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Preference #86 You Overhear Him Talking About You


You found yourself backstage, in the middle of the hallway, about to open the door to Niall’s dressing room. You couldn’t take it anymore; you missed him and wanted to see him so badly. You cracked the door open quietly, to reveal your boyfriend talking to his curly-haired best friend, Harry. Your eyes widened at the sound of your name being mentioned. You eavesdropped, trying to get a listen to what they were saying about you.
“Man it’s just crazy you know, like, I love what we’re doing and stuff but I miss Y/N more than anything right now, and I need her,” Niall said sadly. Not knowing how to comfort his best friend, Harry patted Niall’s back as he buried his pale face in his hands, to hide his loneliness. It touched you to know he missed you the way you missed him. You longed for him every day and every night. You opened the door widely to reveal yourself, and the two boys’ head shot straight up at the sight of you. You smirked and simply said, “Missed me?”
“Princess!” Niall ran to you as quick as he could and spun you. He put you down to give you a long, hungry kiss in the middle of the hallway. A stream of “ew”, “gross” and “get a room” interrupted the moment when you looked around to see the other three boys crowding around you. You laughed loudly as you pulled them all into a hug before surprising them all with their favorite chocolates. 


Drunk Liam was a sweet, hyper Liam. After a few drinks, Niall decided he has had enough and brought him home to your flat. With Niall supporting his weight, he threw Liam onto the couch, plopping down beside him. You heard Liam rambling with the thick Irish accent you recognized well and knew immediately what was happening. As you put on your pajamas, you slid down the stairs and peeked at the situation. You found a nervous Niall whisking water at Liam’s face, knowing you’d be mad at him for not keeping an eye out for your boyfriend.
“Mate, I have a girlfriend, don’t touch me,” Liam giggled as Niall rubbed a wet paper towel on his face. Niall groaned and rolled his eyes, causing you to laugh at the scene unfolding in front of you.
“Her name is, Y/N and she is gorgeous and beautiful and taken by me and only me,” he continued proudly and smiled. Feeling bad for Niall, you took over and he was relieved to know you weren’t mad. After the blonde muttered apologies and left the flat, you took complete charge of your boyfriend jumping up and down the couch. Boy, this was going to be a long night.


 After finding out how skilled you were at futbol, Louis made it a goal to let everybody know. He bragged about it to his family, the fans and most especially to the boys. On tour, Louis flew you out to Madrid to meet your favorite futbol player, Ronaldo. You were beyond excited as you jumped out of the taxi and ran into the massive stadium. You made your way to the back where the locker rooms were and peeked at each room to see where your boyfriend was. You finally found where Louis and the rest of the boys were staying. When you were about to enter, you took a step back after Harry mentioned the syllables of your name.
“So, mate is Y/N coming?” he asked.
Louis sighed, “She is. Just be patient! You’ll meet my hot girl soon but rule number one, don’t you dare look at that bum of hers! She is mine, Harry.”
“Chill, Lou. Wait, doesn’t she play futbol?” Liam intervened.
“I bet she plays better than you, Tommo!” Niall shouted.
You laughed as you saw how your boyfriend reacted to Niall’s comment. Louis was about to protest when you opened the door and introduced yourself loudly, chuckling at your silliness. You wrapped your arms around your boyfriend and soon gave a hug to each of the boys.


 The rain showered heavily from the sky and onto your tiny umbrella, the only thing keeping you from getting wet. Well, not really. You closed it as soon as you reached the stairs to your shared flat with Harry. Your trembling hands fumbled for the key inside your purse and quickly put it in the keyhole, allowing access to the apartment. You heard loud screams coming from the living room and realized that your boyfriend’s band mates were present.
“Y/N, is that you babe?” Harry shouted all the way from the other room.
“Yeah, uhm- just let me get dressed,” you exclaimed back as you dried your dripping wet body, and made your way to the walk-in closet to grab a change of clothes. After putting on Harry’s shirt and a pair of grey sweats, you rushed towards the living room to greet the boys. But on the walk there, your ears perked up to the sound of your name being mentioned by your boyfriend. You hid yourself near the door frame and decided to listen.
“You guys have got to meet her, she’s literally like the best,” Harry bragged. “She’s got this sense of humor that just makes me go weak, and she’s beautiful and just - wow.” The boys laughed at their youngest band mate falling head over heels for someone.
“You’re so cheesy mate, gosh,” Louis said high-fiving a very giggly Niall.
“Shut up, mate. You’re just bitter,” Liam interjected, having H’s back. Deciding it was enough; you walked in the living room and caused the whole place’s attention to be put on you. You chuckled at the three, shocked boys and introduced yourself politely.

