onedirection memes

Me trying to be romantic

Him: you are the Juliet to my Romeo

Me: you are the Louis to my Harry


Dear Harry, please come back to me so I can take more beautiful pictures of you… K thanks!😍

1D and 5SOS Big Brother Series- He Dresses You (Baby)

1D/ 5SOS Big Brother Series- Dressing You (Baby)

Harry- Harry loves dressing you in dresses. Whenever he is on tour he finds the cutest thing in little shops. Your mum says that he should spoil you but he can’t help it. He really loves too.

Niall- If it was up to Niall you would be in just your diaper. You are a messy baby. When you are with him he has to change you a bunch of times. So he likes cute simple outfits

Liam- Liam likes to dress you in anything Disney. Your mom swears that every time he comes to visit he brings a new bag of Disney clothes for you.

Zayn- Zayn loves dressing you in animal print. We don’t know why, he just likes too. Your mum doesn’t mind because that’s the theme of your room.

Louis- Louis loves dressing you in Rovers or football gear. He takes you to as many games as he can. Everyone swears your first word will be “goal.”

Calum- Calum dresses you in anything he things you will be comfortable in. If it’s hot he will put you in a dress or shorts.

Ashton- Ashton loves dressing you in anything cute or pink. Your mom swears that he was more excited to shop for you than she was.

Luke- Luke likes dressing you in things with cute animals on it. Something about seeing you in things with cute animals on it makes him happy

Mikey- Mikey loves dressing you in “punk rock” gear. Anything with skulls or bands on them. He does, however make sure that there is a little pink on there.

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She's Back (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

“Turn that up.” Niall shouts from across the room. The boysand I along with one direction were blaring the roof of the room listening to music.

“I love Taylor Swift.” Mikey jumps up, jamming out to his twitter best friend. We were chilling out back stage before the show. Sound check went awesome and we are all in high spirits.

“(Y/N) is back.” Lou Tisdale bursts into the room with a wide smile.

“Where is she?” Niall excitedly jumps up.

“She is on her way.”

Suddenly its like Christmas has come early for the boys from 1D.

“Who is (Y/N)?” Luke asks the question we have all been thinking.

“She use to work with us but then she broke her leg and couldn’t come with us.” Liam explains.

“She is amazing, she is a really good friend to all of us.” Harry adds.

“Surprise bitches, I’m back.” the door flies open to reveal a girl in black, ripped skinny jeans, a nirvana tee and doc martins.

All the 1D boys move at the speed of light, hustling off one another to get to the door. They pounce on someone, whom I can only assume is (Y/N).

“Get off me you idiots.” A soft laugh fills the room.

“We just missed you.” Harry kisses her cheek.

Wow she is beautiful. She has the most amazing (Y/E/C) eyes. I could just get lost in them.

“As much as I don’t want to admit it, I really missed you guys too.” She smiles and if I didn’t think she was pretty before I do now. He face light up as her lips form into a wide smile. “We are getting too sentimental for my liking though.”

“Don’t ever leave us again.” Liam playfully scolds. “No seriously, I miss your tea and eggs in the morning. No one else can make them right.”

“It wasn’t as if I planned on breaking my leg and being told I can’t fly.” She pouts but them breaks down in laughter.

“heh hem” Cal tries to be subtle, try being the key word here.

“And who are these handsome boys?” she cocks an eyebrow.

“This is Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton.” Zayn point to each of us as he says our names. “They are our supporting act for the tour.”

“Hey.” She smiles and waves. “What’s your banded called?”

“5 seconds of summer.” Mikey answers.

“I think I have heard one of your songs, She looks of perfect?” she says unsure.

“Before I answer, what do you think of it?” I ask, gaining enough confidence to speak. She laughs. Yes I made her laugh! That has to be a good sign.

“I like it, I really like the drumming. It’s got a nice beat.”

That’s me! She likes my drumming! “Calm down Ashton.” I say to myself internally.

“I can teach you if you want.” I say with all the courage I can muster. What if she turns me down, and the boys are all looking at me now, they know.

“I would love that, where are your drums?”

“Now?” shit, I need time to prepare myself.

“No time like the present.”

“I can show you on the practice drums they are in the next room.”

“We just got you back and now you are going to spend time with someone you just met?” Louis jokingly mocks.

“Well, when he looks like that.” She winks at me leaving the room.

“She is so hot.” I blurt out causing all the boys to laugh.

“Mate, she already has you wrapped around her finger.”