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anonymous asked:

bored single parents at a OneDirection concert

The only question on Asami’s mind was ‘why?’. Why was she at this concert? What did her daughter like this group? Why were the considered a band? Why had she consented to any part of this?

“C’mon, mom!” Aika grinned as she grabbed Asami’s hand and tugged. She faked a smile and allowed herself to be directed. The other parents around her looked just as pained as she felt, though not all of them were very good at hiding it.

They stood there with their arms crossed, faces set in a scowl, and Asami could see the frustration evident in their children’s faces. She firmly believed that if you were going to have a kid, you damn well better support them.

The section Aika led them to was just as crowded, but the ten year old was in no was disheartened as her brown eyes scanned the numbers at the end of the rows.

“Mom, this is it!” She jumped up and down excitedly at the end of row 9. They had the two end seats and Asami let Aika take the true isle seat so that she wouldn’t have to sit next to any creepy old man and his teenage daughter. Aika launched into a history of the group that Asami pretended to listen to with interest.

“Aw, Pana, you’re so cute when you’re angry”

“Ma, stop it!”

“Nope. It’s Nukka’s night and you’re being a grump” Aika’s description of one of the member’s favorite foods was interrupted by a family of three stopping at the end of their row. The children were fraternal twins, a little older than Aika. Their skin was dark and their eyes were a shocking blue. They boy, Pana, clearly didn’t want to be there. He was in stark contrast to his sister who was clearly delighted.

The woman with them - Asami assumed she was their mother - was beautiful. She was well built with the same skin tone and eye color as the twins. Her brown hair was cut short, though her bangs were long enough to fall into her eyes, which only made her more alluring.

“Mom,” Aika broke her trance with a tug on her arm, “they asked us to let them by”

“Yes, sorry. No problem” She plastered on a friendly smile and stood up. The twins rushed by, but their mom scooted by slowly, allowing her hips to brush Asami’s. She gasped quietly when their eyes locked. The woman took the empty seat between Nukka and Asami and held out her hand.

“I’m Korra. The parent of the expedition” Asami took the warm, calloused hand.

“I’m Asami. This is my daughter Aika” she introduced. Aika had crawled onto her lap as she stared at the twins who looked on in interest.

“I like your eyes” she told Nukka sincerely.

“I like your hair” the other girl replied with no hesitation. Aika clambered over both women’s legs so that she could talk to Nukka easier. Korra took advantage and leaned her elbow on the armrest and her chin on her fist.

“You, know, your eyes aren’t so bad either” she complimented flirtatiously.

Asami finally had answer to at least one of her earlier questions. This was why she was there.

hendroda  asked:

I see people wondering what they're going to announce on GMA on the 4th, but if you read the tweets GMA sent in order: 1 Tune in for a huge OneDirection announcement this morning, only on GMA! #DragMeDown 2 They released a new single, but OneDirection has another huge announcement and it's coming up on GMA! #DragMeDown 3 ONE DIRECTION ON GMA. onedirection will perform in the GMA Summer Concert Series next Tuesday, Aug 4! #1DonGMA. I think tweet #3 is the "announcement".

  1. Tune in for a huge OneDirection announcement this morning, only on GMA! #DragMeDown
  2. They released a new single, but OneDirection has another huge announcement and it’s coming up on GMA! #DragMeDown
  3. ONE DIRECTION ON GMA. onedirection will perform in the GMA Summer Concert Series next Tuesday, Aug 4! #1DonGMA.

That’s a good point - there’s every chance this ~big announcement~ is just the fact they’re performing it live on GMA…