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Preference #89 Attending A Friend’s Wedding


Carrying a bunch of groceries, you stumbled into the apartment you shared with Niall. As you were about to greet him, you heard the familiar Irish accent booming in the living room and into the phone. “Wow man, congratulations! I mean, how great! Oh yeah, of course we’ll be there. Speaking of her, she’s here, mate! Got to go, see you!” he said on the handheld, making his way towards you. “Babe, Bill’s getting married!” Bill was one of Niall’s Irish golf buddies and they often spent time together when he was on break from work.
You put the large paper bags on the kitchen counter sighing in relief. “Oh, wow,” you said in reply.
“Well it’s in two day and I want you to come with me as my date, please?” Niall pleaded, making puppy eyes.
Only a short two days later, you found yourself at the reception with Niall by your side.
“Princess, let’s dance!” Niall invited, as he pulled your hand and made your way to the slippery dance floor. You were dancing and drinking the night away with Niall. Having a bit of alcohol running through your veins, you let loose, and soon you were on the dance floor dancing in a rather embarrassing manner. You and Niall created a little dance circle and everybody joined in. The guests and the couple were amused by the fun you two brought. Let’s just say, you had a bit too much fun, security had to drive you both home by the end of the night.

The sand crawled in between your toes and the breeze blew your hair as you and Liam were dancing on the beach at Caitlyn and Kyle’s wedding, high-school sweethearts whom Liam and you were great friends of. The organizer called everyone’s attention, gesturing for all the bridesmaids and groomsmen to gather around. It was that time of the celebration, when the bride threw her fresh bouquet of flowers. All the other guests counted in anticipation, as Caitlyn sent her bouquet flying to the single ladies behind her. Startled, you look up to see the bouquet going your direction. You put your arms up in instinct and caught it. Gasps and cheers were exchanged towards you. Next, Kyle removed the garter from his bride and threw it to the male guests. To your surprise, Liam caught the garter. Giggles and compliments erupted from the crowd as Liam knelt in front of you and place the garter on your leg.
“Hey love,” Liam greeted awkwardly causing you to erupt in a fit of laughter. The newly-weds and guests laughed along, and soon you heard Caitlyn speak up.
“Look at them they’re so perfect, when are you two getting married?”
The groom quickly interjected, screaming, “Someone’s gonna get some tonight!” The crowd roared even louder, causing you to go red in the face. Liam blushed as well, giving you a quick peck on the cheek.

You and Louis were the reason why your best friend, Ellie and her boyfriend, Stan got together. Not so long ago, you and your boyfriend played matchmaker, involving both of your single and lonely best friends. Neither of you ever expected for them to become a couple, let alone get married so quickly. And to thank both of you, you were named as the maid of honor, while Louis was given the role of Stan’s best man. After the traditional ceremony, the visitors sped off to the reception. The afternoon transitioned into night swiftly and as it went on, it became gradually more fun. Being not only the ‘masterminds’ of the newly-weds’, but the spontaneous couple you were, you and Louis prepared something funny, yet sentimental for the both of them.
People were just starting to occupy the grand dance floor when Louis got to the stage. You were on the other side, instructing the technical team while handing them a CD to play. Once it was all settled, you jumped on the platform and stood beside Louis. You waited for the music to stop completely and soon, you were tapping the spoon on the delicate glass to catch everybody’s attention. The room silenced and all eyes were on Louis and you.
“Hey!” Louis greeted, waving a hand into the air. “For those who do not know, my lovely girlfriend and I are actually the reason why these two sore losers are even together in the first place.” You laughed and shook your head at Louis’ comment as the guests began laughing as well.  
“And, as a special something for these two, we made you both this video!” you continued, as you pointed to the screen behind you. The video was soon playing, with cute baby to awkward teen years of Ellie and Stan. Louis and you also went the extra mile and got a few family and friends, especially those who couldn’t make it, to give a short message to the couple. By the end of the video, Ellie approached you, with a tear-stained face thanking you while Stan also mouthed a heart-felt ‘thanks’ to his best mate.

