OTRA Tour || Buffalo, New York - September 3, 2015.
  1. Clouds
  2. Steal My Girl || x
  3. Little Black Dress
  4. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  5. Midnight Memories || x
  6. Kiss You
  7. Stockholm Syndrome
  8. Fireproof || x
  9. Ready To Run || x
  10. Better Than Words || x
  11. Don’t Forget Where You Belong
  12. Little Things || x || x
  13. Night Changes || x || x
  14. 18 || x
  15. No Control 
  16. Drag Me Down || x || x
  17. Diana || x
  18. What Makes You Beautiful
  19. Through The Dark
  20. Girl Almighty
  21. Story Of My Life || x || x || x
  22. You & I || x
  23. Act My Age || x || x
  24. Little White Lies || x || x || x
  25. Best Song Ever || x || x
I’ve Never Been More Ready

All That You Are Is All That I’ll Ever Need

Imagine #3: I’ve Never Been More Ready

There are visuals are in the text of this chapter.

Your Last Name= Y/L/N

Dating Harry Styles in secret, with the exception of family and the boy, was more difficult than you’d ever thought of.

Sneaking around was not working. Every time you and Harry had made plans, the paparazzi caught you. Going out for ice cream. Caught. Mall trip. Caught. Weekend Holiday with friends. Caught.

Headlines after headlines were created for you and Harry. And then when he asked you to be his girlfriend two months ago and you were seen together even more, interviewers would surround Harry in questions about your relationship.

*Two Months Prior*

“Babe, do you want water or a fizzy?” Harry yells from his kitchen to you. You were sitting in Harry’s lounge waiting for him to return with your food that he insisted he could get on his own. Date #5, after much deliberation, had been decided to consist of popcorn and films, letting both of you be comfortable and without worry of paparazzi ruining the night.

“Water, please,” you say, taking your phone off the table and quickly replying to your best friend, letting her know you’d be back late and to not stay up late to wait for you. “Thank you,” you say to Harry, taking the waters from his hand and placing both by where your phone had been put back down. Popcorn sitting in the middle of the table, leaving your date open to cuddle into.

“Y/N, would you be my girlfriend?” he blurts out, not taking his eyes off the screen until he sees you pause the movie and look up at him. “Seriously, I really like you and I want to be able to take you out and bring you on tour and do fun stuff with you that we aren’t able to do now. Would you?”

“Yes, Harry, I’ll be your girlfriend,” you giggle, leaning in to kiss him and then smiling when his hands sneakily adjust you onto his lap. “Are you trying to do something with me?” you laugh, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“No, I just think a proper make out with my girlfriend is in order,” he smirks, leaning back in to kiss you.

“I think I might want the exact same thing with my boyfriend. He’s really hot and I really like him. Do you know him?” you ask smiling, watching as the boy you’ve had five dates with and has grown to be your best friend hug your waist and it felt right. This felt right.

“Maybe, I do. But I know he’s lucky because his girlfriend is utterly gorgeous and is very much his best friend,” he says, smiling against you, foreheads touching, and leaving you to cuddle into his side. This was definitely right.


With the relationship being brand new, you and Harry wanted to take the time to get used to being a couple before releasing all the news to the public. The fans had an accurate idea of the relationship, and interviewers weren’t blind, but you both did not want to confirm any assumptions, right or wrong.

Towards the end of the first month, Harry started to bring up announcing your relationship during an interview, or even Twitter if you felt more comfortable, but you weren’t ready. You knew exactly what you were going to have to involve yourself with once you agreed to be Harry’s girlfriend. The fans were, mostly, supportive of your friendship with Harry and you never paid much attention to the comments that disapproved. You were happy with how everything was privately, and you wanted Harry a little bit more to yourself for whilst, and he didn’t disagree. But you both knew there would be a day when you and Harry could not hide away from the public any longer.


You and Harry drove the thirty minutes to management headquarters from your flat and knew how this last-minute meeting was going to go: approval or no approval and you and your boyfriend would follow what you wanted to do anyways. After much deliberation between the two of you, it was a mutual decision to finally announce your relationship. You both wanted to talk to the publicity coordinators first, this way nothing was new and unheard of when the news was brought to everyone’s attention.

The publicist coughs awkwardly, gaining both you and Harry’s attention, as well as Simon, who had been ushered into the meeting. “No,” she says flatly, “Harry, you can’t announce your relationship right now. The fans would not react well to this news, and we can’t have more than two members in a relationship with the new album.”  

You can see Harry clench his jaw, his hand going rigid in between yours. “Sorry to say, but this is not up to you. Y/N and I are happy, and if people are not accepting of that, then those are not real fans. Beyond the face that we are band, not a group of bachelors to advertise. We are going to go public.”

“Babe, are you sure? If it’s bad for the band-,” you start, standing slightly in front of him to speak.

Harry turns away from the woman (whom you’ve yet to learn the name of), “Love, I’m one hundred percent positive.”

“Alright, if you’re sure,” you whisper, staring up at your boyfriend and smiling as he leans down and kisses your hair. You both turn around, you leaning back against your boyfriend’s chest as you hear Simon start to speak.

“Harry,” he says, changing his glance between the two of you, “Y/N, I don’t understand why everyone is making such a fuss out of this. If you two feel ready to announce your relationship, you can go public. I love you two together and I wish you the best, nothing less than that. I have to run to another meeting, but I will see you soon, yeah?”

Harry smiles, nodding his head and turning towards you as soon as Simon and the publicist leave, “Are you ready, babe?”

You lean up and place a short kiss on his lips, “I’ve never been more ready.”

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Preference #116 Backstage

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One Direction - On The Road Again Tour Diary from the Honda Civic Tour: Part 2


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