us” you said and kneeled down infront of him “what are you doing?” Louis asked eyes still on the TV. “Nothing” you said innocent “lift up for me for a sec” you said and he got up, you pulled his pants down along his boxers “babe seriously” Louis said trying to grab them put you pushed him back down on the sofa. “Just keep playing” you giggled as you grabbed his dick and startet to pump his shaft up and down slowly, your thump sliding across his slit now and then “Babe please just this game” Louis breath hitched as he tryed to ignore you “i don´t know what you mean” you looked up at him through your lashed and startet to lick his dick your hand massaging his balls, Louis eyes were struggeling to keep open and his hands were slightly shaking. “You want me to stop?” you asked but he didn´t answer, you bobbed your head up and down faster taking his whole length in your mouth earning grunt´s from Louis. “Fuck babe” he cursed one of his hands tangeling in your hair but going back to the controller quickly “Fuck!” he shoutet and you looked at the TV “you lost” you giggled getting back up. “Where are you going?” he asked looking at his rock hard dick. “Well i don´t want you to lose another game” you chuckled pointing at the TV. “No uh uh, you finish this” he grabbed your wrist and pulled you close, pushing you back down on your knee´s infront of him, you smiled and bumped his shaft a few times before you took him back in your mouth deepthroating him “Fuck (y/n)” he moaned as he pushed your head down and tangled your hair, after a few more bobbs he came in your mouth “swallow babe” he moaned leaning his head back and you did swallowing his salty load. “Best birthday ever” he smiled as he pulled you up and sat you on his lap kissing you “your birthday is not over, silly” you chuckled kissing his neck.

Dirty Harry Styles Imagine

“Here we go back this is the moment. Tonight is the night we’ll fight till it’s over. SO we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, the radio blaring in the background.
“Haha I guess no one can hold you,” A raspy voice chuckled from behind me. I turned around to see my boyfriend Harry looking at me with amusement. I felt the color rushing to my cheeks as I turned the volume on the radio down.
“Dont worry. I thought it was kind of hot,” Harry smirked, and his devious grin told me exactly what he wanted. Least expecting it, Harry crashed his soft plump lips with mine and my arms found their way around his neck. He moaned into the kiss when I bit his bottom lip and his grip around my waist tightened, pulling my body into his chest. Harry’s large hand descended down to my bum as he hoisted me and wrapped my legs around his toned torso. The creaks of the stairs told me that we were making our way to the bedroom and Harry finally pulled away as he rested my back on the soft of the bed. The shirt I was wearing was now on the floor and Harry unclasped my bra with one hand. His eyes turned a dark forest green with lust as he attached his lips my breasts. His tongue found the tip and it hardened at his contact. I arched my back, giving him more access as I moaned at the pleasure he was giving me.
“Harry,” I moaned as I tangled my hands in his now disheveled curls.
“Mmm. Feel good baby?” Harry teased and I moaned in response. I felt my chest become cold at the absence of Harry’s left my breasts, as he placed kisses on my stomach. His hands lightly ran down my stomach as he made my way down to my jeans. He removed my belt and pulled down my jeans, tossing them to the floor.
“y/n who made you this wet?” Harry smirked, already knowing the answer.
“All you Harry,” I moaned as Harry lightly bit my clit before placing his tongue in the middle of my folds. The various shapes and patterns he made with his warm tongue made my climax closer.
“Harry i’m about to -“
“I know Y/N.Can you hold it for a second baby. I wanna be in you,” Harry grumbled before removing his length from his boxers. I watched as the tip hit his toned v-line and he massaged it a little before slamming himself into me.
“Fuck baby Your so tight,” Harry grumbled and I moaned. Our irregular moans and gasps replaced the silence that there once was. Harry’s movements became faster, hitting my g-sport every time. I felt myself closing around him and I was about to reach my climax. Harry cam first, releasing his liquid inside me. That set me over the edge and I came all over Harry’s dick, my body instantly relaxing. Harry’s breathing became normal again as his warm breath hit my face. His sweaty body collapsed next time mine and I rested my head on his chest, listening to the sound of Harry’s heartbeat.
“It’s for you ya know,” Harry whispered into hair.
“WHat is?” I asked, looking up at him.
“My heart. it beats for you. Every minute. Everyday. Every moment is for you Y/N and I love you so much babygirl .“ Harry smiled and I felt myself getting butterflies.
“I love you to Harry. So much,” I whispered, crashing our lips together.