You were a huge fan of weddings; you were a sucker for anything romantic of the sort. So when Harry asked you to be his date for his friend, Mark’s wedding, you were quick to agree. During the ceremony, you kept quiet, eyes completely glued to the couple as they said their vows. You didn’t know you were tearing up until Harry chuckled softly and said, “Y/N, babe, you okay there?”
You sniffled and wiped the tears rolling down your face. “Hey, don’t laugh!” you said as you gently slapped your boyfriend. “It’s just so wonderful how much love they have for each other…like the way they look into each other’s eyes with such, such adoration.”
Harry grinned at your silliness and simply planted a kiss on the top of your head. “That’ll be us someday, love. Hold on,” he mumbled, not intending for you to hear, but you did. And with that, you wrapped your arms around his waist. You watched intently at the couple who held each other’s hand and kissed. Tears streamed down your face as you thought about your blooming relationship with the curly-haired guy you were hugging. You were lucky enough to be dating him but if ever that time comes, you couldn’t wait for a big white wedding of your own with the man you loved the most, Harry.

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@Harry_Styles: 4 years. Thank you to everyone who is involved in this. I feel so lucky to be part of it. Everyone who has worked with us thank you..

@Harry_Styles: Thank you to all of you who have supported us. We couldn’t ask for better fans, you are absolutely the best ever. We love you so much .xx

@NiallOfficial: Wow ! Can’t believe it! 4 years ago today we were out together ! Crazy how time flies but it also feels like it was years and years ago !

@NiallOfficial: I can honestly say, thank you all so much, every one of you, from all over the world! Your support is absolutely incredible.

@NiallOfficial: What you have done for us baffles my mind ever day! really appreciate everything ! Thank you , love you! Let’s have more fun now #4YearsOf1D

@NiallOfficial: Thank you lads ,we’ve had a great time so far, you are family to me now , not just band mates ! Love you

@Real_Liam_Payne: Happy four years everyone can’t believe it’s been that long thank you so much everybody crazy how things have turned out I love you

@Louis_Tomlinson: 4 years !! It’s so cliche to say but it simply would not have been possible without every single one of our fans ! You have been incredible!

@Louis_Tomlinson: I hope you all look back on the last 4 years and are proud for what YOU have achieved ! We’re in this together ! Loaaaaaads of love !!!!!!!

Sua mão se encaixa na minha como se tivesse sido feita só pra mim, mas coloque isso na cabeça: era para ser assim. E estou ligando os pontos junto das as sardas em sua bochecha, e tudo faz sentido para mim. Sei que você nunca amou as rugas nos seus olhos quando você sorri, você nunca amou sua barriga ou suas coxas, as covinhas nas suas costas no final da sua espinha, mas eu as amo para sempre. Não vou deixar essas pequenas coisas saírem da minha boca, mas, se eu deixar, é você, é você que elas formam. Eu estou apaixonado por você e todas essas pequenas coisas. Você não pode ir para a cama sem uma xícara de chá, e talvez seja essa a razão de você falar dormindo. E todas essas conversas, são os segredos que guardo, apesar de não fazerem sentido para mim. Sei que você nunca amou o som da sua voz na gravação, você nunca quer saber o quanto você pesa, você ainda tem que se espremer no seu jeans, mas você é perfeita para mim. Você nunca irá se amar com metade da intensidade com que eu amo você. Você nunca irá se tratar bem, querida, mas quero que você faça isso. Se eu lhe disser que estou aqui para você, talvez você se ame como eu amo você.
—  One Direction.