Dirty Harry Styles Imagine

You were in your bedroom trying on clothes when your best friend Harry walked in.

“HARRY! WOULD IT KILL YOU TO KNOCK!” you yell while covering yourself up with a shirt on the ground

Harry blushed and said “Oh gosh sorry y/n”

You roll your eyes and go back to your closet.

When you hear the door close you uncover yourself with your shirt. Then you feel two warm hands take hold of your hips.

You knew it was Harry.

You felt his warm lips kiss your neck as his large hands trailed up your body. He suddenly took hold of your breasts and squeezed them

You moaned as Harry started to massage your nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

“You like that baby?” he asked you

You moaned as he pinched your nipples “I asked you a question” he growled

“Y-yes harry” you moaned

Harry started to massage your clit through your pants. You wanted Harry so badly

“H-harry p-please?” you asked

He smirked and unbutton your shorts and then pulled them down. You stepped out of them as Harry pulled down your knickers.

He pushed you onto your bed and started to finger you slowly. You felt his long finger go in and out of you as his thumb massaged your clit. As he stuck another into you, you felt close.

“H-harry” you moaned

He pulled his fingers out and said “I want to watch you finish yourself you naughty girl”

You took your fingers and stuck them into yourself and fingered yourself until you reached a climax. You imagined they were harry’s long fingers pumping in and out of you.

Harry licked up your juices. He flicked his tongue on your clit and inside you. When you came again he smirked and whispered in your ear “I should knock less when you’re changing baby”

Preferences: You moan someone else's name

Harry: There was an awkward silent’s “I’m sorry it slipped out”you whispered, harry just nodded “its fine I guess”he mumbled back “i swear I wasn’t thinking of him it just came out by mistake”you said trying to convince him that it was an accident “look I’m upset but I know it was an accident, I know you wouldn’t cheat on me”he said turning his frown into a little smile “but..”He smirked “I’m going to have to punish you now”he growled into your ear “and this time your going to moan my name”he whispered into your neck.

Louis: “(Y/N)!!”Louis moaned “oh..ah oh Niall!!”You moaned, “what!”Louis said “I…I…sorry I didn’t mean to I just”you stopped you weren’t sure what to say, why did you moan nialls name “did you moan nialls name”louis asked “I’m sorry I don’t know why I did that”you said a bit embarrassed , then louis started laughing “what!”You asked confused why he was laughing “you said nialls name that’s kind of funny” “so your not mad?” You asked he shock his head “oh ok, can we carry on now”you smirked and louis trusted into you again.

Niall: It was the morning after your accident, you moaned Zayns name last night and it was a mistake but niall got really upset and slept on the sofa, you woke up this morning cold and upset you got in the shower and went down stairs to find niall but instead you found all the boys “morning”you greeted all of them you went to kiss niall but he walked off “what’s up with him” liam asked “umm nothing”you lied you didn’t want to tell the boys about it “you sure it don’t look like nothing”zayn said but you just nodded, niall came back in and sat next to louis “niall you alright”louis asked placing his hand on niall arm “I’m fine”he mumbled, niall spend the whole day not speaking to you and the boys knew something was wrong “niall what’s right you’ve been ignoring (y/n) all day”harry asked “why don’t you ask (Y/N) I think she be happy to tell you” niall shouted “or zayn”he mumbled “what did I do”zayn asked “you didn’t do anything but (y/n) wants you to”Niall shouted “I’m confused”everyone said at the same time “arr (y/n) said zayns name last night whiles we were.. Well you know”niall shouted but everyone laughed “really?!”Louis said “its not funny she said his name”niall shouted “do you really think (y/n) would cheat on you with me”zayn said “no”niall mumbled “well kiss and make up”zayn said, niall walked over to you and kissed you “I’m sorry”he said “its ok”you said “think we can have a do over”niall smirks “umm I think we’re be leaving”liam blushed.

Liam: He was clearly upset about it but he said it was fine “liam you know your the only one who can pleasure me”You told him trying to get him back in the mood “it didn’t sound like it”he mumbled “liam I’m sorry I don’t know why I said his name”you said “I know I’m sorry I’m just upset”he said “I know how to make you feel better”you whispered and he chuckled “oh really”he smirked.

Zayn: “WHAT!”He snapped “”you mumbled “well it looks like I’m teaching you a lesson”he growls thrusting into harder and deeper “OH ZAYN”you scream “that’s right my name not his”He pants.

[A/N: sorry Niall’s is so long :) ]